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Latest stories Taboo A little fun with Ashley

Ding, Dong  “Ashley, come in sweetie.
” “Mr.
Rhodes, I left my sweater and my history book in Tommy’s room.
May I come in and get them?” “Of course sweetie.
Go up to his room and then come sit and catch up with me.
” Ashely came in to the house and walked upstairs to my son’s room.
She’s been dating him for the last year.
They’re both getting ready to graduate in the spring.
She’s just the cutest young girl.
Ashley is eighteen years old like my son.
She has a body to die for.
I really get a little excited looking at her.
I have had a few drinks and she’s looking really hot.
She has on a pink camisole with no bra and a denim miniskirt with slouch socks and white sneakers.
I know I shouldn’t even be looking at her, but she has some rack on her.
I think she must be like a 38D and a size four in her skirt.
She has long legs and is a tall girl.
She has blonde hair and blue eyes.
I don’t know if my son and Ashley are intimate, but when she comes downstairs, I’m going to have a little fun with her.
“Thank you, Mr.
I was able to find them.
Is Tommy home?” “No sweetie.
Tommy went over to his friend Nick’s house for the weekend.
My wife and I figured we’d have a little romantic weekend, while Tommy is away.
She’s food shopping right now.
” Ashley walked over to the couch and sat down.
Once she sat down, I think she realized that her miniskirt was a bit short.
She kept trying to pull it down.
She looked like an absolute angel.
Her breasts looked so inviting in her camisole shirt.
My cock was stirring in my jeans.
“So how are things going with you and my son?” “Really great.
We’ve been dating a year now.
” “Tommy is always really happy these days.
Are you guys having sex?” Ashley’s face turned beat red and she looked horrified when I asked her that question.
“Not really.
We just kind of make out.
Lots of kissing and petting.
” “Are you sure dear? He acts like he’s a big stud around here.
Are you sure you’re not having sex? You can tell me, I won’t be upset with you.
” “He respects me.
We just kiss and I let him touch my breasts.
” “You do have beautiful breasts.
You’re a very beautiful girl.
Have you ever kissed an older man before? I really would like to kiss you.
Would you let me kiss you? I want to see how you kiss my son?” I could tell Ashley was getting very nervous, but she leaned in and gave me a kiss.
We kissed deep and passionately and our tongues danced in each other’s mouths.
She really was a very experienced kisser.
I was wondering if she was pulling my leg and that they really were having sex.
I wondered if she really was pure as the driven snow.
“You’re a very good kisser, Ashley.
Do you like to kiss?” “I do like to kiss.
Did I do a good job?” “You did a great job.
I really want to see your breasts.
Would you take your shirt off and show them to me?”  “You want to see my breasts? Do you think that would be appropriate? I mean your my boyfriend’s father.
” “Honey, I just want to see what my son plays with.
Don’t you want me to see your beautiful breasts.
I can see them already through your shirt.
It kind of looks like you want me to see them.
” “Okay, if you think it’s okay.
I’ll show them to you.
I know Tommy loves them.
” “Take your top off and sit on the chair over there.
” Ashley stood up and she removed her top.
I couldn’t believe my eyes.
She had the most amazing set of jugs I’d ever seen.
They were completely natural and her nipples were inverted.
I always enjoy women with inverted nipples.
It takes time to get them nice and hard.
She then walked over to the chair and sat down.
I stood behind her and put my hands on her breasts.
I cupped and massaged each of them.
I squeezed her breasts together and lifted each of them.
I pulled and pinched at her nipples.
They were responding to my fingers.
It took a little while, but with lots of stimulation her nipples were then hard.
I could hear her making little whimpering sounds.
“Do you ever let my son play with your vagina?” “I’m a good girl.
I’ve only ever let him play with my breasts.
He’s never ever touched me down there.
” “I could kiss your vagina and make it feel really nice.
Would you let me kiss you there? I know you’ll absolutely love it.
Would you let me show you that?” “I guess so.
I’ve never experienced that before.
” “Let’s go to my bedroom.
I can kiss your vagina better in there.
Come on sweetie.
This will be lots of fun.
” “Won’t your wife be home soon?” “She’ll be here, but I think she’d like to kiss your vagina too.
We could kiss it together.
Would you let Mrs.
Rhodes kiss your vagina too?” “As long as you don’t mind a very inexperienced girl.
