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Tuesday had been hot and sunny, the best that Yorkshire had to offer.
Deeply in love and desperate to please my new boyfriend, I had risen early, showered and re-shaved my armpits and legs just in case any close physical contact became possible.
I had dressed in a pair of my shortest, most revealing shorts and a cropped sleeveless top that I hoped would make me look like I had at least thought about growing boobs.
I had brushed my hair and left it down as Jake liked it rather than pulling it into the ponytail I would normally have chosen and of course had used my most expensive, most sophisticated perfume.
I had even put on a little eye make-up and a discreet amount of lipstick; both things I would normally have avoided on a hot holiday like this.
But this was not a normal holiday at all! If it had been the ‘normal’ family holiday that had been intended, the day would have seemed a perfect day.
Remembering all the things we had enjoyed as young children – or rather which our parents had enjoyed taking us to – Mum and Dad took us on a nostalgic tour of museums, cafes, fishing villages, boat rides, street entertainers and other events we had all enjoyed for many years.
Doubtless in ‘normal’ circumstance I would have enjoyed this indulgence in family history too but this was not a ‘normal’ holiday at all.
There was nothing ‘normal’ about the way my stepbrother Jake and I had spent our first night in the ancient fisherman’s cottage in which we were staying.
I had started the holiday a single girl; I now had my first serious boyfriend.
I had started the holiday a naïve, inexperienced virgin.
Although I might still be naïve, I was now a lot less inexperienced and most certainly was no longer a virgin.
I had started the holiday with a good looking stepbrother with whom I had a tolerable relationship; I now had a drop-dead-gorgeous lover who I adored.
All of which made Tuesday’s ‘normality’ almost impossible to bear! It was very hard pretending everything was normal for a whole, intense family day when all I wanted to do was hold hands with, kiss and cuddle with and ultimately make love with my first real boyfriend.
It was almost unbearable being so close to Jake but not able to touch each other, especially when we seemed to be surrounded by other couples doing all the things denied to us.
We couldn’t even hold hands secretly in the back seat of the car after Mum nobly let Jake sit in the front ‘because he needed the legroom’.
We visited places together and had lunch and dinner as a family so the only way Jake and I could be alone was to go out for a walk late in the evening to ‘visit the arcade’ again as he unconvincingly put it.
Fortunately our parents were so wrapped up in each other that they barely noticed our disappearance.
Even then it was so busy in the streets, pubs and cafes that holding hands and a little light kissing and groping in dark corners was all we could manage.
“Maybe they’ll be at it again when we get back,” Jake suggested in an exasperated voice as we neared the cottage well after eleven o’clock.
Since their arrival at the cottage, Jake’s Dad and my Mum had been behaving like teenagers again; holding hands, teasing and giggling and even having rather noisy sex in the evenings when they thought we couldn’t hear.
It was good for their relationship but was the sort of overt sexual behaviour that, before we had become lovers, Jake and I would have found repulsive.
“If they’re doing it again or if they’re asleep we might be able to have a bit of a cuddle in peace,” Jake continued as we passed through the low gate.
I pulled a face; it really was a strange holiday when you’re hoping your parents would be having sex so noisily that they wouldn’t notice you and your stepbrother doing the same.
But when we got back to the cottage Mum and Dad were still awake, cuddled together on the sofa like teenagers and watching a romantic movie on DVD.
They sprang apart so very guiltily as we entered the room that I was certain they had been up to something less innocent too.
Reluctantly we joined them watching, the two of us obliged to sit at opposite sides of the room, Jake in an armchair while I curled on the sofa next to Mum in the space Dad had just hastily vacated.
I inspected my mother surreptitiously out of the corner of my eye.
Her top and bra were slightly askew, her rather high cut shorts were crumpled but worst of all there was a small but distinct damp patch in her groin.
She was trying to hide it with a cardigan but only succeeded in drawing my attention to it.
In normal circumstances this overt sign of sexual activity by my parents would have made me retch with embarrassment.
Now all I could think was that I wished it had been Jake’s hands on my body; that it had been my top that was askew; that the dark patch had been on my shorts instead of Mum’s.
As it was, sitting across the room from each other, for Jake and me even to mouth sweet nothings to each other was impossible.
After only half an hour of awkwardness, I decided to cut my losses and go to bed.
“Are you okay Amy?” Mum asked as I sulked my way to the door.
“I’m fine,” I lied.
“I’m just tired; I caught the sun a bit too much today.
” “Sleep well!” Dad called.
I padded upstairs to my room.
