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Latest stories Supernatural Alyce and the Queen

Alyce continued down her path.
What a strange and fascinating land? Part of her wanted to stay and explore every sexual adventure, but the other part just wanted to go home.
She walked down the well-worn path, looking in every direction for a clue as to where to go next.
“Where is Chet when I need him?” she pondered.
Coming to a fork in the path, she looked left and then right.
Lush green vegetation surrounded her, and she felt the sickening dread of being lost.
Sitting down on a large mushroom, she felt tears welling up in her eyes.
All this nonsense was getting to her.
“This stupid, damn path is leading me nowhere!” she yelled out loud.
Angry now, she stomped to the nearest tree and kicked it.
Feeling a small satisfaction with her outburst, she began to kick and punch it steadily.
Over and over, she pounded the tree.
When her anger subsided, she sank to the ground, weary from her efforts.
Alyce closed her eyes for a moment, and then heard the familiar, soft chuckle.
Seeing Chet leaning against the battered tree, she glared at him.
“You know this is your entire fault!” Alyce blamed him, “If you would have just told me the direction I needed, I would be at home by now.
” “Well, it seems to me that you’re having fun figuring it out by yourself,” he leered.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” she fumed.
Grinning knowingly, Chet turned and faced the left path.
He, then, smiled and looked at the right path.
“One will lead you to where you want to go; the other will lead you back to where you went,” he sang.
“Damn it! Would you stop talking in riddles for one fucking minute?” Alyce yelled at him.
Getting up into his face, she pointed her finger at his nose.
“If you don’t give me some straight answers soon, you are going to be so sorry.
I swear to God,” she growled at him, finger shaking with every word spoken.
“Is that so?” he asked.
Nodding her head, she continued to shake her finger in his face.
With lightening quick reflexes, Chet grabbed that offending hand, twisting it behind her back.
He captured the other hand and trapped it with the first.
In this position, Alyce’s chest was thrust out.
Her anger stimulated her, causing her nipples to stand out, hard and proud.
Securing both of her small wrists in one of his hands, his free hand pulled the bodice of her dress down.
Standing there with her breasts bare, Alyce struggled, slightly.
“You are so not going there! You always start something, then never finish,” she accused.
Staring straight into her blue eyes, he cupped her full, milky white globe.
It was as if he was testing its weight.
He watched her pupils dilate and knew that she wanted him, badly.
Chet stared at the beautiful breast in his hand.
It sat in his hand perfectly.
The skin was so very soft.
softer than any known silk.
Chet rubbed his thumb over her brown, taut nipple.
There was something about this woman that intrigued him.
That was why he was leading her the long way.
He wanted her! Rolling her rubbery nipple between his fingertips, he heard her sharp intake of breath.
He dipped his head down and rubbed his lips over her skin.
So soft! He had to taste her skin.
Touching the tip of her peak with his tongue, he was drunk with passion from the taste of her.
With each interaction, he was becoming more and more obsessed with her, but now was not the time.
Leaning in close to her ear, he whispered, “Very soon.
Very soon, I will start, and you will be begging me to stop.
But, now is not the time.
” Planting a gentle, soft kiss on her lips, he dematerialized.
“I know you will pick the ‘right’ path,” he said, as he faded.
Taking the hint, Alyce fixed her clothes and started down the path to the right.
After about an hour, she saw a very ornate, black fence.
The gate was open, so she entered the courtyard and saw one man frantically working.
Curious now, Alyce approached the man and tapped him on the shoulder.
“What are you doing?” she inquired.
Startled, the man jumped and spun around to face his attacker.
Upon seeing Alyce, he visibly relaxed.
“I thought you were the Queen! You scared me,” he said, “Who are you?” Introducing herself, Alyce noted the very odd clothing he wore.
The man wore pants, in the traditional way, but there was no crotch.
Bare chested, he was tan and fit, sporting a six pack set of abs, but it was his cock that caught her attention.
Although she had had 2 very strong and satisfying orgasms, she had not been penetrated.
