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Latest stories Straight Sex Baby, Its cold outside Part 1

We’ve known each other for a couple of months now and even hung out numerous times, but you don’t know my secret.
You’re so sweet, the perfect gentleman.
I hope that revealing my secret to you doesn’t change your opinion of me; that I’m your perfect girl.
The girl who’s prim and proper, who doesn’t swear and always volunteers to help out when needed, but the thing is I’m not that girl all the time.
You see, I’m also that girl that guys dream about when they’re alone.
The one who everyone wants, but no one admits.
You know exactly who I’m talking about.
The one who’s considered dirty, or even slutty.
Well, I’m that girl who will do anything you want, the one who’s carnal, full of sexual energy and sometimes even crude.
Ryan, I’m that girl.
I’m your girl.
I’ve always been this person and I’ve kept it well hidden.
Even to this day, only a handful of people know how horny I really get, how dirty I really am.
I’m the girl next door, but I’m also the girl of your dreams.
This is how I’m going to prove it to you.
You can decide for yourself whether or not you still want to talk to me.
I won’t hold anything against you.
It’s your decision.
It’s the perfect night.
My parents have decided to spend a special night out on the town together, and both my sisters have gone to a friend’s house for the evening.
I’m all alone.
There’s nobody home except for the dogs and me.
That’s why I invited you over.
Hearing a soft knock on the door, I open it to find you standing there.
You’re all bundled up from the cold; your jacket zipped up all the way up, a hat on your head and a pair of mitts on your hands.
I take your mitten-clad hands and pull you inside the house, away from the cold and into the warmth.
Since I’m still holding your hands I take your mittens off and put them on the tea table by the door.
I bring your hand to my lips, lightly pressing a kiss to each of your fingertips.
You look surprised as I thread my fingers through yours and pull you down the stairs.
I’ve been ready for you for over an hour.
There are candles set up around the room and the bed is all made up.
I turn you around and place the backs of your knees against the edge of the bed.
I bring your head down a smidge, so I can kiss you as I unzip your jacket.
Throwing the jacket off to the side, I reach up to take your hat off.
Tugging your bottom lip with my teeth I can’t help but smile.
Feeling your arms wrap around me, I back away and shake my head.
Grinning mischievously, I tell you that I’m in charge tonight.
You promise to follow my every direction and slowly, I slowly come back to you.
Kissing you again, I slowly unbutton your shirt and push it off your shoulders.
I flash a cheeky smile at you before I press my mouth to one nipple and then the other.
Catching each between my teeth to nip each gently, before licking the sting away.
Looking into your eyes, I lower my hands and expertly unbuckle your belt and pop open the snap of your jeans.
I trace a finger down along the zipper, smiling at your intake of breath as I graze my fingers down along your cock and back up again.
I tease you a bit longer before easing the zipper down and spreading your jeans open.
I hook my fingers into the belt loops of your jeans and lower them over your butt before letting them drop.
I steady my hands on your hips as I slowly lower myself in front of your crotch.
I stare at the bulge in front of me, fighting to be free from the tight boxers.
Leaning it a bit, I give you a gentle kiss through the fabric of your boxers.
Looking up, I see you close your eyes.
I’m sure you’re thinking you know what’s coming next.
In one swift motion I stand up and press my palms flat against your chest.
It takes little effort to push you onto the bed.
I slowly get up on the bed with you and straddle your legs.
Online Now! Lush Cams Alex_Gabino I can hear you groan as I run my hands from your shoulders, down your stomach to your hips.
Hovering once again over your crotch, I can see your cock twitch as I tease you.
I trace my fingers in circles close to your cock but never touching it.
I start my journey towards it as I kiss down your chest, over your stomach, dipping my tongue in your belly button, before traveling lower to plant kisses on your hips.
Despite my teasing, I know that we both can’t last this long.
Sliding your boxers off, I reveal your thick, hard cock.
Licking my lips at the marvelous sight, I take it with my right hand and guide it into my mouth.
You let out a huge sigh as I swirl my tongue around the head of your cock, giving it my full attention.
I dip my tongue into the slit and I can feel you shudder.
I know you love it when I do that and your groan just confirms it.
I repeat this a couple of more times before taking your cock a little deeper into my mouth.
I let out a moan of pleasure to let you know I’m enjoying this too.
Your hips come off the bed as you feel the vibrations down to your toes.
My rhythm is slow and steady at first, my mouth going deeper with every stroke.
My nose barely touches your groin and I know that you’re completely in me.
My lips are pursed as I skillfully suck your beautiful cock.
My right hand still grips your cock at the base and my left hand steadying myself on your hip.
I can hear your moans getting louder as my head matches the rhythm of your hips, up and down, up and down.
While this is going on, I free my right hand and trace my fingers down from your cock to your balls.
I play with and cup them in my hand as I continue to suck you.
As the tempo increases I feel a pair of hands on my head fingers, weaved through my hair, guiding my sucking and giving me direction.
I take you even deeper into my mouth and my throat muscles relax slightly.
With my nose completely in your groin, I feel the tip of your cock tickling the back of my throat.
As I start the next round of sucking, I tighten my lips a bit more and start a twisting motion with my mouth around your cock.
I glance up and look at your face.
Your eyes are closed and your breathing is short, fast and a bit shallow.
With my eyes locked on your face, I lift my head up and lightly graze the tip of your wonderful cock with my teeth.
Waiting for your reaction, I watch intently.
I know you weren’t expecting that.
Your eyes open in surprise and you look at me in protest.
I smile playfully at you.
I take you back in my mouth as an apology.
Your hips come off the bed and we begin our rhythm again.
Your moaning becomes more apparent as I begin to move my mouth and hand faster.
My lips are sealed around your shaft and my hands grip you with experience.
My tongue continues to circle the head of your throbbing cock.
God, it feels good in my mouth.
With every stroke, our pace gets faster and faster until we’re out of sync, our sexual urges in control.
With your hips now in full swing, you fuck my mouth feverishly.
As you once again hold my head in place.
I can feel your muscles contract and I know you’re close to cumming.
Instinctively, my free hand has made its way down under my dress to my dripping wet pussy.
Giving myself a rub, I gather up my juices on my fingers and put it up to your mouth.
Just as you suck my fingers dry of my juices, you explode in my mouth.
I take it all.
Your hips still thrusting into my mouth wanting to give me every last drop.
I crawl up to you and smile, and then lay next to your smug looking self.
You roll us into the spooning position so you can kiss my neck and whisper thank you in my ear.
  Want to hear part 2? Well, stay tuned.



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