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~ Prelude ~ The air clung to my skin like a warm, wet t-shirt.
Fucking August.
Sixteen straight days of 90 plus degrees and 100% humidity.
We prayed for rain.
We begged for rain.
Some asshole called into the local radio station and said we should all wash our cars – a hundred bucks says it was the owner of the Soak Job down on Front Street.
After running around all day, and spending some quality time with my new friends Alan and Jill, I unlocked the door and stepped into my apartment at quarter after nine.
Instantly I was blasted by sweltering heat.
“What the fuck?” I threw my purse and keys on the counter.
Checking the thermostat the temp read 105.
I pushed the cool button a million times and nothing.
“Piece of shit apartment,” I hissed.
Of course maintenance wasn’t available.
Storming room to room I threw open every window but there was no breeze.
The air just sat there like it didn’t give a fuck.
Sweat covered my body.
I needed a shower.
A cold, long shower.
I remembered back to Markus and the last time we made love in the grotto of a mansion as the cool water cascaded off of our naked bodies.
I turned the faucet handle all the way to ‘C’.
It had been five days since I swore off cock.
Remembering Jill’s mouth making me cum earlier that day wasn’t helping the situation either.
I couldn’t get out of my clothes fast enough.
They were doing more to suffocate me than the sweltering air.
Standing in front of the mirror, I took stock of my body.
I’d put on a few pounds since I gave up modeling but still, I was damn hot.
I loved my tits and the way they dropped just enough so that every guy or girl lucky enough to squeeze them had to ask if they were real or not.
My tan body shimmered with sweat.
My nipples, brown and perfectly placed blended with my skin.
Poking my belly with my finger, it barely moved.
I guess the chocolate I was using to drown out the memories of Markus were losing the battle to the five miles I ran every morning.
Damn, I needed a fucking shower.
~ V ~ The cool water felt like heaven.
Goosebumps popped on my skin.
My nipples hardened.
I lathered them with soap and lingered on them longer than I normally would.
I will tell you know that touching myself is one of my most favorite things to do.
Not just shoving two fingers into my pussy, but softly, sensually exploring my body with my hands.
Markus used to demand it of me.
He’d be on top of me, ramming his cock into me until it hurt and I had to beg him to stop, and he’d just say “Touch yourself for me.
Touch your neck.
Touch your lips.
” Touching any part of my body took away some of the sensation of how his dick was destroying me.
Fucking Markus.
~ V ~ Naked and dry, I ripped the comforter and top sheet off the bed and let them fall to the floor.
Flicking off the light switch, I then fell ass first into the center of my four post bed.
I spread my arms and legs so that no part of me touched any other part.
I let out a massive sigh, shut my eyes, and let what little there was of a breeze ripple the curtains and lightly touch my skin.
~ V ~ I woke with a start.
My eyes flared open.
I tried to get up out of the bed but I could not move.
I struggled.
My wrists and ankles were bound with straps to the four corners of the bed.
A gust of wind stole through the open window and then died.
Everything was silent and dark.
The room brightened as my eyes adjusted.
Standing in front of me were two men.
They faced each other and spoke in a foreign language.
On the right was a man dressed in black on black.
He looked like a shadow.
He noticed my waking and turned towards me.
His hideous face looked as if it had been burnt in a raging fire.
One eye drooped and the other seared my naked flesh.
He stepped towards me menacingly.
The man next to him wore a deep blue robe.
As the other had been a monster, this man was beautiful.
His skin white and clear, his hair short and black.
His hand shot out and stopped the other.
“Al naman togaris,” the man’s voice echoed more in my mind than in my ears.
The monster of a man sneered.
He pulled his arm away and moved slowly towards the head of the bed.
He adjusted the strap that held my right wrist.
I whimpered as it dug into my flesh.
Moving from post to post he adjusted each binding with the same uncaring ferociousness.
As he finished at my left wrist, he leaned in.
“Gotha ni aldamo.
Tuman naman.
” His voice sizzled like bacon frying.
“Togaris!” The robbed man snapped the monster away from me.
With slow steps and never taking his eyes from mine except to violate me with his gaze, he left the bedroom.
The man moved with him but stopped and closed the door then turned back to me.
“This will be quick.
I assure you.
” He spoke with a thick accent unlike any I had ever heard before.
“But it will not be painless.
” As he said these last words his robe fell from his shoulders and he began unbuttoning the dark shirt he wore beneath it.
I tried to speak.
I tried to scream.
But there was nothing.
