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It is dark and silent.
I can see a very faint glow of light streaming in through the slit between the curtains, the moon is bright tonight.
I am naked in the bed of a room which I have never been in before and I am waiting with anticipation.
My heart is beating rapidly from the exhilaration of what I am doing, what I am about to do.
I have never agreed to meet an online acquaintance until now and I have never been physically unfaithful in my marriage before.
I am very nervous, excited, aroused by the prospect.
I reach my hand down to the warmth between my legs, slick already with wanting, needing.
The lead up to this moment has been absolutely erotic.
The dirty talk and sexy words exchanged over the past months have me ready and willing for this mystery man.
I run my finger slowly along the moist flesh inside, slipping in deeper as I go.
I must wait, I think to myself and stop my exploration.
I hear a muffled sound and see a sliver of light as a cool breeze blows in through the now open door.
My mysterious guest has arrived.
I watch as the shadow enters the room, closing the door behind and makes its way to the bed in silence.
I cannot see his features but I can feel his eyes searching me out as I hear the sound of clothing being removed and dropped to the floor.
My body is zinging all over.
I feel him slide into bed next to me, his skin a combination of cool and warm, the smell of grass and growing things.
He smells like the forest.
I reach my hands out to him, searching for his waist as he does the same.
His body is new to me and I enjoy the unknown feel of him on my skin.
I turn my body to the side, pulling him to face me and we take our first naked embrace.
He has been looking forward to this, I can feel it in the throbbing of his hard cock which is pressed against my inner thighs, so very close to me.
I inhale deeply to take in the delicious scent of him.
He smells amazing to me, and ever so slightly familiar.
He gently pushes me over so I am on my belly, arms resting under my pillow.
I feel him get up onto his knees and for a moment we are not touching.
I do not like it and I am just about to make a noise when he reaches out to touch my loose hair.
He strokes the long length of it, running his fingers through the strands slowly and gently.
My head is tingling from the sensation and I relax.
He reaches the bottom of my hair and gathers it up, moving it aside so my back is exposed.
He places his hands up on my neck, softly massaging and I feel his breath in my ear as he kisses one and then the other, taking a small nibble on the lobe.
I quiver as he continues with his mouth on my neck and then to my shoulders, kissing and softly biting me.
He will not leave a mark, he knows he is not allowed.
His hands are exploring me as he attends with his lips, teeth and tongue.
He makes his way with his mouth down my back and then stops.
I feel him sit up and then his hands are slowly, gently roving along the length of my body in the darkness.
He works his way down my back, over my buttocks, which he massages sensuously for a moment, and then down the length of one leg.
He spreads my legs carefully and moves back up slowly, teasingly along my inner thigh.
He follows the crease of my buttocks, gently nudging his fingers very slightly in between the cheeks.
Carefully he pushes a finger against my butt, finger fucking me slowly and gently for a while, just at the entrance.
It is sensational.
Forbidden yet delicious, wrong but right, my body tingles with the feeling of this different sensory experience.
He kisses each arse cheek before bringing his body down onto me, pressing the weight of him on me.
Our bodies are in full contact now and the sensation is amazing.
I can feel his hardness still pressing onto me and now I wonder how his cock would feel if I were to massage in some oil and guide it into my arse.
He rolls off and turns me over to lay on my back, kissing me passionately on the mouth as I take a handful of his hair in my hands at the back of his head.
He continues to explore with fingers, hands, tongue, lips and teeth, every inch of me.
I flip him over so I am hovering over him and he starts to move his hands along my hips.
I stop him, taking both his wrists together and bringing them above his head.
With one hand, I hold them there as I kiss his forehead, nose, mouth, earlobes, neck.
He groans and his body quivers involuntarily.
I let go of his wrists and he leaves them above his head as I use my mouth across his chest, my hands running along the length of his arms.
I feel the curve of his biceps and squeeze.
I climb on top of him now so I can continue to kiss his chest.
I am very aware of how close his erection is to my wet, throbbing pussy.
It is very tantalising and I need to try hard not to reach down and guide it into me at last.
I focus on his upper body, finding his erect nipples and slowly swirling my tongue around in a circle.
I suck gently on each of them and take a tiny bite of the skin between my teeth.
He groans and his body jerks.
I move down his belly, and work my tongue around his belly button.
My hands are roving up, down and around his upper body.
I lick below his belly button, slowly following the trail of hair which leads to his groin and stop.
I spin my body to face the other way and start kissing his ankles, then run my tongue along the length of his inside leg, stop and start at his opposite ankle, again running my tongue along his leg, nibbling as I go.
