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 The sun was setting on another hot day; I was finishing up the days chores when my aunt Mandy called me for dinner.
It was my uncles farm.
A little slice of English countryside.
A small piece of heaven.
I’ve been coming here every summer since middle school to help put hay up for the winter and make some money.
Now, in my third year of college, I still come out for the same reasons, and I love the peace and quiet of the country.
This year I was needed more than ever.
My uncle had passed the fall before, but Aunt Mandy continued the farm, raising a small herd of beef cattle.
Mandy was my uncles second wife.
She was considerably younger than him, but she was strong willed and independent, with a good mind for business.
A lovely Irish brunette, she could be stubborn, but I think that’s what attracted my uncle to her.
She was smart, motivated and beautiful.
The farm really did well after she was a part of it.
She was a lady, tough as nails when she had to be and as soft as silk when she didn’t.
I admired her and looked for similar traits in my mates as I dated, but few women compared to her.
I finished stacking the bales, parked the tractor and then headed inside.
“Hungry?” Mandy asked as I entered.
She knew I was.
“As a horse,” I replied.
“That load is in.
You’re gonna need more though.
” “I have ten loads coming tomorrow,” she informed.
“Do you need me to get some more help down here?” “No ma’am.
I can handle it.
” “Well, I’ll be here to help you.
” I knew she was and she was handier than half the kids my uncle would bring in.
“I know things got a little tight this year aunt Mandy, with uncle john being gone and all.
I don’t want you to spend the extra money,” I said as I washed my hands.
“Business is good.
I’ll be ok.
” “I know, but your you’ll have to hire a hand after the summer, so for now, we can do it.
” I flicked water at her from my wet hands and she laughed.
“You brat!” She teased, “I’m glad you’re here to help we’ve always appreciated it.
” ​“I’ve always enjoyed it out here.
So quiet; I love being in the country.
” With that she gave me a little hug and we sat down to eat.
Dinner went by with quiet conversation about the weather and the days accomplishments.
Afterward I joined her on the porch for her nightly routine; a glass of wine and a cigarette.
It was a routine I was familiar with.
Many nights I had joined her and Uncle John out here.
She sat there, placid, sipping her wine and slowly enjoying the one cigarette she has a day as the moon rose over the barn.
The following day started early at five a.
I tended the cattle as Mandy made breakfast.
We ate quietly at 6:30 and the first trailer arrived at seven.
I began unloading trailers as Mandy performed her household duties.
I stopped at noon when she brought out sandwiches and tea.
After lunch, she assisted me in unloading.
I was secretly grateful, not wanting to admit I was running out of energy and ambition to continue.
But having her there was just the boost I needed to continue, partly showing off and partly just having someone else there.
At forty-one she was twenty years my senior, but still had more energy and drive than most of the girls I knew my age.
At four o’clock she left me to finish the last two trailers while she prepared dinner.
I finished then went to the house, tired and filthy of the day’s labors, a mix of dust and dirt and hay and sweat.
​“I’m going up to shower, be back down in a few,” I called to her in the kitchen.
​“Okay, dinner will be done by then,” she called back.
I stood under the water longer than normal, letting wash away the day’s toils and relax my muscles, I was sore.
Thankfully, the next day was going to be an easy day, and with the threat of rain, possibly a lazy one.
I finished my shower, toweled off and threw on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt.
I went down stairs to the dining room where a traditional country meal of steak and potatoes sat waiting.
I sat down and waited for Aunt Mandy; she entered a few seconds later carrying two glasses of wine.
She had cleaned up and changed too; she wore a white sundress with blue flowers.
I had only seen her in a dress twice before; she looked young, vibrant and very lovely.
​“You look nice, is that new?” I queried.
​“Heavens, no,” she chuckled.
“I’ve had this awhile; it was just so warm today.
” ​“Yes, it was,” I agreed.
We ate quietly, I was hungry and starting to feel the effects of the day’s work, but would steal glances at Mandy when I was sure she wasn’t looking.
The last time I saw her in a dress was at my uncle’s funeral; the time before that was a family reunion several years ago.
I remember how good I thought she looked then.
Somehow she seemed sexier to me tonight in this simple dress, clinging loosely to her features.
We finished eating and Aunt Mandy cleared the table as I sat sipping the rest of my wine.
​“Joining me on the porch?” she asked “Sure thing auntie,” I responded.
But as I moved to get up, the day’s labors got the best of me.
I was stiff and achy and groaned audibly as I slumped back into the chair.
“What’s wrong? You’re not getting old on me are ya?” she teased.
“No, just over did it a little I guess.
” “You poor thing,” she said empathetically, but in a playful tone, “come on, I’ll help you up,” she said, extending her right hand.
I gave her my hand and she helped me stand.
“I feel like an old man,” I laughed.
“You’re acting like one,” she agreed, laughing too.
She led me to the living room and sat me on the sofa.
“Let me help you.
” She moved around behind me and began rubbing my neck and shoulders.
It felt wonderful and relaxing.
I laid my head back and enjoyed as she worked down my right arm, then my left, followed by my chest.
Online Now! Lush Cams CiaraGallardo She moved in front of me and continued down the top of my legs, then worked each calf muscle before working back up my legs with one hand on the outside of my leg and one on the inside.
