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Latest stories Straight Sex Festival of Fate and First Meeting

“Kelly, are you listening?” Grace asked as she jabbed me in the arm.
“Huh? What?” I said startled out of my thoughts.
“We are trying to plan for the festival and your input would be nice,” Mady said annoyed, but smiling.
I felt my cheeks catch fire as I bit my bottom lip and looked down.
I didn’t want to talk about the festival because I was anxious about going this year.
“Sorry, guess I have too much on my mind,” I said as I looked up at my two best friends.
Mady and Grace laughed and I was soon joining them.
When we calmed down we did talk about the festival and made the big decisions.
We knew we were getting a room for the night and Grace said she would by the tickets if Kelly and I split the room charge.
I don’t know why we talk about it every year it is always the same routine.
Mady wanted to go shopping for dresses the weekend before and I was all for that since I needed a really special dress this year.
When we were done with our lunch I was still in my own mind as I walked back to my desk.
I mechanically did my paperwork and answered a few calls, but all I could think about was him.
In no time at all Grace was bringing me back to reality telling me it was time to go.
“What’s with you today? You’re on another planet,” Grace asked as we walked to her car.
“I just feel that something special is going to happen at this festival.
Did you know that it is on the autumn equinox this year?” I said flatly.
“No, but that is kind of cool,” she said confused.
“Wiccans call it Mabon and it is a special day to celebrate harvest, dress up and sometimes it is a celebration of the wine harvest,” I quickly checked her reaction, none; so I shrugged and continuing.
“Don’t you find that odd that our wine and food festival is on the same day?” “Are going to the dark side and becoming a witch on me?” she asked with a giggle.
I sighed and smiled, “No, but a friend of mine is and he was telling me about it and I found it was a strange, um, coincidence.
” I wanted a rewind so that I could take that whole sentence back.
Grace stopped, grabbed my shoulders, and looked me in the eyes as she said, “HE, did you say HE? Who is this guy and where did you meet him? Spill, now!” I sighed, lowered my head and just lifted my eyes up at her.
I didn’t want to tell her about him, but I knew that she would hound me until I told her something.
I had to think fast.
“He is just a guy that I have been talking to in a chat room.
We met a few months ago.
” What I told her was not a lie, but it was not the extent of my knowledge about him.
She didn’t need all the details and I didn’t want to tell her anything else.
Her jaw dropped and she rapidly blinked a few times before she let go of my shoulders and started to walk to her car.
I let out a deep breath and silently followed her.
As she pushed the unlock button on her remote I opened the passenger door and slowly got into her car.
I was relieved that she was not prying.
“A few months ago and you are just now telling me about this guy?” she screeched.
I closed my eyes and shook my head knowing that it would never stop unless I told her more.
I hate her sometimes.
“Yes, Grace.
I met him in a chat room a few months ago and we have been talking almost daily since then.
He is in his early forties and lives about twenty minutes from here.
” “What chat room?” I was hoping she wouldn’t ask that I thought as I said, “Just a regular chat room.
Will you please drop it?” She shook her head and started the car and silently drove to our apartment.
The whole trip I felt like I betrayed her and almost told her the whole story, but each time I opened my mouth I closed it again.
If I told her then she would be talking about him constantly and I really didn’t want her to know my other little secret.
We were still not talking when we entered the apartment so I went straight to my room and started up my laptop as I changed into something more comfy.
It was routine for me to change and go right online these days so I had it timed perfectly.
As I leaned back against my headboard with my laptop across my legs I clicked on my bookmarks and then on the link.
I really needed to talk to him now.
I wondered how he would feel about me telling my girlfriends about him.
Would it make him not come to the festival? I logged in and leaned my head back, closed my eyes and tried to clear my mind.
I didn’t look at the screen until I heard a chime letting me know I had a message.
When I looked at the screen it was from him.
MTRancher: Evening dear and how was your day? I stared at the little black box in the corner and waited for a private chat request.
Within a few seconds it was there and I clicked to open the larger screen.
MTRancher: Much better to talk with you 🙂 I smiled as I typed my reply: CuriousKel: 🙂 same old, same old, how was your day? I waited for his reply and kept up my internal debate: should I tell him or not? He made the decision for me as I read his response.
MTRancher: Well I thought about you and was caught up in my thoughts when one of my friends came by I cocked my head to the side and looked confused before I smiled.
CuriousKel: I think we might be in the same boat here.
