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The front door opened and Mike peered round the door frame.
“Where’s Emily, where’s my daughter?” shouted Jan, as she shoved past Mike and headed for the lounge.
Mike never had a chance to stop her as he was pushed to one side.
Jan was through the door and immediately clasped eyes on Emily on all fours, raising her head from Maggie’s pussy as both women heard the commotion in the hall.
“Mother,” Emily cried as she turned to face her.
“What the fuck are you doing Emily, get home right now,” shouted Jan.
“And you, you fucking slut, both of you,” she spun around and pointed to Mike, “taking my daughter and using her like this, you bastards!” she exclaimed.
“Emily, get home now.
” Jan was furious, her face reddened under the stress of her outburst.
Emily shook and shivered as the words of her mother struck home.
” Emily’s words were quiet and all of a sudden the room fell silent.
Jan couldn’t believe what she heard.
“No,” repeated Jan.
“No,” said Emily again, “I love these two people, I love Maggie, and I love making love to her, having sex with, licking her pussy, call it what you like…” she ran off a series of sentences to reinforce how she felt about Maggie.
“I’m not coming home,” she said with finality.
Jan stared at Emily.
She was shaking too, she looked at Maggie and then at her body; taking in her ample curves, shapely thighs and large breasts.
Jan turned to leave, she slammed the door behind her.
Mike ensured Jan had actually left the house before returning to Maggie and Emily.
———- It would have been about three months earlier that events leading up to this outburst by Emily’s mother took place.
Emily was nineteen, to all intents a virgin, except that her fingers had been there well before any penis.
Although short, she was attractive and slim with pert breasts.
She was also strapped for cash which was why she replied to the advert that Mrs.
Smith placed in the local newspaper for a babysitter.
The best part was that Mrs.
Smith lived just three blocks away.
Emily’s first three babysitting evenings were always on a Saturday night and Mr.
and Mrs.
Smith were always home by eleven in the evening.
Emily eventually became a little restless during her babysitting sessions and started to take the opportunity to slip her fingers into her pants and gently masturbate while she watched TV.
She brought herself pretty close on a few occasions; always keeping an eye on the time and always stopping at least a quarter of an hour before eleven.
Her sessions became a habit.
Smith, who had become Maggie by now, had asked Emily to babysit midweek, on the Wednesday.
Same rules, same pay.
Emily agreed.
With the little one fast asleep and at about ten fifteen, Emily was half naked on the sofa.
Her skirt was off and her knickers lay beside her on the floor.
Her legs were apart and her fingers were stroking her pussy.
She didn’t hear the front door open at all.
Maggie was the first to enter the room closely followed by Mike.
Maggie looked at Emily on the sofa and just stood there, her mouth open but with silent protestations emanating from it.
“Emily!” Maggie finally blurted out.
Emily nearly jumped off the sofa.
She quickly pulled her dress up from the sofa beside her and covered herself as quickly as she could.
She looked around to see Maggie and Mike staring at her.
“Maggie, I…I’m sorry,” she stuttered.
She looked away and started to retrieve her knickers from the floor.
Emily was too late, as she reached for them Maggie picked them up and held them to her chest.
Maggie just looked at Emily.
Dirty thoughts spread through her mind as she contemplated her next move carefully.
“So you like masturbating,” Maggie said in a calm voice that waited for a reply.
Emily nodded keeping her eyes on the floor.
“I like masturbating too,” said Maggie.
Emily looked up at Maggie but didn’t say anything.
“How long?” Maggie asked.
“Only the last few weeks,” replied Emily.
“No, how long have you been masturbating?” asked Maggie.
“About a year,” said Emily.
“I like you Emily, I don’t know what we would have done without you, so here’s the deal,” Maggie started, “this Saturday, you come over to babysit, we sit together, we masturbate together, and then you go home, with payment.
How does that sound?” “You’re not going to tell my mother,” Said Emily.
This time it was Maggie’s turn to shake her head.
Maggie handed Emily her knickers, refraining from the urge to sniff at them first.
“Go on, off you go,” said Maggie finally.
Emily stood and got dressed in front of both Maggie and Mike.
She squeezed past Mike and headed for the door.
On her way home she could feel her heart pump like it was a volcano about to erupt.
She felt nervous, and a little scared.
After she reached the door to her house and opened it, she ran upstairs straight to bed.
Saturday arrived and Emily, despite having reservations about the evening, couldn’t wait to visit Maggie.
She bounded over to their house at seven, thinking ‘the earlier the better’.
Maggie was putting their baby to bed when Emily arrived.
Mike was ordered out of the house for the evening.
They eventually sat and chatted and ate some food.
