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Cara could feel the cool tip of the plastic cock as it pressed against the heat of her pussy.
She didn’t move a muscle, just waited obediently.
She’d never been fucked by a strapon and her heart was racing from the nervous excitement.
  “Are you ok, love?” the woman’s voice asked firmly from behind her.
“Y-y-yes, I think so,” Cara’s voice stammered as she answered.
  “Good, then we shall proceed.
”   On all fours, Cara turned to look behind.
Her eyes panned but, before she could make out her lovers face, she felt the pop.
Her head dropped and her mouth gaped open as the lady cock emphatically impaled her soft, swollen pussy.
  She wasn’t sure if she liked the pressure pushing into her but there was little she could do about that now.
She secured her grip on the sheets and felt fingernails dig into her ass while the toy was slowly being pulled back.
She braced as the tip drew close to her opening before forcefully being driven back in.
  Cara thought back to what was said before they started.
‘I’m here to help you explore your desires, Cara.
To feel what it’s like to have someone in control, doing things to you that you don’t think you want done.
But, remember love, once you release your inhibitions, you will only experience the gift of true pleasure.
Trust me.
’   The last part now rang through her head as her cunt was being pounded from behind.
She was wet, and excited but was not yet certain she thoroughly enjoyed the sensation.
There was something about the lack of emotion, but it was overpowered by that sense of dominance, and this, to her surprise, had her very turned on.
  The bed was rocking, forcing the headboard to knock against the wall.
Cara felt the heat on her ass cheeks from being slapped and a slight sting from what felt like her “so-called” lover’s nails being dragged across the tender skin.
She could feel an orgasm building, but it was different.
It was a sensation she did not ever remember experiencing.
  “That’s it, cum for me you little whore, cum for me now!” The voice was loud but muffled.
Cara’s hair was being pulled back hard as the strapon was fucking her relentlessly.
Her pussy walls began to constrict and she felt the orgasm build but for some reason, she just could not climax.
  ‘Trust me’ was repeating over and over in her head, louder and louder, faster and faster.
The bed knocking into the wall.
  “Cara?”   Silence.
  “Cara, are you ok?” The girl’s voice came from outside the bedroom door.
“Cara, goddamnit, answer me or I’m going to break this fucking door down.
”   She opened her eyes and sat up in the bed.
Her heart raced as she looked around the room disoriented.
  “I’m ok, I’m ok,” she called out and slid to the edge of the bed.
Cara’s legs trembled as she unlocked the door for her roommate, barely making it back to the bed before her knees gave out.
Her hardened nipples rubbed the inside of her soft shirt with each heavy breath as she sat trying to regain composure.
There was a bit of sweat behind her knees and a distinct wetness between her legs.
  “What the fuck, Cara? You were like screaming in your sleep again.
” Her roommate, Amber looked at her with concern.
“Was it that dream? Were you tied up this time?”   Cara pulled a sheet to cover her waist.
“Yes, and no.
Same dream, or at least the same woman, but this time I wasn’t bound, she was fucking the shit out of me from behind.
Telling me to trust her.
”     “Well, trust me when I say you better get dressed or we will be late for work.
We can talk about it more on the way in.
”   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   The girls made their way to the diner where they waitressed.
Amber had gotten Cara the job when she moved to town a few months ago.
It proved to be an easy task since the owner, a burly, middle-aged black man named Reggie, relished at the idea of two cute, twenty-something white girls bouncing around his diner.
  They were about the same slender build and often were mistaken for sisters.
Cara was an inch taller at five-foot-five-inches” and maybe a touch thicker, especially in the butt.
Amber would constantly joke that it was Cara’s booty that ultimately enticed Reggie to give to her the job.
  “Don’t look now, but she’s baaack,” Amber said in a low sing-songy tone as she motioned her eyes toward the front door.
  Cara could see the woman’s reflection in the glass dessert case behind Amber.
“God, she’s so fucking creepy,” she quipped.
  The woman, an elderly lady in her late seventies, was a regular at the diner.
She was quiet and frail and her demeanor was that of a character pulled straight out of a Stephen King horror film.
She sat in the same booth every time and always insisted that Cara be her server.
  “Morning, Ms.
Gallaway,” Cara greeted her with the most genuine, fake smile she could muster.
