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It’s been another long week, and I’m looking forward to you being home with me so much tonight.
Our schedules are usually opposites, and we don’t get to see each other as much as we would like to.
Tonight, though.
Tonight is the one night in this whole week that we’re going to get to spend together.
I’m off from work, and so are you.
My anticipation for you to be home from work has reached into levels of palpable tension.
How desperately I need to be around you.
I’ve had dinner prepared, with two nice place settings at the table, complete with a candle.
Now I play the waiting game.
It takes a while before my senses are rewarded.
Your key in the lock is music to my sensitive ears; as tuned to the familiar slide of the bolt as a wolf to a sound in the forest.
I jump off of the couch, wanting to be right there as you come in.
As soon as you stand in the doorway, all you see is a blur as I greet you with a warm, soft hug.
That alone should tell you how much I appreciate all you do.
I manage to let you get a few words in, between all of the kisses I rain over your face.
Yes, darling, I’m glad to see you too.
We talk so easily, you and I.
So naturally, with every exchange.
The ease of our communication with each other is obvious, and it’s always been that way.
I let you get changed from your work clothes, and place our food on the table.
I pour you your favorite drink, and we both sit and eat together.
so small of a detail, and one that most take for granted.
The candlelight flickers beautifully in your dark eyes, and I’m almost hypnotized by the sight of the burning flame.
Tonight is special, in every way.
So rare, that we get this time together.
The conversation is always so enjoyable, and we laugh so much.
You make me feel like a human being, when I usually feel like a slave to work.
I think you feel the same.
We finish dinner, and move on to dessert.
I remembered your favorite strawberry cheesecake when I was at the store earlier, getting ingredients for dinner.
We smile and laugh together, and all I can think is that this seems like heaven on Earth.
What to do for the rest of the evening, we can only wait and see.
Our time is so limited.
We decide on a movie, one that we both enjoy watching together.
Cuddling up on the couch with some popcorn we’ve popped is complete enjoyment.
It’s dark, and the conversation never ends as the movie starts to roll.
We simply enjoy this sensation; your arm around my shoulders, as my head lays against yours.
Every now and then, I feed you some popcorn, and your lips gently graze my fingertips.
It’s then at that moment, and our close proximity, that makes my heart start to race.
Still, I try to keep casual, as my hand gently moves up and down on your leg.
Of course you notice.
You always notice my subtle advances.
The movie is about halfway done at this point, and so is my patience.
I turn my head to you, looking into your wonderful dark eyes, and find that you’re ready to meet me.
My lips, so ready to taste yours, finally get their reward.
Our mouths fit together perfectly, and it’s not long before I part my lips to yours, begging for your tongue.
You never make me wait, or tease me.
Your tongue slides into my mouth, and we have an intricate wrestle for control.
Our tongues dance around each other as I climb into your lap, sitting on your knees.
How much I always long for you, I can never express with words in any language.
Some things can only be felt.
My hands travel over your chest, craving to touch every centimeter of your flesh.
I come to the buttons of your shirt, and would love to tear your shirt open, buttons flying everywhere.
I giggle a little, and you don’t question why.
We’re so connected, you know what I’m thinking.
Instead, I move you forward, and pull your shirt over your head, discarding it to who-cares-where.
You do the same with mine, and my skin shivers from your fingertips grazing over me.
God, how much I love that.
Even the smallest touch from you sends electric impulses through me.
My bra is discarded just as easily, and you need no encouragement as you begin to lap at my already-hard nipples.
I moan, gently tracing my hand over your back as my other hand rubs the back of your head.
You are so hot, sweetheart, and I want you so desperately.
I press my body against yours, and feel your cock hardening against my pussy.
I love to tease you, to take over your whole body slowly.
I grind myself into you over your pants, and it’s your turn to moan now, darling.
You bite down on my nipple and I gasp with pleasure.
I tear away from you, knowing that this hungry flame between us is being fanned effortlessly.
I take you by the hand, pulling you from the couch as we head to the bedroom.
I bite your wrist playfully, and lick the palm of your hand as we go.
The movie is long forgotten at this point.
I have plans for you, my dear.
something we’ve only talked about slightly before.
