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“You guys look good out there,” I say.
It’s been an hour since football practice ended and the team’s been scrimmaging without gear since.
It’s off season but the team is still hitting it hard.
“What do you know about football,” Isaiah says, teasing me.
“Oh, I wasn’t talking about your football skills,” I say, jumping down from the bleachers.
All around me the players are taking their shirts off, hoping I glance their way.
I look over and a few of them wink at me.
I smirk; reach my hand up around Isaiah’s neck and pulling his face towards mine.
I kiss him lightly and then pull away.
“You need a shower,” I say.
“Is that an invitation?” he asks me, raising one eyebrow.
He turns and starts walking to the locker room.
“No,” I call after him.
It’s six at night and the Miami air is still hot.
I’m dressed in short jean shorts and a sheer top, my long hair hanging in beach waves brushed out of my face.
I sit on the hood of Isaiah’s truck as I wait for him to come out of the locker room.
“Blaze,” Jonathan walks out of the locker room, and nods to me.
“Hey,” I reply.
He walks up and leans against the side of the truck.
“I don’t understand how you sit through our practices,” Jonathan laughs.
“I go home, change, and get shave ice before I come and sit around,” I retort.
“It’s still like four hours,” he teases.
“It’s like one and a half,” I say.
Isaiah walks out of the locker room.
As he walks towards me I slide off the hood.
As soon as my feet hit the ground his hands are at my waist, pulling me towards him.
I kiss him softly.
I don’t like kissing him in front of his friends.
“Ready to go?” he asks.
“For nearly two hours,” I say.
I climb into his truck and crank up the air conditioning.
We drive to his house, which is only a block away from mine.
Once we’re inside he takes off his shirt.
“Really,” I say, laughing.
“It’s too hot to wear a shirt,” he says, pushing me against the wall and pressing his lips against mine.
My hands slide up his chest.
I hook them behind his neck and pull him towards me.
His arms cross behind me, with his hands brushing my ass.
“You’re parents?” I ask, breaking the kiss.
“They left for California this morning,” When he says it I give him a questioning look but then I remember, its spring break.
We go upstairs and I immediately go to his closet.
He has a drawer of my things for when I stay all day and I need a change of clothes.
I reach to the bottom and pull out one of my favorite bikinis.
He’s in the bathroom changing into swim trunks when I turn around so I just start changing, with my back to the door.
I pull on the bottoms first, but I’m just barely getting the top on when he walks out.
“Don’t rush on my account,” he says, coming up behind me.
He reaches down my neck without peaking.
I hand him the top strings and he pulls them behind my neck and ties them.
He kisses my neck, takes my hand, and we make our way down stairs to the pool.
All the houses are big in Miami but his is especially huge.
I sit outside, with my feet in the water while he gets us sodas.
When he walks out I admire his tanned skin.
His abs, his arms, and his shoulders have really filled out this year.
For a moment I stare at the V that’s shaped between his hip-bones.
To me, it’s probably the most attractive physical trait a guy can have.
He sets the Coke down next to me.
I take a drink from mine before slipping into the water.
He follows me, slipping silently into the water.
I let him chase me for a little, but then I give up and he pulls me towards him.
I wrap my legs around his waist and let him support me.
He has one hand on my leg, keeping me up, but the other is tangled in my hair, pulling me towards him.
I kiss him, softly at first but then I lean in and deepen the kiss.
His bottom hand slips onto my ass, and I know he’s enjoying it a little too much.
I push myself up, putting all of my weight on him, so I’m leaning over him.
My hair falls, covering the sides of our faces.
I pull away slightly before going back for more.
He pulls me towards him and I do the same to him.
We can’t seem to get close enough.
He slowly lets me fall back into the water, until my feet are on the floor of the pool.
His lips never leave mine.
I lean backwards, his hands on the small of my back.
I dip my head into the water and let the weight of it pull my hair away from my face.
I come back up with my eyes closed, and I feel his lips on mine.
He pulls me up and I wrap my legs around his waist again.
Online Now! Lush Cams Alex_Gabino He carries me out of the water and to the downstairs guest bedroom.
He closes the door behind us, even though there’s nobody home.
