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I was in the city a few weeks ago.
I was minding my own business when I heard a woman scream.
I looked around to see a scumbag assaulting her.
I stopped him, and along with another guy, restrained him until the police arrived.
I tried not to give my details and stay well out of the argument.
I just wanted to stop the girl being hurt; I don’t like violence towards women.
But the sweet young police lady told me she could arrest me if I did not.
She would be lucky to have been twenty-five.
I told her I wanted to remain anonymous, and so was there a way I could give my details, but not be named? She asked, “What did you have in mind?” I said, “Well, what if I take you to dinner?” She just laughed, and said I was out of luck as she was not interested in men, as men were assholes.
“I see you have been hurt by an asshole before.
Not all men are assholes.
Some of us are just liars,” I replied.
The officer looked me square in the eye; she had the most beautiful blue eyes.
It felt like she could melt through me with those baby blues – cliché yes, but so true.
It was a bit of a contrast considering she had red hair.
She had a slight build and C cup breasts.
Her uniform was struggling to keep them in.
I could see beneath her police blues, a tight fitting white sports style bra.
“You have one chance.
Dinner goes well, you might get what you want.
It goes bad, your ass is mine.
” I looked at her name badge on her chest, Constable Nicole Watts.
“OK sarge.
Dinner and, we will see?” I stammered out my response.
“I am only a Constable, and I am Nicole to you.
Yes dinner.
After that, you will probably be on your own.
Men are assholes remember?” Nicole said in an authoritative tone, but with a sweet smirk on her lips.
“Okay, Nicole.
My name is Don.
” I gave her all my details for the report; I got her number and address to pick her up.
“Where are you taking me for this dinner then?” she asked.
Trying to give it my all in the charm stakes, I replied, “Well, Nicole, I think that under the circumstances, you should choose the restaurant.
What night, and where would you like to go? Somewhere classy, for a classy lady?” Nicole said, “Yes, there is a new place a short walk down the road from my flat.
It’s just opened this week.
Supposed to be good.
I think it is called 17, or something like that.
” I said, “Okay, well what time do you get off work tonight?” Before I could say anything else, she interjected, “Ha ha.
Nice try Mr.
But not tonight.
” “No, Nicole, I meant can you text me the name of the place, so I can make the reservations?” “Oh, well I am on late tonight, it wont be till after ten.
Is that okay?” Nicole replied.
“Yes it will be fine, I wont be asleep too soon tonight.
I met this gorgeous lady today; she has the most beautiful blue eyes and the sweetest smile.
She also has a sweet voice.
She has the whole package, kind of takes my breath away.
She will be on my mind tonight,” I said.
“Well!! You have a nerve! You meet this other woman, and you want to take me out in case you don’t get anywhere with her!” Nicole was unimpressed with my description of the beautiful woman, however she did let me reply.
“The other lady is you, Nicole.
You are the beautiful lady I met today.
” Neither of us spoke.
The other police officer was right there asking her if everything was okay.
She assured him it was fine, and that she was done interviewing the witness.
“If you have any more information.
Please call us.
Thank you sir.
” She smiled and winked at me, as she walked away.
I had to send her a text anyway, or give her a call, as I had her number.
But she did not have mine.
I sent her a text, plain and simple.
It read ‘Hi Sarge.
What was the place, and which night suits you?’ I did not add my name, I was sure I did not have to.
This way if one of her friends read the message, they would not know what it was about.
Now Nicole had my number, and so I was hoping to get the text that night.
But what I got was even better.
Later that night, around 10:30pm, I got a call.
The conversation went: “Hello Nicole, how are you tonight?” “Hi Don.
How are you?” “I am good but Nicole, I did not expect to hear your sweet voice tonight.
I was just lying here on my bed wondering if I would even get a text from you.
” “Why not? Why did you think I wasn’t going to text you back?” “Well let’s face it, Nicole, you are cute and I am well.
I am not exactly the best looking guy around.
You must have guys falling at your feet.
Why should you care for me?” “You seem a nice guy, you got past my defense.