I get on my knees in front of you, undoing your pants, and in a moment of passion, skip the lead-up and tear your boxers down with them.
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the most beautiful, thickest, largest cock I’ve ever been around.
I can see that your precum is already moistening the tip, and I can never resist your taste.
I swirl my experienced tongue over your head, while holding your hips.
My eyes look up at you, and I can see the fire within them.
The searing heat is consistently building.
I strip you the rest of the way, discarding your clothes.
I stand up, and you do the same with mine.
You try to slide your hand between my legs, but I simply move back.
Not yet.
Not tonight.
My pussy is aching, and I can feel the heat, but not now, love.
I lay you on your back, and get out the soft lengths of rope I picked up from a hobby store.
You look at me, and you know what this is about.
You also know that you can trust me.
You’re safe with me, and I lean forward, giving your cock a squeeze before I grab your wrist.
The moan that elicits is so desirable it sends a shiver to my core.
I tie both of your wrists to the headboard of our bed with quick-release knots for the first time.
I almost vault into the bed, my lust peaking at this sexy situation we find ourselves in.
I get close to your ear, and state my intentions.
“I’m going to ravage you, my sweet, and I’m going to make you scream my name.
” I shove my tongue in your ear as my fingertips trace over every inch of exposed flesh, leading down to your magnificent cock.
All mine.
The best part is that you know it, without question.
I can’t hold back anymore.
I desperately want to feel you, in any way possible.
My lips surround your hard cock, and I suck on you like you’re a well in the desert; my all encompassing thirst only available to be sated by your taste.
Your precum drips steadily, and my tongue laps at it with purpose.
I love giving you a blowjob, and watching you strain against the restraints as you moan makes it even better.
My pussy is completely drenched for you at this moment, and I can’t hold back.
I prowl up your body, the animal within me from before coming back.
The predator surveying helpless prey.
You know what I want, more than anything.
Without a word to you, I take it.
My hand grabs your cock, and leads you into my eager pussy.
The feeling of you stretching me is one that I love and adore.
I want you to be consumed with me.
Every sense flooding with me.
Our eyes lock onto each other, as I begin to pump my pussy up and down on your cock.
All I can think in this moment is how sexy you are, and how much every cell in my body screams for you when we’re apart.
I lean forward, my hips finding the right pace and making sure I take every inch of you with every sensual second.
I study your features as I watch you moan for me.
I place my hand over your cheek, and ever so gently press your head into the pillow.
It’s a way to show dominance over you, but also a loving act.
I watch the pulse bounding in your artery, mesmerized as I pound you with my needy pussy.
My tongue traces over your neck, feeling that beautiful rapid pulse and the taste of salt from your skin.
Your hips are helpless bucking, meeting mine with every thrust.
The wetness from my pussy is making you so drenched, it’s covering your balls.
We both hear that delicious sound of our skin smacking together as you fuck into me.
Our pace and pleasure cannot be delayed now, love.
I lick over your cheek, another way that I claim you as mine.
I’m so close, and I want to spend myself with you at the same time.
Moving up to your ear, I state one simple desire, as my pussy helplessly clenches around you.
Three simple words.
“Explode for me.
” I crave it, more than my pumping blood requires oxygen.
We look into each other’s eyes again, as our mutual orgasm hits both of us.
Our voices mix together in the air as the world stands still around us.
Your voice is the only thing I hear; your desperation tangible as you frantically strain against your restraints; your name is torn from my throat with fervor and reckless abandon, as I cum harder than I ever have against your cock.
The sensation of your cock spurting every drop of your cum within me drives me absolutely with purpose; I want all of it, and I want all of you.
Our hearts are both racing.
I can hear the blood rushing through my ears as I lay down on top of you, my head on your chest.
The pounding of your heart is so beautiful and sensual to me.
It makes me feel such warmth; the feelings of love that I have for you in this moment cannot be spoken; they can only be felt.
I know that you feel them too.
I reach up and release your restraints, and your hands slowly trace their way over my back.
I want you to stay inside me for as long as possible.
It’s always been that way, between us.
It goes without saying, between you and I; a piece of each other will always be left with the other person.
We lay there together, the metronome of our hearts taking us over now.
The last word that I state before you fall asleep with me is simple, but says so much.



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