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Jake walked into the hotel bar just after 9 pm.
A hundred hotels and a hundred business trips over the years left him weary and made him realize even more that his good years were far behind him at fifty-eight years old.
He sat at the bar as he always did; usually near the end, so he could look at the people living and loving their lives as he once did.
He remembered the butterflies in his stomach and the anticipation he used to have for the “hunt” when he was their age.
He enjoyed picking his prey and culling her from the herd for the eventual trip back to his room.
He never failed.
But that was a different Jake.
A younger Jake.
This Jake was just a shell of what he once was.
The butterflies left him long ago and the hunt has been replaced by his own longing for just an hour of conversation with someone who might actually be interested in him.
Jake often found himself profiling the bar patrons as he watched their antics with each other.
The yuppies who had way too much hope and enthusiasm.
The lounge lizards who all seemed to shop at the same clothing stores and had the same barbers.
The underage college kids who had phony ID’s but still acted like teenage idiots.
The local MILF’s who paraded through for their pick of hard body arm candy.
Then, of course, the quiet ones who always seemed out of place, like they didn’t really belong here but came only because their friends did.
She sat in the corner.
Her chair pushed back from the table.
As if she was trying to hide in the shadows between the lights.
Her friends were all drinking and laughing unreasonably loud at what obviously was meant to draw attention on them.
The music was soft and low.
Almost symphonic and seemed not to fit the rambunctious crowd as they acted out their roles.
Her hair was long and flowing.
She couldn’t have been but barely twenty-one.
He thought younger.
Her spaghetti straps were off her shoulders and the soft mounds of her breasts were highlighted in her cleavage as she shifted in her seat.
Her shoulders bare and beckoning.
She seemed oblivious to everyone around her.
Somewhere else in her mind.
He knew that feeling.
He often did that himself.
Jake turned back to face his drink.
He downed it and motioned to the bartender for another.
He wondered at the quiet girl in the corner.
Why was she here? Which one of the noisemakers had she come with? What was she thinking? His mind drifted to his old days.
She was the type he would have gone after.
He could see himself now… circling the room slowly.
making eye contact.
almost a scent.
and capture.
She would have been his for the night in the old days.
Suddenly one of the noisemakers elevated his obligatory unfunny laugh at something equally as unfunny.
Jake turned to look, but not at him.
His eyes found hers.
Lost, confused and wanting.
His heart skipped a beat as he realized she was looking past all of the commotions and straight at him.
The noisemaker was her date, but she wouldn’t be going home with him.
Not tonight.
Stepping back in time, Jake felt himself slide from his bar stool.
He knew the feeling.
Long unfamiliar and distant.
Rising from some deep dark place inside his ancient body.
As if his heart had been waiting for his mind.
The urge.
The instinct.
The butterflies.
Never rush.
each step is deliberate.
each swing of the arm.
the way your shirt creases as you walk.
the way you breathe in sync with your slow gait as you cross the room.
shoulders squared.
chin set defiantly.
nature itself requires the male of each species to dance and preen for female selection.
a presentation in hopes of greater pleasures to come.
Jake knew she was watching every move as he made his way to her.
He could sense her anticipation as her breasts rose and fell more rapidly as he approached.
Her mouth slightly open.
Her bottom lip full and wanting.
As he rounded the table on her side she slid her chair back and rose to meet him.
He didn’t stop until he was only inches from her body.
Her eyes deep blue.
Almost translucent.
She smelled of lotions and oils.
He knew she would be sweet to the touch.
and the taste.
She was so young.
She was so innocent looking.
She was stunning.
For the first time, Jake doubted himself.
He knew she was looking into his tired eyes.
His grey temples.
His face with all of the creases and scars life could throw at him.
Wondering at this strange man in front of her old enough to be her grandfather.
The reality was beginning to set in.
She deserved far better than him this night.
His eyes must have told her his thoughts as she stepped even closer to him.
Her soft swollen breasts compressing slightly against his chest.
Her mouth close to his.
Her lips pouting as she breathed through her teeth.