“Will you be having the usual?”   Ms.
Gallaway looked into Cara’s eyes and eerily nodded yes with a haunting stare that seemed to penetrate.
Cara’s smile slowly washed away as if the blood from her cheeks was being drawn back into her body.
She quickly scribbled the order onto her pad; two scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, orange juice, and coffee, then spun and walked away.
  Her flaxen ponytail was pulled tightly through the back of her baseball cap and swayed as she walked.
She brushed past Amber and mumbled under her breath, “Have I told you yet how much that hag creeps me out?”   Ms.
Gallaway played with the eggs.
She always ate only the toast and coffee and left everything else on the plate.
The eggs were usually pushed around into some sort of design.
Some days she would incorporate the bacon into the artwork.
Cara and Amber had many theories as to why Ms.
Gallaway did what she did, most of which derived from their acute passion for horror films.
  “So, what the heck do think is up with these dreams I keep having?” Cara asked Amber as she wiped down the counter.
“Maybe it’s just your subconscious telling you to get laid!” Amber laughed and Cara seared at her.
  Ambers laugh trailed.
“Look, I have no idea, but I do know they seem to be getting more intense.
You really need to go see someone, it doesn’t mean you’re crazy.
” Cara’s only response was an overly dramatic eye roll.
Gallaway got up, took the last sip of her coffee, then placed the cup upside down over the eggs, as was part of her banausic routine.
“Dreams you say?” she murmured in the direction of the girls.
  With her back to Ms.
Gallaway, Cara mouthed the words, “Did she just say that?” Amber chuckled under her breath and mouthed back, “Yep.
”   Cara turned slightly and leaned against the counter to look back at the old woman who was now subtly smiling.
  “Yes, Ms.
Gallaway, just some weird dreams.
No big deal, really.
”   The old woman gathered herself, and with narrow eyes looked at Cara with a grin.
“Well, your friend there is right,” She motioned in the direction of Amber.
“You should go talk to someone.
I used to know a thing or two about dreams in my day, and they could have a deep meaning.
Trust me.
”   Cara’s eyes got wide and her face once again felt pale as Ms.
Gallaway ploddingly turned to leave.
‘Trust me? Did she just say.
Trust me?’ She screamed silently in her head.
  Amber shook Cara gently on the shoulder.
“You feel ok? Jesus, you look like you just saw a ghost?”   “Yea, I’m fine.
I’ll go see someone.
Fuck, just leave me alone,” Cara snapped and burst through the kitchen doors out to the alley for some air.
  When Cara got home that evening she kicked off her shoes and flopped onto her bed.
She stared up at the ceiling, replaying the dream in her head.
‘Why can’t I ever see her face? Why is it always a sex dream and why the fuck can’t I ever cum?’   She rolled to her side and grabbed the laptop off of her nightstand.
Flipping it open she Googled ‘dreams, psychology,  and interpretation.
‘   There were many hits.
Most of which were dead-end links to sites claiming to be able to tell you what your dreams meant, none of which actually could with any intellect or accuracy.
She was about to slam the laptop shut when a name and address toward the bottom of the search list caught her eye.
Gail Hathaway, Psychologist, specializing in dreams and mental awareness.
Cara clicked the link.
  The page was ubiquitous and plain, like someone made it as a high school computer project.
The address at the top right corner was local and Cara thought she recognized the street name.
There was no phone number, just a flashing “No Appointment Necessary – Open Late”.
Cara entered the address into her phone and closed the computer.
  She curled to her side and a flash of lightning illuminated her room followed by a distant rumble of thunder.
Rain poured in a consistent woosh against her bedroom window.
She closed her eyes and listened as the water gathered and melodiously trickled through the downspout that ran along the outside of her bedroom wall.
  ‘Should I go?’ She thought.
Or maybe Amber’s right and I just need to get laid.
Maybe I’m slowly losing my fucking mind.
’   The bustle of the day caught up with Cara and her eyelids now felt heavy.
She drifted in and out of consciousness, feeling that familiar pull in her stomach.
  ‘Come to me, Cara.
Let me help you cum like the filthy little whore you are.
It’s what you want…’   ‘No… No…’ Cara’s body twitched as the rain grew heavy.
‘Please…’ Cara murmured in her half-conscious state.
  ‘Trust me, Cara.