I was talking to Grace and said ‘he’ she grilled me about you and is now mad at me for not telling her I bit my lip waiting to see what he would say.
As the seconds ticked by my foot tapped the air.
MTRancher: I see well we are in the same boat.
I told my friend about you and he is very happy for me and encouraged me to meet you.
Maybe you should talk to Grace unless I am your dirty little secret 🙂 I smiled as I typed.
CuriousKel: you know you are my dirty little secret and I plan to keep you that way 🙂 MTRancher: I don’t mind that, but do you mind me talking about you? CuriousKel: depends on what you are saying about me 🙂 MTRancher: Only that I can’t seem to go more than 5 minutes without thinking about you and wanting to see you I sighed and smiled.
He really did know how to pull me in.
CuriousKel: you really are a sweet talker you dirty old man lol MTRancher: Thank you dear 🙂 We kept up the teasing banter for about thirty minutes and I was always smiling.
My stomach started to growl and I knew that I would have to leave the safety of my room and brave the apartment soon if I wanted to live.
CuriousKel: unfortunately my stomach wants food so I must leave for a few.
Will you be on later tonight? MTRancher: For you I will brave the darkness J this would be easier if I could just hear your voice (hint, hint) I giggled and shook my head as I typed.
CuriousKel: always wanting more MTRancher: 🙁 CuriousKel: I am still debating MTRancher: 🙂 MTRancher: Go get food and return to me so that I may try and sway your debate in my favor CuriousKel: k, bbl 🙂 MTRancher: I have to do one more feed tonight so if I don’t respond I will soon CuriousKel: k I bit my lip and quickly typed.
CuriousKel: 5550234 I stared at the enter key for what seemed like hours before I deleted my number and logged off as fast as I could.
I sighed and slumped thinking that if I could not even give him my number how am I going to talk to him face to face.
My stomach growled as I got off the bed and walked out my door reminding me of a more basic necessity.
I walked down the hallway and toward the kitchen where I could hear the television was on and I thought that Grace might not hear me, but as I walked into the kitchen I bumped right into her and she almost dropped her bowl of popcorn.
“Sorry,” I quickly said.
“No harm done,” she snapped.
“Were you talking to your ‘mystery man’?” I felt the blush starting in my cheeks and working its way up my face.
” “Oh well I better not keep you,” she rolled her eyes and sounded hurt.
“Grace, I’d tell you about him but I’m worried that you’ll hound me,” I blurted out.
She looked at me stunned as I waited for her to say something.
“If I tell you about him and how we met you have to promise that you will not pester me,” I finally said.
“Fine, but I want all the details,” she said as she sat at the table.
I told her about the erotic stories site and how I met him in a chat room.
She was surprised by the site, but when I told her that we had dabbled in some cyber she was floored.
I told my whole story and she didn’t say one word, she just ate her popcorn as if she was watching a movie.
By the time I told her that I almost gave him my number she was almost out of popcorn and picking out the unpopped kernels.
“You really like this guy,” she said with a smile.
I grinned and looked away as I said, “Yeah I do.
He makes me laugh and I feel really good after talking to him.
” “So he is going to go to the wine and food fest and that is why you are so distracted whenever we talk about it?” “Yep,” I said as my cheeks warmed.
“That is so cool.
We really need to get you a knockout dress and make sure you stop him in his tracks,” Grace said as she grabbed my hand.
I looked up at her stunned, but smiling.
I felt better having talked to someone about him and that she was not barraging me with questions.
“One more request,” I said looking her in the eye.
“Don’t tell Mady, please.
” Grace looked at me deflated and then nodded her head.
It was going to kill her to stay quiet, but she had agreed and I knew that she would keep quiet to Mady.
I stood up and gave into my stomach.
As I made a sandwich Grace was right there in the kitchen.
“You know face to face is a big step.
Has he said what he looks like? He could be a fat, balding old guy.
” I shook my head and took a bite of my sandwich, grabbed some pop from the fridge and walked out of the kitchen.
Grace followed me to my door.
“I guess I will just have to ask him what he looks like,” I said as I closed my door.
I sighed and walked over to my bed.
I put the pop down on the night stand and looked at my cell.
“Would it be so bad if he had my number?” I asked my cell as I sat on the edge of my bed to finish my sandwich.
‘If he’s a creep I can just block his number and if he’s not then it will be ok,’ I thought.
‘But that is really a leap,’ I sighed ate the last of my sandwich and logged back in without deciding what I was going to do.
