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Latest stories Straight Sex Karen’s Awakening 2 – Into the Country

I didn’t want to pressure Karen into doing anything she didn’t want to.
I let her make her choices and go at her own pace.
A week after she had taken the first step by shaving her pubic area we went away for the weekend, a remote cottage in the country, about a two hours drive from our hometown.
  Karen clearly was relishing the opportunity to finally show her hidden wild side as on the road she pulled up her short skirt to reveal that she was naked beneath it.
I didn’t notice at first, my eyes focussed on the road, but she took my hand and placed it between her thighs and dragged my hand over her bare pussy.
I was shocked, yet excited and eased back on the accelerator as I began to explore her wet folds with my fingers.
Soon I was pumping a finger deep into her as she leaned back spreading her legs wide and putting her feet up on the dash.
A felt her hand unzip my trousers and release my hard cock which she began to pump vigorously as we drove along.
I felt Karen stiffen and thrust against my fingers as she came, this as we entered the last town before our final destination.
We had to stop to by provisions at a supermarket.
To my surprise and delight, Karen chose merely to pull down her short skirt to cover her upper thighs.
Down the aisles she teased me by flashing from time to time.
She was still careful to ensure that no-one else would see.
Fortunately my baggy trousers hid my erection from view as we stood in the cashiers queue.
Thirty minutes later, after a drive on some rough forest roads, we arrived at the cottage set on the edge of an escarpment with spectacular views in almost every direction and hardly any evidence of modern civilisation in sight.
The owner of the cottage had left us a note telling us where to find everything and useful information on wildlife and trails in the area.
We were alone! After we unpacked the car, Karen handed me a cold beer and told me to relax outside on the terrace while she prepared lunch.
I didn’t argue.
I wanted to take in the tranquillity of the place.
I was so chilled out I barely noticed Karen spreading a rug out on the lawn and laying out a platter of sandwiches.
She invited me to sit on the rug and told me she would be right back.
I sat and waited.
A couple of minutes later Karen returned, stark naked, and sat next to me.
She asked me to undress and join her in a naked picnic in the warm sun.
I didn’t need a second invitation to strip off my clothes and sit down on the rug again next to this sexy woman.
My cock was hard as she pushed me onto my back and began kissing my neck and slowly moving downwards, nibbling on my nipples and finally licking my erection.
For the first time since meeting her, Karen took me into her mouth and began sucking.
Clearly she was not familiar with a cock in her mouth but she got into the swing of things and soon her head was bobbing up and down vigorously.
Feeling I was about to explode I told her.
Almost in panic she pulled back, but began pumping me with her hand.
A stream of warm semen sprayed upwards over her hand and onto my belly.
  “Taste it,” I said and watched as she licked off her hand.
Without any further encouragement she began to lick my seed off my belly and cock.
She looked up at me and smiled.
“Next time I’ll swallow!” she said.
I knew it would be some time before I would be hard again, but felt the need to do something to reciprocate.
I asked Karen to straddle my face which she did without question and soon my tongue was exploring her glorious pussy as she ground her hips into my head.
Her knees were pressed hard against my ears but I could still hear her cries of pleasure.
Karen collapsed on top of me before rolling off and together we passed out, naked in the warm African sunshine.
We awoke a while later.
The sun was beginning to set and there was a slight chill in the air, it was time to either cover up or get indoors.
Karen surprised me again by suggesting that we spend as much time as possible without clothes on.
She really was beginning to get into this.
Once indoors I made a fire in the massive fireplace and Karen poured the drinks.
She experimented by mixing tequila and iced tea and soon we were knocking back the tasty concoction as if it was just regular iced tea.
Online Now! Lush Cams Maddie_Luv We laid out a rug on the floor in front of the fire and sat together like two primitive humans, naked and primal.
It wasn’t long before we were once again exploring each others bodies.
I could feel how wet Karen was and my erection was blatantly obvious.
I got Karen to get onto her hands and knees facing the fire and slipped my cock into her from behind.
I pumped hard and she dropped her chest to the rug leaving her ass in the air.
Deciding to experiment, I moved a finger around her puckered hole.
I felt her stiffen as I tried to ease it into her.
She didn’t resist.
I withdrew my finger and covered it and her butt hole with lube before trying to ease it in again.
It slid in easier.
I asked if she’s comfortable and she nodded.
I resumed fucking her, leaving my finger half buried in her ass, she moaned, then cried out loudly in pleasure.
I felt her muscles stiffen around both my finger and cock as she came.
I exploded inside her shortly afterwards.
After a meal, prepared and eaten in the nude, we headed off to bed.
Too tired to try anything further we both passed out.
  I awoke at sunrise and left Karen asleep.
Still naked, I made myself some coffee and sat outdoors on the terrace and enjoyed the warming rays of the rising sun, enjoying the sounds of an African dawn.
  Returning to the bedroom a short while later, I found the bed empty but saw the back door to the outdoor shower open and could hear water running.
I stepped outside to find Karen in the shower.
I moved under the warm water behind her and embraced her, I could feel my cock hardening as I began lathering her breasts and body with soap.
Pushing her forward, she gripped the low wall behind the shower before I slid into her again from behind.
Grabbing her magnificent boobs, I squeezed her nipples and pumped frantically against her.
Our orgasms occurred together.
We had a light breakfast and then decided to take a walk down a forest trail to a nearby waterfall.
We got dressed and headed off down the forest trail.
Along the way I pointed out some of the unique wildlife indigenous to the area, the Samango monkeys peering at us from the trees, the bright red flashes from the wings of the Knysna turacos flying through the forest canopy and so much more.
Eventually we got to a clearing with a large crystal clear pool, a small waterfall cascaded into it from a cliff opposite.
We were hot and sweaty by the time we got to the water’s edge and neither of us wasted any time in stripping off.
Hand in hand we waded into the cool water until it was deep enough to dive under.
I swam over to a rock ledge at the cascade and climbed out before stepping under natures own shower.
Karen paddled around the pool for a while longer before coming over to join me.
The sight of this beautiful nude amazon caused my cock to stir and soon it was hard and pointing right at her.
Getting to her knees she took my erection in her mouth and began sucking.
I grabbed handfuls of her hair as she took my entire length into her mouth.
I felt my knees weaken as I exploded.
Karen swallowed it all.
Leaving Karen under the cascade, I swam back to edge where I had left my clothes and camera.
Wading back into the water, I focussed on Karen and began taking pictures.
She started posing, initially candidly and shy, turning her back on the lens but with my encouragement began to become more daring, showing more of her breasts and eventually full frontal.
She surprised me again when she sat down on a rock, parted her legs and began playing with herself for the benefit of me and my Nikon.
After taking what seemed like hundreds of extremely erotic photos, including capturing the ecstatic pleasure on Karen’s face as she brought herself to orgasm, I helped her back across the pond and after allowing the sun’s warm rays to dry off our bodies, we got dressed at made our way back to the cottage.
The remainder of the weekend was a blur of nudity and sex.
The following day we reluctantly pulled on some clothes and packed the car for the journey home.
Karen was too exhausted to try anything daring on the drive back to our home city.
She slept as I pondered on where the next chapter in Karen’s awakening would take us.



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