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We slept for a couple of hours.
Buster and Sadie finally woke us when it was past due for them to be fed.
My little darling rolled over smiling at me as Sadie placed her muzzle on her side of the bed and whimpered.
“I like your doggies, daddykins.
” She grinned.
I smiled back at her sweet face, “I’m glad you do.
But, why do you like calling me “daddykins”? It’s a bit odd, I think.
” She frowned, “I don’t know.
I just like it.
I don’t really have a dad, and you’re older and really nice to me.
If it bothers you that much I won’t say it.
” I thought for a moment, “I was curious.
It’s sexy and sort of naughty at the same time.
It’s not like you actually are my daughter so that isn’t it.
I would never have thought about being called “daddykins” by any lover.
Then again, I never imagined having a lover half my age, sweetness.
” She thought about it for a second then smiled, “Do you want me as a lover, daddykins?” I laughed, “Yes and no.
I haven’t had anyone in my bed for a little over two years.
You’re more than half my age.
I don’t see us going on dates or anything like that.
We’d be taken for father and daughter.
It’s weird, but it’s sexy too.
” She laughed, “We don’t have to go on dates.
I just like you and being with you.
I’m heading off to the East coast in mid-July for college.
I got a full scholarship in swimming and rugby.
Mom is probably going to move in with Leon so I won’t be around.
You are a silly daddykins, you know that.
But I think it’s cute you were thinking about us.
” I was relieved, I kissed her forehead then exited the bed to feed the pups.
Being alone, I don’t always wear clothes walking around the house.
This particular time it would have been better had I donned some pants instead of just my boxers.
As I scooped the dog’s food from the bin there was a knock on the door.
I yelled out just a minute then rushed back to the bedroom to get some pants on.
Renee was giggling at me as she set her phone down.
“That’s Amber at the door, daddykins.
I told you she was coming over.
” I hurried to slip on my pants nearly falling over in the process.
She took her sweet time putting the skimpy items she called clothes back on.
“I didn’t hear a car pull up and the dogs certainly didn’t bark.
” “She’s on her bike, she just lives a couple of miles away, Mr.
” I managed to get my pants on by the time the dogs finished their kibble.
The three of us hurried to the door as the knocking returned.
Now the dogs decided to bark at the big bad intruder.
I scooted them back and opened the door.
Standing before me was the sweetest looking redheaded girl I had ever seen.
I really didn’t get a good look at her at the rugby game but now close up, I saw what a stunner she was.
Somewhat unsure of herself she greeted me, “Hello Mr.
Sessions? I saw Renee’s mom’s car, I assume she’s here.
” I gathered my composure replying, “Yes, I think she’s in the bathroom.
Come on in.
” The pups repeated their performance with Amber, wagging their tails and being silly.
I sure hope nobody ever breaks in here because the dogs would love them to death.
After a round of petting, they continued their journey back out to the yard to do their business.
She walked in looking around taking in my humble and cluttered abode.
Dressed in flowered bike shorts which hugged that tight little ass like a second skin.
Her top was a bike racing jersey, one with some Italian names I had no clue about.
She was carrying her bike shoes in her hands with flip flops on her feet.
A small backpack hung from her shoulders that I assumed carried part of the homework Renee mentioned.
Her eyes were a sea green from what I could tell.
Her dark red hair was in a ponytail swishing about from underneath her helmet which matched the colors of her top.
She was physically almost the exact opposite of Renee; tall, thin, but muscular in a sleek sort of way.
I was just about to yell out at Renee when she came walking down the hall from the bedroom.
The girls hugged as I excused myself to finish getting dressed.
I pulled a shirt on and slipped my feet into my crocs.
As I walked back out I heard the front door close.
I looked out the window of the living room as I saw the girls getting books and folders out from Renee’s car.
So, they were going to work on something.
When they re-entered they headed straight for the kitchen, setting their study materials down after Renee cleared my clutter from it.
I offered to get them something to drink as long as it was water and the both accepted.
I don’t keep sodas in the house, and I wasn’t going to offer them a beer.
The girls opened their books and began chatting, talking about whatever it was they were working on.
I wandered off to straighten out my room and put my dirty clothes away.