As I checked my friends it showed no one was on, but I did have a message.
I clicked on the message tab and it was from him.
My Dear Kelly, I had a friend stop by and we are going to play some cards tonight.
I will check to see if you are on later.
I am so sorry 🙁 If I don’t get to talk with you later have a wonderful evening and a good day tomorrow.
I will be on by the time you are off work tomorrow so I will definitely talk to you then.
William I pouted and sighed as I clicked reply.
William, 🙁 I hope you win big, if you’re betting.
I will stay on as long as I can, but tomorrow is Friday so I know I will be busy.
I’ll probably read a few stories before bed 🙂 Kelly I stared at the message and read it over thinking I could just type in my number and tell him to call me tomorrow evening.
As I thought about the possibilities my foot started to shake and my fingers tapped the keyboard.
I took a deep breath and typed my number in after my name and put call me tomorrow evening in parenthesis.
I hovered the pointer above send for a few seconds before I clicked.
When I let out the breath I was holding I stared at the screen and thought, ‘Well that’s done now and there is no going back.
’ I read a few stories and after about two hours I was falling asleep so I logged out, turned out my light and tried to sleep.
I tossed and turned several times before I heard my cell chirp.
I rolled over and grabbed it.
The screen was bright in the dark room and I could see that I had a text.
When I pulled up the message it was from a number I didn’t know.
I shook my head and read: Oh what a joy to come home and read your message.
I will think of nothing but hearing your voice tomorrow.
Good night Kelly William ‘Great, now I won’t get to sleep forever,’ I thought as I set my cell down and pulled my pillow from under my head and put it over my face.
I screamed into the pillow, but was giggling by the time I pulled it away.
I rolled over and clutched my pillow, closed my eyes and fell asleep.
The awful sound of my alarm clock resonated in my ears as it rang over and over before I swatted it hard enough to send a jolt of pain through my hand and up my arm.
I opened my eyes and it was six.
I took a deep breath, let it out fast and tossed my covers off, swung my legs over the edge and sat up.
I flipped on my lamp and I smiled when I thought about it being Friday.
I got up and walked over to the closet and pulled out a towel before crossing the hallway to the bathroom.
‘I love that I get the shower first,’ I thought as I crossed the dark hallway.
I closed the door and turned on the bathroom light.
I let my eyes adjust and started my routine on autopilot.
The warm water cascaded down my back and shoulders as I tipped my head back to get my hair wet.
As I leaned forward to reach the shampoo my brain woke up and I remembered the text message from William.
I dropped the bottle and froze listening to it clatter around in the tub.
“Crap,” I said as I bent down and picked up the bottle.
“Crap!” I shook my head and poured out the shampoo.
As I lathered up my hair I thought about talking to him and what I was going to say.
‘I hate talking.
Why did I give him my number?’ I thought.
As I rinsed out the shampoo and finished my shower I tried not to think about William, but it was always in the back of my mind.
‘Why, why, why, why…’ ran through taunting me until I finally said, “Because I like the guy,” out loud to my reflection.
I watched my cheeks turn read and laughed at myself, “Idiot.
” When I opened the door Grace was on the other side.
She just smiled and walked past me without a word.
I closed the door and went to change for work.
Grace and I ate breakfast, well toaster pastries, and she drove us to work in silence until I finally said, “Are you not speaking to me for a reason?” “No, I just don’t know what to say since I can’t ask about HIM,” she grumbled.
I sighed, “Get it off your chest, but I retain the right to not answer.
” I watched her eyes light up and a smile flow across her lips and I knew I was in trouble.
I closed my eyes and braced for the barrage of questions.
“What were you talking about earlier, in the bathroom?” Oh, crap she would as that, “I messaged him my number and he texted last night that he was looking forward to hearing my voice tonight.
” “Oh, so now that you are in a corner.
Are you worried about it?” I turned to her flummoxed and stammered, “Umm… aaaa… yea.
” She stopped at the light and turned to me and said, “Do you want to talk about it?” I looked at her shocked and said, “Not really.
” “Ok.
” I was nervous about the silence the rest of the way to work and as we entered the building.
It was not like Grace to just drop a subject that she was interested in, but I was not going to bring it up.
I spent the morning fielding calls and doing my paperwork and hoping to make it through lunch without a discussion about the festival.
I was not in the mood to think about it or about William.
I knew it would not happen, but I could dream.
“So a day of shopping tomorrow, I know just the dress I want,” Mady said before we even sat down.
