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She laughed to herself as she nervously sat waiting for the plane to take off.
So many times she had mocked stories of people leaving their loved ones and lives for someone they had never met.
Yet, here she was a few hours away from doing something similar – granted this was just a wild hair, a fast fling – she had no intention of leaving her safe life for the unknown.
Except, he wasn’t unknown.
As the plane took off, she thought about the hours of sexy chats, calls and videos that led to this point.
She couldn’t help but get excited – her pussy started to tingle.
At first, he was just a fantasy man, so she shared all of her deepest fantasies and desires without a thought or fear.
As time passed, fantasy blurred closer to reality.
It was a little frightening to meet someone who already knew so much about her – her wants, her needs, her deepest desires and fantasies – and made promises to fulfill them all.
Her heart skipped a beat as the announcement came that landing was near.
‘This is it’, she thought.
For a moment she considered turning around and flying back home, could she really do this? She summoned her inner strength and kept walking through security, she saw him – all the fear vanished.
She recognized him immediately and fell into his arms as he wrapped her in a huge hug.
She could feel her body relax for a moment, safe in the thought that this is where she was meant to be right now.
That relaxation lasted only a brief minute before the excitement took over.
She loved the way his body felt against hers – she could feel his hard cock already eager for her.
Her inner naughty girl looked for a unisex bathroom so he could take her right then.
He was the levelheaded one and let her know the hotel he had reserved for them wasn’t too far away and he had made lots of plans to make the most of their weekend together.
Her body was on fire – she could feel her pussy getting wetter with every step – she wasn’t entirely sure she could make it the hotel with out having him inside her, but he persisted – wanting their first time to be something more than a bathroom quickie.
‘Thank god I didn’t check a bag,’ she thought as they walked hand in hand to his truck.
He opened the door and she climbed in, she pulled him in for a deep passionate kiss.
Their tongues quickly started to explore each other, hands began roaming – she reached in his pants and felt how hard he was, she rubbed her thumb over his tip and could feel the pre-cum starting to drip.
Online Now! Lush Cams MelinaHouston She leaned back in her seat and opened her legs wide.
Instead of following her lead, he gently pushed her legs together and slid them inside the truck.
She pouted, but took solace in the thought that great things were to come.
Both desperate to have each other, he started driving.
She couldn’t stop herself from touching him, rubbing the back of his neck with one hand and his huge cock with the other.
He drove with one hand and used the other to stroke her thigh and rub his hand over her pussy.
At the stoplight, he slipped his finger inside her.
His cock hardened even more as he felt how hot and wet she was, for a moment almost regretting that he didn’t follow her lead and take her at the airport.
She was everything he fantasized about – he needed to touch her, feel her skin against him, he couldn’t wait to taste every bit of her.
They finally arrived at the hotel, he surprised her by telling her he’d already checked in.
They climbed into the empty elevator, he pressed her back against the wall.
She pulled him closer and wrapped her body around his, using her leg to push his cock into her.
They start to move together, even with clothes on, his rock hard cock felt so good against her pussy, she nearly came right from the movement alone.
The elevator stopped, they stumbled out and to the room, her legs shaking from anticipation.
He opened the door and pulled her in for a kiss, ‘God, this man can kiss,’ she thought as she sucked on his tongue and he gently bit her lip.
Hungry for more, they broke the kiss just long enough to take off clothes and he pulled her towards the bed.
They collapsed on it together – finally! Skin against skin, hard cock and wet pussy, he pushed deep inside her and she begged him to fuck her! Needing no more invitation, he slammed his cock inside her tight wet pussy.
It felt better than he’d ever imagined it could be.
She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him deeper inside her, squeezing him.
He kissed her as his cock pounded her harder and harder.
He hits her g-spot, she came faster than she had ever before.
He didn’t stop, he kept going, letting up just a bit to let her catch her breath and then they started to move together quickly again.
She took him even deeper, squeezing tighter until they were both over the edge.
She screamed his name as he came inside her.
Both spent, he wrapped her in his arms, held her tight and whispered, ‘Nice to meet you’.



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