I finished that then plopped down in from of the television to numb my mind from a very strenuous day.
About an hour later the two lovelies walked in.
Renee asked what I was planning on for dinner.
I stammered a bit, telling her I hadn’t planned on having any company over, so not much.
She gave me that slightly disgusted look with a dramatic sigh.
She said they would go get something if I’d buy.
I was beginning to feel Renee was the smart ass daughter I never had.
I lifted my butt off the couch and got them a twenty from my wallet.
Renee smiled as she kissed my cheek thankfully, refraining from calling me ‘daddykins’ in front of Amber.
They took off without asking what I’d like which I guess really didn’t matter because I’d eat just about anything at this point.
I didn’t have a whole lot to eat at the race plus my romp with Renee left me famished for solid food.
They returned about forty-five minutes later with ribs, coleslaw, and baked beans from the one and only BBQ joint in town.
I was smiling.
They cleared the table once more as I retrieved plates, napkins, and utensils.
I got myself a beer while they refilled their water glasses.
Oh, what a mess! The ribs were as fantastic as usual, the beans and slaw good, but the best part of the meal was watching those two lick their fingers after devouring each rib.
It was almost like watching a sex act as they slowly ran their tongues up and down each sauce covered finger.
Licking and sucking that deliciousness while smiling and giggling at each other.
Renee noticed my undivided attention to their show giving me a look like I was a dirty old man.
I had finished off five ribs, a pile of slaw, and a small bowl of beans and had been sipping my beer watching them.
She didn’t say anything which I was grateful for.
Instead, she asked how I got to where I am now.
I described the past twenty-five years of my life.
From the birth of our daughters to the untimely death of my beloved wife.
I told them how my wife, Carol and I had planned on selling this house and traveling during my retirement.
When I had finished the girls were almost in tears.
Not that my life was that sad, just the passing of my wife when we were on the verge of ‘happily ever after’ got to them.
Since we both knew Renee, Amber told me a bit about herself.
She played sports, just not quite as good as Renee.
She was going to major in graphic design or some sort of art thing and marketing in college.
She’d won a scholarship after submitting some of her artwork to a contest.
As we talked she looked around the room noticing some pictures I had on the wall of birds, deer, elk and other wildlife.
She asked if I had taken them.
I replied yes, although I hadn’t been out taking pictures since I started getting ready for the sprint.
She asked if I’d sold any.
I told her that every once in a while I did.
She said that maybe with a little marketing I might be able to sell more and that if I wanted, she’d help frame, mat, and market them.
I was thrilled.
We sat talking for at least another hour until I got tired of looking at the dirty dishes and got up to take care of them.
To my surprise and delight both girls blocked me from the sink and took care of the mess.
When they finished, they went back to working on their project as I sat in the living room reading a book that was due back at the library soon.
Thinking back, it was almost like going back in time having my daughters at home doing their homework at the kitchen table.
The main difference was I was screwing one of them and wouldn’t mind screwing the other one too.
Being a dirty old man can be tough.
I think it was about eight that Amber and Renee came in and asked if Amber could stay the night.
She’d called her mom and told her she was staying with Renee but didn’t say where Renee was.
I asked if she had her overnight stuff since she rode her bike.
She said she had what she needed and thanks.
I got my butt off the sofa and headed to the guest room to make sure it was decent.
It was neat and clean since nobody had used it for quite some time.
I headed off to bed about nine, making sure the pups had been let out and were back in snug in their beds.
I told the girls goodnight then went to bed which was my normal routine.
It had been a long day with the sprint and two episodes of great sex.
The girls stayed up doing their project quietly in the kitchen.
Around ten Renee slipped between the sheets to join me.
She snuggled close kissing me awake.
I opened my eyes barely making out her sweet face next to me.
Her feet rubbed against my legs as she let me get fully awake.
Whispering in my ear, she told me she wanted me inside her.
She began massaging Henry with her hand, he responded faster than I thought he would.
She rolled over onto her back, legs spread waiting for me to mount her.
I slipped over her to assume my half of the missionary position.
I rubbed the tip of my dick slowly up and down her already moist labia.
Her moans helped Henry stiffen up and prepare him for entry.