A little too easily I must admit, especially seeing I was at work and on duty too.
So you get a dinner date, I did agree to that, I keep my word.
Will you?” “I have never lied to a lady to get something I want.
I am not about to hurt you.
If that is what you mean.
” “That is exactly what I wanted to hear.
The place is called 17, their number is 3876 2945, I got the number because I didn’t’t think you’d find it otherwise.
Like I say they just opened last week.
How is Friday, pick me up around seven?” “Friday night around seven will be fine.
How far down the road from you are they? I mean is it a close walk?” “Yes, I took two minutes to walk down there tonight.
Why do you ask?” “Do you have to work on Saturday?” “No.
Why? What do you have in mind now?” “Don’t worry.
I have dinner to blow it with you right?” Nicole laughed.
 “Yes, you have dinner to impress me.
” “So let me see if I can impress you.
I should let you go to bed.
You have work tomorrow.
” We exchanged good nights, and I promised to make the arrangements the next day.
I made the arrangements at the restaurant as agreed, and on the Friday night I went over to Nicole’s flat.
I was nervous when I got to Nicole’s flat, will she change her mind? What will she think of me, and my clothes tonight? I swallowed my pride, I told this lovely lady I was not going to be a mongrel, like the men she had obviously met in the past.
I rang the doorbell; moments later the door opened.
I must have looked as surprised as I felt as Nicole laughed, and put her finger under my chin.
“Close your mouth, or you will catch flies.
” Nicole was dressed in a black blouse; the front of the shirt was solid material, but when Nicole turned around, you could see the smooth soft skin of her back.
I could see that Nicole was not wearing a bra either.
She had a short black skirt on as well, it was only mid thigh.
Nicole also wore black stockings.
On her face she wore next to no make up, most women don’t need it anyway.
Nicole only used lipstick, and a little eye makeup.
I was amazed, I mean I had only just met her and now here she was in a very hot outfit.
I was hopeful of a very good evening, and maybe a follow up date.
Especially when Nicole now had this outfit on.
I decided since it was a short walk, we could get to know each other a little on the way, Nicole agreed.
I felt like a million dollars walking with her.
On the way we chatted a little of the things we liked, music movies, small talk.
We got to the restaurant, we had a nice meal together, I felt a huge sigh of relief when Nicole told me she hated wine, and asked, “Would you mind if we had water instead?” I agreed, I have never liked wine either.
Over dinner we chatted some more, I enjoyed our small talk, and we made each other laugh a little.
All seemed to go well.
After dinner, as we walked out of the restaurant, I asked Nicole if she wanted a walk to settle dinner.
We were two blocks from the beach, and so I suggested it would be relaxing to hear the waves crash over the sand.
Nicole agreed and soon we were on the sand, carrying our shoes holding hands as we walked and talked.
The sand felt great between my toes, as we walked on the sand, I slowly edged Nicole towards the water.
We were talking of the dinner, the restaurant and how the evening had gone so far.
I was pleased when Nicole said, “You have passed the dinner date.
But you still haven’t taken me home.
So you still have a chance to ruin a good evening.
” Now as we walked along the beach the water was just barely covering our feet, it was ankle deep and cool.
The moon was out.
It was a full moon and sparkled on the water.
Nicole looked stunningly beautiful; the moonlight twinkled in her eyes.
I finally got up the nerve to kiss her.
I stopped our walk; looked at her and said, “Close your eyes, I want you to imagine something for me.
” Nicole closed her eyes as I had asked.
“Okay, what do I have to imagine?” Nicole was taller than me, but not too tall.
I leaned in and kissed her mouth.
I kissed her gently.
To my surprise Nicole kissed me back.
It seemed like time had stopped.
I could hear my heart pounding; the waves were breaking and the water washing around our feet.
Nicole pushed me back, “That was sweet.
But what do I have to imagine?” I said, “Well, Nicole, I just needed a way to get you to close your eyes.
I wanted to kiss you.
I have wanted to kiss you since you opened your door to me tonight.
But I thought it would be more gentleman like to wait a little.