She was working on my right leg as she leaned over and whispered in my ear.
“What have we here?”​as her hand slipped up the leg of my shorts and took a firm but gentle grip on my rigid cock.
“I, uh, um…” I stuttered; startled by my own surprise that I had so completely lost myself in her hands that I hadn’t noticed myself getting hard.
“Shh, it’s okay,” she whispered, kissing my earlobe, and then she leaned back, her free hand trailing down my chest as her left hand snaked its way out of my shorts, bringing my cock with it.
She held it a moment, looking at it, while I was still trying to make sense of what just happened and find my voice.
Then her head went into my lap as she took my hard cock into her mouth.
It seemed painfully slow, as if time itself had slowed to a crawl.
“Oohhh,” I groaned with pleasure, “Aunt Mandy, but…” “No ‘buts’,” she reprimanded, barely stopping.
“Ohhhh, ohhh, ohhhkayyy.
” I finally managed.
She was sliding her hand and mouth slowly up and down my shaft; slowly, rhythmically, expertly, interrupted only by the occasional pause to swirl her tongue around the head of my cock.
She continued until I began to move my hips in time with her motions.
She stopped and pulled at the top of my shorts, I lifted and they slid off with ease; I followed them with my shirt.
This left me sitting naked.
Mandy pulled up her dress, revealing she was not wearing panties, and then straddled me and sat in my lap.
She was extremely wet and my cock slid in easily.
As she moved up and down I could feel her pussy clamping onto me hungrily.
She started thrusting her hips against me, my hands went up her legs, under her dress to her ass, where I took a firm grip and began pulling her into me as she thrust.
Her moans grew louder as her first climax crashed over her quickly.
She looked at me, a little embarrassed, vulnerable, and I saw a younger woman looking at me.
I smiled at her, finally getting a grip on what was happening and realizing that one of my secret fantasies was coming true.
I had never before known just how much I really wanted her until that moment; and in that moment I wanted all of her, to enjoy every possible morsel of her sex and her being.
I could see her heart pounding in her chest.
As she looked at me I think she saw what I was thinking, or perhaps she was feeling the same way.
She retrieved a cigarette from the table by the couch and lit it, remaining firmly seated on my cock.
As she took the first drag, I pulled her into me, thrusting deeply within her.
She drew in sharply, throwing her head back and arching her back.
​“What are you doing?” she asked coyly, exhaling the smoke.
I just looked at her and smiled devilishly and shrugged my shoulders a little.
I began moving her back and forth in my lap, thrusting gently as I did, except when she would take a drag from her cigarette, I would thrust deeply.
Soon she was thrusting firmly against me, her arm around my shoulders for leverage, as she continued to attempt her cigarette.
It was a losing battle.
She soon abandoned her cigarette in the ash tray as another orgasm washed over her, this one a little stronger than the last.
She lay still against me, I was quietly thankful for I was not sure I could’ve contained my own release if she had not.
I pulled her dress up and off over her head.
Her fine breasts were perky and firm, with small pink nipples, which I took into my mouth and sucked.
Her response was immediate, as she pulled me against her and again began to gyrate.
I wasn’t quite ready for that and was on the brink of coming, so I shifted my position, laying her on the sofa, then slowly made my way to her wet pulsating pussy.
I plunged my tongue in as deep as I could and lapped at the sweet juices still flowing from her.
She arched her back as her fingers locked into my hair and held me against her sex.
I continued to lick, working in soft circles, as she ground her pussy into my face, until finally she exploded with a powerful orgasm that left her bucking and twitching against my tongue erratically.
Satisfied with my performance, I decided to reap the reward I had been denying myself and enter Aunt Mandy once again.
I began thrusting with slow deep strokes, as Mandy groaned and gently raked my back.
As I began to quicken my pace, Mandy hooked her feet around the back of my legs and began to pull me in, deeper and harder, as she lifted her hips to meet my thrust.
Her hands were still working the skin on my back, harder now, as she began moaning louder, her pussy clamped tightly on my cock, aching for release.
My head was swimming with the somewhat surrealism of it all, I was experiencing bliss on so many levels.
My heart was racing as I neared climax, my own groans of pleasure mingling with hers.
​“Yes!” she screamed, “Don’t stop!” And I didn’t, nor did I plan to; and as her orgasm consumed her, and she continued to grind against me, my orgasm hit me.
It did not wash over me in waves of pleasure; it slammed into me like a freight train; overwhelming me in complete orgasmic bliss.
All of my senses simultaneously overloaded.
I practically blacked out.
​The world was still fuzzy and my head still spinning when I heard Mandy’s voice, “That was wonderful Sean.
My god, that was wonderful.
” I smiled down at her, “I couldn’t have said it better.
” “We should go upstairs, you look tired,” she teased.
“We should, but I don’t think sleep will be coming soon,” I replied.
I kissed her deeply then, like the first drink of cool water after week in the desert, drinking her in.
I rose from the couch, helping her to her feet and we started towards the stairs.
Noticing the pain in my shoulders I stopped her at the stairs, “One thing though, take it easy on my back,” I smiled.
She giggled and led me up the stairs.
It was going to be a very hot summer.



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