I rolled my eyes and said, “Where do you want to go?” I tried to ignore them as they talked about dresses and how they wanted to do their hair, but it was not easy and I was soon drawn into the conversation.
I knew it would happen and I forgot about William until my phone buzzed.
I looked at the message confused and as it dawned on me who it was I smiled: Hope your day is going well.
Can’t wait to hear from you tonight.
William “Who has you smiling?” Mady asked.
“Huh?” I said surprised.
“Oh, just a message from my sister.
” “Oh, so Grace, do you think you can get us in to see Phillip?” she asked turning to Grace.
“Definitely, I’ll call him tomorrow,” she said with a wink at me.
I smiled back at her knowing that she knew that the text was not from my sister.
I was impressed with myself that I thought so quick on my feet.
I listened to Grace and Mady ramble on as I typed a message back: My day is going good.
Hope yours is good too.
I want to hear you too, but I am very nervous.
Bear with me if I am a little shy tonight.
Kelly I watched as it sent and bit my lip.
I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked to see Mady looking down at me concerned.
“Is everything ok with Sarah?” Mady asked.
I looked at her confused, “Yea everything’s fine.
” “Ok, you just looked worried,” she said as I stood to clear my dishes.
I made my way back to my desk.
The afternoon dragged on and left me with plenty of time to run several scenarios through my head about what might happen tonight.
Some of them were good, but most of them were terrifying and by the time my shift was over I was ready to leave and just get the night over and done.
Grace was again quiet on the way home; maybe she wanted me to start the conversation.
I did not want to talk anyway.
I when through my normal routine, but this time I got something to eat before I turned on my laptop.
I could have called him when I got home, but I was stalling.
I debated if I should just not log in and then he might think I was not home yet, but there was a nagging voice in the back of my mind telling me that I should just do it.
I gave in and logged in and he was online as usual.
MTRancher: Hello dear.
Were you stalling??? 🙂 I laughed.
CuriousKel: Yes.
Are you stalling??? 🙂 MTRancher: ummm… Just as the message appeared my cell rang.
“Hello,” I said as calmly as I could.
“Hello my dear,” I heard in a deep, melodic voice say.
My heart raced at the sound of his voice and my own nerves.
I was frozen.
“Are you still there Kelly?” the voice asked.
“Ahh… yea, sorry,” I shook out.
“You said you’d be nervous, but I didn’t think you would be mute too,” he said with a laugh.
I laughed, “Sorry I was not sure what I was expecting to hear in your voice.
” “Well I definitely like yours and I can see why they hired you to work a call center.
You have a beautiful voice.
Now I just need to add a face to you and I will have a complete image of you from the inside out.
” ‘Damn he is even good when he talks,’ I thought as I melted into the bed.
I shook my head and asked, “How did you get so good at making me forget all my worries?” William laughed, “It is experience and talent.
” “Sure.
” We talked about the same things we would have chatted about and soon it was almost midnight.
I told him that we were going shopping the next day and I had to be up a little earlier than I wanted.
“Then I will say good night in person, so to speak.
Sweet dreams my dear.
” “Good night William.
Do you want me to call you tomorrow night when I get back from shopping?” I asked hoping he would say yes.
He sighed and said, “If you wish to, I would love to talk with you again.
” “You sound either unhappy or relieved.
” “Oh, very relieved.
I was worried about talking to you too,” he said quickly.
“Oh, well I would love to talk to you more; but I know Mady will be here early.
She loves to shop,” I said as I rolled my eyes.
“You don’t like to shop?” I vented about how she loved to make me try on several outfits that I don’t like and would never buy.
I told him that it takes several hours and I just end up choosing the one I want to wear.
He laughed at several of my comments, but the best timing was when I said I would rather face a firing squad than go shopping with Grace and Mady.
“Well the sooner you go to bed the sooner tomorrow will come and the sooner it will be over.
” “I will keep telling myself that tomorrow over and over.
” “Good.
You better get to bed, my dear.
” “Ok.
Good night William.
” “Good night Kelly.
” With that we both hung up and I was left with replying the conversation before I fell asleep.
The next morning Grace woke me at eight and told me that Mady was on her way.
I quickly showered and was just finished getting dressed when she knocked.
Thankfully we only shopped for a few hours, had lunch and were home by about two.
I needed a nap so I set my alarm for six so I could call William.
By the time my alarm started to blare I had dreamt about him, but he was a faceless voice that freaked me out a little.