Jake could only feel the sway and heat of her body as the noise in the room slowly faded.
His mind filtering out everything but her.
He could hear her gasp slightly as he felt her fingertips brush against his.
Pulling his hand into hers so gently.
Jake looked down at her bare neck and shoulders.
So smooth and desirable.
He wanted the rest of her more than any woman he had ever been with.
They had barely looked at each other.
They were barely touching.
He barely heard her when she whispered, “Yes.
” Jake’s mind raced with thoughts of past moments just like this.
Conquests of seemingly endless women throughout his years.
Always in control.
His mind and body primed and conditioned for every choreographed move designed to seduce the subject of his attraction.
His heart numb and displaced so as not to get in the way of his intentions.
But this was different.
She was different.
He couldn’t hide behind tomorrow’s conquests anymore.
There were too few of them left.
He had to face the reality of today’s desire.
Her body pressing against his slightly as if promising pleasures beyond his belief.
Her fingers entwined with his magically sending images and visions to his brain that only the two of them could see.
How quickly he had gone from predator to prey.
Her mouth moved closer to his ear.
He could feel her hair tickling his face.
Her scent overwhelmed him and the familiar ache in his groin began to build.
Like an old friend it came from the four corners of his body and gathered pace as it centered low and smoldered.
She whispered, “Are you staying here? Do you have a room we can go to?” Jake actually trembled slightly as he nodded yes.
She turned from him, pulling his hand behind her.
The noisemaker she came with protested loudly but she kept walking, leading Jake to the elevators.
He watched her walk ahead of him in a dancer’s gait.
Her young strong body.
The natural movement of grace and beauty.
Her short skirt barely hung below her amazing buttocks as she walked, showing a slight edge of her panties as it swayed over long smooth tanned legs.
She was aroused and stunning to behold.
As they stood close in front of the elevator doors, Jake could look down into her substantial cleavage.
Her breasts were round and firm.
He could see a tan line across a portion of her breasts.
Her nipples were swollen and hard, protruding erotically against and through her top.
The elevator doors slid open and it was empty.
Jake pulled her inside and as the doors closed, he spun her back to the wall and pressed his body hard against hers.
She circled her arms around his neck and pulled his mouth to hers in a long deep kiss.
Their tongues explored and jousted in wet play.
Jake reached under her and pulled her legs up and around him.
She reached between them and unzipped and unbuckled his pants.
His cock raging to break out.
Her hands guided his long thick shaft under and into her beneath the edge of her panties.
She could feel his hard cock penetrate her as he pressed her fully against the elevator wall.
Her hips pushed back against him and she could only hold on as he pumped his cock in and out of her.
Jake’s room was on the nineteenth floor.
The countdown of auditory bells stopped on the seventh floor and a young couple got on, mistakenly believing it was going down.
Jake looked over his shoulder as he pushed hard and deep into her.
He heard her moan, “Don’t stop.
please don’t stop.
” Then she pulled him closer and arched her hips higher giving him full access.
Jake lifted her up and dropped her fully onto his cock as she cried out in complete orgasm.
They both kept fucking each other as the young couple stood silently in amazement, unable to look away.
Jake felt the burning rush as his cock filled her with cum.
Her moans urging him to pump more and more into her.
Finally, the doors opened on his floor and she slid gracefully off of Jake’s cock and took his hand.
She turned to smile at the young couple as she pulled Jake behind her into the hallway.
The smell of her wafted back to him as she led him down the hall.
He loved the way her body bounced and jiggled naturally as he watched her beneath the swaying fabric of her clothes.
As they came to his room he pulled her up short and handed her the card key.
She looked at him quizzically and then smiled as she understood.
He wanted this to be her decision.
She had to open the door and lead them inside.
Jake stepped through the open door and pulled her close as the door slowly latched.
He knew his night was just beginning.
He knew there were more chapters to his story.
The room was dark except for a shaft of dim moonlight slipping between the drapes.
She had never been kissed like this before.
Usually, all men try to do is squeeze their tongue in her mouth as fast as they can like it’s a can of peaches.