She reached down, grasping him in both hands, guiding him between her folds.
With him snuggly inside her honey pot, she rested her arms flat on the bed as I went to town pumping away.
I varied my position as I thrust Henry deep inside, then back almost out of her.
I think some call it the helicopter because I hovered over her with only my swollen penis inside her, darting in and out.
I varied the speed of my insertions as her moans encouraged my movements.
I was just about to cum when she beat me to it.
She grabbed my ass holding me inside her as she reached her blissful state.
She held on to me as I unloaded deep within her sweet pussy.
I remained motionless above her as Henry continued delivering my sperm free juice.
When he finished I gently lay on top of her trying not to put all of my weight on her.
Henry still pulsating in that wonderful place.
Panting, she told me she loved that feeling in her and that I was quite an impressive ‘daddykins’.
I had to smile as Henry slowly deflated.
When he was back to his normal state I kissed her, slowly extracting him.
I then got out of bed to get a towel for us to lay on instead of a wet spot.
I happened to look at the bedroom door as I made it to the bathroom and could have sworn I saw Amber dart back as if she’d been spying on us.
But then again it could have just been my imagination.
I came back with the towel and Renee asked, “What is that for?” I told her, “So we don’t sleep in that wet spot.
” She cooed, “You are so sweet, none of my boyfriends ever did that.
Your wife was one lucky lady, daddykins.
” I blushed but she couldn’t see it, “Thank you, babydoll.
” She scooted over and I laid it in place then got back into bed.
I told her I thought I saw Amber peeking in.
She said, “I told Amber about your tongue.
Maybe she wanted to see for herself.
” My reply was a hushed, “What?!?!” “Yes, we’re BFFs.
We tell each other everything, daddykins,” she stated.
Once more that familiar thought ran through my head, ‘I have a feeling I might live to regret this’ as I planted my face in the pillow.
She tried to comfort me, rubbing my back and kissing me as I lay face down, “Don’t worry daddykins, she won’t tell anyone.
” All I could say was, “Okay, I hope not.
” The whole day had been strange, wondrous but very strange.
I used to cuddle after sex but I was too busy thinking of all the bad things that might occur if someone found out about this relationship.
Renee had no problem falling asleep, her hand resting on my back.
I rolled over lifting her hand from me and placing it back on the bed.
She mumbled something in her sleep as I lay there pondering the situation.
After what seemed like hours I finally fell asleep only to be awoken by my faithful puppies wanting to be fed at six.
We normally get up at that time and sadly my dogs can’t sleep in or tell time.
I got dressed in my sweat pants and a tee shirt and followed their wagging tails back out to the kitchen to feed them.
I decided to make a coffee as I watched them eat.
When they were done I let them out, following them to get the morning paper.
Coffee was ready when I returned so I sat at the table, sipping and reading the paper.
The pups made it back in happy and relieved then went to their beds for another nap.
As I was reading I heard the toilet flush in the middle bathroom.
Looking up, I saw Amber as she walked into the kitchen dressed in only a tee-shirt and panties; I paused looking up at her and smiled.
Henry enjoyed the view also as she stretched and yawned showing off that lovely flat tummy of hers.
Rubbing her eyes she smiled, “Good morning Mr.
You’re up early.
Is there more coffee?” I replied with a smile, “We’re normally up at this hour, I forgot to tell the pups we were sleeping in today.
It’s a one cup machine but, I’ll make you some, no problem.
Why are you up this early?” She giggled, “I’m an early riser too.
My first class at school is at seven thirty so it’s a habit.
Thanks, black please, Mr.
” I got up as she stood at the table eyeing the paper, “You’re welcome.
How did you sleep?” Yawning again with another delightful stretch, “Not too bad.
You have a lot of things still around from your wife don’t you.
” I prepped the coffee maker as she sat and took one section from the paper and began reading it.
I told her that, “Yes, I do.
Our daughters got all they wanted as mementos and I just haven’t gotten around to tossing things.
Maybe I’m still grieving on some level.
” “Oh, I understand, my mom was like that too after my dad passed.
She finally went on a vacation to visit her sister and Renee and I cleaned out a lot of his stuff.