“This is not a dream,” he continued, removing his belt.
“This is real.
” He unbuttoned the front of his pants.
He stepped out of them and stood at the edge of the bed naked.
I knew what he wanted to do and I wanted it too but I could not let him know it.
His body was tight and tone.
His muscles did not bulge.
Instead they cut lines across his pale flesh.
His chest heaved as he breathed, spreading wide.
Deep lines ran across his abs and down to his groin.
His cock was breathtaking.
I had never seen or felt or dreamt about anything like it.
As he stepped forward, it swung like a pendulum, pulsing with fresh blood as it grew larger and larger.
Markus got off on me measuring his erection, so I knew what nine inches was.
But this man’s cock was even longer than that.
And thick.
Long and thick and filling with the same blood that coursed through his muscled arms and legs as he knelt onto the bed and moved his body over mine.
He was the most perfect man I had ever seen.
“I am no man,” he smiled.
In the dim light I saw two long fangs gleam from his top row of teeth.
I pulled my arms and legs and screamed but only silence.
As his face moved towards mine, I turned my head and shut my eyes.
His hot breath caressed my neck and slithered up toward my ear.
His chest pushed against my breasts and my entire body tingled.
“Cum for me,” he whispered.
Instantly my body shook.
A wave covered me and ripped down my skin.
My pussy pulsed and heaved, wet juices soaked my lips, my inner thighs and the bed sheet.
My eyes rolled as the room spun around me.
He put one hand on my waist and the other at my neck.
His long fingers squeezed my throat, giving me barely any room to breathe.
Moving his lower body closer, the massive head of his cock licked my juices.
Even with the sopping wetness he could barely fit his dick inside of me.
He pushed in slowly.
I felt the walls of my vagina tear with the strain.
He had about half of it in me when he hit my cervix.
His cock throbbed inside of me, ripping me again.
I screamed and this time what little air was allowed to pass by his clenched fingers actually escaped.
“It’s better when you scream.
” He let go of my throat and put his hand on my waist.
His finger tips dug into me.
Pulling back, his cock-head licked my cunt and pushed against my clit.
Violently he thrust himself back inside me.
My throat boiled over with agony.
As his huge dick used me, I swore I smelled blood.
Each time he pierced me, he grunted like a wild animal.
Harder and faster he fucked me.
I opened my eyes and watched him.
He bore down on me.
His face covered with defined purpose.
Sweat glistened on his forehead.
His eyes fixed at my waist and unblinking.
Saliva dripped from his mouth.
He looked up and his eyes caught mine and pure savage lust erupted in his gaze.
I felt his cock pulse bigger, filling with disdain and boiling blood.
I screamed again and again.
Each time he drove himself into me I felt it move higher and higher up inside of me.
He grunted louder.
His face moved in towards mine.
Spit from his mouth fell onto my breasts and face.
He buried his nose into my neck and breathed deeply.
I leaned my head back, exposing my neck.
He opened his mouth and the tips of his fangs traced along my skin.
I whimpered.
Not wanting to scream.
But his massive dick was destroying my pussy.
It felt like a battering ram being driven into my cunt.
It did not feel good.
There was no pleasure.
Only pain.
And then his fangs pierced the skin of my neck.
I felt a warm trickle of blood miss his lips as he sucked violently.
Just then his cock exploded.
My pussy soaked up wave after wave of his cum.
Still he sucked and still he fucked.
Again and again he took me.
In that same moment, he took me a thousand times.
That night I died.
Would there be a morning? Part One ~ The Morning After ~ I woke up feeling better than I had in years – even before Markus had come and swept me off my feet.
My apartment even seemed cooler.
Then a knock at the door startled me.
Putting on my robe, I answered it.
“ Here to fix your air, Miss Hetleven.
” I welcome him inside.
“ Coffee?” I asked.
“ In this heat, no thank you,” he smiled, used a small towel to wipe his forehead and went to work checking the thermostat.
“ I think it finally feels much better today.
” “ Not even close.
We’re already at yesterday’s high.
” I looked at the clock – nine a.
~ V ~ The air conditioner was an easy fix, just some dirty filters.
The maintenance man was in and out in less than an hour.
I was working the afternoon shift – time for a shower.
As the I pulled my robe off, I was hyper-aware of the fabric sliding across my skin.
The tile of the bathroom floor stung like ice for an instant, then became unnoticeable like the thousands of times before.
The mirror, dear god, the mirror.