Once inside the bedroom, I felt very alone.
Normally it felt good escaping from my family for a few hours but that night I didn’t want to escape from all of them; I wanted my brother Jake to be there with me.
It had been a difficult, tiring day; hot and frustrating.
I was still confused and disturbed by my sexual awakening, uncertain what to do next, worried about the secret, illicit nature of my new-found relationship and frightened about what the future might hold.
One thing was certain; the Amy that stood alongside the bed that night was very different from the Amy that had left home only a few days ago.
Suddenly I felt the need to be cool and clean; to wash the heat and dust of the day off my skin.
I grabbed a towel from the back of my chair and headed towards the landing and the bathroom.
As I was about to leave the bedroom I heard my mobile phone buzz and grabbed it, taking it with me.
Once in the bathroom I locked the door, dropped the towel to the floor, lowered my shorts to my ankles then sat on the lavatory to do what was necessary.
As I sat, I looked at the message that had just arrived on my phone.
My heart jumped; it was from Jake.
He must be sending me secret messages from only a few feet away from Dad.
‘Are you avoiding me?’ his message ran.
‘Course not silly I was just bored’ ‘Am I so dull?’ ‘That deserves the wrong answer J ’ ‘ J ’ ‘Are you still next to dad?’ ‘Yep’ ‘Can he see your phone?’ ‘Nope’ ‘Sure?’ ‘Yep’ ‘Then I miss you loads and wish you were up here now’ ‘Me too times ten Sexy Amy’ Before I could reply another message arrived.
‘What are you doing?’ ‘I’m in the bathroom’ ‘Doing what?’ ‘MYOB’ ‘Having a pee then?’ ‘Cheeky!’ ‘Are you naked?’ ‘No’ There was a pause.
‘I want to see u naked’ ‘Are you crazy?’ ‘I’m crazy about u’ ‘I’m crazy about you too but what about Mum and Dad?’ ‘Forget them’ There was a short pause.
‘Take off your top’ ‘What?’ I typed, taken by surprise.
‘You heard.
Take off your top!’ My tummy churned.
My older stepbrother was telling me to undress for him.
It should have made me feel yucky but it had quite the opposite effect.
‘Right here?’ I asked.
‘Right now’ came the immediate reply.
‘Cheeky’ My tummy bubbled; I felt ridiculously excited, after all I was in the bathroom.
What was so sexy about being topless in the bathroom; I did it every day? Feeling very naughty, I made sure that the bathroom door was locked then put my phone down, took a deep breath and pulled my tight sleeveless top up and over my head.
When my braless, tiny boobs felt the cool evening air, my nipples firmed and darkened immediately.
‘Topless now?’ Jake messaged.
‘Not telling’ ‘You are topless then J ’ ’Okay then, yes I am’ Of course I went topless and fully naked in the bathroom every day.
The door was closed, it was warm, everything should have felt normal and uninteresting.
But it didn’t.
Taking off my clothes on my own was one thing.
Stripping because my brother had told me to was quite another.
I felt very exposed, very excited and, from the firming of my microscopic boobs, increasingly aroused.
‘How are your nipples?’ Jake asked.
‘Hard’ ‘Mmmmm’ ‘Naughty boy’ ‘Where are your shorts?’ ‘Around my ankles’ ‘You were having a pee then!’ I blushed.
He had tricked me! ‘Okay yes so what clever clogs?’ ‘Take them off’ I reached down and wriggled my tight shorts over my ankles then tossed them into the corner still amazed how something so apparently mundane could feel so excitingly different.
I was definitely getting aroused as the dampening between my thighs was making obvious.
‘Done it?’ Jake messaged.
‘Y’ ‘What about panties?’ ‘Not wearing any’ ‘Naughty Amy’ ‘You know I’m not wearing panties.
Your hands were right inside my shorts in the alley’ I chuckled; from the way his hands had groped me in the alley on our brief trip to the arcade, Jake knew full well I was naked under my shorts.
‘So they were J ’ he confessed.
‘Now who’s naughty’ I asked, chuckling.
‘So you are naked now?’ ‘Still wearing socks’ ‘Leave them on’ ‘Okay’ There was a brief pause.
‘I still want to see u naked’ ‘Come up here then’ ‘No way! You come out’ ‘What?’ ‘Stand at the top of the stairs and I’ll come out to look at you’ ‘You are joking’ ‘Not joking.
Get your cute ass out here’ ‘No way’ There was a long pause before Jake replied.
‘You want me to show Dad your new bikini?’ My heart thumped.