Alyce longed to be filled with a long, thick piece.
She was starving for some cock attention, and the cock on this man looked delicious.
“Nice to meet you, Alyce,” the man said, “I am called the Joker, and I am in some very bad trouble.
” “How?” she asked.
“I made a mistake! Instead of pink, I accidentally painted the pussies red.
I have to get these changed and quickly,” he moaned.
Staring blankly at the Joker, Alyce said, “Come again?” “Please, help me paint the pussies pink.
The Queen is an absolute tyrant.
She wants what she wants, and no other way will do!” Joker begged.
What do I do?” she hesitantly asked.
Joker handed her a feather and a jar of pink body paint.
Pointing to the wall, he led Alyce to the mural of pussies that covered the far wall.
Inspecting them closer, Alyce noted that there were holes in the mural and that the pussies were real! Following the Joker’s lead, she brushed a thin layer of pink body paint onto the nearest red pussy she saw.
As the feather brushed over the pussy’s lips, Alyce saw it flinch and twitch.
The more she painted the pussy pink, the wetter the pussy became.
Intrigued, Alyce painted it with quicker strokes, watching it violently quiver.
With every contraction the now pink pussy had Alyce’s pussy twitched right along with it.
By the time she had painted 4 of the pussies, she was hornier than hell.
Her own slit was swollen, and her juices ran freely down her thighs.
Starting the 5th one, Alyce heard a shrill pitched voice scream out behind her.
“WHO IN THE FUCK PAINTED MY PUSSIES RED!” the voiced hollered out.
Joker immediately threw himself to the ground, face down.
Trembling violently, he pointed to Alyce and said, “Oh my Queen, I tried to stop her.
I tried.
She painted all the pussies red, and then had the idea to cover them in pink.
It was her.
I swear it!” “You lying sack of shit! You asked me to help YOU,” Alyce glared down at Joker.
The Queen looked from Joker to Alyce and back again.
She did not know this girl, but had heard of her from Matt and Marsha.
They had informed her that Alyce had invaded their tea party without permission.
This girl was the trouble maker of her land.
Alyce studied the Queen.
She was stunning.
Tall and willowy, the Queen sported a huge rack that defied gravity.
My God, the Queen had the most stunning set of breasts, which were on display as the front of her dress had no bodice.
Long sleeved and very tight, her dress was black silk, trimmed in pink velvet.
It molded her waist and rib cage, and supported her full, honey colored tits, making them sit high and proud.
Her dusky pink nipples were pierced with diamond hearts and twinkled in the midday sunlight.
The long, full skirt opened at the waist, leaving her bushy cunt exposed, and as she walked, Alyce could just barely make out the glint of a diamond.
Looking back at the horde of people behind her, she said, “Off with his lying head.
He loses the chance at a pardon.
Even if he could make me squirt my cunt cream across the room, I’ll not have a lying subject!” Alyce watched as they pulled the now screaming Joker down a path to the left.
Feeling sorry for him, she turned to the Queen to plead for his life, but never got the chance.
The Queen linked her arm with Alyce’s and began to walk through the garden.
“So tell me, sweet Alyce, why are you in my queendom?” she mused.
how did you know my name?” Alyce stammered.
“I know everything, my sweet.
For instance, I know that you are trespassing here.
I know that you were not invited here, and I know that you have been causing trouble for my subjects,” the Queen continued.
“I haven’t caused anyone trouble!” Alyce said, hotly “Oh, really now! You sit day after day at the same tree on your college campus.
You tampered with the door knob to our land, when you should have left well enough alone.
You tempted the two fighting idiots that were being punished for not satisfying me.
You invaded a tea party without an invitation, and finally, you painted my pussies pink! You, my dear, you helped get Joker into trouble,” she said, pleasantly.
Online Now! Lush Cams Jacob_Miiller Stopping, Alyce yanked her arm out of the Queen’s.
Glaring, she said, “I didn’t tamper with anything.
