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Latest stories Taboo Mutual Satisfaction, The Conclusion

Terry ran to his room and flung open his closet and began to rummage through his clothes searching for the perfect outfit to wear.
He found an old shirt, a pair of pants and a button up sweater all due for donations to Goodwill and donned them.
He slicked his hair back with mousse and then fished out a pair of sunglasses out of the trash that he had recently thrown away because one lens was missing.
He popped out the other lens and now had a pair of glasses.
He checked his appearance in the mirror and he actually looked like any number of his professors he currently had.
His mind then recalled the dozen of X rated films he had seen and searched his memories for the perfect scenario to use.
Just then his cellphone beeped which announced that he had a text message, it was from Megan saying that she was ready and no safety word was needed.
He knocked on her door and said.
“Miss Carson, you may come in now.
” She opened her door to reveal she was clad in a short blue pleated skirt not unlike what cheerleaders wore, a tight black blouse, black pantyhose and heels.
“You wanted to see me.
Professor?” her character asked.
“Yes, please come into my office,” Terry responded.
“Am I in trouble?” Megan asked.
This university has very strict morality code and sex in public areas forbidden.
” “Yes, I know.
I was just so horny that I couldn’t help myself,” she responded.
“So you ignored the rules just so that Neanderthal could fuck you doggy style in public?” He saw Megan’s face show surprise at the language the Professor used.
“Am I going to be punished?” she asked.
“I am supposed to report the incident which will lead you to appear in front of the review board and would probably lead to your expulsion,” Terry answered.
“My parents will kill me if I get expelled.
Surely there Is something I can do to change your mind?” Megan’s character asked as she noticed him staring at her legs.
“Yes, you can let me spank you.
” “I guess that won’t be so bad,” she responded and she lay across his lap and felt his erect cock through his pants.
She lay there for a moment and then felt her skirt being flipped up exposing her thong covered bottom.
“Hey, this wasn’t discussed,” she said as she struggled to roll off his lap.
He wrapped an arm around her waist to prevent her from moving.
“You wear thigh high nylons and not pantyhose? How erotic,” he responded.
He then brought his hand down hard and it made contact with her right butt cheek.
The first contact stung but she liked it.
The pace of his hand making contact with her rounded butt increased as did the pressure and her pleasure.
Her nipples got hard and her pussy got wet.
“You’ve been a naughty girl,” he repeated over and over.
“Professor, please stop,” she begged.
Just as Megan began to enjoy the pain it stopped and he released her and she stood up.
Online Now! Lush Cams HailyAndLiam Terry also stood up and unzipped his pants allowing his cock to spring forth from its prison.
Megan stared at it as it throbbed in the air.
“Professor, what’s this about? she asked.
“I want you Miss Carson like I have not ever wanted another student.
” “That’s not going to happen,” she responded and she turned to leave.
She felt herself being picked up and carried to the bed where he pinned her on her back.
She felt something silky being placed on her wrists and discovered he had two neckties fashioned into restraints and secured on the bedposts.
She started to protest when he produced a third tie and gagged her.
She then watched wide eyed as he removed his slacks and boxers.
She struggled against her bonds as she watched him unbuttoned her blouse exposing her beautiful full breasts encased in a white silk shelf bra.
“Thank you for wearing a bra that fastens in the front,” the Professor panted as he unhooked it freeing her breasts from their silky prison.
His lips went to her very erect nipples and he began to kiss and lick them.
He started to suck on them with his teeth slightly parted so she could feel them scrape between them.
Her muffles moans grew louder with each application.
Finally he stopped long enough to slid a condom on his erect cock.
Megan attempted to keep her legs crossed but she was not as strong as he was and soon he succeeded in pushing her nylon covered legs apart and placing his body between them.
With one hand he slid the crotch of her soaking wet thong aside and then pushed his cock deep inside her hot wet pussy.
She arched her back and moaned through her gag as he began to thrust himself in and out of her.
Her character had been bound and gagged and was being taken against her will, she couldn’t believe the pleasure it gave her.
Then the thrusting stopped “If I remove the gag will you scream?” the Professor.
She shook her head to indicated that she wouldn’t scream.
“Miss Carson, you are so hot,” the Professor said in a panting voice as he resumed pushing his cock in and out of her.
“Professor? Would you like to kiss me? she asked.
“Very much,” he responded.
He lowered his lips to hers and he gave her a gentle kiss that quickly turned into a tongue sucking frenzy and increased the rhythm of his thrusts.
Finally he could hold out no longer and announced that he was going to cum and she joined him.
He rolled off of her and undid her bonds freeing her arms.
She then embraced her step brother and kissed him deeply.
“This was great,” she finally said.
“Yeah it was.
” “And it’s only the beginning,” Megan informed him.
“Really?” “Yes really.
There are other things I want to try, but we will save that for another time.
” Megan kissed Terry again and soon fell asleep in his arms.



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