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Latest stories Taboo A Naughty Evening – Part Six

I sat in the cab really pissed off that Mark could even suggest that he wanted me to dance.
He was telling me that I could make five thousand dollars in one evening.
I really didn’t think I could ever do that.
I’d love to make five thousand dollars, but what would he expect me to do next? I loved my stepbrother and I have enjoyed everything we’ve done, but to dance in front of strangers is just pushing it a bit.
I closed my eyes and was just thinking about things.
The cab driver finally pulled up to my house and I paid him and got out of the cab.
I then walked into the house.
I saw the light flashing on the land line phone.
I picked it up and retrieved the phone messages.
There was a message from my mom telling us that they were having a wonderful time and have extended their trip for another week.
I was excited that they were going to be away longer, but dreading to tell Mark.
That would give him enough time to talk me into becoming a dancer.
Mark can be very persuasive and I always cave in.
I then went upstairs and took a shower and when I was done with my shower, Mark was sitting on the toilet waiting for me to get out.
He handed me a big fluffy towel.
I took it from him and wrapped it around myself.
“Why did you run off so fast? We could have come home together.
” “Because, I’m not going to be a dancer now.
You really are pushing the envelope.
” “Debra, you could make five-thousand dollars in one night.
The guy said you could be his headline dancer.
Fuck! You could just do it a few times, and maybe you could even buy your own house.
Wouldn’t you like to live on your own? We could get a place together.
If we lived together, we wouldn’t have to worry about our parents catching us.
It wouldn’t matter then.
” “By the way, my mother called and they’re staying another week.
So, we have more time to be with each other.
” “That’s the best news I’ve heard all night.
Come with me into my room.
I want to make love to you.
You did really great at the contest.
Even though you didn’t win, it was so fucking hot to watch.
” I followed Mark into his bedroom.
I took off the towel and let it drop to the floor.
We kissed deep and passionately and his hands were all over my body.
His tongue was dancing in my mouth while he cupped and massaged my 38D breasts.
“Get on the bed and spread your legs!” Mark undressed while I got onto the bed.
I opened my long legs and twisted my blond hair while I watched Mark undress.
I did love Mark’s amazing body.
I loved that Mark was so muscular.
His cock was erect and hard and I just loved the shape of his ass.
“Do you like what you see?” “You know I do.
You have the best ass.
” Mark approached the bed and just stared at my pussy.
He then worked his tongue all over my pussy lips.
He sucked on my clitoris and pushed his tongue right up into my pussy.
“Fuck! That feels so good.
Fucking hell!” Mark was tongue fucking me faster and faster while I ground my pussy up against his face.
He was tongue fucking me like a crazed lunatic.
I was thrashing all over the bed and making all kinds of noises.
“Fuck! I’m coming.
My pussy is coming!” I then had a huge orgasm and my juices rushed out of my pussy.
Mark was slurping them up.
I loved hearing him slurp up my juices.
Mark then came over by me and we held each other and rolled around on the bed.
My hand reached out and held his cock which was hard as a rock.
“Slide my cock into yourself.
” Mark was on top of me and I guided his cock into me.
Once he was in, he was thrusting in and out of me.
My legs were at his side while he fucked me hard.
Our kisses were harder and hungrier while we fucked in rhythm with each other.
“Fuck! Oh God! I love your cock!” “I love your pussy.
You’re so tight! Fuck me back!” Mark had to keep lifting me and bringing me back to the center of the bed.
While he was thrusting, I would keep moving to the edge of the bed.
Mark held my hands down and went deeper and faster into my pussy.
His hands rubbed at my clitoris.
“Get on top of me, Debra! Fuck me, baby!” I then got on top of him and eased onto his cock.
Once I got him comfortably inside of myself, I bounced up and down on his hard cock.
I had my hands on his chest while my 38D breasts bounced up and down.
Mark had his hands on my ass and was watching me fuck him.
Sometimes, he would squeeze my breasts, while I rocked and moved over his hard cock.
I picked up my blonde hair and held it on top of my head and kept bouncing on his rock hard cock.
“Fuck! Yes! It feels so good! Fuck!” I leaned down and kissed him while I moved my pussy over his hard cock.
My breasts were against his chest.