” “I think you should take me home,” Nicole replied.
I thought darn, I just put my heart out there; Nicole seemed to just rip it out and squash it into the sand on the beach.
The only time we stopped on the way back to Nicole’s flat was to put our shoes back on.
We walked back to Nicole’s flat.
Not another word spoken.
I thought to myself, I have just blown everything, the dinner had been great, and the beach walk had been fun.
I thought I had maybe impressed enough to have a second date.
I was hoping I might have been able to stay the night.
Now we were on our way back to Nicole’s flat, no longer holding hands either.
It seemed like I had come crashing back to earth in a great hurry.
When we got back to Nicole’s flat, she was kind of giggling when she asked me, “Why have you been so quiet on the way back here?” I had no real thought, no charming way to say it, so I just blurted it out.
“I impressed at dinner, the walk went okay until.
” Nicole looked at me, she was standing inside the door by now.
“Until what?” she asked, seemingly intrigued.
I said, “Well until I kissed you, it was too early.
I should not have kissed you.
I am sorry.
” Nicole just laughed, grabbed me and pulled me into the flat.
Now it was Nicole taking charge.
Nicole’s lips met mine.
Nicole had the softest lips, and this time her tongue was deep in my mouth, exploring my mouth forcefully.
I felt her kick the door closed behind me.
I started to slowly unbutton her blouse as we kissed.
With her blouse undone, I stopped and knelt down before her.
I removed Nicole’s shoes.
Then kissed my way back up her lovely stocking clad legs.
I kissed her under her skirt, but not too far up under her skirt, not yet.
I then kissed her through her skirt.
I quickly passed over her womanhood, how I wanted to lift her skirt and kiss her womanhood right now.
I stood up and kissed her sweet naked breasts.
Her nipples stood erect, poking out at me crying out for me to suck them.
I did not take long to suck her left nipple into my mouth.
Her nipple felt hard and divine as I sucked it looking up into her beautiful blue eyes.
Nicole sweetly smiled back at me, “I have two of those, and the other one needs your lovely attention too, baby.
” I gave her other breast and nipple some attention as Nicole had put it.
I had my hands on her back already, now I moved my hands up to her shoulders as I kissed and sucked her nipple.
I slipped her blouse off.
Turned her around and started to kiss her back.
Up to her shoulders, I kissed her neck too.
Nicole moaned and turned to me and said, “Tonight, I want you to fuck me.
I don’t want it to be gentle tonight.
” We quickly stripped each other as Nicole led me to her bedroom.
We kissed madly passionately the whole way.
Once in the bedroom, Nicole turned on the light.
My cock was fully erect at the sight of my policewoman, my mouth wide open.
Nicole threw me onto her bed.
Without a word she started to suck my cock moaning as she did.
“You are doing it wrong, Nicole,” I said half jokingly.
“Oh, am I? So how should I be sucking your yummy cock then? Smart ass!” Nicole seemed a little pissed off at me, until I said, “You should have your sweet pink pussy in my mouth as you do that.
I want to eat your pussy while you enjoy sucking my cock.
” In no time we were in a 69 position, not the normal one-on-the-other; we were laying side on facing each other.
Online Now! Lush Cams Wow_Kris_Wave My god this woman was amazing, she had a great body, a fantastic sense of humor, firm breasts a shapely ass, and a delicious waxed pussy.
Nicole was sucking my cock like I had never had it sucked before.
It was not the usual hard, fast oral I had received in the past.
Nicole was slow, soft and sensual in the way she was sucking me.
It was fantastic; I was enjoying every second of it.
As I probed her sweet little pink folds gently myself, I was enjoying her taste.
I slid my tongue deep into her sweet juicy pussy.
Nicole’s taste was intoxicating to me, the more I got of her the more I wanted.
Nicole now stopped sucking my manhood, held one hand around the base to steady me then sucked and kissed my length.
Circling her tongue around the knob of my engorged member and pushing the tip of her tongue into the eye of my cock.
Trying to get the last drop of my pre-cum.