’   ‘Ye-’   Lightning flashed again but this time it was simultaneous with an exploding clap of thunder that shook the house.
Cara jumped in her bed startled and breathing heavy.
  “Cara I am headed out.
I don’t know where this storm came from but it seems to be getting worse.
” Amber called from behind the door.
“Cara? Did you fall asleep? Get your ass up you need to go out and get laid!” Cara could hear Amber’s chuckle as it trailed away followed by the slam of the front door.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   “The destination is on your right.
Arrived!”   Cara pulled to the side of the road and looked out the passenger side window.
The rain fell steadily and made it hard to see the building.
Confused she looked back down at her phone’s GPS which only confirmed she had arrived at the address from the website.
  She looked back up at the building.
‘What the fuck?’ she thought ‘This looks like someone’s house!’ Stepping out of the car and into the rain, she scurried to the mailbox and saw a sign hanging under.
Gail Hathaway, Psychologist”.
  Beneath, another sign read “OPEN”.
  Cara shielded her eyes from the drops and looked toward the house.
It appeared to be an older colonial style, set back from the road atop a small hill.
There was a porch light on, as well as a few dimly lit windows.
She shrugged and ran back to the car.
  She pulled down the street a few hundred feet, parked, turned off the engine and sat for a minute.
‘Everything about this feels wrong.
’ she thought.
‘You’re going to go into that house and you’re going to be one of those stupid horror flick hoes that gets sliced up and eaten by a family of leather faces.
’ The thought actually made her giggle.
  Cara reached for the key to start the car when she noticed the rain had abruptly stopped.
She looked in the rearview mirror and noticed the mailbox sign gently swinging in the night breeze.
She pulled the key from the ignition and stepped out once again.
  ‘This is so stupid.
’ she thought as she walked briskly towards the driveway.
‘OK, I’ll just take a look and if I see anything scary, I’m out.
’ she told herself.
Nearing the house, she could see that it was, in fact, an old colonial that seemed well kept and somewhat inviting.
She made her way up the steps and peeked in a small window to the side of the front door.
The humidity of the night air fogged the glass obstructing her ability to see anything other than the glowing flicker of a candle.
She pressed the doorbell but did not hear a ring.
  She pressed the button again and peered through the foggy glass once more in the hopes of seeing any shadows of movement.
‘Fuck it,’ She thought and turned to leave.
When she reached the bottom step she thought she heard something.
She cocked her head to the side and paused her breath to listen.
  ‘Is that jazz music?’ She wondered.
  The sounds were faintly coming from the back corner of the house so, Cara strolled around to investigate.
She hugged close to the house peeking in each window as she passed.
Each was dark, offering no insight as to what was going on inside.
  Cara rounded a corner and looked in one more window.
As she cupped her hands against the glass and squinted her eyes, she felt a hand grab her shoulder.
Her heart stopped for a second and she squealed.
  “It’s ok hun, I’m not going to hurt you.
” It was a man’s voice.
  Cara spun slowly and cautiously to face him.
He was small in stature, for a male, and probably in his seventies.
He was dressed in an ill-fitting suit that looked as if he had found it on the clearance rack in a thrift store.
Nonetheless, he was neatly kept and wore a top hat, which he politely removed and held to his chest as Cara faced him.
  “My name is Donovan,” he said softly as he extended his hand to her.
“But, you may call me Don if you’d like.
”   Cara feebly shook his hand, and he could see she was frightened.
“Oh dear, you’re trembling.
Come, let’s get you inside and out of this nasty weather,” he offered with a warming smile.
  Cara followed him to a door which led them inside to a mudroom and then into a kitchen.
The music was still faint but more distinct than when she was outside.
Donovan opened a cupboard and removed a cup.
He poured some hot water over a teabag and handed it to Cara.
She cupped it in her hands, leaned back against the counter and took a few sips.
  “Gail always keeps a pot boiling, especially on nights like this.
Are you here for the party?” He asked.
Online Now! Lush Cams AntonellaLombard “Ummm, no I’m not,” she answered.
“I came to talk to a Dr.
Hathaway?” her voice trailed off.
  “Ah, I see.
Well, if it’s Gail you are here to see, my dear, then yes, you are in fact here for the party.