Mark then rolled me back over and put his cock back into me.
My legs were at his side.
My nails were digging into his back.
Mark was thrusting into me harder and faster.
He then blew his load up my pussy.
We kissed as he came into me.
“That was amazing, Mark.
” “Spread those gorgeous legs.
I want to lick you clean.
” “I love when you do that.
” “Only the best for my baby.
” Mark then got between my legs and slurped on my pussy.
He then came back to me and dropped his come into my mouth.
I then swallowed his come.
He went back to my pussy and gathered more of his cream and then came back to my mouth to give it all to me.
It was so sexy to do cum kissing.
I really enjoyed that.
Mark continued to lick my pussy dry.
He then held me in his arms and we fell asleep together.
We both passed out and a few times during the night, I felt his hands go inside of my pussy.
We then woke up early the next day.
Mark was already hard, when we woke up.
I moved down to his feet and put his cock into my mouth.
I worked my mouth up and down his hard shaft.
I loved giving pleasure to him.
“I love waking up with you.
What a lovely way to start one’s day.
” I moved my mouth deeper down his shaft.
I was gagging while Mark bucked up into my mouth.
He was moaning and groaning.
“Fuck! You’re drive me fucking crazy girl.
I’m fucking coming!” Mark blew his hot cream down my mouth.
I drank his delicious come.
“You’re so hot, Debra.
I really want you to dance tonight.
It’s easy money baby.
Would you please do this for me? You just have to dance for thirty minutes.
All the tips are yours and Sam said he’d give you five grand for your dance.
That’s easy right?” “I’m just worried that tonight it will be a dance.
Tomorrow you’ll want me to be an escort.
When is this going to end? This all started because I came home drunk and we had sex.
You came inside of me and I was scared about becoming pregnant.
We have had lots of sex for the last few days.
We had a threesome together with a paid whore, we had a threesome with the guy from the club, and I did a Sybian contest for you in front of a whole bar.
Now, you want me to go to that same club and dance for strange men and women.
” “It’s been an amazing ride, Debra.
I know, I’ve had an absolute blast with you.
” “We still don’t know if I’m pregnant and we’re having sex like rabbits.
If I do this for you tonight, can we just live a normal life.
” “Baby, you can make so much money.
Even if you just did it for a month, you’ll be rich and we can live together.
Five grand tonight and who knows what the fuck he’ll pay you next time.
You have a great body and I know you’re going to do really well.
Fuck! I’d never ask you to be an escort.
You’re my baby girl and nobody fucks you, but me.
” “If I do this tonight, Sam will pay me five thousand dollars?” “Yes! That’s what he said.
He said you have an amazing body.
He thinks you’ll be an awesome dancer.
He’s very excited for you to dance at his club.
” “It’s just really crazy that he’d pay me that much money.
” Mark grabbed me in the bed and we started to kiss again.
He fingered my pussy hard and I moved to my back.
He slid his cock into my pussy and fucked me hard and fast.
We again started kissing passionately.
His cock was deep inside of me.
“You’ll do this for me, won’t you?” “I’ll do it!” “Thank you! It will be amazing.
You’ll see.
” Mark continued to thrust into my pussy deeper and harder and my hands were on his ass.
I really loved having sex with him.
“Fuck! I’m coming!” I had a huge orgasm and soaked his cock and balls.
“You’re so fucking wet.
I love your sweet pussy.
” Mark started to fuck me harder and faster.
My pussy was making squelching noises while he pounded at my cunt.
“Fuck! I’m coming.
” Mark blasted my pussy with his cream.
He pulled out and spread my legs.
“I love when I give you a cream pie.
Just put your panties on and let the cream drip into your panties.
I’ll taste you and your panties later.
Let’s go have some breakfast.
” I walked back into my room to get my panties.
I put them on and grabbed my robe.
I met Mark downstairs.
He started to make our breakfast.
“It’s going to be great tonight.
You’re going to make so much money tonight.
” “Okay! I said, I’ll do it.
Just as long as we do it and make enough for an apartment or a house.
I want to live together.
” “Sam said he’d give you five grand tonight.
Online Now! Lush Cams Lucy_and_rick You’ll make a bunch of tips.
I might have told him you’d masturbate while you’re there.