My pupils were constricted to the size of pinpoints, leaving only the blue orbs of my irises.
What the fuck did I do last night? Drinks with Jill.
But not enough to fuck me up.
Unless someone slipped me something? I remember flashes of it.
Mostly Jill’s tongue on my clit and her slender fingers inside of me making that “come here” motion that drove me to orgasm in an instant.
Where were we? It had been hot.
So fucking hot.
After I’d cum in her mouth, I kissed up along the dragon tattoo that wrapped itself up from her hip to her shoulder blade.
I’d tasted her sweat.
I’d asked her if she wanted me to lick her.
Jill had fallen back onto her black sheets and passed out.
But now.
my eyes, they looked like oceans.
And my pussy, I rubbed the outside of my lips then the flesh above.
The skin was completely smooth, not even the hint of stubble.
When did I shave last? Without really realizing it, I slid a finger between my labia.
For a moment, I could feel my pulse.
Then I pushed my finger into my hole.
“Ouch!” The pain inside of my pussy shot through my body and I pulled my finger immediately out.
It felt like a jolt of electricity the way it stung then hummed on.
Slowly I moved my hand back down between my legs.
My hand began to burn, like warming up at a campfire but getting too close and having to pull back.
I grabbed my hand mirror and propped my leg up with my toes clenched on the toilet seat.
I used the mirror to inspect my girl parts.
What the fuck? The sight of my pussy startled me – tight and clenched like it had been when I was just a girl, before I’d met Markus, before he’d stretched me wide open again and again and again.
I didn’t even take a shower.
I had to see Jill.
~ V ~ “ Why don’t you call Markus?” I about spit out my soda at Jill’s suggestion.
“ Are you fucking high?” Jill took a drag from her cigarette.
“Really Val.
How long has it been? I mean, a girl can’t live on tongue and batteries alone.
” Jill’s a hard one to explain.
She working on a slow transition into a steampunk girl taking to wearing a corset and tights every time she’s in public.
She never leaves the house with anything less than three belts around her waist.
I’ve never, ever, ever seen her flirt with anything other than another woman – but she swears she’s not a lesbian.
“ A week.
” Jill picked my phone up off the table and started texting.
“ What are you doing?” Jill snaps sharply, “Texting Markus.
” She continues typing.
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8 o clock.
” I snatched the phone from her hands.
I’d been avoiding the subject our entire conversation, but now it seemed like my only way out.
“ Did you put something in my drink last night?” Her dark eyes opened wide.
“ What?” “ I don’t know.
Something is wrong with me.
I feel.
I don’t know what I feel.
” “ Well I hope you feel like an ass hole for insinuating that I drugged you just to get into your pants.
” Jill started gathering her clutch and pack of smokes.
“ I didn’t mean that,” I really hadn’t.
Jill stands.
“Yeah well, get fucked.
” She storms off.
Just then my phone vibrates.
A text from Markus: c u then.
I am fucked.
~ V ~ I easily could have texted back: never mind.
I could have just not been home.
I could have just not opened the door when he knocked.
I could have done a thousand things instead of opening the door and letting him in.
His large hands cupped my tits through my shirt.
The dark scruff on his cheek tickled the soft flesh of my neck as his lips pulled away from my collarbone.
We tumbled back farther into the room.
His hands sliding through my hair.
His tongue licking my lips between kisses.
The pace of his breath and the look of his deep, dark eyes demanded my body.
He kissed my collar again while sliding his hand down my back and grabbing ahold of my ass.
The lights dimmed and the air shut off – fucking brownouts.
And then I did something I’d never been able to do before.
I pushed Markus away.
“ What’s the matter?” he asked.
I did not respond.
“ Are you pregnant?” He was dead fucking serious.
“ No,” I instinctively put a hand to my stomach.
“ Then what’s the problem?” A knock at the door interrupted us.
I moved quickly to answer it and was taken aback to see Jill standing there in one of the sexiest outfits I’d ever seen her wear; black stiletto heeled boots that rose above her cut calves, a blood red skirt with lace fringe that teased just above her under bits, a black corset adorned with metal rings that squeezed her tits up into a delicious valley of cleavage, and long black arm sleeves with red laces.
Her eye make up and red lipstick screamed “let me have a taste.
” “ What are you doing here?” I whispered.
“ He here?” she asked.
I nodded.
“ Sorry about earlier,” she said then pushed herself into the room.
The look on Markus’ face was priceless.
“ I was the one who text you,” she admitted.
Markus looked at me.
