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Latest stories Taboo My Girlfriend’s Daughter Part 1

It was a warm Friday night in early June, and though I hated associating with my girlfriend Pam’s daughter, I had little choice.
Piper had just graduated high school, and her eighteenth birthday had been this same week.
So, Pam decided to throw a birthday/graduation party for her and her friends.
Now, Pam and I began dating about two years ago, just a year after husband had met a tragic death in an auto accident.
She is a beautiful tall woman, blonde hair, five-eight, slender, and if her late husband had left her nothing else, she had a wonderful set of breast from the marriage.
As to Pam’s daughter, Piper, this one is a real bitch.
Pam had said, “The problems began shortly after her father’s death; she was a daddy’s girl.
” I simply proclaimed her like a bitch, and that was with a capital “B.
” Although a splitting image of her mother, albeit a much smaller breast size, she was still very attractive.
And did she know it, all too well.
So, that out of the way and back to the party and a few events leading up to it.
Although I rarely came around when it was not just Pam and I, at times there was just no way around it.
I tried my best to avoid any direct contact with Piper, as she would simply ridicule me with that “cheerleader attitude,” which I absolutely hated.
I rarely stayed overnight at Pam’s house, not knowing if Piper would arrive home before I had left the next morning, as she was returning from some sleep over, or whatever.
But, the few times I was still in the house, she was sure to prance that young little body around in as little as possible.
Though Pam would have words with her, Piper simply suggested, “It is no different than my bathing suit!” I had to admit, as long as she did not catch me; it was nice looking at her, but I knew the first thing from her mouth had she caught me would have been, “You pervert old man.
” So, needless to say, the glances were quick and as hidden as possible.
But, I had to admire the fact that Pam and Piper could pass for sisters, it made my ego overly large knowing I was lucky to be with Pam.
So, on this Friday night, many of Piper’s friends were in and out, and although I did not approve, Pam had supplied the refreshments, with one requirement, keys had to be in a basket.
My job was to play the cab driver, so obviously I could not get a good drunk on, and it was probably better that way.
The kids could have their parents drive them over on Saturday, grab the keys and drive home.
Thankfully, many were car-pooled or dropped off.
Therefore, my driving time was reduced considerably.
I just sat back by the pool, watched these young “studs” beat their chests trying to impress the ladies.
And I watched the ladies, with those young perky tits and tight asses tease the boys along all night.
But Piper, she was an odd one.
She had rarely gone on dates, or any truly that I know of, and she seemed always to hang with the females.
Pam and I didn’t think anything of it, but as pretty as she was, it was just odd.
The party began to wind down, the parents picking up the kids who had dropped them off, I drove a group home in my SUV.
Piper had told her mom that she was going to CeCe’s house, her best friend, for the night and would return sometime early Saturday.
Pam was fine with this as I was, and dropped the two off last as CeCe lived just about a block away.
When I returned, Pam was inside cleaning up, she asked, “Want to help?” I said, “I have a better idea, follow me.
” I grabbed a bottle of wine from the rack, two glasses, and her hand.
We walked to the Jacuzzi attached to the pool, and I began to undress.
She looked at me and said, “What if one of the kids comes back?” I just said, “Hey, let’s hope they don’t stare at you too long, I might get jealous.
” So she stripped, and we climbed in the warm water and relaxed.
We stayed in the water and kissed a bit, had a little touching time, relaxed and let the evening fade away.
An hour, maybe later, we decided to retire to the bed to continue our bit of time alone, and we did enjoy that time.
As we finished making love, Pam rolled over and told me, “I have tennis in the morning early, do you want me to wake you?” I said, “No, I will sleep in until you return, and maybe Piper would like us to take her for a nice brunch at the Waverly.
” She thought this might be nice, kissed me, and rolled over for a good night of sleep.
Now, usually, when staying at Pam’s, I would bring a change of clothes for bedtime, but as I was not expecting to sleep over, I had not bothered.
Online Now! Lush Cams CiaraGallardo I had fallen asleep spooning Pam, nude, and somewhat uncovered as the time of year warranted as few clothes as possible with the temperatures so high late into the evening.
