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She knew she was making a mistake, that the road she was about to go down would lead only to shame, regret and the end of her innocence.
But thoughts like these are logical and logic is the first thing abandoned when your urges take over, when your blood runs hot and desire takes over.
She gasped as his lips found her neck, his exploration of her body becoming more urgent.
Warm sensations flooded her mind as he sampled her, breathing in her scent and tasting her need.
His hand grasped the zip on her skirt, working it loose and casting it aside.
Gently he stroked up the inside of her thigh, she shuddered, acutely aware in that moment of her wetness and how she longed for something more inside her.
It had started innocently enough, as these things often do.
It is, after all, a warped personality that goes out looking to betray their spouse.
No she had been out on business, actively disdaining a conference that had served little more than as an opportunity to drink bad coffee and talk to people who she cared little about.
In another time she might have been enjoying herself, taking pleasure in the time out of the office and the opportunity to meet new people.
Personal things however had left her distracted and looking for excuses to be frustrated.
A husband who worked abominably long hours and came home with enough energy to eat, stare at a television and crawl into bed.
Nothing more.
They hadn’t fucked in 6 months.
Which isn’t to say they’d been celibate, it’s just that she could bring herself to call the scant few late night fumblings fucking.
She remembered what it had been like before he began to climb up the corporate ladder, when he’d come home hard for her and would take her where the fuck he pleased.
God she missed those times.
Head pressed down on the kitchen counter as he slid into her from behind, calling her a dirty fucking girl as she moaned and clenched down on him.
She loved being his plaything, she loved it how he’d always make certain that she came first then work her back up until she was begging for his cum.
They made love too, soft, sensual and a perfect show of the love they shared.
But not as enjoyable.
She loved it hard, sweaty and dirty.
Rutting because they both needed it and they couldn’t wait a second fucking longer.
But those times were gone.
Which is why when she came under the attention of an attractive stranger in the hotel bar, her first instinct wasn’t to think of her husband, but rather to think of how it would feel as this strange man entered her.
Of how much she would love it.
Which is how it started.
Small talk became more involved.
A quick smile became a held gaze.
She knew she wanted him, if the growing dampness between her legs and the stiff nubs poking through her shirt weren’t clue enough, the thoughts racing through her head certainly were.
In many ways though it was just a fantasy, an idle daydream to indulge her desires and untended needs.
It came as something of a surprise then when he held out a hand, inviting her to take things further, that she didn’t immediately decline.
She realised that she couldn’t and as he held her gaze her heat became all the more apparent.
Biting her lip hard she tried to drown out thoughts of infidelity.
It didn’t work.
She needed it, she needed it badly and she couldn’t give a shit how she got it.
Months of pent up frustration and lust were let loose.
She took his hand.
He led her astray.
He trailed his tongue up her thigh, watching as the cold air brought up bumps along her milky skin.
Her moaning hadn’t let up and he was beginning to realise what he’d let himself in for.
Arousal didn’t cover it, she was deep in heat.
He let his tongue reach is climax, finding the lips between her thighs.
She was soaked, her juices running freely.
The smell, the sweetness, it was intoxicating.
She shuddered and his tongue trailed over her clit, he savoured her pleasure awaiting her climax.
Her breathing quickened, it had been so long since she’d enjoyed sensation on this level.
Her legs spread wider as she grasped his hair, pulling his tongue further into her.
Online Now! Lush Cams EmmaSteell Her hips rocked under him as she let herself fall slave to her lust.
Sensing her impending release, his pace quickened and she felt her release nearing, the pressure building until she couldn’t take it.
She exploded on his tongue, screaming and legs quaking.
His arms grasped her tighter, pulling her sopping pussy into his mouth.
Orgasm gave way to orgasm but he kept fucking going until she begged him to stop.
Then, spreading her legs, she begged something else.
“Fuck me.
” He ached to be inside her.
His face was coated in her juices and the sweet smell still lingered, intoxicating him.
He positioned himself at her opening, her obscene wetness coating the end of his manhood.
He wanted to savour this, he wanted to take his time.
He eased into her, only slightly, letting her heat envelop him.
He slowed his pace, letting her think he was going to bury himself fully inside her, before backing out, teasing her, making her want it back within her.
It was driving her crazy.
He was big, not much bigger than her husband, but big enough for her to notice.
He stretched her in new ways and the obscene thought was its own high.
He was breaking her in, making her sex conform to his dimensions.
He edged slightly deeper and she groaned again, digging her nails into his back.
He tried to edge back out, to complete his tease, but she wrapped her legs around him and buried her lips into his neck.
She squeezed his prick deeper inside her as she groaned into his neck.
Inch by inch he slid into her, until he was buried to the hilt.
Now he was ready to fuck.
He kept a steady pace, slowly easing out of her before slamming back inside.
Each thrust eliciting a wanton groan from her.
The sound of the sex, amplified by her wetness filled the room, each obscene slap driving her more inane.
Her betrayal was complete, all thoughts of guilt washed away.
All she could think of now was his cock, throbbing inside her, how she couldn’t get enough of it.
How she wanted to feel it twitch as it spilled its seed into her.
He was licking her nipple, rolling it between his teeth and tongue.
Punctuating the occasional thrust with a lewd bite.
Driven by her lust she grabbed his head and forced his tongue to hers.
They kissed deeply, tongues dashing about madly, driven by the basest desires.
She felt him begin to stiffen, felt the pulsing in his prick that signalled release was near.
She drew him in more deeply, savouring every moment before releasing the kiss.
Staring into him.
“Cum in me, please give me it.
” It was all he needed.
He stiffened one last time, burying himself as deep as possible into her, shooting rope after rope of his cum inside her.
His mind was blank and he gripped her with insane determination, leaving himself inside her until he softened.
And like that it was over, she kissed him one last time and they spoke brief words.
He rolled off her and she lay there, feeling his seed spill out of her, unsure as to what to make of the mix of guilt and pleasure that surrounded her.
She thought of her husband, then man she thought she loved.
She thought of her needs and how letting this man take her, ravish her and release himself inside her had made her feel alive.
More alive than she had in a while.
It was with these thoughts she fell asleep.
The morning sun woke her, turning she saw her lover comatose beside her.
She realised that this was her chance to leave, she could simply open the door and never be seen again.
That nobody need no of her indiscretion, that in time she could forgive herself.
Then a pang between her legs let her know the things she’d be missing out on, that some things are worth corrupting herself for.
In that instance she made her choice.
He woke with a start, it was hard not to, his raging hard on and the familiar wetness surrounding it were too feeling too strong to let sleep leave them unappreciated.
He looked into her eyes as she slid her cock further down her throat.
She winked at him and withdrew his member from her mouth, punctuating its exit with a loud slurp.



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