Maggie eventually took Emily to the lounge and sat on the sofa, indicating that Emily should sit opposite her.
Maggie wore a kaftan gown.
The fabric loosely covered her broad hips and ample breasts.
Though her hips were broad she also had a fairly slim waist in comparison.
Maggie lifted her legs on the sofa and opened them.
The gown spread open and Emily could see her thighs and pussy.
Emily’s mouth opened as she gazed into the depths of Maggie’s sex.
“Your turn,” said Maggie.
Emily stood up, slipped off her skirt and basically undressed before sitting back down on the sofa.
She had decided that morning, that there was no use pretending or being coy about it.
Emily looked Maggie in the eye and started to fondle her pussy.
Her spare hand came up to her breasts and she played with her nipple.
Maggie focused on Emily’s hand as it caressed her pussy lips.
She watched as her fingers expertly parted them to reveal her wet outer folds.
Unconsciously, Maggie lifted her bum off the sofa and with both hands pulled her gown under her bum, she sat back down and lifted it over her head and threw it on the floor.
She leant back against the sofa and opened her thighs.
Emily’s eyes were transfixed on Maggie’s breasts.
She had not seen, in the flesh, a pair so large and so beautifully formed.
Maggie raised her hands to the sides of her breasts and cupped them.
She pushed them together and then rubbed each nipple with the thumbs of each hand at the point where they almost touched.
Maggie played with them while Emily slipped a finger inside her.
Emily’s movements were controlled, deliberate and very sexually charged, to the point of releasing her finger and licking it in a very erotic way before replacing it.
Maggie followed her.
She dropped her breasts and let her right hand explore her shaved pussy.
She too fingered herself and watched as Emily performed ‘the lick’ for a second time.
Maggie copied her precisely.
Emily gasped out loud, not at what she was doing but at what Maggie was doing.
Emily had never seen another woman masturbate in front of her before.
She found the experience highly erotic and the air was sexually charged.
Emily pushed her finger inside her again and Maggie followed.
Maggie slipped down the sofa and pushed her fingers of her left hand inside her.
First one, then the second; the tip of her index finger, of her right hand, played with her clit.
Neither woman had said a word all the while they were playing with themselves.
It was Emily’s turn to follow Maggie now and play with her clit.
She circled it, letting the pad of her fingertip slowly massage it.
The movements became faster and Maggie could see Emily was fast approaching her orgasm.
Maggie didn’t want that to happen.
Not so soon.
As quickly as she could, Maggie reached out and pulled Emily’s hand away from her pussy.
Emily almost let out a cry of disappointment, of protestation, but she found Maggie smiling at her.
Maggie held her hand and slowly wriggled towards her.
When she was closer Maggie sucked at Emily’s finger and then released it.
“Please, just let me do this for you,” said Maggie.
Emily was unsure what ‘this’ meant until she saw Maggie slide off the sofa and nestle her head in between Emily’s opened thighs.
Maggie kissed Emily’s thigh close to her knee, she kissed all the way up her thigh until she reached her pussy and then she kissed the opposite thigh.
Emily watched in awe at the way Maggie kissed her tenderly.
After planting many kissed on Emily’s thighs, Maggie brushed her tongue across her pussy.
Emily let out a moan at the touch.
Maggie then slipped her tongue all the way up her pussy lips.
She parted the hair with her tongue and licked until they were firmly open again.
Maggie crawled closer to her goal and then pushed her tongue inside.
“That’s so nice,” Emily groaned out loud.
Maggie flicked at her pussy and then drew her tongue over her lips to finally rest on her clit.
She flicked at it a few times.
Emily gulped in lungfuls of air every time Maggie flicked her clit with the tip of her tongue.
Online Now! Lush Cams Lucy_and_rick Finally she let her tongue rest on it and rolled her tongue over her clit.
Emily hit the roof, Maggie had never heard such verbal outbursts as her ears were now experiencing.
Every other word was ‘fuck’ or some derivative of it interleaved with ‘nice’ and ‘don’t stop’ and ‘lick me there’.
Maggie had no intention of stopping, had every intention of licking her there, and was intent on making her experience far more than fucking ‘nice’.
Maggie licked at Emily’s pussy until she was bursting at the seams.
Her orgasm followed an orchestra’s crescendo and the big guns of the 1812 overture were about to pound into her.
As her orgasm hit her, Emily grasped Maggie’s head and pulled it into her pussy.
Both hands clasped around the back of Maggie’s head.
Emily held on firmly, Maggie could hardly flick her tongue; the force was that strong.
Emily held her head and bucked her slim hips into Maggie’s face until her orgasm subsided.
Maggie was eventually released.
Emily was panting profusely as Maggie raised herself to kiss Emily’s breasts and finally planted a loving kiss on her other lips.