Online Now! Lush Cams Alberto_Carlo She cried when she got back, but she’s over it now.
It’s been like three years.
We could help you if you want.
” I leaned back against the counter as we talked, trying not to picture that sleek body bobbing up and down on Henry as I laid back in my bed.
She was definitely a doll, but one in my bed was enough and maybe too much.
“Let me think about it.
I know I’ve kind of let this place go since she passed.
I’ve been working out, swimming, biking, and running as sort of therapy I guess.
My daughters think I should socialize more.
” “You should, my mom was becoming a recluse until we talked her into getting out more.
She met a nice guy and they have been dating like two years.
” The coffee finished dripping so I poured her a cup and brought it to her.
She thanked me, setting it next to the paper as she scanned it.
“You know, Mr.
Sessions there’s a bunch of things Renee and I could help you with around here over the summer before we head to school.
I’d love to see your pictures, I could edit them along with doing the frame thing.
We could sell them and split the money if you want.
” I sighed, then took a sip, “I really should do something about my little clutter house here.
Let me think about it.
This has been sort of a whirlwind weekend and I’m not sure about quite a few things.
” She giggled then blew the heat from her coffee before taking a sip, “I can totally understand that.
Renee told me a bit about it.
” She looked at me with a devious grin over the rim of her cup.
I knew she knew, but I played dumb anyway.
“Huh? What did she tell you?” She was about to confess when a voice spoke from behind us, “I told her about that magical tongue of yours and how you drove me up the wall, silly daddykins.
” I blushed a deep red.
Thankfully, I wasn’t sipping my coffee or it would have been sprayed all over the newspaper and table.
Renee finished walking in dressed in panties and one of my tee shirts.
That tee never looked as good on me as it did on her.
A bit tight which just delighted Henry.
She placed her hands on my shoulders, leaned down then kissed my cheek.
She looked at Amber then into the kitchen to see if there was more coffee, “He’s a good fuck too.
Quality, not quantity.
That tongue is a big plus and him being a sweet daddykins makes up for it Am.
No, coffee?” Amber sat there grinning as I tried to hide.
I did manage, “I’ll make you a cup, babydoll.
” As Renee sat at the end of the table, they looked at each other, Renee winking at her best friend.
Then looking over at me to see my reaction as she spoke to Amber, “I bet if we asked nicely, he’d demonstrate his prowess on you, Am.
” This time Amber blushed a deep red.
It looked so damn good on her.
I think I saw her nipples rise through that flimsy tee she was wearing.
I stood with my back against the counter, shaking my head as Renee teased the two of us.
“How do you want your coffee, Renee?” “Hot and steamy like you, my daddykins,” she giggled as Amber just sighed at her remark.
As I waited for the coffee to complete its dripping, I asked my babydoll, “Are you always like this in the morning?” She looked over at me, “Like what?” I crossed my arms, “Feisty.
” She grinned, “When I’m in a good mood, yes.
You make me happy, daddykins.
You should make Ams happy too.
” I shook my head and turned to pour the coffee.
Walking over and setting it before my little vixen, I turned to Amber and asked, “Seriously, is she always like this?” Amber nodded as she sipped, her nipples now obvious even to me.
I sat back down, sipped my coffee and we all sort of just stared out into space.
Renee, bored with the silence started up again, “What do you normally have for breakfast, daddykins?” “Oh, right now I’m working through a box of Cheerios and some bananas.
I switch things around now and then.
I really should eat better.
What do you normally have?” “Oatmeal with fruit, yogurt, or a high fiber cereal.
” She looked at Amber again waiting for her to swallow her coffee, “He takes a good shower too.
I think I may look for a sugar daddy when I’m at college.
” Luckily, Amber had swallowed because she burst out laughing at that.
I just continued reading the paper, figuring the more I reacted to her teasing the more she’d do it, so I tried to ignore it all.
Diverting the conversation I asked, “Did you ladies want something for breakfast? I have things besides Cheerios.
You’re free to help yourselves.
” With that, they both got up to sift through the cupboards and refrigerator.
I did have some yogurt that hadn’t expired along with some cottage cheese and canned fruit cocktail.