Online Now! Lush Cams PrettyBumm Not him though.
His lips caressed hers softly.
Teasing her.
Pinching her bottom lip with his and sucking gently.
His tongue only probed as an appetizer, not the main course.
She had been waiting for him.
This stranger from her dreams.
Jake couldn’t get enough of her.
Her lips.
Her body.
Her essence.
It bound him to her.
He couldn’t escape tonight.
She was here for him in some sort of strange destiny set in place from birth.
This is the night all of his other nights prepared him for.
She was a goddess and he was a mortal scaling the castle wall to steal her heart.
He leaned in to kiss her once more.
He knew that tonight storms would rage and the earth would shake.
Their names would forever be whispered in long told legends.
Her young body.
was there for his taking.
Being offered willingly across the span of all of the years between them.
The blending of their bodies drew him to a place he had never been.
Without his armor he was vulnerable.
But not incapable.
As he removed her blouse, her breasts seemed larger and fuller.
Her nipples were long and firm, standing proud from her mounds of flesh.
Jake kissed each one softly, resisting the urge to fully engage yet.
His fingers deftly loosened her short skirt and let it fall to the floor.
Her sheer white panties almost luminous against her tanned skin.
He slid his fingers into the waist of her panties and knelt as he gently pulled them down her legs.
She put her hand on his shoulder as she stepped out of them.
The slight thin white line separating her tan outlined the most beautiful pussy he had ever seen.
Smooth, shaved, and framed between her tanned legs as if God said: “I will make paradise perfect and here it is.
” She stood in front of him with her legs spread slightly.
Her pussy mounded and exposed.
Her aroused labia swollen into fleshy folds and blossoming into her most beckoning garden.
As he leaned in to taste her, she spread slightly and guided his mouth to her.
Jake’s heart pounded as his tongue caressed her opening.
Her pussy was dripping already and her taste was sweet like vanilla and roses.
He opened his mouth and sucked her in and felt the familiar quiver and then the release of warm fluid.
She squirted into his mouth hard and long.
He swallowed as much as he could but her flow kept coming.
He pulled her tighter to his mouth and let her stream directly into his throat.
Only her moans dying down let him know she was near finish.
Her body sagging slightly onto him.
Jake laid her young tender body back onto the bed.
The small shaft of light from the drapes turned her body into an island of pleasure in the large king bed.
Her huge firm breasts still mounded high with a slight drift to the sides, making her appear wonderfully erotic.
Her legs spread apart.
her pussy dripping.
A slight dampening on the comforter below was beginning to appear.
Jake took his time undressing.
wanted her rested and ready again.
All fell silently to the floor.
He pushed his shorts off, lifting the waist past his swollen thick cock and let them fall as well.
He heard her gasp as he exposed his manhood, wondering if it was from awe or surprise that he could still be a weapon of mass destruction at his age.
Either way, he had learned a long time ago that all men are only as good as their inspiration and she inspired him to be far better for her.
Jake crawled on the bed and straddled her.
His cock on her belly.
His balls hanging down on her pussy as he leaned over and whispered, “I want to taste you more.
” She could only moan and shake her head.
His mouth found hers and he barely touched her lips at first.
His tongue outlined her mouth before barely penetrating her lips.
Then he bit her bottom lip softly before pressing harder into the kiss.
Her mouth opened and her tongue reached out and pulled his in.
She sucked his tongue long and deep.
Their kiss was passionate and meaningful, silently offering all the pleasures of their bodies.
She gripped his cock in her hand and stroked him slowly as his mouth traced her neck and shoulders and down onto her breasts.
Her skin like silk on his lips.
His tongue circled her nipples slowly using his teeth to nibble until they ached.
He pulled each one into his mouth and suckled at them like a small mini-cock.
Her moans told him that she was climaxing from the nipple play.
His balls felt her hot stream as she squirted and arched her hips.
Jake slid down her body using his mouth to explore every inch.
That area just under each breast where the bottoms are so sensitive… her flat soft belly.
her wonderfully indented navel.
her tummy as it funnels into the creases of her thighs and groin.