Both women kissed passionately for a while until Emily broke the bond.
In those few, less than fifteen minutes, it had become a strong bond and it was one that Emily was to relish from now on.
Emily would have to wait until the next week to repay the licking that Maggie had given her and it would be a few more weeks before Mike was to join the three of them.
Mike’s cock was Emily’s first, and it was a big cock to have on your first time.
Emily loved it.
The babysitting eventually subsided.
Emily almost always visited them every Saturday for sex.
She loved nothing more than to give Maggie’s pussy a licking and sucking.
Something both women enjoyed profusely and Mike was more than happy to fuck Emily while she sucked on his wife’s pussy.
That was exactly what they were doing one Saturday when the doorbell rang.
Maggie was reclined on the sofa and Emily was kissing her breasts; slowly making her way down her body.
“Mike, see who that is?” asked Maggie.
Mike slipped a dressing gown on and answered the door.
———- Maggie reached out to Emily and pulled her towards her.
She pulled her into her breasts and comforted her.
Emily started to sob.
She had not prepared for this moment in the slightest.
“It’s OK, it’s OK,” repeated Maggie.
Emily sobbed into her breasts.
Mike didn’t know where to look or what to do.
He thought of what Jan might do to them and to Emily.
“I love you both,” cried Emily as she clung on to Maggie for comfort.
Fifteen minutes had passed since Jan had burst in on them and Maggie had decided that she could not let Emily go home.
“You can stay here tonight, we will sort something out tomorrow,” said Maggie.
Emily turned around and looked Maggie in the eye.
“I want you now,” said Emily.
Maggie started to shake her head ‘no’ but it was too late, Emily had pushed herself off the sofa and was now on her knees lapping at Maggie’s pussy.
Her tears mixed with Maggie’s juices and Emily tasted both at the same time.
“Fuck! She’s so fucking horny,” Maggie mouthed the almost silent words to Mike.
Mike nodded and started for the door after registering a knocking sound that the women didn’t seem to hear.
He guessed it would be Jan, but this time he would be ready.
There would be no pushing past him this time.
He opened the door, his full frame filling the slight gap in the entrance.
Jan stood there in front of him.
She looked at him sternly.
“I’m sorry, I want to come in,” she said.
“I don’t think so,” said Mike shaking his head.
“You need to let me in, I need to show Emily I love her, I need to share something with her,” she pleaded.
Mike wasn’t swallowing it in the slightest.
He shook his head no.
Jan pleaded with him but finally turned to walk away.
Mike held her arm.
“You’re serious?” He questioned, “you want to make up with Emily!” “More than just that,” Jan nodded.
Mike opened the door and motioned for her to enter.
“Be nice,” he said as Jan walked past him.
Jan hesitated at the lounge door as she heard Maggie cry out with lustful words.
She listened.
From Maggie’s words she gathered that Emily was licking Maggie and was being told not to stop.
Jan took a deep breath, gave a last sidelong glimpse at Mike and entered the room.
Maggie had her eyes closed when Jan walked in.
Emily was totally unaware as her mother watched her suck and lick another woman’s pussy.
Emily pushed her tongue inside for one last lick of Maggie’s juices before resting her tongue on her clit.
That was when someone nudged her from the side.
Emily looked up and gasped in shock.
She started to move away and onto the sofa, half frightened and half wondering what her mother was doing there.
Maggie’s eyes opened suddenly with the sound and movement beside her and she started to get up to confront Jan.
“You stay there,” said Jan as she looked Maggie in the eye and pointed her finger at her.
Jan then slipped into the position Emily was in just moments earlier.
She snorted, and took a deep breath as her eyes levelled with Maggie’s pussy.
In seconds her mouth was on it and she was sucking on her pussy lips.
At last another woman’s scent filled the air and filled her nostrils.
The taste was exquisite and her mind was flung back to the days when she was twenty three.
All that time ago.
All those lost years, thought Jan.
She lapped at Maggie’s pussy with increasing speed.
It would be fair to say she devoured it.
Mike sat in the chair opposite and watched with amazement.
His dressing gown fell to one side and his cock became rigid with the unfolding events.
With one hand Jan pulled her dress above her waist and opened her legs to stabilise her as she knelt.
Her pussy was on full view to Mike.
He looked at Maggie as she watched Jan lick her pussy with some urgency.
Emily watched from the sofa.
She couldn’t believe her eyes.
Her mother was on the floor licking pussy like it was the last thing on Earth.
She was openly displaying herself to Mike as she did so.
Her own mother! ‘What was the fucking world coming to’ she thought.
Emily shook her head, she just couldn’t believe it.



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