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A couple of weeks later Samantha stopped by her parents house to talk with her mother.
It was mid-morning on a warm Saturday.
Her father was out in the yard expanding their garden to accommodate new trellises for some clemantis.
She waved to him as she walked up to the deck, smiling to herself and almost laughing at him.
He was dressed only in shorts and work boots; his skin glistened from the sweat while he dug new post holes.
It wasn’t that he wasn’t in good shape, quite the contrary, he worked out on a regular basis.
It just seemed an odd picture with the boots and shorts.
The dogs were sleeping in the grass near him, when they heard Samantha call out her greeting they popped up and headed to meet her.
She greeted them, calling out to her mother as she pet their heads and sent them back out to guard her father from the fashion police.
Once inside she called out once more just as her mother came out of the laundry room to greet her.
They hugged before Samantha could drop her purse on the kitchen table.
Samantha sighed then said, “Mom, I need to talk to you about something.
” As she sett her purse down with a loud thump.
“Sure, hun.
What’s on your mind?” “I think I like Lani.
” “I like her too sweetheart; she’s really good with the dogs and she’s nice to talk to.
” “No, like her as in when I liked boys in high school.
I mean I like being with her as in being close.
How do I put this? I like her as a very close friend.
” Karen paused for a second and looked at her daughter.
“You’re telling me you like her like you would a boy?” “Yes, I think I do.
” “Is this something you have told her? Have you and she.
fooled around?” “We spent the night together a couple of weeks ago, remember? We talked, we kissed, we talked; and I think I want to spend more time with her.
More intimate time.
” “You’re wondering how we’ll feel?” “Yes, you and dad.
I know this is sudden, and I’ve never thought about a girl like this before.
I just felt so comfortable being with her.
It was different, but not a bad different.
You know what I mean?” Karen smiled thinking back to that afternoon when she and Lani discovered each other.
Wondering to herself if she may have lit a spark within Lani but then pushing that thought aside to deal with her daughter’s anxiety.
“Samantha, let’s sit down.
” They both headed to the living room, sitting on the sofa to continue their talk.
Karen gathered her thoughts, not wanting to say the wrong thing.
“You’re telling me you’re wanting to have a serious relationship with Lani? Have you told Lani?” “We have talked a bit, it’s more like when we need someone we call each other.
” Samantha blushed hoping her mother would understand the arrangement.
“So, right now it’s just sex? But you want more?” “Yes, I think so.
I really haven’t talked to Lani about that part, yet.
When we first started I was the reluctant one.
Now I feel like I’m the needy one.
She just got over a long term relationship, and I don’t know if she wants to get into another.
I’m smitten, but I’m still unsure about the girl girl thing.
” “Before we tell your father, maybe you should talk to Lani.
I think he’ll take it okay.
It might be a bit hard to believe at first for him, but I think if I talk to him first, in a vague sort of way, he’ll be fine.
I just want you to be positive about all of this before you go off the deep end with Lani, who may not feel the same way.
Does that sound reasonable? We want you to be happy; Lani is a sweetheart I don’t have any problems with you being with her.
” “Thanks, mom.
I love you.
You’re right.
I’ll talk to her, and we’ll see what happens.
” Samantha opened her arms, and the two women embraced.
“I love you too, Sam.
Lani is coming over this afternoon.
She should be here in a bit, you’re timing is perfect.
We’re going to talk about the week we’re on the cruise.
Are you staying?” “Yes, I am.
I did want to lay out.
I’ll talk to her while she’s here.
” “Maybe take a walk away from us and talk to her.
That way your father won’t overhear.
It may give me a chance to pose some ideas to him, just in case she likes the idea.
Please don’t announce anything until I’ve had a chance to really talk with him, okay?” “I think she might, otherwise I wouldn’t have brought it up.
We’ll see.
I won’t say anything until you’ve had a talk with him.
” While the two women were talking in the house, Lani and Ka-lee arrived.
Ka-lee bounded off to greet his friends stopping to say hello to Dave.
Lani was dressed in a tiny bikini top, short shorts and flip flops; she walked over to Dave to say hello.
Dave looked up from his digging to see the bronzed goddess standing before him.