I’ve never even had sex before.
” “I want to just kiss your vagina.
Let’s not talk about sex right now.
Right now I want you to take off your skirt and lay on the bed.
” Ashly took off her little skirt and was left wearing white lacy brief panties.
She then got onto our bed and put her head on our pillow.
I then got into position and put her legs over her head.
I wanted to just lick her panties and get her excited before I even tried oral sex with her.
I sniffed and snuffled at her white briefs.
Her pussy smelled really nice.
She was moaning, while I played with her panties.
I then licked her panties and could feel her little pussy bump.
I was kissing and licking and she was moaning.
“Ashley, I’m going to take your panties off.
I want to kiss your vagina now.
Are you ready to experience pleasure my darling.
” “Yes.
I’m very excited.
” I then took put my hands in her waistband and pulled her panties down her legs.
I took a sniff of her cotton crotch.
I was really surprised they were a little damp.
I took a taste and then tucked her panties under the pillow.
I then spread her legs.
She had quite a bush down there.
I really don’t like to do oral sex with that much hair down there.
“Ashely, I’m going to shave your pussy.
You have a lot of hair down there.
It’ll just make the kissing a lot easier for me.
Would you let me shave you down there?” “Okay.
That would be fine.
” I then ran to get a razor, shaving cream, and a washcloth.
I then came back to the room and wet her pussy with the wash cloth.
I sprayed the shaving cream into my hand and applied it to her pussy.
I carefully put the razor on her mound and shaved her.
I was very careful not to cut her.
She was giggling.
“All done.
Your pussy looks beautiful now.
Let me get a hand mirror for you to see.
” I went on my wife’s vanity table and took her mirror and went back to Ashley on the bed.
I then put the mirror in front of her pussy so she could see.
“See how much better it looks?” “It does look much neater.
Thank you, sir.
” I then spread her legs and started to kiss her pussy.
I moved my tongue up and down her pussy.
I rubbed at her clitoris.
This was making her pussy get a little wet.
I could see how her body was responding to my attention.
“Oh Mr.
Rhodes that feels so good.
” I then pushed my tongue into her slit and tongue fucked her.
She was moaning and squirming on the bed.
Her pussy was wet and I was drinking at her juices.
I kept rubbing her clit with my finger.
“Grind on my face.
Push your pussy onto my face.
” Ashley started to grind her cunt into my face.
I was licking her deeper and deeper.
She was moaning and groaning.
“Oh God.
That feels so good.
I feel really hot down there.
” “Just let yourself have an orgasm.
Let yourself enjoy the wave.
” I inserted a few fingers into her virginal pussy and I fingered her faster and faster.
She then screamed and had her first orgasm on my fingers.
I replaced my fingers with my tongue and licked at her hot cunt juices.
“Did you enjoy that sweetie? Did you like the kisses on your vagina?” “Oh yes.
That was a lot of fun.
What other things will you be showing me?” I heard my wife’s car in our driveway.
I wanted to go downstairs to tell her about our little guest who was over.
“Ashley, Mrs.
Rhodes is here.
Let me just go talk to her and I’ll be right back.
” “Okay.
Online Now! Lush Cams HailyAndLiam I’ll be right here.
” I walked out of the bedroom and went downstairs to help my wife with the groceries.
“Victoria, Tommy’s girlfriend is here and I’ve been having a little fun with her.
I was thinking we’d teach her stuff.
I just gave her oral sex.
Maybe you two could suck my cock together.
She’s a virgin, but wants to learn how to do stuff.
” “Mark, now you’re fucking our son’s girlfriend.
That has got to me a new low for you.
” “I’ve had a few beers.
She’s so pretty.
Wait till you see her body.
She wants to play with us.
” “Okay.
Let me put the groceries away and then I’ll join you.
What will Tommy think about this? Tommy is at Nick’s house.
I’m sure he’ll like that his tart is more experienced.
” “I’ll be right up.
” I walked back to the bedroom and Ashley was sitting up in the bed.
“I just talked to Mrs.
Rhodes and she’s going to be playing with us.
I thought you two girls could suck my cock.
She’ll show you how to do that.
Would you like to learn how to give a blow job? I bet our son would love you giving him one.
” “I would love to learn that.
Sometimes, Tommy has asked me to do that.
But, I just didn’t know how.