” He placed the hat back on his head tipping it slightly as he shuffled past and disappeared into the house.
  Cara stood for what felt like hours wondering what to do.
She could feel her heart pounding in her chest.
Every instinct was telling her to leave, but there was something overpoweringly inviting about the place.
  She took a few more sips of the tea, which seemed to be helping calm her, then placed it on the counter.
When she set the cup down, she noticed another just like it, only turned upside down.
‘Hmm,’ she wondered.
  There were a few doorways leading out of the kitchen.
Cara decided to poke her head out of the one where Don had exited moments earlier.
It became evident where the music was coming from so Cara tentatively followed its source.
Most of the house was shrouded in darkness.
There was just enough ambient light being cast by small votive candles, randomly strewn about for Cara to make out where she was going.
  She followed a long hallway, which felt much longer than what she thought would reasonably fit in the house.
Old canvas paintings dotted the walls that were covered in a hideous paisley wallpaper.
The further down the hall she wandered, the louder the music rang.
She neared a set of double doors when she heard it stop.
Cara paused and stood as still as she could.
The music was then replaced by what sounded like a woman’s voice.
  One of the double doors was slightly ajar and Cara eased it open enough to peer inside.
The room appeared to be a very large study.
Hundreds of books lined old walnut bookshelves along the exterior walls, and the center of the room was cleared of any furniture.
A few tall candles were the only light.
  Cara counted seven people with a mix of men and women.
  They were all sitting Indian style on oversized pillows facing away from her.
‘Was this some kind of cult?’ she thought.
She wanted to leave but every muscle was now frozen.
To her horror, the door slowly eased open all the way, exposing Cara to the seated occupants inside, but no one turned to look.
  She could now see the front of the room and what looked to be a stage.
It was only about a foot off the floor but it was definitely a stage.
Dark velvet curtains hung from either side and in the center stood a woman, distinguishable by her shape.
The soft flickering light made it difficult for her to discern with certainty what the woman was wearing.
It appeared to be a long maroon, silken robe with a hood which was pulled up.
Dark strands of hair flowed out each side as her head hung slightly, shielding her face from view.
      “Please, come in, Cara.
We have all been expecting you.
” The voice emanated from where the woman was standing.
  Cara swallowed hard and felt her feet move, carrying her into the room as if she wasn’t the one in control of their movement.
    “Wh, wh, who are you?” Cara’s voice trembled as she continued to walk toward the stage.
  “All will be revealed in due time, dear.
Trust me.
”   Cara wanted to run.
Her heart raced furiously.
It was the voice, the voice from her dreams.
  She proceeded to walk to the stage and now stood at its foot.
The woman’s head stayed down and even though she was standing only a few feet away, Cara still could not see her face clearly.
The woman stood confidently with her hands behind her back.
She was motionless.
  “Do you trust me, Cara?” The voice hissed.
  A warm familiar calm flooded Cara’s stomach and she nodded her head.
  “Good, then we shall proceed.
”   Cara stood still at the base of the stage.
She felt two sets of hands descend upon her.
Two women, who had been seated prior, were now standing by her side removing her clothes.
She was fully naked in a matter of seconds.
  The air in the room was heavy and warm.
It had a waxy, musty smell like an old church that had been closed for years.
Cara began to turn her head to see who the people were sitting behind her, but the voice quickly snapped her attention back to the stage.
  “You’re wondering why you’re here, Cara,” The voice seemed soothing and familiar to her.
“Come, join me.
”   The woman brought a hand from behind her back and extended it outward.
Her slender alabaster fingers glowed in the subtle light of the flickering candles.
As Cara stepped onto the stage the woman slid the hood back and off her head.
  Cara couldn’t believe her eyes.
The woman was Ms.
Galloway, but it was as if she had aged another twenty years.
Her eyes were sunken, her cheek-bones were protruded and her skin looked pale and ashen.
Cara suddenly became aware of her own nudity and crossed her hands to cover her breasts.
“What’s happening to you, Ms.
Galloway?” Cara asked.
Galloway only exists outside the confines of these walls, love.
In here I am Gail.
” She answered with a haunting grin.
  “How? Why? And your voice, I recognize it.
You were in my dreams.
”   “I will tell you, Cara, it’s time you for you to understand.
” Gail’s voice was calm and sultry.
