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“Remember that night?” “What night was that?” “That first night we made love, over the phone.
” She smiled, looking over the top of her almost-empty wine glass.
“Oh, I remember it vividly, babe.
” Lauren closed her eyes for only a moment, recalling every second of that night in an instant.
She and Jason had been talking by phone for weeks and had on more than one occasion discussed phone sex.
They finally agreed on a date night.
  And, indeed, Jason made love to Lauren.
He guided her hands as if they were his own, touching her in ways she’d never touched herself.
Yes, Lauren remembered.
It made her squirm just a little in her chair.
“When we get back to our room tonight, I want to make love again to you like that.
” Lauren looked at Jason curiously.
“Over the phone?” He smiled.
With you standing in front of me and my voice guiding your hands.
” “So you won’t be touching me?” Lauren did her best to look disappointed.
“My voice will touch you.
” Her disappointment turned into a smile.
Jason had never disappointed her as a lover.
————————— Another glass of wine eased Lauren and Jason into the late-night hours.
As always, conversation and laughter proved easy.
As did their affection for one another that began to manifest itself into increasingly passionate kissing.
Jason took Lauren by the hand, inviting her to stand.
“Where are we going?” “You’re going to undress.
” “I am?” Lauren asked with a bit of a mock smirk.
“You are, babe.
” Jason’s voice could melt her with a single syllable.
Whenever he called her “babe” and used that tone, well… “Leave on your panties, stockings and heels.
Nothing else.
” She looked over her shoulder at him as she sauntered to the bedroom.
“Lauren?” She stopped but didn’t turn around.
“Lean against the wall beside the window when you are ready.
” She continued into the bedroom.
Jason took his time pouring two more glasses of wine.
There would be no rushing tonight.
And he wanted Lauren waiting in anticipation for a few moments before joining her.
Satisfied she’d had enough time, Jason stepped to the bedroom door.
Draperies for the floor-to-ceiling window were open wide allowing the blue cast of the night to bathe her.
He leaned against the doorframe, admiring Lauren.
Tall and slim with firm, taut breasts, the beauty across the room stood as directed with her shoulders against the wall, feet slightly spread, looking out the window.
He didn’t think she saw him.
“Like what you see?” She surprised him with her question.
“You leave me breathless, Lauren.
” She turned her head to face him, running her hands up her torso, across her breasts, and up into her hair, stretching her body and displaying every asset.
“I’m pretty breathless myself, right now.
” He strode across the room and passed right in front of her as he sat the wine glasses on the bedside table; so close she could smell his cologne again.
She breathed him in.
“Clasp your hands behind the small of your back.
” The words came as more a request than a demand as he turned toward her.
She accommodated.
He stepped to within inches of Lauren; face to face.
The lightest kiss landed on her lips.
She closed her eyes and tilted her head back slightly.
Jason moved his mouth to her neck.
But there was no kiss.
He only allowed her to feel the heat of his breath.
She shivered.
“Keep your eyes closed.
” She responded only by doing as told.
Jason stepped back and looked Lauren up and down, visually soaking in every inch of her.
“How did I ever get so lucky to be right here, right now?” he wondered as he loosened his tie and pulled it from under his collar.
“I’m going to touch you, but just for a moment.
” She moaned softly when Jason lay his tie across her eyes, then reached around her to tie it.
“Can you see anything?” “No.
” “Perfect.
Everything for the next few minutes should be in your head.
” “You have my head racing, Jason.
” He detected a slight tremble in her words.
“Are you scared, babe?” (There was that word, again.
) “I’ve never been blindfolded.
” “Are you scared?” he asked again.
“Maybe? A little?” “Do you trust me, Lauren?” “I do.
” “Do you trust me unconditionally?” “I do.
” Her answers became softer.
“I would never hurt you.
” “I know.
” Jason sat down on the edge of the bed, maybe four feet from Lauren, still dressed as he was at dinner — slacks, shirt, jacket — except for the tie.
“Lauren, if I were standing in front of you, what would I be doing? Don’t answer.
Show me.
” Her hands unclasped slowly then moved from behind her and down her hips.
Touched by hands turned to touch by fingertips across the tops of her thighs, then slightly in.
Just her nails dragged up the inside of Lauren’s silken thighs.
She inhaled sharply as they passed the legs of her panties.
Lauren knew Jason wouldn’t be touching her most private parts yet.
He would tease until she was dripping wet.
She wasn’t there yet.
Wet, yes.
Damn wet, yes.
Dripping? Not quite.
She pulled her hands up her torso, nails dragging across her taut abdomen before coming up under her breasts.
Her hands rotated up to cup and lift her flesh.
Her nipples were pebble-hard already.
Lauren knew her nipples excited Jason and that he loved watching her display them for him.
“Tug your nipples.
” “Like this?” Lauren took her fleshy points between her thumbs and forefingers and pulled up.
The feeling caused her to moan loudly.
Knowing how the visual would arouse Jason amplified the involuntary moan.
Jason caught his breath as he felt his own arousal build.
“Just short of pain, Lauren.
Pull…” Her lover pushed her shoulders against the wall and her chest up and out as she mildly tortured herself at his behest.
Online Now! Lush Cams SabrinaXt “Oh fuck!” It was a soft exclamation from Lauren’s lips.