As I awoke, I was not sure what time it was, and I had a slight headache from the wine.
But, my biggest headache was about to come, as I realized I had been tied to the bed at the wrists and ankles.
I looked down my body, and I was nude, the sheet removed, and the bedroom door was open, I, to say the least, was not amused at all and could not exactly understand what game Pam was playing.
Thinking she may have decided to stay home from tennis, I called out to her, “Pam what the fuck are you doing, Piper is going to be home soon, get your ass in here and untie me.
” As I lay there, I heard voices coming up the stairs, and began to wonder, “Voices? What the fuck was going on?” To my surprise, in walks Piper and CeCe.
Both girls dressed in almost nothing but wearing a big devilish grin.
Piper said, “No wonder my mom likes you so much.
” I looked down, and of course, I had an enormous morning boner, and this was not going to help any.
I said to Piper, “Please just untie me, nothing will be said to your mom, and I will leave.
” Piper just stared at me for a moment, turned and kissed CeCe hard on her lips, as she reached down and ran a finger through the leg band of CeCe’s panties.
The two of them began emitting moans of pleasure and, as for me, my cock began to strain even more.
I asked Piper, “What are you doing, and why?” Piper looked at me and said, “CeCe, and I are both virgins, we like each other but want to get laid together for our first time.
When we saw you in here this morning, we decided it was time, so big boy, you better be ready.
” My protests fell on deaf ears as the two of them began to undress, and fondle each other.
CeCe walked over to the edge of the bed, got on all fours with her face just above my cock, and began to moan as Piper was eating that sweet young pussy.
CeCe, in a bit of oblivion, looked up at me, smiled, and asked “I bet you can eat a good pussy to don’t you?” Then she reached down and slowly stroked my cock and said, “this is huge, I can’t wait to slide it into my virgin pussy.
” Piper stood up, swatted CeCe on the ass and asked her, “Are you having fun jerking his cock?” Piper replied back, “This thing is going to explode, let’s give him some relief, sit on his face, Piper, I am going to suck this cock.
And I want to watch him lick that sweet pussy of yours.
” Piper climbed across the bed, opened her legs over my head and slowly lowered that young, tight pussy down.
What was I to do? So I just began to lap up all the sweet juices running out of that tight little hole.
I tongued her pussy and sucked it in my mouth whole, and then nibbled back to her asshole.
Piper started moaning, “Oh fuck I think I am about to have the biggest orgasm I have ever had, don’t stop, please don’t stop.
” With that she let go, and did she let go, squirting all over my face.
Oh, how sweet.
In the meantime, CeCe had me working well, I asked her, “would you like some of the same?” She replied, “Yes, but what about you?” Piper chimed in, “Hell he just swallowed my whole pussy, I can swallow his cum.
” CeCe quickly replaced Piper above my head and slammed that smooth shaven pussy straight down.
I had to admit that having two different pussies on me in fifteen minutes was rather extraordinary, but even more so was the differences in the flavors.
As I was getting all of CeCe I could, Piper had my cock ready to erupt, and erupt it did.
She tried to handle it all, but there was no way as she began to gag.
She did her best, and then CeCe said “move over, I want a taste of that too.
” CeCe bent forward and took my cock in her mouth, and we had a sweet sixty-nine finishing each other off.
We all collapsed, worn out, and the girls piped after a few minutes up and said, almost in unison, “Oh we are not through yet big boy.
” Piper looked me in the eyes and said, “You know I never hated you; I was jealous my mom had a new man, and he was beautiful and treated her as nice as my father did.
” All I could do was smile and say, “Thank you.
” Then Piper said, “Let’s get you untied and have some three-way fun because I want that cock in me, but I still love my girl CeCe.
” I said to Piper, “It would be better to leave the ties on, just in case we got caught by your mother, it would be a bit easier to answer any questions.
” Piper agreed, saying, “You are right, and I can handle her as this was not your fault.
” Part two, virginity lost, and maybe more, coming soon.



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