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Latest stories Taboo The Accompanyist – Part 1

This story takes place in 2003.
A bit about myself; I am in construction management.
I am a short guy, 5’7″, good looking with brown hair, a moustache and green eyes.
I do have a good size cock for my size; it is seven inches.
 In all of the stories I have read on here and other sites the guy always has a nine inch dick, six inches thick.
Most women I have had sex with are surprised at the size of my dick as they seem to judge penis size by how tall a man is and I suppose in most cases they would be right with regard to proportion.
  After my divorce I was feeling very lonely.
I was hitting the bars almost every night and hitting on anything that wore a skirt.
Sometimes I got lucky but most times I went home alone only to pass out on the couch and wake up with a hangover.
This routine eventually got old, the hangovers only got worse.
I was looking for other ways to vent my social needs when someone said to me, “Join a church, lots of single women there!” So after many nights of being home alone I decided to go check out the action in the local church.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I have always been very spiritual and I didn’t purely use the church for picking up women, just if the opportunity arose I wouldn’t shy away from it.
  When I became a regular I was hit on by mostly older women.
Church women have a way of hitting on you, they are more coy in their approach but in the end they are looking for the same thing that women and men in the bars are looking for.
  I love to sing so I joined the church choir.
Not bragging but I was the best singer in the choir.
It was fun, the people were wilder than I had imagined.
They use to have “choir parties” and these parties would last well into the morning hours and I really enjoyed myself at these parties.
  But the only problem was that I was striking out with all of the single women and the married ones were hitting on me left and right.
Husbands were getting pissed.
  Anyway, as time went on I had become a fixture in the choir and at church and had settled into my single life happily with all of the new friends I was making, mostly married women.
  In 2003 the choir director decided that we were going to do a big Christmas concert.
 He ordered special music and recruited a small symphony of local musicians.
  We always practised at night and weekends for the concert so one Saturday in walks this girl, in her 40’s, with thick blonde hair put up in a pony tail and a nice figure; she was very petite and she wore glasses, (one of my weaknesses is intelligent female musicians) she played a French horn and I couldn’t take my eyes off her.
After practice I asked the choir director who she was and he told me that she was married to one of the trumpet players.
 Oh well, I thought, while I didn’t pursue her I did spend many practices just staring at her.
  Time went on, then I got really sick, I almost died and had to leave the choir for a year to have surgery and recover.
When I finally made it back, the choir director had made some enemies in the church during this time and was on his way out.
I was asked to temporarily be the choir director and help with the recruitment and hiring of a new choir director.
Also our pianist had decided to move to another church at this time.
  Now without a pianist we used subs every week until we could find someone.
One week I was desperate as it was a Saturday and I still had no one to play for the next day’s service.
I was given the phone number of a person to call; her name was Carol.
So I called and told her that I knew it was very short notice but asked if she could play the next day.
On top of it she had to be there at 7:00 AM to prepare for the service at eight.
To my surprise she said okay.
The next morning I was on pins and needles thinking she may not show up.
I was standing in the sanctuary when through the doors came the blonde French horn player from the year before.
 She also played piano and was a very versatile musician.
Needless to say I was very pleasantly surprised.
  She agreed to play for us until we could find someone and then decided to apply for the job herself.
Since she was already there it was basically a no brainer and she took on the duties of choir director also.
  In the beginning I spent quite a bit of time with her showing her the ropes and the order of service, liturgies, etcetera, and at the same time I was becoming more and more attracted to her.
I found myself always looking my best whenever around her.
 I always sat near her in the service in case she had problems or questions regarding cues when to play.
After choir practice on Wednesday nights a few of us would always stop at the local tavern for a few beers.
It was strictly a platonic thing where we discussed politics, religion, told jokes and that was the extent of it; it was all very innocent.
I asked Carol if she would like to join us and she said “sure” so she became a part of our group.
One night after practice just a few of us went to the tavern as the others were out of town or had things to do the next day.
It was Carol, myself and my friend Pete who showed up.
We sat and shot the breeze as we were having a few beers.
Pete said that he had to go the bathroom.
As soon as he left the table there was an awkward silence between Carol and myself.
Finally she said to me, “I know you’re attracted to me.
” I just stared at her and couldn’t find any words to say.
Then she said that she felt the same way and asked me if I would like to take her to dinner.
  I had very mixed emotions as I knew she was married, not including the church implications, but here was this hot looking woman who until now I could only look at and fantasize about asking me to dinner.
Online Now! Lush Cams Romiinaa I said okay and we made arrangements to meet over the weekend as her husband would be away on business.
  We met that weekend and we went to the next town over so no one would recognize us and had a nice dinner.