I touched the knot and fell through.
” “Silence!” the Queen interrupted, “I don’t care about your pitiful excuses! I do care about what you have done to my faithful, Chet.
Why is HE helping you?” “I don’t know! He is leading me around in circles.
All I want to do is go home,” Alyce answered.
“Well, as I see it, the only way for you to go home is with MY permission and MY help.
I am the Queen here, and it is I who approves any and every thing,” said the Queen.
Sighing deeply, Alyce peered up at the beautiful Queen.
Deep down, she knew what was going to happen next.
“Since you have been caught painting my pussies pink, you are in violation of my laws.
I have the right to sentence you to death, but I am a merciful queen.
If you can make me cum, then you will be forgiven of that crime.
You have a choice, sweet Alyce.
What say you?” the Queen demanded.
Alyce thought about the dilemma she was in.
She had never been with a female before, but had thought about it.
Thinking she would just do what she liked done, Alyce decided to choose the lesser of two evils.
“I want to live,” Alyce simply said.
“Thought so,” the Queen said.
Taking Alyce by the hand, the Queen led her to the Royal castle.
They followed a winding path to the royal bed chambers, and what a bed chamber it was, too! Done entirely in black, from the black satin sheets to the black lacquered walls, it was hard to see the leather straps mounted on the various hooks on the walls.
What a den of inequity.
The Queen walked across the room and reclined on the bed.
Slaves, hidden in various nooks, appeared to fluff the pillows behind her back and head.
Alyce remained in the door way, unsure of what to do.
“Come in.
No reason to be shy now is there?” the Queen said, as she opened her skirts more.
Drawing her legs up and apart, the Queen stared directly at Alyce, as if challenging her.
“I want you to know that no one has ever made me cum! I am the only one good enough for me.
I will ask you again.
Do you want a quick death, because if I don’t have a wonderful orgasm, your death will be long and slow.
” the queen jeered.
“I have never been with a woman, but I want to live, nevertheless,” Alyce stated.
“Well, we have something in common.
My female subjects are not stupid enough to invoke my wrath, so I have never experienced sex with a female, either.
Won’t this be a novel experience for both of us?” the Queen taunted.
‘Where do I start?’ Alyce wondered.
Alyce crossed the room and stood next to the bed.
Slowly, she stripped off her clothes, until she stood naked.
She sat down next to the Queen and ran her fingers over the Queen’s cheek, trailing down her neck.
Spying the diamonds dangling from the Queen’s nipples, Alyce flicked one and watched it swing, gently.
Apparently, the Queen’s nipples were sensitive, because she hissed.
Her already hard nipples stiffened even more.
Straddling the Queen’s lap, Alyce could feel the thick pelt of hair tickling her bare pussy.
This could be interesting,” Alyce thought.
Rubbing her pussy against the Queen’s hairy slit, Alyce felt her juices flow.
Although the Queen’s pubic hair was silky, it was rough to Alyce’s clit.
It scratched and tickled her nub, until it peeked out of its protective hood.
So interested in the feeling she was producing in herself, Alyce almost failed to notice that the Queen was moaning slightly.
She leaned forward and took a diamond encrusted nipple into her mouth.
Sucking gently, she nursed the Queen like a babe drinking from its mother.
The Queen screamed out and grabbed Alyce’s hair.
“Suck it harder! I command you! Suck my nipple hard,” the Queen shouted.
Latching onto that rubbery nipple, Alyce sucked hard enough to make her cheeks cave in.
The Queen gasped and released Alyce’s hair, only to scratch down her back to her ass.
She slid off the Queen’s lap and pulled her down on the bed, until she was lying on her back.
She, then, lifted the Queen’s legs up.
Wondering how she was going to keep them up, Alyce spied a leather cuff on the black bed post.
Wrapping a cuff around each of the Queen’s ankles, Alyce secured her to the bed.
Leaning back, she surveyed her work.
The beautiful queen was lying on her back, gripping the bedposts with her hands.