They found the dishes and silverware and made themselves a decent breakfast.
I opted for my cheerios and the last very ripe banana.
We sat eating and sipping our coffees, making small talk until the phone rang.
I got up and answered it, asking them to be quiet for a second.
I mouthed ‘my daughter’ which brought a giggle from both of them.
We talked for a few minutes, I told her about the race and that I posted pictures on Facebook.
When we were finished I sat back down with the girls to finish my meal.
Amber asked which daughter it was as she pointed to a group of pictures on the wall.
I told her the brunette in the shorts in the large one with the ornate frame.
Both girls looked and complimented me on having such lovely ladies as daughters.
We finished breakfast and I did the dishes while they talked at the table.
When I’d finished cleaning up they both looked at me and I knew something was up.
Renee had a mischievous look about her, “Daddykins, we have a proposition for you.
” Amber was trying to keep a straight face as Renee taunted me.
“We realize you’ve been sort of grieving since your wife passed and haven’t really kept this place up.
Amber says the bedroom smells like a wet dog.
There’s way too much clutter and you really need new paint on the walls.
If you buy all the materials, Amber will pick out the colors and we’ll help you make this place livable again.
You feed us and let us hang out here is all we ask.
” I was stunned, I was expecting some sort of ménage à trois thing which would have probably killed me from over exertion.
This was actually a great idea.
They were right, I’d been neglecting the house over the past two years and it did need some work.
“Let me think about it a bit.
” Renee stood and lifted my tee shirt over her boobs, “You get to play with these too, daddykins.
” Amber did a face palm, shaking her head as Renee jiggled her dual assets.
What could I say? The obvious answer, “Okay.
But, I want a written contract so we all know what’s to be expected and just in case someone gets nosy, we’ll have proof we’re on the up and up about you two spending so much time here.
I’ll pay you each ten bucks an hour, feed you and buy all the materials.
How does that sound?” They thought about it looking at each other, then nodding.
We had an ‘arrangement’.
I smiled to myself thinking that this could be really good.
Two cuties helping me fix this place up.
Add into it Amber helping market my photos and I’d be one happy daddykins.
Renee looked over at Amber, smiled, got up, walked over to me, took my hand and led me back to the bedroom.
On our way past Amber she winked at her, “We’re going to seal the deal.
” I shook my head and smiled.
Amber smiled, sipping her coffee as we slipped past her.
Renee led me back into the bedroom to “seal the deal” as she so quaintly put it.
“What can I do to please you, my little love?” As if I didn’t know what she wanted.
“Oh, daddykins.
I want that tongue all over me.
Then inside me,” she giggled.
“What about Amber?” I asked, not knowing what kind of response I’d get.
“She’s fine.
Why? Did you want both of us? She and I did the girl-girl thing once and it wasn’t for either of us.
She’ll find something to do like make a list of colors or something.
” A bit embarrassed by my suggestion I replied, “Yes and no.
I just thought it was rude to leave her there alone.
” She placed her hands on my cheeks as she looked into my eyes, “You are sweet, daddykins.
She would have said something because she knows how I am.
Besties put up with each other.
” I shrugged, “Okay.
” She lifted my old tee-shirt up over her head tossing it aside exposing her glorious assets.
Despite having seen her breasts before I couldn’t help but stare.
She noticed my look then began massaging them.
I smiled back at her while removing my shirt along with my sweats.
Henry was responding but he was going to have to wait since my princess wanted something else.
She noticed my erection growing, bending down to address him she giggled, “Sorry Henry, but you’re going to have to wait.
I want your daddy’s tongue.
” She dropped her panties, climbing onto the bed.
Wiggling her ass at me she propped up the pillows then laid back waiting for my arrival.
Her legs splayed open she used her index finger to beckon me to join her.
I finished undressing after enjoying her little show.
Henry bobbed up and down as I climbed into bed taking my position next to her.
I laid next to her my face buried in the nape of her neck, My right hand teasing her left breast.
She sank back into the pillows cooing with delight as I began my pleasurable task of satisfying my doll.
I focused my fingers on her nipple, twisting, turning and pinching it while my lips planted butterfly kisses on her neck and earlobe.