His body glistening from the sweat and sun, he smiled, greeting his guest and trying not to think about her with even less on.
Looking for his shirt, which was hanging on a post at the other end of the garden, he apologized for being almost naked.
“Hi, Dave.
How are you?” Looking at him through her wide sunglasses, she could see the hint of six pack abs.
The sweat was beading on his skin as he looked up at her from his kneeling position.
Streaks of dirt across his brow from wiping away his perspiration made him look very manly and a bit sexy she thought, even for a older guy.
“Hi, Lani.
I’m fine how are you doing? You’re a bit early.
Sorry about my attire, I thought you were going to be over later.
” His eyes took her in as he felt the blood rushing to his penis.
She did look hot.
Looking away would be rude, so he quickly changed the subject so she’d go in the house, and the embarrassment of an erection would never happen.
“I think Karen and Sam are in the house talking.
I’ll be in as soon as I glue these last few fittings.
I’m expanding the garden and need to get this irrigation system working first.
I’ve added a trellis for Karen.
” “Oh, okay.
I’ll go see what they are up to.
No need to apologize, this is your house and you can wear what you like.
Thanks, I’ll head on in and see what they are up to.
Oh, nice abs there, Dave.
” She grinned, lowering her sunglasses and smiling.
She knew she embarrassed him because as soon as she dipped her shades she could see his face start to turn red.
Her eyes dropped a bit down his body, and for a second she thought she might have seen his crotch bulge a bit.
Turning to walk to the house she “accidentally” dropped her keys as she was trying to put them in her bag.
That didn’t help him at all.
She bent down showing him her delicious ass as it stretched the fabric of her shorts.
Which just made his reaction surge forward.
Then, to make matters worse, Karen and Samantha appeared on the steps of the deck, leaving the house to walk out to greet Lani.
Dave knelt back down, returning to work, hoping he could relax his aching groin.
Lani stood her ground, her back to Dave, as Karen and Sam walked up.
Karen looked at him, he seemed slightly embarrassed.
He was holding some plastic fitting to cover his crotch.
When he turned to greet Samantha, Karen glanced down noticing the bulge in his shorts.
She grinned, looked at him, and then ushered the girls towards the pond so they could talk.
After leaving them, she walked back to Dave, smiling at him while teased him about his appearance.
“I know you have no pockets in those shorts so I won’t ask if you had a banana; were you glad to see Lani?” “That obvious, huh? I don’t know what came over me.
Normally I don’t react like that; you know me Karen.
” “I do know you, she is young, hot, barely covered boobs, shorts.
If you didn’t look and have some sort of reaction I’d have been shocked, sweetheart.
” “So, you’re not mad?” “No, I just hope they didn’t notice that bulge.
I also want that later, after they leave, you dirty old man.
Did you want something to drink, or you coming in for lunch soon?” Dave glanced from Karen to where the girls were talking by the pond.
They seemed to be having a serious talk.
Samantha holding Lani’s hands while looking at her, a serious expression on her face.
“Yes, I’ll be in as soon as the swelling goes down you minx.
Any clue what that’s all about?” “You are such a comedian.
Well, I wasn’t supposed to say anything, but our little Samantha is smitten with Lani.
Apparently something happened when she spent the night.
That might mean we won’t have grandkids anytime soon.
” It took Dave a few moments to put Karen’s puzzle together.
His eyebrows telegraphed his conclusion and he confirmed it with Karen.
“They slept together?” “Yes, dear.
That weekend she didn’t come home from the doggie event.
She didn’t go into details, but they ended up sleeping together.
Now she wants an exclusive relationship.
” “Seriously? I take it you’re okay with this?” “Yes and no.
I know Lani has recently broken up with her boyfriend.
Sam hasn’t dated in a long time.
It could be just a “thing”.
I’ll wait and see.
Sam seems to be happy so don’t spoil it for her, please.
” “Give me some time to digest it, okay? I’m happy that she’s happy.
I just need some time to get used to the thought.
Is this going to effect the house sitting at all?” “No, I doubt it.
They might both be staying over then.
We’ll see.
” “Do you think Lani will go for it? I mean you probably know her better than I do, you talk to her more.
” “Lani and I have talked some but I didn’t ask about her sexual preferences.