This time when I reach the top of his leg, I press my face into his pubic hair and take in the smell of his skin, clean and warm.
Online Now! Lush Cams GwenBerr I push out my tongue and start gently flicking it over his balls, before taking the hair between my teeth and gently pulling.
I give one more long lick, starting at his perineum, up the centre of his balls and then I have reached the base of his hard cock.
I lick from the base to the tip, press my lips over the head and then travel back down with my tongue.
I turn my head to the side and take him into my mouth, again travelling to the tip, squeezing it between my lips and moving to the base again.
I repeat on the other side.
When I get to the tip this time, I kiss him right on the very end and quickly, unexpectedly I take him full into my hungry mouth, sucking hard.
I can feel him react in surprise and I can hear the sound of my mouth, wet on his cock, sucking hard.
He moans loudly in appreciation, but soon takes my head between his hands and caresses my cheeks to stop me.
I sit up and he joins me, we are both on our knees.
He kisses me, his hands on my arse, mine on his.
He runs his hands up over my hips, waist and across my belly.
He takes my breasts into each of his palms and massages them, pinching my nipples softly.
He moves his head down and takes one breast into his mouth, sucking hard, and then repeats on the other.
He takes my shoulders and helps to guide me back down to lay on the bed.
He places himself by my feet, runs his hands along each leg and when he comes to my knees he bends them so they face the ceiling and he spreads them apart carefully, opening me up like a bloom in the sun.
My head is spinning as he assaults my pussy with tongue and teeth, nibbling, sucking, licking.
His tongue is probing into me, flicking in and out while his mouth frames my lips and I take a sharp breath inwards.
He is making love to me with his mouth and it is sensational.
He brings me close to the edge, his skilled tongue working it’s magic, but he does not allow me to release yet, he will choose the time for me to let go.
He removes his mouth from me and slides along the length of my body and his nose touches mine, wondering.
I place my hand at the back of his head and pull his lips to mine, kissing him urgently.
I taste myself in his mouth, sweet, salty, warm and wet.
I feel him insert two fingers into my pussy, swirling around and around.
He guides in a third and fourth, massaging firmly all around the inner wall of me.
I am very, very wet so his fingers have slipped in easily.
He continues to massage me, turning and swirling with his fingers as if stretching me.
I know what he wants, I can feel he is preparing me for this most carnal of pleasures.
He kisses my neck as he works his hand in and around my lips, readying me for this taboo act he wishes to perform.
He carefully, slowly presses his entire fist into me.
The pressure, the incredible intimacy is like nothing I have ever experienced before and I let out a murmur and moan in his ear to show he may continue.
I can feel his knuckles inside pressing on unknown, unexplored parts of my flesh.
I moan and my body is electric.
I cannot explain this feeling, the closeness and awe at this man being in my most personal space claiming me, owning me.
He explores my internal body for a few blissful moments before removing his hand gently and slowly and lowering himself onto me.
I feel him hard against me, so close, so hard and I want it so much.
He senses my need and pulls himself up so he is hovering over me.
I raise my hips to him and finally, finally he slips his cock into me, sliding easily into my moist pussy which still tingles from his explorations.
I sigh and moan at the lush feeling of him.
The waiting for this moment has been excruciating and my body responds with a shiver as he grinds into me over and over.
I hold his arse, encouraging him to continue pumping into me.
It feels amazing and I don’t want to stop, but I bite his shoulder and he pauses briefly.
I want to be on top.
I push him over and as he rolls onto his back, he pulls me with him and we do not break our sexual bond.
I sit up and look at the dark smudges where his eyes should be and his hands explore my breasts as I slide back and forth over his cock, slowly first, then faster.
I can feel the hairs tickling my clit and it is ecstasy.
He grabs my arse and I lean forward and change my movement so I am thrusting up and down.
He brings his head up an takes a breast into his mouth sucking hard.
It it too much for me, I let out a sound involuntarily and I have fallen from the cliff, there is no going back.
I keep moving, jerking, writhing.
I sigh and moan, wanting to shout out, swear, call his name.
I feel he is right behind me and he clenches his fist on my arse cheeks, pushing me down.
He groans and I feel his whole body tense, and he sounds like he is calling out for help.
I don’t stop as he cries out again and I feel his warm juices pouring into me, his body twitching between my thighs.
I stay on top of him, his body clenched between my thighs for a while before I slide off and collapse on the rumpled bed.
With a lingering kiss on my lips, he slips out of the bed and I lay there listening to him dress swiftly and silently, feeling as though I have been used in the most delicious, sexual way by this stranger.
I see the shadow retreat to the door and as quickly and silently as he arrived, he is now gone, without uttering a single word.



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