“You see love, we are all connected in a subtle manner that is not easily identifiable.
Our thoughts, our emotions, our energy, it is all cohesive.
” She began to walk slowly toward Cara, and continued, “This vitality forms an imperceptible bond that breathes amidst all of us and grows stronger between certain subjects.
Some call this attraction destiny.
” She softly cackled.
“I call it opportunity.
”   Cara remained motionless as Gail brushed past and stood behind her.
A hand stroked through Cara’s hair and tucked the strands behind her ear.
Gail’s voice lowered to a whisper as her lips drew close.
  “I have learned to use this union, learned to manipulate that energy that flows around it and through all of us.
You invited me in, allowed me to see your inner desires, your darkest secrets.
” Cara felt a warmth begin to flow through her.
“I know what turns you on and I know what you crave.
” Gail’s hands wrapped around and covered Cara’s as they lay on top of her pert breasts.
She interlaced their fingers and gently peeled their linked hands away exposing Cara once again.
  “Your dreams, my pet,” she paused, tracing her nose along Cara’s neck then breathed in slowly taking in the scent of her supple skin.
“Your precious, perverted dreams chose me.
”   Cara felt flush.
Her head was light and spinning and her knees weakened.
She felt the blood as it coursed through her veins, engorging her clit and extending her nipples.
‘What was in that tea?’ She thought.
  Gail paced back around and into her view.
Cara once again stared in disbelief.
She looked younger.
Gail’s face was now full and her straight, jet black hair laid neatly atop her cleavage.
Her eyes were gorgeous, and even in the dim light, Cara could see they were a deep, almost glowing shade of emerald blue.
Her breath became heavy and her eyes were drawn to Gail’s lips.
  “Kneel for me, my sweet girl” Gail hissed in a breathy, seductive tone.
  A pillow was placed on the stage and Cara once again felt hands roaming the sides of her body.
They gently guided her to kneel on the pillow in front of Gail, then brought her hands behind her back.
She felt a soft silk scarf fashion around her wrists as she settled her round ass on the back of her heels.
She swallowed hard and looked up slightly as Gail stepped forward.
  “You are having feelings for me, Cara.
I can sense your passion.
Deep down you want this, you want to be controlled.
That need, my pet, was the gateway I used to enter you.
” Gail’s right hand reached down and stroked under Cara’s chin slowly tilting her head further up.
  Cara could see that Gail’s robe was open.
It had fallen off her shoulders and held in the inner crease of her elbows.
She was nude, barefoot and was close enough for Cara to smell her.
Her skin had a sweet aroma, like honeysuckle with traces of lavender, but mixed with the distinct musky smell of lust.
  Her eyes explored Gail’s body.
The woman’s perfectly toned legs led to a cleanly shaved mons pubis which was puffy with excitement.
Her breasts were similar in size to Cara’s, probably a small C cup and had dark, quarter-sized areolas with slightly distended nipples.
What took Cara by surprise was that Gail’s face now appeared to be the same age as her and she was simply beautiful.
  Gail pulled her hand away from Cara’s chin and slid her pussy forward so it was inches away from the kneeling girl’s face.
Slowly, she inserted two fingers inside herself.
Cara breathed in sharply as she also felt the fingers enter her.
Gail smiled.
  “Yes, Cara, you feel me inside you, don’t you?”   Cara nodded.
She could see Gail’s fingers swirl and as they did she somehow felt them swirl inside her.
Cara’s knees slid open slightly on the pillow and her hips began to gently rock, fucking the imaginary fingers inside her throbbing pussy.
She felt her walls thicken as Gail continued to push.
A deep, low guttural moan wallowed inside.
  Gail withdrew her glistening fingers and dragged them over Cara’s pouty lips, forcefully slipping them inside and over her tongue.
Cara tightened her lips around the fingers, then snaked her tongue between them, swallowing to taste Gail’s juices.
Her eyes closed and she felt another surge flood her pussy.
  “Let me see that pretty little tongue,” Gail sighed.
  Cara tilted her head back a bit more and pushed her tongue out as far as she could.
Gail reached a hand on either side of her face and held it firmly.
She stepped closer and jutted her hips forward then lowered her throbbing cunt onto Cara’s flattened tongue.
  “I love the feel of your warm breath on my pussy,” she moaned.
