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I know its Ali’s turn to talk, but this time, I will.
It had been six weeks since I gazed on her face.
Weeks of sorting through my father’s estate after his death.
Weeks of isolation from Alisandrea.
We’d spent hours on the phone every night talking, but it was the smell of her, the feel of her I missed.
Hell, I craved everything about her.
I was back in the city.
My loft smelled unused, the myriad of boxes of my father’s belongings tucked away in a corner of the spare room.
I was restless and walked out the lobby, down the street, till I found myself standing in front of an ugly orange building.
Her building.
I walked up the extra steps since she had changed apartments.
After 42 days I didn’t know if I had the right to be here.
After all, I left.
Not that I had much of a choice on the reason why.
I was contemplating if I should knock when the door jerked open.
She was beautiful.
Her thick crimson hair fell below her shoulders.
She stood immobile, staring.
She had jeans and a t-shirt on but she could have been nude and I wouldn’t have been more impressed by the sight of her.
“James,” she whispered.
I smiled at the sound of her voice.
In a surprise move she flung herself at me, wrapping herself around my neck.
I held her tight, my face buried in those beautiful locks.
She smelled as I remembered and my groin responded quickly.
I pulled back and caressed her cheek with my thumb.
She smiled softly at me and kissed me.
She was warm, soft.
There were tears in her eyes.
They sparkled with joy, anger, and sorrow.
I pulled her tight to me and inhaled the scent that was hers.
“He wanted me to marry a shrew before I could get his money.
I told the lawyers to shove his demands and walked out.
” She softened under my hands and pulled back to watch me.
“I packed the things that meant- anything- to me and came back as soon as I could,” I whispered.
She kissed me softly.
“I love you,” she said simply.
I smiled.
All those weeks of hate slipped from me as my hands stroked her back.
“I love you.
” She stepped back and pulled me into the room.
It was quite a bit bigger than her old one.
It was lighter, decorated with an all culture twist that was uniquely hers.
We walked into her bedroom and I was disappointed in not seeing the fountain in the corner but I didn’t have the chance to contemplate it because she pushed me to the bed and straddled my thighs.
Ali pulled off her top to reveal the most luscious breasts I’ve ever touched.
Did they seem fuller? I pulled her down and kissed her softly.
Those lips were my undoing.
I rolled her over and stood.
I pulled off my clothes as fast as I could, watching her as she stripped off her jeans.
Ali spread her legs as I kneeled over her, slipping into her.
For me.
She was wet as I slid to her opening, rubbing the head of my cock on her gspot.
Her hands gripped my back reflexively and I shivered in pure pleasure as she dug her nails into my skin.
She wrapped herself around me and clung tight.
“I’ve missed you,” she whispered in my ear.
“My beautiful Alisandrea,” I replied and shoved hard into her.
She cried out and held on tight as I fucked her.
Her breasts crushed to my chest were quivering with our fucking.
Something I hadn’t noticed before.
She jerked under me and screamed in my ear.
I pushed as hard as I could as I spilled my seed into her body.
We stayed locked for an eternity.
I nuzzled her neck, tasting the damp skin, reveling in her taste.
I slid down her neck and lightly licked her left breast.
She moaned softly.
Online Now! Lush Cams MelinaHouston She slid her legs down my thighs and relaxed as I wrapped my lips around her nipple.
My cock was still hard inside her.
Once wasn’t enough.
I pulled slowly out of her then buried myself deep.
Grinding my hips into hers.
I felt her legs pull up again, giving me complete control.
Oh yes, I wanted to hear her groan, whimper, beg for me to push her over the edge.
I needed to feel her muscles grip me so tight I couldn’t thrust.
I pulled up, bracing my shoulders and fucked her deep and steady.
“James, oh James please….
” She panted.
Her hands palmed my chest as she arched and pushed against me.
“Tell me…” I said softly.
I wanted to hear her say it.
She was beautiful.
Her skin was flushed with desire, breasts rising and falling quickly.
I looked down at our sexes and groaned in pure pleasure.
My cock disappearing into the tightest woman I’ve ever known.
Swollen lips cradling me, rubbing me as I pushed and pulled.
I looked back up and saw pure emotion on her face.
“Take me.
Fuck me.
Make me hurt.
” She growled as her nails bit into my shoulders.
I fell on top of her and pounded my cock hard and deep into her silky, hot sex.
I bit her shoulder making her clutch me tight.
Having just come five minutes before, I reveled in the feel simply being joined as one.
Her heart pounded against my chest as she rolled trough another orgasm, her sex milking me so tight I had to pause.
All these weeks of being denied the pleasure of her touch, her feel, her sighs of pleasure when I hold her hand, touch her face, and push deep inside of her.
I sped up, wanting to come but needing this to last when I felt her teeth sink into my shoulder.
I roared as I hammered into her and emptied myself deep inside this incredible woman.
I felt her shudder around me as I jerked and pushed.
I slowed but held her tight.
I don’t know how much time passed till I felt her legs slide down my hips and flop on the bed.
I pulled out and slid sideways, still pinning her to the bed.
I raised my head and kissed her softly.
I opened my eyes to tears streaming down her face.
I wiped them away and kissed her again.
“I will never leave you again,” I whispered.
“I belong here, with you.
” Ali smiled, tried to speak but only squeaked.
She cleared her throat.
“You better not.
We need you.
” She pulled my hand down to her hips and placed it flat on her skin.
” I stilled.
She was pregnant?! I laid there stunned, frozen.
“How long?” I choked out.
“Two months from what the doc says,” she said.
“Remember the night of your party? Yeah, I figured that was when it happened.
That’s why I moved apartments.
This one is 3 bedrooms, one for us, one for whatever and one for the nursery.
” I looked up and could see she was scared.
I kissed her softly.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” I whispered, emotion choking my throat.
“I wanted to tell you in person.
I had to be sure you wanted… us,” she replied.
“Well, there’s only one thing left to do,” I murmured against her cheek.
“What’s that?” she whispered.
I could hear all the emotions in those two words.
“Marriage,” I said looking deep into her eyes.
I settled myself on top of her again and pushed in deep.
“Is that a proposal?” she said softly as her hips raised to let me inside.
“No, this is.
” I lifted my head and gazed into her eyes.
“Marry me.
I want you as mine, forever.
” Ali smiled, tears streaming down her cheeks.
Only if you realize that you belong to me, forever.
” “Forever,” I repeated and buried my cock deep into her again.
This is what I had wanted, needed, craved with my heart and soul.
Yes, forever.



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