She closed her eyes, enjoying the sensations my attention to her body stirred in her.
My lips moved from her side to her face, softly brushing her skin causing goose bumps, moans, and shivers.
When my lips joined hers, our tongues explored each other’s mouths while our breathing accelerated.
My hand cupped her breast, massaging it hard then relaxing.
I kept alternating between massaging her whole breast and nipple manipulations.
When I’d thought she’d had enough I kissed my way down her neck alternately licking between kisses.
She raised her arms up over her head clasping her hands together as she squirmed under me.
I used my left hand to contain hers above her head.
I traced her nipple with my tongue while my right hand moved further South.
It now teased her soft hairs along with those delicious muscular thighs.
My finger traced her lower lips and the curve of her pelvic region as if it were memorizing her body and transmitting it to some mapping program.
Not a millimeter was left untouched as it slid from one side of her to the other.
My lips sucked on her one breast focusing on the nipples and areas around it.
Her squirming and cooing grew as my tongue glided over the little bumps of her aureole, pausing momentarily on one then lapping her nipple as it grew solid.
Her hands restrained above her head resulted in a comment or two regarding being tied up which I ignored for the time being.
I continued devouring her breast until my mapping was done with my fingers.
I released her hands to shift my position directly over her.
My hands on either side as I lay between her legs.
My tongue began traveling further South licking it’s way to the sweet nectar seeping from between her legs.
Kissing her navel I did a couple of raspberries in it which made her giggle and squirm.
It also got me a brief admonishment to stay focused on the task at hand.
I smiled, returning to the seriousness of orgasm delivery which was the goal of our being in bed.
I maneuvered further down her, kissing each thigh paying homage to them in my mind.
Firm, delectable, delicious thighs converging at the sweetest spot on her body.
My tongue flattened as I lapped her labia slowly up from her perineum.
Once at the top I’d remove it then place it back at the start, repeating this motion until she begged me to enter her.
I took my time with her request wanting to prolong her orgasm until she craved it.
I inserted the tip of my tongue between her lips repeating the same tease as I did with the flat motions.
Her squirming and guttural reactions delighted me as I wondered if Amber was watching or maybe hearing her “bestie” get off.
When she was close to the brink, I focused on her swollen clit peeking out from under the hood.
I concentrated my attention on it driving her into uncontrolled spasms.
The tip of my tongue teased it before sliding up and down it as best I could.
Her body shook, her hands found my head then clamped around it, holding it exactly where she wanted me.
“Oh fuck, yes, daddy! That’s it; oh I love that tongue of yours daddykins!” If Amber wasn’t listening before she probably was now.
I think the dogs came trotting in to see what the commotion was all about as she flailed about the bed, my head wedged between her legs, my tongue flicking as I tried to breathe and maintain my focus.
She massaged her breasts, mashing them with her palms as I tried to concentrate on her.
The groans and moans delighting me as she saw the light at the end of the orgasm tunnel.
More fucks, yeses, and daddykins than I think I’ve ever heard in my lifetime came out of that sweet mouth as she entered into another orgasm.
Her thighs, which has eased up on my head now clamped down hard again.
My attention to her clit ceased while I rode out the storm trapped between her legs.
Her spasms continued while I patiently waited for my head to be released.
I actually couldn’t think of a better place to be trapped if I had to be trapped someplace.
Finally, after all the gyrations and spasms subsided she eased her hold on my head much to my relief.
I made my way back up to my panting doll to snuggle next to her as she returned to normal.
My reward for being a good “daddykins” was a very passionate kiss that lasted a very long time.
She planted kisses all over my face thanking me for such a delightful journey.
I basked in the glow of my accomplishment, happy that I could satisfy a very healthy and horny eighteen-year-old.
We lay talking for a bit, whispering sweet words to each other until Amber appeared at the door.
I scrambled for the sheet to cover us but Renee foiled my attempts.
Greeting her bestie she told her, “Am, you’ll have to experience his tongue, girl.
” She blushed, “I heard.
Maybe someday.
I made a list of color combinations I think would work.
We can go over them when you’re both ready.
” With that, she walked out oblivious to the two of us naked and one of us basking in her afterglow.



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