He sets me down on the bed.
I crawl slowly backwards to the front of the bed.
He follows me with one hand on either side of my body.
He leans down and kisses me again.
I kiss him back, pulling him closer to me again.
His hand slides under me to the strings of my bikini.
He pulls away from me.
“Are you sure?” he asks.
I look at him for a moment, my eyes are begging him.
I reach up and pull him towards me in reply.
I kiss him softly and then nod, his face just inches from mine.
He pulls at the string and it comes loose, his other hand goes behind my neck and pulls on that string, the one he’d expertly tied just fifteen minutes ago.
Once that one is loose he pulls the top off of me and throws it across the room.
He does the same to my bottoms, untying them and then throwing them across the room.
He kisses my neck, and then in a straight line down to my clit.
It’s completely bare.
I have it waxed because I wear bikinis year round.
He kisses my clit and then spreads my legs.
He kisses the outside of me and then he separates my pussy lips and moves his tongue around them.
He pulls at them with his lips.
I grab the bed sheets and arch my back, and he slips his tongue inside me.
He makes figure eights with his tongue, and I can feel my juices lubricating me.
He comes back up and kisses me, letting me taste myself on his lips.
He kisses my lips, and then my jaw line, and then my ear, and then my neck.
My hands slip down to his shorts and I push them off.
They’re loose and they slip off easily.
He kicks them in the same general direction as my bikini pieces.
That’s it, we’re naked and I can finally see where the V between his hip bones ends.
I pull him closer to me, kissing him.
“Please,” I say.
I’m begging him now.
I’ve never wanted him so much.
He uses one hand to cup my face, and the other to guide his cock to me.
He slides it between my pussy lips.
I nod, and he slowly pushes into me.
He pushes the first inch or so into me.
“You’re so tight,” he whispers to me.
I gasp as he pushes a little further.
Then he stops because his cock is pushing against my hymen.
I nod again, and he pushes slowly.
I can feel it when he breaks through.
I let out a whimper and he stops.
“Are you sure you want to do this, I don’t want to hurt you,” he says.
Now he’s begging me, begging me to let him stop.
“I’m fine,” I breathe.
He leans in and kisses me, and then pushes in a little further.
His cock feels huge, it’s stretching me.
He pushes a little further and he’s about half in.
I kiss him again and he pushes all the way in.
I gasp into the kiss when he hits the end of me.
He holds himself there for a second before pulling, almost all the way out, and then slowly pushing back in.
It takes a while for the pain to go away but once it has I push myself into him and he starts grinding on me faster.
Our chests brush against each other every time he pushes into me and then pulls out again.
He’s fighting his urge to come until I have.
He slows down a little and his lips wrap around my breast.
He kisses each of them as he fucks me.
My moans fill the room.
He hits my cervix every time he pushes into me.
That’s when I feel it, my body starts to shake and my back arches.
He doesn’t stop; he speeds up, coaxing my orgasm out of me.
I know when it hits.
My eyes close and my knuckles go white as my grip on the sheets tighten.
I can feel my juices spilling out of me and drowning his hard cock.
As soon as my body’s calmed down he starts thrusting in and out of me, harder.
My moans start again, but I at least have control over myself.
I pull his lips down and kiss him lightly.
I feel him flinch, just barely and he pushes all the way into me, and he comes inside me.
I can feel his hot seed fill me, I feel the warmth.
He pulls out and comes up and kisses me.
“I love you,” he whispers into my ear.
I kiss him again.
“I love you too,” I say.
He picks me up and carries me to his room.
Its eight now, but I’m feeling so many emotions that I feel exhausted.
When he puts me on my own two feet I can feel his cum dribbling out of me and down my leg.
I walk into his bathroom and wipe it with a wash cloth before going back into his room and crawling into his bed.
He slips between the sheets next to me.
I press myself up against him and rest my head on his chest.
I slide my hand up over his heart.
I can feel it, and hear it, beating against me.
I close my eyes, and my breathing finally steadies.
“I love you so much,” I whisper, so he can barely hear me, and then I fall asleep in his arms.
(Story will be continued to around the present time.



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