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Latest stories Straight Sex Making Coffee

I wake in a tangle of sheets and realise I’m in his arms.
It’s warm, he’s warm, radiating love and light and I feel swaddled and safe.
It’s hot outside too.
I can feel the heat building and as I lay here in the grey light just a few moments awake, I know the heat is going to build to a white hot zenith and we will escape into the cool together again later.
I enjoy the moment, careful not to wake him and breathe.
I still can’t believe it, after all this time, the dream I wanted most of all has come true.
And I count my blessings, of which there are many.
I slip from the bed, careful not to wake him and the tiles feel cool against my bare feet.
I throw on his old t shirt.
It smells of him; manly and musky.
There are holes where it has worn, but I love it.
I pad into the kitchen and put the coffee on.
He likes his strong and black.
As I wait for the drip, drip, drip of the machine, my head begins to race.
I feel so full of stories, they leech out of my skin and run onto the page themselves.
I pick up the notes from the kitchen table and remind myself where we are, today we will write but not for an hour or so yet.
He is still sleeping when I enter the shadows of the bedroom, his long frame thrown across the bed, his face creased into the pillow.
I smile.
I cannot help it.
He’s finally mine and it is so new I feel like I have to pinch myself.
I set the coffee silently on his nightstand then grab a bobble to tie back my hair.
I slip off the t shirt, and slide back into bed.
His breathing shifts but he’s still asleep, just.
I shimmy down the bed and find his morning erection, feel the firm warmth against my palm, the skin soft like silk.
I know every inch of his cock, the pale pink of the shaft, the rosier red of its head.
I allow the tip of my tongue to explore the eye, then the head, in slow luxurious licks.
Online Now! Lush Cams kate_eyesQUEEN I don’t rush.
I don’t need to, not now.
We have time.
He shifts and eases into my mouth, half awake and he half groans and half sighs.
I pull on the head, sucking slowly and the noise in his throat shifts to a moan.
I rest my weight on my elbow and take him into my mouth then pull back and explore the underside of his cock.
Some mornings this will go on until he floods my mouth, his hot semen sliding beautifully down my throat, but not today.
He pulls out of me and I slide up into his arms where he greets me with a kiss.
His fingers find the hot crease of skin between my legs and he circles for a moment then slides in, testing.
I am wet and warm.
As he crushes my body to his, he traces lazy circles across my folds and I moan as he kisses me, his lips on mine, then on my neck as I close my eyes and throw back my head, losing myself into him.
I grind into him as my breath becomes ragged and the orgasm builds, then I bite into his shoulder as I cum, coating his fingers.
The orgasm still rolling through me, he rolls me onto my back, he’s quick and I love that sudden stretch.
My legs wrap around him.
He starts slowly, eyes locked onto mine and we smile.
I trace a nail down his back and he flexes his hips, pushing deep within me.
That first coffee always sits cold on the bedside, never to be drunk but there are more to be had.
After we make love, I shower and dress, giving him space.
He sits at the kitchen table waking, his laptop open, coffee at his side.
The coffee machine will stay on as we write, stories ebbing and flowing between us.
It will sustain us, keep our minds ticking until later when I crawl to him, flogger in my mouth and beg for him to take me to a new place, to still my mind if only for an hour or so until it is time to fill the machine again, for morning.



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