I told him you’d make yourself come.
That’s the agreement a dance and one come.
” “What! I have to masturbate and come too! Fucking hell!” “It’ll be so easy.
You love to masturbate any how.
” “I’ll do this tonight and that’s it.
I’m not going to be a dancer now.
One dance and one come.
Then we’ll get our apartment or house.
” “Let’s just see what happens.
We may need you to do a few dances.
Fuck, baby you may really love it.
” “I’ll do the dance and the come tonight.
But, if I do dance any more, there will be no masturbating with it.
” “Baby, that’s why he is paying you a lot of money.
Most girls just dance.
You’re going to be his headliner.
The girl who will bring him loads of money.
You love to masturbate.
It’s just doing something you like to do.
” “I’ll do it tonight and then I’ll decide.
I just want to get an apartment or a house together.
I don’t want to be the masturbating queen.
I want more out of life then just that.
” “You’re going to be rolling in the dollars.
Who fucking cares what you do.
I’m talking big money.
You’ll be able to buy whatever you want.
You’ll see.
” Mark made us both pancakes, coffee, and bacon.
We sat and ate our breakfast.
I could feel the come dripping into my panties while we ate.
I was getting a little sick thinking about what he had agreed for me to do.
“How’s the breakfast?” “It’s really great, Mark.
” We continued to eat and then Mark cleaned the dishes.
“How about I lick that pussy now.
I can smell it all the way over here.
I bet your panties are nicely decorated with my come.
” We both just giggled and we went back into Mark’s room.
I got comfortable on the bed and he sniffed my panties.
He then pulled them down my legs and inhaled my intoxicating scent.
“I want you to lick your cream off your panties.
I’ll lick your sweet cunt while you do that.
” I licked my panties while Mark sucked on my clitoris and fingered my pussy.
“Fuck, baby you’re so sexy!” Mark’s fingers felt so good up inside of my pussy.
He fingered me and then went back to licking my pussy.
“I want you to squirt for me.
Give me a nice jolt of your pussy juice.
” Mark continued to finger me and I got very excited and had a nice squirt for him.
My hot pussy juices sprayed out of my pussy.
“Damn, woman! You’re so sexy!” “I just have an amazing lover.
” “That you do!” We just rolled around in the bed.
After a while, Mark took a shower and went to the gym.
I also took my shower and went to the mall.
We both were gone for many hours.
I had a manicure and a pedicure and bought a bunch of things.
It was a great day out.
It was nice getting away from Mark for a while.
I really needed to clear my mind and think about this dance later.
When I got home, I brought all my stuff in and then went out by the pool.
I sat in the sun for a few hours and read a book.
I really was trying to get my mind off of things.
I noticed Mark was still gone when I came home.
I wondered what he did.
** “Debra, we’re going to be leaving soon.
Are you almost ready?” “Yes! I’ll be down in a little bit.
” I was a nervous wreck thinking about what would happen tonight.
I took my shower and did my make-up and hair.
I just put on a dress, it didn’t really matter what I wore, because I was going to be in the nude and masturbating on the stage.
But, I wanted to look nice for Mark.
I walked down the stairs and Mark was waiting.
“You look hot, Debra.
” “Thanks.
I wanted to look nice for you.
” “The cab is waiting outside.
Let’s go have a great night.
” “Okay.
” We left the house and walked out to the cab.
The driver just smirked at the two of us when Mark gave the address to where we wanted to go.
We just did a lot of small talk on the drive to the club.
Once we got there, Mark paid the driver and we walked out.
We walked into the club.
Sam greeted Mark right away and smiled at me.
“Sam, you remember Debra.
” “I certainly do.
I’m so glad you changed your mind.
You’re going to do well here.
You’re going to be my top girl.
” I just smirked.
I only planned on doing the masturbating show tonight.
I wasn’t going to do this every night.
I would have Mark explain that.
For now, I just wanted to do the act and get the fuck out of there.
I was feeling a little woozy and just wanted to do it already.
“Molly, take Debra into the dressing room.
You’ll be going on in an hour.
” “I’ll meet you in your dressing room in a little bit.
I need to talk with Sam.
See you later.
” I followed Molly to the dressing room.
“First night of dancing?”



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