“Stop looking at her,” Jill commanded him.
“She doesn’t want you any more.
I do.
” I was saved.
~ V ~ I opened the windows in my room, shut the door, then turned off the light.
The night had cooled and smelled like rain.
Finally I thought.
I crawled into bed and curled up with my sheet.
And then I heard them in the alley below my window.
The rustling of bodies and smacking of wet lips.
“ I want to taste you,” Jill’s voice floated up to my window.
“ You sure you can handle it?” Markus smirked.
Ass hole.
I’d been with both of them.
I could see them.
Jill undid Markus’ belt and then the top button of his black jeans.
She stared unblinking into his eyes as she slowly pulled down his zipper.
“ Awful proud aren’t you,” she teased.
“ I know she told you.
” Cocky son-of-a-bitch.
Jill slid her hand down the front of his pants.
“ I’ve had bigger,” she wasn’t lying.
He grabbed her tits with both hands.
“So have I.
” Jill stroked Markus slowly.
The lace from her arm sleeves tickling the underside of his cock head.
When the first drops of pre-cum appeared, she used her thumb to rub it in circles.
“ Well, you going to suck it or what?” I remember when he had asked me that.
My mouth had gone directly to his dick.
But Jill, she didn’t need him like I did.
“ Or what.
” She let go of his cock and stepped back.
Markus took a step towards her but she pushed him back to the wall.
Markus opened his mouth but Jill stopped him by holding a finger to her lips.
She pulled the sleeve off from her left arm and then the right.
“ Tie me up first,” she commanded as she held out the sleeves to Markus.
He wasn’t one for bondage – too much of a commitment for him.
“ How?” “ Oh fuck,” Jill rolls her eyes.
“Never mind.
” She snatches the sleeves from him.
“ No, I can do it.
” Markus steps towards her.
“ Don’t you ever shut the fuck up?” Jill pushes him back against the wall again but this time follows him and presses against him.
She pulls his shirt up, exposing his muscled abs and pushes her bound tits against his flesh.
 “You’re just a dick.
” Jill grabs Markus’ wrists and holds them behind his back.
She deftly ties them together with one of her sleeves.
She tugs tightly on the knot.
It slips a bit and grips his wrists like hand cuffs.
Markus opens his mouth to speak again and before he can, Jill shoves her other sleeve into his mouth and ties it quickly behind his head.
“ Just a dick,” she repeats.
Markus shoots her a “come on” look.
Jill stands next to him and rises up on her toes.
She reaches down into his pants and pulls them down over his ass.
His still semi-hard cock falls out.
Jill lifts her heel and steps onto his waistband, pushing his pants to the ground.
She spits into her hand, rubs his hanging prick, and starts to pull.
“ You want this body? You want to see these gorgeous tits don’t you? My nipple are hard as diamonds right now.
I’m surprised this top isn’t shredded yet.
” Pre-cum seeps from his cock head and she uses it to lube up his shaft.
“ You get any bigger and I’m going to have to use both hands,” she teases.
“And there is no way that you could ever fit inside me.
I’m so tight.
Valerie used two fingers on me last night and I swear to fuck I almost cried.
” Markus’ dick throbs in her hand.
“ There you go, dick.
” Markus’ throbs again.
Jill reaches down with her other hand and alternates strokes, starting at the base with one hand and pulling fiercely then repeating with the other, over and over.
Markus tilts his head back.
His body clenches.
Jill leans into his ear and whispers, “I bet you cum fucking buckets,” and jacks him off with purpose.
Markus jerks.
His cock widens, spreading Jill’s fingers so she can’t reach around the entire piece of his thick meat.
Suddenly he erupts – creamy ropes of cum shoot out in a long arch and spatter across the pavement.
Jill milks him dry until only a few dribbles still cling from his cock hole.
“ See.
I told you,” Jill smiles.
“Just a dick.
” She turns and walks away leaving Markus bound, gagged, dripping cum and with his pants around his ankles.
That night I slept like a child and if I dreamed, I do not remember.
Part Two ~ The Scent ~ The phone is ringing and I wanted to kill someone.
If only I could open my eyes.
My body hates me.
Every muscle aches and my stomach warbles like I’m the last passenger on The Tempest.
“Hello?” “Are you alive?” “Jill?” “Of course it’s me.
I’ve been texting you all morning.
” I look at my phone.
“Hey, let me call you right back.
I need to call work.
I should have been there two hours ago.
” I don’t give Jill time to reply and call in to work.