With her nipples aching and pulsing, she cupped her breasts again.
Jason watched her hands.
And he watched her hips.
They were rolling in a slow, sensual grind on nothing but imagination.
“You know I would do that, don’t you?” “I do know, Jason,” she whispered.
“You like when I’m on the edge.
” “I do, babe.
” He could scarcely take his eyes off her undulating hips, calling his every primal instinct.
“Are you on the edge now, Lauren?” “God yes.
I want you to touch me so bad.
” “Where? Show me.
” Jason handed her the reins.
He was no longer in charge.
Lauren smiled through the building desire.
“May I take off the blindfold?” “Not quite yet.
I want you to show me where you want me to touch you.
” It was his last small act of being the lead for the night.
And he knew it.
Lauren let her hands fall from her breasts to her hips; her hips that writhed with more emphasis in every roll.
She bent forward, her hands gliding down her outer thighs.
Fingers spread as her head dropped, allowing her hair to create a dark curtain of mystery.
Then she rose.
Slower than slow, Lauren stood.
Her slender fingers traced the insides of her thighs until they rested on her black lace panties.
Her hips continued their sensual dance.
But now the undulations looked much more like shallow, teasing fucks, Jason thought.
He pictured those hips riding the erection straining at that very moment in his pants.
“Your breathing is heavier,” Lauren observed.
“I can hear you.
“Undress now.
” The words dripped with lust and just a little demand, though her vision remained obscured.
Without taking his eyes off her, Jason stood and stripped.
There was no urgency.
There was no reason for urgency.
  With his briefs kicked aside, he sat again.
“How hard are you?” “Do you really need to ask? You always make me crazy.
” “How.
You?” He smiled.
Straight-up hard.
” “If I do this, does it make you harder?” In the middle of her question, Lauren pressed a middle finger against the lace and between her lips.
That finger disappeared between her legs, then came back to her clit.
She gasped silently.
“Does it? Does it make your cock twitch?” “You know it does, babe.
” There was that word again.
It alone pushed her finger down and back again.
Stand up, Jason.
” As he stood, Lauren slowly tore his tie from around her head and tossed it away.
His prominent erection caught her attention.
Lauren licked her lips and almost subconsciously slipped her right hand into the waistband of her panties.
That middle finger, the one that Jason watched moments before, slipped between her lips — yes, dripping lips, now.
“You know what this feels like, Jason.
” That verbal reminder oozed like honey from her lips.
He knew that change in her voice.
She continued to tease herself, never slipping a finger inside, but allowing her nail to lightly graze that one tiny spot that could push her over the edge in a split second.
But her touch wasn’t that firm.
She wasn’t “ready.
” Not yet.
“Stroke your cock,” Lauren said as she continued to touch herself.
” Jason wrapped his right hand around the shaft, pulling forward and back; hand to the head, then back to the base.
Lauren moaned as her eyes soaked in every motion.
She’d made it clear before how much watching him pleasure himself excited her.
But she also knew her watching him excited him, too.
  “Step closer,” she whispered.
Jason did as told, but remained a couple of feet away.
Right in front of me.
” He stepped closer.
He stood a couple of inches away now.
Lauren leaned her head forward just enough to kiss him softly; one of those lingering kisses filled with the promise of scorching passion to come.
Jason breathed in sharply when he felt her hand replace his on his shaft.
She continued the motion with a firm, purposeful grip as she broke the kiss.
“Look in my eyes.
” He couldn’t have resisted if he’d wanted.
Jason could get lost in Lauren’s eyes in a moment and at any time.
In their most intimate moments, all he could see was a flame.
Lauren placed her left arm around her lover’s shoulder and lifted her left leg and wrapped it around his hip.
her right hand never releasing its grip on his training cock.
Then he felt her heat.
Lauren pushed her hips forward so her sodden, swollen lips glided along the length of Jason.
Back and forth with her panties pushed aside.
She pressed him up against her as his hands found her ass and gripped her tight.
She teased herself with the bulbous head; riding her clit over the hard edge.
“Fuckkk…” escaped her lips as her head tilted back.
Jason looked down and watched her pussy ride the length of him.
Forward and back lewd motions made his cock as wet as her pussy.
Dripping wet.
Her head came back forward and her eyes locked onto his.
“Jason? I need this inside me.
” “This” came with a tighter grip around his cock.
“Against this wall,” she added.
Needing no additional encouragement, he hooked his arms between her thighs and lifted her up against the wall.
Lauren gasped at the sudden levitation.
She gasped again when Jason began to lower her onto his cock.
As much as he wanted to be buried in her tight, dripping pussy, Jason also wanted to savor the exquisite feel of Lauren slowly enveloping him.
It was a feeling that made him almost lightheaded with pleasure and desire.
She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and they kissed deeply.
There was a moan intertwined in the kiss.
a moan from both of them that became more guttural the deeper he sank.
When filled completely, Lauren squeezed.
Her hips danced in tiny circles, making her lover’s shaft touch new places inside her.
“Fuck me, Jason.
” She used her own leverage to begin, but Jason took over quickly, cupping her taut cheeks and lifting her so the head of his cock barely penetrated her.
Lauren’s mouth opened.
No sound escaped as she anticipated what might happen next.



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