Sam and I talk but I’ve never really delved into her sexuality either, dear.
This was the first time she’s come to me with something this serious.
” “I don’t know, it’s weird, her sleeping with Sam and me having that reaction.
Now that I know, it just makes it kinda perverted in a way.
” “Well you didn’t know at the time.
I’m glad you can still get hard like that at the drop of a hat.
” Karen grinned, “I think they make a cute couple, Lani is a doll.
” “I’m glad I can too.
I’m happy if Sam is happy.
It would be nice to have grandkids some day, but it’s up to her.
What’s for lunch?” “Bananas, stud boy.
” “Ha ha, no melons?” “You are too funny, what would you like? We have tuna, ham, turkey.
I can make you a sandwich.
” At that comment Dave grinned.
Karen realized the double entendre after she said it.
“Naughty boy, you me and Lani?” “Well, certainly not Samantha; I’m not that big a pervert, dear.
” “Don’t get your hopes up, Sam and Lani have a thing going, and even if you could talk me into something like that we wouldn’t because it would hurt Sam.
” “I know, I was just taking advantage of your choice of words.
Let me clean up and I’ll be in, tuna is fine.
” “Alright, I’ll start making it.
One sandwich or two.
Don’t stare, and don’t say anything, okay? I told Sam I’d ease you into the idea.
” “I won’t, my lips are sealed, one and a half sandwiches, please.
I’m right behind you.
” Karen smiled, turning to walk back to the house, glancing at the two young women talking.
They weren’t holding hands anymore.
Karen didn’t think that was a good sign for Samantha.
She briefly thought about herself, Dave and Lani which sent goose bumps down her arms, a pleasant shiver through her.
She quickly tried to get that out of her mind, knowing anything intimate with Lani would crush Samantha.
She called out to them, “I’m making lunch girls, come in when you’re ready.
” Dave glanced over too, picturing Lani and Karen with him caused a reaction between his legs once more.
He wondered if Karen would go for it at some point, she definitely noticed Lani’s body.
Online Now! Lush Cams LolaLenno But, it would hurt Samantha, which is something he could never do.
Maybe his wife was getting kinky in her old age.
He grinned to himself then quickly looked away, trying to walk back into the house without giving away his affliction.
Samantha escorted Lani further away from her parents, the dogs romping and running around them, oblivious to the seriousness of the situation.
Samantha spoke first, complimenting Lani on her appearance and inquiring how her week went.
After a bit of small talk Samantha confessed her feelings.
“I’ve thought more about our night together and the other two times, Lani.
I really enjoyed how we got along so well and how easy it is to talk with you.
” “I thought we had sort of settled that already, Sam.
” Lani looked her, pondering what she thought was coming next.
“I’d like to try being a bit more exclusive rather than just fuck buddies.
” Samantha looked into Lani’s eyes for a positive reaction.
“Sam, I know we’re both a bit lonely right now so don’t get me wrong; I really enjoyed that weekend.
I just don’t want to jump too fast with you, especially since I’m your first.
” “I’m not talking about moving in or anything.
I just want to do more than have sex with you.
Get to know you more, like we were dating.
Is that too much to ask?” “Since you put it that way it’s a bit better.
I was afraid you’d gone off the deep end with it.
You know, that old joke what does a lesbian bring on the third date, a moving van.
I’ve seen it happen before with other girls.
” “No, I’m not “other” girls.
I was reluctant at first, but that morning felt so nice.
I know it always isn’t going to be that way, but I’d like to see what it can be like.
I’m willing to just do the FWB thing, but I’d rather have more of the whole package.
I hope that makes sense.
” Lani thought about it for a moment, “It does, tell you what.
Let’s hang out and do more “friend” things together and see how that works out.
I know the love making thing will be there, but I want to get to know you as a person and not just a bedmate.
Will that work for you? I’m leaving it open to seeing other people I hope that doesn’t hurt you.
” “I understand, I’m not completely thrilled by it, but I can understand it.
I’ll take whatever terms you’re handing out.
This is new for me as far as the girl-girl thing.
I want to rush in but then again I don’t.
You’re right, I hate to admit.
I’ve never experienced this before so forgive my enthusiasm.