On the way back she asked me to turn down this little road as she wanted to look at a certain house that she had seen before.
Naively I turned onto the road and came to a dead end.
There she leaned over, took my face and kissed me.
She said that she had wanted to do that for some time.
 Again, I had very mixed emotions as I was pretty sure I didn’t want to get involved with a married woman again.
 (Yes, there were others before her.
)   Nothing else happened that night.
Time went on and we became closer and closer.
She started coming over to my house and we were becoming very good friends.
  One night her husband was again out of town and we were watching a movie.
She was lying on me; the girl in the movie had very big tits so I told Carol that I thought small tits were sexier as it was obvious she had small tits.
She sat up, turned to me and pulled up her blouse and asked, “Well? what do you think?” I was shocked she was throwing herself at me.
  So as you can see, while we had been seeing each other quite a bit and talking on the phone a lot I still hadn’t made any moves on her as I was very conflicted.
But this all changed one night.
What I didn’t know about Carol was she had a pretty bad prescription drug dependency.
 She told me that she had a chronic pain issue called Levar Ani Syndrome.
This is a problem with the rectum in that the muscles uncontrollably spasm and it causes excruciating pain.
 She said that sometimes the pain could be relieved by massaging her anus and pressing really hard with one’s fingers at the opening of her anus.
So I asked her if she would like me to do that since she seemed to be in pain.
She said yes, so I started massaging through her blue jeans as she spread her legs to allow me access to that part of her body.
After a while of this she told me that sometimes she had to go in and direct massage her rectum walls.
As I wasn’t concentrating on sex at this point I reluctantly volunteered to do this for her.
  She removed her jeans.
I had never seen her naked below her waist, she had an exquisite ass, very nice shape and at this point I began to feel some pressure in my own groin.
I had some rubber gloves on hand and some Vaseline so I put an amount on my middle finger and started inserting, massaging around and around.
At the same time she started wiggling her butt around involuntarily.
Pretty soon I could see that she was becoming wet and it dawned on me that this was turning her on more than alleviating any pain.
  I asked her to turn over as my arm was getting tired, so she turned over on her back and for the first time I saw her pussy in full view and I have to say it was one of the most beautiful pussies I had ever encountered.
Completely shaven, and to be honest it looked as if it hadn’t been used a lot.
  I pushed her legs up to gain better access for the massage.
As I did this her pussy lips opened up revealing her wetness.
This was having a very profound effect on me as now I had a major hard on.
As she lay there with her eyes closed I kept getting closer and closer to her pussy with my face until I had to reach out with my tongue and touch her swollen clitoris.
When I did this she jumped but said, “Oh that does feel good.
”  I lightly traced around her pussy with my tongue brushing over her clitoris while now the massaging of her anus had turned more into a finger fucking of her ass.
  As I was doing this I kept adding more and more pressure with my tongue reaching into her pussy and now she was meeting my tongue thrusts with her hips.
Soon she was raising her ass completely off the bed, her breathing coming in gasps.
Suddenly her entire body tensed up as an orgasm started sweeping over her.
She grabbed my head and pulled it down hard on her pussy.
I took my other hand and thrust two fingers into her tight cunt while still using my middle finger in her ass.
With my mouth clamped around her clitoris, I used my tongue, flicking it back and forth.
Gradually she relaxed, and lay there with her eyes closed recuperating.
I stood up and took my pants, underwear and shirt off.
I crawled up on the bed and she pulled me on top of her.
She reached down, took hold of my dick and guided it to the opening of her pussy, which was now extremely wet.
She raised her legs and whispered into my ear to go easy.
As I started pushing in I was amazed at how tight she was.
I slowly pushed in and let it rest there for a minute until I could sense she was comfortable with it.
I started to move in and out; she now seemed to be more at ease with my cock in her.
I could feel her cervix with the tip of my dick.
She put both of her arms around me and buried her face into my neck.
She whispered that no one had ever been in her that deep.
“Fuck me harder,” she said.
As I fucked her harder and harder I could feel the cum building up and I told her that I was going to cum.
I was now pushing hard against her cervix and this seemed to push her to the point of orgasm.
She looked me in the eyes, hers filled with total lust and said, “Oh, please fuck my pussy as hard as you can, cum in me.
” I felt her pussy clamp down around my dick as she said, “Oh fuck me! I’m cumming so hard!” I exploded deep within her, shooting my load into her cervix as her pelvis was pressed hard against mine.
I kept my dick buried deep in her while feeling her pussy milk my cock.
  We both collapsed, totally soaked.
I lay back and she crawled up on top of me as we just held each other.
Her hair, her softness, her lips and the perfume that she was wearing.
I will never forget I was in love.



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