Teasing and tasting until finally flicking his tongue gently against her swollen clit.
Her hands squeezing and gripping the comforter at her sides as she readies for another explosion of her juices.
Then, he stops and leaves her wanting and begging for release.
He whispers, “not yet.
” He takes her left leg and gently swings it over him, turning her onto her stomach.
Then, he lays over her full length, his body supported on his elbows and knees beside her.
He kisses her neck softly, gliding down to her shoulder blades, licking long and slow.
His mouth learning the way her long muscles along her spine lay flat near her shoulders and rise slightly like chords as they near her hips, creating a valley that guides you to her buttocks.
Each beautifully rounded cheek so soft and smooth, perfectly shaped, separated by a crease that starts shallow and ends in an abyss of pleasure and desire.
Jake’s tongue follows that crease.
His fingers tracing it’s beginning to its end.
As his tongue slides up and down between her cheeks, his fingers find her wet throbbing pussy and begin to pump in and out of her slowly.
His tongue delves deeper and she raises her hips slightly to meet him.
Her hands reach back and pull her cheeks wide apart.
Jake licks gently at her ass and lets his tongue circle it until she pushes back to him urgently.
He plunges his tongue deep into her ass as she screams in pleasure.
Her hips are bucking back against his face.
Jake pumps his tongue in and out of her ass in the same motion as his fingers plunge in and out of her pussy.
With one last thrust, Jake snakes his tongue into her as deep as he can and pushes his fingers fully inside her.
She groans loudly as her pussy showers the bed in steady streams of her cum.
Her ass pressed tight against his mouth, squeezing his tongue tight and quivering as her strength ebbs from her.
Her young body collapses face down onto the bed.
The comforter and bed beneath her soaked from her sexual release.
Jake kissed his way back up her body.
As he neared her head he whispered, “Did you like that?” Her whisper back was weak and childlike.
“Yes,” she said.
Then he whispered back, “Don’t give up on me yet.
” Jake raised up slightly and turned her over beneath him.
As he looked down he could see her body under his.
A goddess of sexual pleasure.
The perfection of flesh.
To be honored by the pleasure of her company and grateful for the privileges she has given him.
His glance moved slowly back up her body until his eyes met hers.
He could feel her heartbeat as it thumped against his chest.
Then he leaned down slowly and kissed her as he whispered, “Now I want to fuck you.
” She moaned and opened her legs wide as he slid in between them.
Her hand reached down and guided his long thick cock back into her pussy.
She wanted him hard and full.
Their kiss deepened as she rocked her hips upwards slightly to give him better access.
His body pressed heavy on hers until his cock had fully penetrated her.
He began to pump in and out of her in long slow strokes.
Each time pulling all the way out to the tip, then slowly plunging back inside and grinding hard as their hips met.
His fingers pinching her nipples and pulling them as he fucked her.
Her legs wrapped around him, pulling him tighter and holding him inside.
He slid his hands down under her ass and yanked her hips upwards hard against him until his cock exploded inside her in warm thick streams of cum.
Her pussy was squirting so hard that it sprayed both of them.
She lunged at him over and over as her pussy gave him her last reservoir of fluid.
She held nothing back.
Never had he released so much cum for anyone.
She took everything and left him an empty vessel.
It was all he could do to roll off of her.
She moaned softly as his cock pulled out of her.
Slowly contracting from his thick meat.
Her pussy was swollen and throbbing.
As she sat up on the edge of the bed it leaked a puddle of cum.
Jake watched her walk to the bathroom.
She turned and looked at him just before she closed the door.
He laid there as completely satisfied as he had ever been.
His mind filled with her.
She came out of the bathroom looking as young and fresh as when she looked down in the bar.
He watched as she dressed slowly in the dark, never saying a word.
She slipped her shoes on she finally looked at him.
Then she just smiled and headed for the door.
The light from the hallway illuminated her magnificent body as she opened it.
He laid there watching her, then he said, “By the way, my name is Jake.
” She paused and looked back at him.
Then she smiled and whispered, “Goodbye Jake.



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