” Lani smiled, “Sam I loved your “enthusiasm” but there’s more than just hot sex with me, sweetie.
There’s the social stigma, telling your parents, friends, all that can effect you too.
” “I did mention it to my mom, she was okay with it.
She’s going to talk with dad and see what he thinks.
I know they both will be fine.
They have never wanted anything but the best for me.
” “Things change suddenly when you drop a bomb on them.
They seem pretty cool about a lot of stuff but there’s still the rest of the world, and not all of it loves you like your parents.
” “I can at least try, with your help I’ve discovered a new world.
Don’t burst my bubble quite yet, okay?” “You are cute, let’s go have lunch.
I need to talk with your parents about their trip and get everything finalized.
Are you going to drop by while I’m staying here?” “Hmmm, you, my parents house, warm weather, and the possibility of being intimate.
I think that would be a yes.
” “Bad girl, naughty thoughts at your parents house.
Let’s go slow and see what happens.
” “I know, maybe I am still a bit reluctant myself.
But I wanted to see what you thought, I don’t want a one sided love affair.
” Lani clarified her position on the matter just to be sure Sam knew what was going on, “I understand, I guess with school, work, house sitting and just getting over a long term relationship I’m a bit over loaded.
” “Well, I know how we can relieve that tension.
” Samantha’s grin went ear to ear as she playfully patted Lani’s ass.
“I do too, maybe after we talk, unbridled sex at my place?” Lani grinned, half kidding.
“Girl you were reading my mind.
You are a tease, you know that?” They both giggled, happy that the talk went smoothly.
Samantha sighed with relief as they called the dogs to follow them inside.
Lunch was delightful, no misspoken words or actions that would give away the big secret that Samantha and Lani shared.
Dave and Karen were good poker players and kept their cards close.
After the girls left, Dave went back out to finish his project, and Karen slipped into her bikini bottoms to sun on the deck.
From time to time each would picture Lani in their minds, Karen having the more complete picture with Dave just imagining what all the covered up parts would look like.
Dave finished his little project around mid afternoon.
The sun and labor had taken it’s toll, his body was dirty and sweaty.
He was fairly tired from all the bending over, combined with the twisting and turning.
He worked out on a regular basis, unfortunately his workouts didn’t include the muscle groups he used while on his knees.
He cleaned up and put all the tools back into the shop.
Then picking up his shirt, he strolled to the deck, calling the dogs as he did.
Karen was reading a book, she peeked over the top and saw Dave teasing the dogs with his shirt as if he were a matador in the ring.
The dogs playfully jumping up at the “cape” trying their best to snag it to play tug of war.
Dave was a bit too quick for them, and their attempts made him laugh.
Karen sighed as she watched Dave almost ruin a perfectly good shirt.
The dogs finally gave up and bounded onto the deck, seeing Karen they both greeted her with slobbery licks on her legs which made her recoil in disgust.
She loved the dogs, but slobber on her legs wasn’t something she enjoyed.
She admonished the dogs and playfully scolded Dave for putting his shirt in jeopardy.
Dave took it in stride and invited her to join him in the shower.
Karen reluctantly put her book away and ushered the dogs into the house with them.
Following Dave and the dogs in, she commented on the scent wafting in the air.
“Is that you or the dogs?” “Is what me or the dogs?” “That stink.
It must be you because you can’t smell it.
” “You don’t like my manly perfume?” “Not when it reeks like that, no wonder you want to shower.
” “Plus, I’m a dirty boy.
” Dave grinned, turning around to tickle Karen’s bare rib cage.
“I know you are, that’s one of your redeeming qualities, my dear.
” Wiggling in attempt to dodge his sudden playful gesture, she almost fell over Sadie.
“Sadie, Grace get in your beds!” Dave commanded.
Off the dogs went not knowing why they were instructed but obeying regardless.
Dave and Karen headed to the master bedroom, slipping out of what little clothing they had on, and tossing them into the hamper.
Karen followed Dave into the bathroom, letting him slip into the shower ahead of her.
He adjusted the water to a comfortable temperature, stepping into the warm stream he soaked his head and waited for Karen.