Mum and Dad would go crazy if they knew I had worn something so tiny in public.
Dad didn’t really like my short-shorts as it was.
‘You wouldn’t dare’ ‘Try me’ There was another pause.
‘It’s in my pocket now’ He was lying; at least I thought he was lying.
At least I hoped he was lying.
‘I could drop it on the floor in the hall so Dad will find it when he goes to the loo’ Oh Jesus! Did he really mean that? Or was I being teased again? ‘You wouldn’t’ I insisted again.
‘Wanna bet? Unless I see your cute naked ass in the next two minutes out it comes’ Now it was my turn to pause.
I didn’t really believe my stepbrother would show my micro-bikini to our parents but I couldn’t be completely sure; Jake had a cheeky streak a mile wide.
Besides, to my astonishment the idea of giving him an illicit strip show was beginning to turn me on; my nipples were tingling and other parts of me were getting warmer and wetter.
‘What if Mum and Dad come out too?’ I asked.
‘Then they’ll see the sexiest ass in Yorkshire’ I blushed again but the idea of being naked on the open landing for my new lover to see had a powerful, illicit attraction.
The risk of our parents seeing me was bizarrely adding to that thrill.
‘Where do you want me?” ‘I’ll come to the foot of the stairs.
You come out when I tell you’ Jake continued.
‘Not sure it’s a good idea’ ‘It’s a great idea trust me’ ‘Trust you?’ ‘It’s either that or Dad sees the bikini’ I paused, it was an insane thing to do but… ‘He was angry enough about your short-shorts.
Just think what he’ll say if he sees that tiny thing’ Jake was right.
Dad would hit the roof if he knew I’d been out in full public gaze wearing something half the size of a handkerchief.
‘Well okay’ I finally conceded.
I felt very anxious.
If stripping myself in the bathroom had made me excited, what would it feel like being naked on the landing? My knees were literally trembling as I waited for the phone to buzz.
‘Ten seconds Sexy Amy’ Jakes’ message was clear.
I stood up and wrapped the towel around my naked body then unlocked the bathroom door and opened it.
In my nervous state it seemed a very long way from the door to the top of the stairs.
I took a deep breath then a step forward, then another, then passed through the door and onto the landing.
The top of the stairs was only a few feet away.
I took another step then, my knees shaking, peered down into the hallway below.
It was empty.
I looked again; there was a movement to the left then my gorgeous stepbrother appeared at the foot of the stairs.
He looked up; our eyes met; Jake’s huge and dark with deep black pools for pupils, mine wide and scared.
My first thought was that from down there he could see right under the towel.
Instinctively I pulled it tighter around my body.
Jake chuckled, stared deep into my eyes then mouthed the words: “Drop the towel” I hesitated.
He mouthed again: “Go on, drop it!” My tummy bubbling almost uncontrollably, nervously and silently I let the towel fall to the floor.
“Wow!” Jake’s voice was a hoarse whisper but I heard it.
For a few moments I stood naked apart from my short white socks looking down on my gorgeous brother, my knees clamped tightly together, my arms crossed over my tiny boobs.
Jake stared up at me, his eyes raking over my skinny frame in total silence.
Despite my nerves, his obvious pleasure in seeing my body made me feel very sexy.
He raised the index finger on his right hand and made a circular gesture in the air.
Obeying instinctively, I turned round until my bottom was towards him, paused then continued until we were facing each other again.
Jake smiled broadly and circled his finger the other way.
I turned obediently, displaying my back and boyish buttocks again as my lover commanded.
It felt good; very good.
I felt attractive and sexy.
Our eyes met, Jake’s twinkling with mischief as he mouthed something that looked like: ‘Very sexy’ He then made a gesture that meant I should bend over and put my hands on my knees.
This meant taking my hands away from my boobs and letting my tightly clamped knees part.
My tummy rumbled in excitement and fear but, my eyes fixed on his, I slowly obeyed, leaning forwards and placing my hands on my thighs.
My face was peering down the stairs toward him, my bottom stuck out behind me, my boobs – such as they were – hanging downwards.
“Very, very Sexy, Amy,” he whispered again.
Then his eyes sparkled even brighter as I watched him make the same ‘turn round’ hand gesture again.
I shook my head, pulled a mock-stern face and mouthed ‘No way!’ Jake wanted me to show him my naked, bent-over bottom.
As I was at the top of the stairs and he was looking from below, he would get a full, clear view of my rapidly dampening vulva.
Despite my refusal, a thrill shot.



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