“Hey, is Danny around?” I am going to throw up.
“Of course he’s pissed.
Just put him on.
” My ears are on fire.
My skin crawls.
My head is a carousel of pulsing lights and dancing colors.
I hear the words you’re fired and Donald Trump’s beat red face and toupee flash in my face.
Oh fuck, I’m going to throw up.
I rinse my face and brush my teeth best as I can.
I swear the face in the mirror is not mine.
Ratty, tangled mess of hair.
Pale with sullen eyes.
No amount of makeup can fix this.
I need drugs.
Thank god I’ve got some antivirals.
Let’s just hope they stay down.
Now sleep.
Dear god, let me fall asleep.
~ V ~ I wake up to a chill, tucked inside of a marvelous four poster bed and draped in white silk sheets.
The walls are thick stone.
The silhouette of a figure stands between French doors looking out onto the balcony and into the darkest of nights.
“ I am no man,” the figure turns.
I know him.
“ Yes,” he replies to my thought.
He strides forward, out from the shadows and into candlelight.
He is naked.
His body, firm and chiseled.
Lines cut in a V directing my gaze down to his flaccid cock.
A firm grip of tangled pubic hairs do nothing to conceal him.
Long and thick and limp.
“ Should I dress?” he asks.
Dear god, no.
He laughs and I see them.
What are you? He approaches the bed.
His sandy blonde hair pushed to the side.
His eyes dark and sunken yet gleaming with the flickering flames of the candles on tall stands pushed back into the corners of the room.
“ I am yours, of course.
As you are mine.
” His words are soft.
His accent melts me.
I can feel the wetness between my legs.
“ I am sorry for the harshness of our last meeting.
The first time is, well, always interesting.
” He climbs onto the edge of the bed.
I can smell him now.
The scent, familiar, like the cologne sprayed t-shirt a lover leaves when they go away on a long trip without you.
He’s poised in front of me, on his hands and knees, creeping closer.
I pull the sheets away, my naked body caressed by the gentle breeze filtering in off the balcony.
I could look into his eyes for an eternity, but holy fuck, that cock.
He smiles.
“You can look.
” I watch as his long, limp member pulses.
It grows before my eyes, his foreskin pulling back to reveal a bulbous head.
It swells thicker than my subtle wrist.
There is no way it’s length will fit inside of me.
He moves closer still.
His shaft is curved up slightly.
The rim of his cock head pronounced, the kind that just pulls the juices out of a pussy.
I open my mouth to tell him.
We do not need words.
I bite my lip as he pushes his face into my neck.
His breath crosses the sinews of my neck.
His fangs trace along my skin, up to my the curve of my jaw, as he steals a kiss.
I spread my legs for him.
The folds of my pussy lips pink are swollen.
He pushes his chest against mine then moves forward, sliding along my hard nipples and touching my outer labia with his rigid cock.
I take his shaft in my cold, thin fingers.
My thumb and middle finger come nowhere near touching.
What fear I feel is quenched by his thoughts.
I will heal you.
I use one hand to spread my lips and the other to guide him in.
He sits motionless, just the tip of his cock inside of me.
I feel it throb, sending a shudder down my legs and clenching my toes.
Cum for me.
And I do.
In a rumble like thunder echoing through a valley never seen by man, meandering through every crevice.
A simple woman might fear the end of the world and clutch her children tight.
All I can do is clench my inner thighs, holding his perfect form in place as wave after wave and energy courses along my skin.
My juices run like a shallow stream over polished rocks and cover his cock.
Through it all, he does not move.
Just keeps his cock-head at the entrance of my everything, savoring me as a I cum for him.
As the shuddering echo of my orgasm begins to fade, he pushes himself into me.
Long, slow strokes that can’t be more than half of his length but still touch the spot that jolts me with pain.
His next thrust holds back, moments from being too deep, and then he draws out slowly.
This goes on forever.
Just far enough in to bring me to that point I anticipate the pain, but then back out.
His cock throbs and pushes against my inner walls each time he moves forward.
My pussy clenches, trying to hold him in every time he pulls back.
In truth, I never stop cumming.
Fuck me please fuck me, I beg.
I can’t my dear.
Why not? Because I love you.
And with the next push in he erupts inside of me.
Like a tongue buried deep in my pussy, licking me and leaving behind proof of his very words.
~ V ~ I wake up on the floor of my bathroom.
My cheek pressed to the cool tile.
I feel so much better.
Thank god for modern medicine.



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