I was strangling my pillow when I woke up.
I didn’t want to get up, but I did want to talk to him again so I rolled over and made myself get up.
I reached for my phone and called him.
I got his voice mail and left him a message that I was home and he could call me anytime.
I did a few things around the apartment and waited for his call.
It was about two hours later that my wait was over, but it was a text and not a call.
Sorry dear but I wont be able to call tonight.
There was an accident with a friend and I need to be with him.
I will call you tomorrow night.
Sorry dear William I sighed and replied that that was ok and I would talk with him tomorrow.
I was sad that he could not call, but life gets in the way sometimes and I wished his friend well.
Over the next few weeks we talked a few times and chatted mostly, but I did love to hear his voice.
Before I knew it the festival was only a few days away.
The plan was to go get our hair done in the morning, go out to lunch and then head to the hotel.
I still had not told Mady about William, but Grace knew why I was so anxious.
William and I had talked about what we would be wearing, but I tried not to give him too many detail so that it would be fate that drew us together.
He was just as withholding with his details, but I didn’t know his reasoning.
“So how are you feeling?” Grace asked as Mady left for the restroom.
“Nervous as hell,” I said sharply.
“You are gonna be a knockout tonight.
Don’t worry.
If he doesn’t give into your beauty tonight then the man in blind,” Grace said as if she was talking about an everyday event.
I looked into the mirror and watched as the hairdresser finished plastering me with hairspray and touching up a few places with the iron and a few more pins.
Online Now! Lush Cams EmmaSteell I loved how she had my long hair up in a cute little bun with some twisted tendrils falling out and down my back and over my ears and cheeks.
It almost looked like I had ivy falling down around my face.
I had to admit I loved the look.
“You look gorgeous, Kelly,” Mady said as she returned.
“Thanks you look really great.
I can’t wait to see you in that dress with that hair,” I said with a smile.
“You’re gonna out shine us both tonight,” Grace said with a wink.
As we left the salon we went for a quick lunch and talked nonstop about the festival and about possibly meeting a few guys.
Mady being fresh out of a relationship was actively looking for someone, but Grace had always been the one that was never without the attention of the guys.
I am always the one that gives the approval or disapproval of the prospective suitors, but I think tonight it will be me asking for the yes or no.
It seemed like only a few hours from the time I was getting up to being in a short, low cut, red dress.
I bought a new pair of knee high black boots with a two inch heel thinking I needed a little height since William had told me he was about six foot and I was all of five foot.
As I looked in the full length mirror I was surprised it was me.
I didn’t recognize the woman staring back with the dressed up hairdo, the sexy dress and the playful boots.
Grace did a great job with my makeup too.
She managed the subtleness that I usually did with a little flair for the ‘glamor night’ as she called it.
She said I would be a knockout and she was true to her word.
When we finally arrived at the festival the hall was decorated as if we had stepped into a million dollar ball.
The tables were covered in a velvet like material with glittery little faux diamonds strewn across and they each had a center piece of long stem roses in crystal vases.
It was very luxurious looking and I felt like I fit into the décor with my red dress and fancy hairdo.
“Let’s hit the wine and then get a bit to eat,” Mady said ready to start the night.
“I can use a little wine right now,” I said wanting to calm my nerves.
Grace patted my back and whispered to me not to worry.
I tried to take her words to heart, but my heart was beating at supersonic speeds.
I looked at every man about William’s age, but I would dismiss each one for some reason or another.
Either they were not tall enough, too thin, with a woman or I just didn’t want that one to be him.
It became my own little mental game as we tasted a few wines and tried a few of the delicacies provided by a few local restaurants.
“Let’s load a plate and sit for a bit, my feet are starting to hurt,” Grace suggested.
Mady and I both nodded and soon the three of us were making our way to the tables.
We found a table off to the side and decided that it was in a good place to ‘people watch’ for a few minutes.
As we ate and watched the people strolling around we talked about a few insignificant things and I kept looking for William.
Just as we each finished our food, and darkness fell, I was beginning to think that he was not going to show.
“Well I guess it was not meant to be,” I said to Grace.
She smiled and said, “Give him time.
” “What is the big secret? I know that something is going on, but I have been trying not to pry and now it is just getting annoying,” Mady inquired with a hint of sarcasm.
“It’s nothing now.
I’ll tell you later.
I promise,” I told Mady not wanting to start the story right then.
“Shall we make the best of the night and keep our glasses full,” I said forcing a smile.