Her long legs were cuffed to the head board, wide open.
The earlier question of what that glint was now answered.
The Queen had a clit piercing, with a diamond at the top and bottom of the L-shaped ring.
Her pussy was wide open, with puffy hair covered outer lips and large, floppy inner lips.
Colored in a dusky pink, the Queen’s pussy actually made her mouth water.
Alyce touched the outer lips.
Using her thumbs, she spread her open wider.
She rubbed the delicate inner lips, pulling and tugging on them.
Unable to close her legs, the Queen bucked her hips, trying to urge Alyce’s fingers inside.
Sliding one of her fingers inside the hot canal, she thrust in and out, slowly.
Alyce knew that she was doing something right, because the Queen was continuously moaning.
Remembering the last time she had sex, Alyce recalled how much she liked when her ex-boyfriend rubbed the spot high up in her pussy.
Alyce inserted another finger inside and searched until she found the smooth patch of skin.
When she found it, she hooked her fingers and stroked that sweet spot with a firm ‘come here’ motion.
The Queen let out of high keening wail.
Her pussy gripped Alyce’s fingers, tightly.
The more Alyce stroked, the juicier the Queen’s cunt got.
Leaning down, Alyce tentatively licked the engorged clit, and that got the Queen’s attention.
Encouraged, Alyce tongued and licked her clit.
Using her tongue, Alyce played with the piercing, causing more sensations for the Queen.
She sucked in hard and used her teeth to stimulate the base of the Queen’s clit.
Between that and the steady stroking of her sweet spot, the Queen was in paradise.
No man had ever done what this small slip of a girl was doing.
“Maybe, intimidation was not the way to a great orgasm,” the Queen thought.
Pinching her own nipples, the Queen flicked and twisted her piercings.
The suction on her fat nub was getting to be too much.
She was breathing so heavy, as she humped Alyce’s face hard.
Although she never fucked a woman, she knew that the Queen was close, just from the simple fact that her hand was drenched in the Queen’s oyster colored nectar.
Alyce’s own pussy was throbbing and felt so empty.
She slipped another finger inside the queen, wetting it in the copious cream.
Pulling one soaked finger out, Alyce pushed it into the Queen’s tight ass and that was enough to push her over the edge.
The Queen let out an ear splitting screech, as her puckered star clamped down on Alyce’s fingers.
Alyce lapped up the juice that was now spurting out of her cunt.
The Queen, gripping Alyce’s hair tightly, came violently, bucking and screaming.
It must have lasted for 20 seconds or more.
Finally, she relaxed, and Alyce was able to pull her fingers loose.
She sat up and looked at the Queen, silently.
“I held up my end.
I want to go home,” Alyce stated.
I said if you made me cum, you would be pardoned for painting the pussies pink.
You are still accountable for the trespassing.
You, my dear, are still mine, the Queen laughed.
“Guards! Take her to a cell,” she told the guard, who appeared instantly.
The guard grabbed a very naked Alyce, non-too gently.
Coping a feel of her ass, he pushed her down the hall.
Turning a corner, they ran into a very angry Chet.
The pissed off man yanked Alyce out of the way and punched the stunned guard in the nose.
Before the guard could recover, Chet pulled her down the hallway, weaving in and out of passages.
They were able to reach the door before anyone was alerted.
They ran through the gardens and were almost through the gates when all hell broke loose.
With the Queen and her guards in pursuit, Chet and Alyce raced through the gate and into the forest.
“I don’t know if this will work, but I am going to try to vanish with you along side of me.
I had to get us into the forest, because that is where my magic works best,” he told her, while trying to catch his breath.
Alarmed, Alyce stared into Chet’s psychotic eyes.
what do you mean? What’s going to happen?” Alyce stuttered.
“I don’t know.
Let’s find out.
Shall we?” he grinned.
Grabbing her hands, he closed his eyes and concentrated.
The normal shiver he felt came like always.
When he opened his eyes, he was at his special place, a place that no one could breach.



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