“I’m going to ride this pretty little face and you’re going to make me cum.
” She could feel more of Gail’s weight being pressed down as she began to fuck into her mouth.
Gail’s grip moved to Cara’s hair and tightened.
  Cara reciprocated by pushing back into Gail and shook her head quickly back and forth.
She stiffened her tongue and alternated between darting it up inside then pulling back to flick the tip over Gail’s swollen clit.
  “That’s it, you little whore, yes!” Gail cried out loudly.
Cara felt a pang in her stomach which grew with each thrust of Gail’s cunt against her face.
She pulled Cara’s hair harder and the thrusts became shorter and sharper.
“Don’t stop! Oh fuck, that’s a good girl, I’m going to cum!”   Cara felt it too, and moaned up into Gail’s pussy.
The orgasm built just like in her dreams.
Her clit throbbed and ached, her wrists tugged fiercely at the scarf holding them behind her.
She desperately wanted to free a hand and plunge her fingers deep inside herself to release the climax.
  “Don’t worry, my love, we are going to cum together.
”   The words left Gail’s lips and she arched her hips forward.
She pulled Cara’s face tight into her pussy and let out a blood-curdling cry.
Cara pushed her tongue in as deep as she could and, as promised, felt her climax explode.
Juices trickled down her inner thighs and dripped to the stage, while Gail’s ran down her chin and between her tits.
  She swallowed as much as she could and then felt her head being pushed back.
Thick strands of translucent cum stretched from Gail’s cunt to Cara’s face.
Gail had one hand gripping firmly against the back of Cara’s head and the other tucked under her chin.
She calmly leaned down and with precision, licked her mouth clean.
Cara felt Gail’s tongue lap, then push into her mouth.
Their lips locked tight and they were soon in a kiss so deep Cara couldn’t tell who’s breath was who’s.
She felt the room begin to spin and her head suddenly felt too heavy to hold.
The room went black and Cara’s body went limp.
  When she finally came to, Cara was lying in a bed.
The room was too dark for her to make out any distinguishing features.
She sat up and felt weak.
She thought it was not a tired kind of weak.
It felt like her muscles were sluggish.
  ‘Fuck… these dreams keep getting worse and worse,’ She thought to herself.
  ‘This was no dream, my pet.
’ She heard Gail’s voice in her head, as clear as if she were standing in the room.
Cara slipped a hand down her tummy and settled it between her legs.
She could feel that she was still puffy and wet.
“Where am I?” she called out to the darkness.
  A candle suddenly lit on the dresser and Cara could see she was in a bedroom that resembled her own but there was a sense that told her she was not at home.
  “I don’t understand,” Cara’s voice was becoming frantic.
  From a shadow in the corner of the room, Gail stepped forward and into the light of the candle.
She was still young and even more beautiful than before.
Her face was glowing and her hair pulled tightly in a bun.
  She seductively ran her fingers up a mirror that sat on the dresser directly in front of Cara, and spoke.
“I needed you, Cara.
As much as you needed me.
” she continued, with a nefarious grin.
“I have helped you realize your inner cravings, dear and in return, well, in return you have given me a gift.
”   With that, she pushed the mirror so it spun slightly to face Cara who looked at the image then back to Gail.
She was confused.
The image reflecting in the mirror was that of a frail old woman sitting in the bed.
Gail laughed.
  Cara held her hands out in front of her face and saw the wrinkled, blotted skin of an elderly woman.
Her heart sank.
  “What the fuck have you done to me?” she cried out.
  “Oh, Cara my dear, it is you who have done this for me.
I told you, you sought me out, you allowed me in and have given me your youthful spirit,” Gail strolled the edge of the bed.
“But fret not, pet.
In time you will learn the powers as I did,” she continued.
“Don has already harnessed his energy and his altruist has been chosen.
You will be allowed to watch and learn as he did.
”   Cara felt like she couldn’t breathe.
‘This can’t be happening,’ she thought.
‘I’m going to wake up and this is going to all be another one of my fucked up dreams.
Come on Amber! Knock on the fucking door already!’   Gail laughed, harder this time, and spun to leave.
“It is happening, Cara,” she called out.
“Amber cannot save you from this dream…or can she.
?”   *** Special thanks to AylaJ for helping me with this little tale.



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