“Sure,” Grace said as she turned to me.
I watched as her smile fell and her jaw dropped.
I was about to turn around when I heard a voice behind me.
“Is there anyone sitting here, ma’am?” I turned to see the man behind me and was floored.
He stood about six foot, maybe taller with the cowboy hat, and was wearing a suit jacket with a nice pair of jeans.
It was his face that turned me on my ear.
He looked to be in his thirties, but his brown eyes held more age than his tanned skin.
“No, no one is sitting there,” Grace chimed in as she jabbed my arm.
“I think that is William,” I mouthed to her.
“Excuse me, sir, would your name be William?” Grace asked the man with no hesitation or concern.
“Yes,” he said and in my mind I knew he was ‘my William.
’ As I slowly turned back to him my heart pounded and all the noise of the festival was drowned out.
I couldn’t believe that he was sitting right next to me.
“Hello William,” I said slowly.
I watched his face and as he heard me he had a glimmer of recognition.
I smiled at him and offered him my hand.
When he shook my hand I felt a slight charge flow from him through me, down my spine and out my toes.
It was the strangest feeling, but it gave me a boost of confidence.
“Mady, let’s go fill our glasses,” Grace said as she pulled Mady to her feet and whisked her away.
I watched them walk away and was now alone with the man I had only talked with online and on the phone.
I was not sure if he knew I was Kelly, but I was definitely sure he was ‘my William.
’ “Are you Kelly?” he finally asked.
I smiled, “Yes and I hope you are MTRancher.
” “I am and if this is not fate I no longer know the definition,” he said with a smile.
I felt like I could fall into his smile for days.
I was already falling for his words and now that the face was complete on my image of him I was seeing my head going over my heels as I fell even harder.
“You didn’t know who I was when you asked to sit with us?” “No I had given up hope of finding you and thought that I would sit and relax before returning to my room.
This is pure fate at work and I could ask for nothing better.
You are a gorgeous woman, Kelly,” he reached for my cheek.
As his fingers brushed my cheek I again had the jolt run along my spine.
My entire body tingled.
“Thank you and you are quite handsome.
You don’t look like you are in your forties; you look closer to my age.
” “Thank you.
It’s the pure country living,” he said with a wink.
We talked about each other’s search and then decided to try a few more wines.
I learned that he was very knowledgeable about wines.
When we ran into Grace and Mady I introduced them both and couldn’t help but laugh at Mady, she was shocked.
Grace asked him a few questions about where he lived and what he did.
She is always protective.
She asked him if he was going to be driving tonight and he was quick to say that he would be staying in the hotel.
I didn’t even know he had a room for the night.
When Grace smiled at me I knew what she was thinking and I was not about to sleep with him the first night we met.
If I had not known a moment earlier that Grace’s reaction made him uneasy I would have known the instant that he asked me to dance.
“Sure,” I replied as he took my hand and led me to the dance floor.
“Sorry about Grace,” I said as he wrapped his arm around my waist and turned me toward him.
“She is just concerned about your wellbeing.
She is a good friend,” he said with a smile and wink.
I smiled back and leaned into him.
He smelled of pine trees and sawdust, an odd combination; but it worked.
I listened to the song play and let my mind relax and let go of all my hesitations and anxiety.
When I looked up at him he slowly leaned down and kissed me.
The instant his lips touched mine I again felt the jolt along my spine, but this time it crawled up and down.
I wanted to lift my foot like in some old photo, but before I could fall even deeper into his kiss he pulled away and left me gasping for air.
“I am sorry.
I am usually not so forward.
” “Don’t apologize.
I would like for you to do that again,” I said still trying to catch my breath.
He kissed me again and this time my head was in the game and I pulled him tighter to me.
We ended the song and stated the next still with our lips locked together.
After we finally came up for air we left the dance floor hand in hand and wandered around for about an hour.
We met up with Grace and Mady and they told me they had bought a few bottles and were going back up to the room.
I wanted to stay with William and told them I would be up later.
William and I danced a few more times, drank a few more glasses of wine and he purchased a couple bottles and asked for them to be delivered to his room.
One of which we both liked.
“Would you like to join me for a private glass of wine upstairs?” “Are you asking me to come up to your room with you?” I asked with a smile and wink.
He blushed slightly and said, “I would love to have a little alone time with you.
” I nodded and quickly followed him.
I was confused when he stopped at the front desk and asked for a room service menu and p



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