The water felt good, the salt from the sweat of his brow now liquid managed to infiltrate his eyes causing a slight burn.
He flinched just as Karen entered the shower, elbows smacking her in the breast.
“Ouch!” “Sorry, I got sweat in my eyes and it stings.
” He cleared his eyes then started massaging her breasts to help ease her pain.
She shook her head and let him play with them for a few moments.
“Any excuse to cop a feel.
” She grinned at him like a mother playfully scolding a child.
“I can’t help it, I love your boobs.
” “Just mine?” she asked knowing where this was heading.
“I like all women’s boobs, but yours I get to touch, when you let me.
Which is never really as often as I’d like, my little minx.
” “You seemed to really like Lani’s earlier.
” “She didn’t have much on.
If I recall, a long time ago you told me I can get my appetite anywhere I want, just as long as I come home to eat.
I’m just obeying your commands my love.
” “She does have a nice figure.
I wish my boobs were as perky.
” “Ha! You’ve noticed them too.
I’m not the only perv in the house it seems.
Yours were perky once.
” Dave’s thoughts quickly turned to Lani’s body.
Coupled with the feel of Karen’s breasts in his hands, the result was inevitable; his dick began to swell.
Karen looked down, watching as it slowly bobbed up and down, the blood racing through his veins, engorging it to a rigid state.
“All this Lani talk got you going huh?” “Well, you standing here naked kinda helped.
” He leaned down, the warm water hitting the back of his head.
Taking one nipple into his mouth, he began massaging it with his tongue.
Karen smiled partly from his attention and partly from a plan she was formulating to get Lani into their bed.
She turned and Dave’s mouth followed, allowing the water from the shower head to split the space between them, thus sharing the warmth.
Normally, she didn’t like sex in the shower, water alone was not a good lubricant.
Sometimes the soap stung when their chosen positions and moments allowed it to get into her eyes.
But Dave was in the mood, and she was quickly racing to that point.
Her thoughts slipped to Lani also, remembering the brief moments they had shared a month or so ago.
She cupped his face, letting her fingers trace his cheeks in adoration while he suckled her.
She enjoyed the attention to her breasts, at times that’s all it took for her to orgasm.
This time she wanted more than just breast play.
She used her fingernails to outline Dave’s upper body, sending shivers through him.
Moving down his shoulders, upper arms, along his wrists, she stopped at his hands.
Lacing her fingers over his, applying a little downward motion she guided their hands to her mound.
Dave took the hint, separating himself from her delicate grip, he began massaging between her legs.
His attention averted from her breasts, instead moving to her mouth to kiss her.
His fingers slipped over her trimmed little landing strip.
It felt velvety soft under his calloused fingers.
She managed to shift her weight so her back rested against the shower wall.
Dave, now fully erect slid a finger inside his darling bride, pausing for a brief moment to look lovingly into her eyes.
He saw her eyes roll back in her head as his finger moved further inside her.
Exploring her for a few brief moments he then focused on her clit.
His smile grew as she gasped with his success, her body starting to tremble.
He straightened up, placing his dick between her legs, his tongue parting her lips to explore her mouth.
Placing her hands on his ass, she squeezed hard, her nails digging into the soft flesh.
Her moans growing more audible as he reached around to hold her tight against him.
He paused for a brief moment to catch his breath, separating their lips so he could speak to her.
“You are so fucking hot” “You did it to me, sweetheart.
” She moved her hands down to his rock hard dick, stroking it, attempting to guide it to her pussy.
“Inside, inside, please, inside.
” He happily responded, his hands spreading her legs a bit further apart, grabbing his aching cock.
He teased her thighs for a brief moment, bending his legs, guiding himself inside her.
Straightening up, holding her, he managed to get a rhythm going to satisfy her.
They bumped and banged against the shower wall for nearly two minutes when at last she felt him grow a bit more, he made his little scrunchy face when his hot cum exploded out of his dick, filling her.
She smiled to herself, happy that he came just as she was about to boil over.
Her body reacted to his, igniting her orgasm.
He felt her convulse, grinning to himself, kissing her deeply, content that she enjoyed his work.
Neither one mentioned Lani or the images they had coursing through their minds of the bronzed young woman that instigated their bliss.



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