But, if you could show me that, it would make it easier for when I might do it for him.
” With that my wife came into the room.
“Hi Ashley.
Are you having fun with my husband? Is he being nice to you?” “He’s showing me things.
I’m a virgin with no experience.
If you guys don’t mind showing me then I guess that would be okay.
I’m eager to learn how.
” “Why don’t you show her how to suck my cock? Let’s do that first.
” I stood up and my wife and Ashley got on their knees.
“Ashley, I want you to lick my husband’s left side of his cock.
I’ll kiss the right side.
” Ashley then started to lick my cock going up the left side.
My wife did the same on the right side.
“Put his left ball into your mouth.
I shall do the same on the right side.
” Ashley put her mouth around my left ball and began to suck it.
My wife did the same with the other ball.
“Oh God! That feels so fucking good.
I’m so excited.
Play with her breasts, Victoria.
” My wife put her hands on Ashley’s breasts, while the two of them sucked on my balls.
“Victoria, I want you to show her how to suck my cock.
” “You need to wrap your lips around his cock and slowly bring it down your mouth.
” Ashley then wrapped her lips around my cock.
She bobbed along taking my cock deeper and deeper down her mouth.
My wife held her hair so I could watch her stuff her mouth with my cock meat.
I have a seven inch cock.
I’m more long then thick.
She was able to get most of my cock down her throat.
At times she would gag.
My wife then went behind Ashely and played with her huge jugs.
She was squeezing them together as the little doll sucked on my huge cock.
She was making all those wet sucking noises as she was blowing me.
Her mouth felt like heaven on my cock.
I could tell my wife was getting very aroused as she played with her breasts.
“Ashely, spread your legs.
I want my wife to finger your pussy.
” Ashley then spread her legs, while she was sucking on my cock.
Victoria wet her fingers and started to rub at her clit.
She was very wet down there.
Victoria pushed her fingers into her wet pussy and fingered her, while she gave me a blow job.
Her cheeks were bulging, spit oozed down the corners of her mouth.
Her eyes started to water.
Victoria was fingering her fast.
Her pussy was dripping.
I was pulling and twisting at her nipples.
Ashley then had an orgasm on my wife’s hands.
Victoria then took her hands out of her pussy and she licked them.
She then stood up and put them in my mouth so I could taste the girl’s sweet juices.
“Ashley, would you like to ride my face.
I can kiss your vagina some more.
My wife will hop up and she’ll ride me.
Would you like me to lick your pussy?” “Okay, that sounds good.
I’m so drippy down there.
” “I’ll lick you clean.
Hop up on my face.
” Ashley then stood on the bed and put her two feet on either side of my head.
She squatted down and I pushed my tongue deep inside of her again.
I tongue fucked her and rubbed her clit with my fingers.
She was moaning and groaning and moving her pussy all over my face.
My wife then undressed and sat up on top of me.
She guided my cock into her bald cunt.
She then rocked and moved over my cock.
She played with her breasts as she fucked me.
Ashley’s pussy was so wet and I continued to lick, suck, and bite on her pussy lips.
She kept having orgasm after orgasm.
Her body was really responding to my tongue.
For a virgin, she was a very wet young thing.
I was slurping and drinking at her juices.
“Oh Mr.
Rhodes, your tongue feels so amazing.
My pussy feels so warm.
Oh God! I think I’m coming.
Oh God!” “Just enjoy your orgasms.
Keep moving your pussy over my husband’s mouth.
” Ashley was grinding her pussy over my face and I was licking and lapping at her like a dog in heat.
My wife was rocking and moving her pussy over my cock.
I then started to buck up into her pussy.
We were in perfect rhythm with each other.
“Oh God, your cock feels so good.
I’m going to come.
Oh fucking hell.
” Victoria had an orgasm.
Her pussy soaked my cock and balls.
I really wanted Ashley to hop up on me.
“Ashley do you want to learn how to have sex?” “Yes, I’d like that.
” Ashely then got up and my husband sat on the edge of the bed.
“All you have to do is sit on my husband and I’ll put his cock inside of you.
Then you just need to work your pussy up and down over his cock.
I’ll help move your body.
” “Okay.
” Ashley then got up and she approached my husband.
She then faced him and my wife helped put my cock inside of her.
Ashley lowered herself onto my cock.
My wife helped move her hips to help her.



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