Then Nicole pressed my cock against my stomach, and sucked my balls into her mouth.
As she held them in her mouth, I lightly ran my tongue of her hot pink clit.
Nicole moaned a little as she did, the vibration through her lips felt wild on my balls.
The pleasure was immense as we sucked and licked each other.
I was taking it very steady; I wanted Nicole to enjoy every minute.
I wanted the build up to be slow and sensual.
Not just hard fast and over in seconds.
Even though there were going to be more orgasms to cum.
I pushed Nicole onto her back, pulled my cock from her mouth and kissed her once again.
Slowly kissing and sucking my way across her cheek, we nibbled each other’s ear before I continued on down her neck.
Nicole dragged her nails softly over my back.
Running the palms of her hands up before dragging her nails down my spine.
This gave me goose bumps as she did.
I took her firm breast in my hand gently squeezed it and suck on her erect nipple.
I heard Nicole gasp before crying out, “Yes baby! Suck my tits, suck them just like that!” Like I was going to stop? I looked at her head the whole time I played with her right breast.
I could not see Nicole’s face as she had arched her back up and tilted her back.
Her hands were now on the back of my head and her fingers squeezing me as her fingernails dug into my scalp.
I moved over to her other breast now, kissing my way from her nipple down between her cleavage and up to her left nipple.
Once again sucking on her hard erect nipple.
I sucked it into my mouth and puled away from her breast and her nipple popped from my mouth.
I then blew softly across her nipple making sure it was as hard as possible.
Then, flicking the tip of my tongue over her fully hard erect nipple and enjoying the way her body writhed beneath me.
I continued to suck, lick and tease her breasts and nipples for a few minutes more.
I kissed and licked my way half way down her stomach, before asking the worst question a guy can ask in this situation, “Do you have a boyfriend?” “No,” Nicole replied.
Now I kissed my way down to her bellybutton.
I sucked her belly button, I did not care if I left a ‘love bite’ now, as Nicole had no boyfriend to see it, and worry.
As I went on kissing and sucking her soft smooth skin, I moaned a light mm.
I loved the way her skin now was completely covered in goose bumps.
I slowly ran my tongue down to her groin, but not straight to her wet womanhood.
I could see her love juices dripping from her little opening.
I tasted and sucked the juices out of her yes, but that was all.
I gently kissed her smooth bare skin.
I licked the v where her upper thigh joined her torso as I sucked her skin; I sucked a little hard and a little long.
I looked at her skin to see I had left a small love bite.
In fact there was another on her belly too, just beside it.
I said nothing, but continued kissing and sucking gently around her opening.
Her scent was amazing.
It filled my nostrils.
I sucked the nectar from her opening again, this time as I tried to go on Nicole grabbed my head and tried to keep me there.
I pulled away as she cried out, “Eat me Don.
Eat my pussy.
You know we both want you to.
” Although Nicole was completely correct, I resisted and pulled my head away.
“No not yet, Nicole.
I want you to need me to eat you, not just want me to eat you.
Don’t touch your yummy sweet pussy either, or I will not eat you.
” I continued on down her right thigh.
Nicole moved her hand towards her tender womanhood.
I stopped suddenly and looked up at her.
“Uh uh, no touching yourself.
If you do, I will not eat you.
I am not kidding, Nicole.
” “Oh please, I want it so bad.
I want to cum.
Please let me cum,” Nicole pleaded.
“Later, baby.
Cum now and it will be great.
Wait till I make you cum, and it will be divine,” I whispered as I blew a light breath across her wet pussy.
I kissed my way down her inner thigh to her knee, then across to the other leg and back up towards her honey pot once more.
I made slight sucking sounds too as I sucked her thighs.
When I reached her pussy there was juice dribbling from her pink folds.
I ran my tongue slowly up her opening only just letting the tip inside her.
I was going to tease her for a while, gently work my tongue deeper and deeper into her.
Nicole had other plans.
“Eat my pussy now! Fuck you have got me horny; I have not had a man get me this horny in a long time.
Eat me now!” Nicole cried out in a raspy voice as she pulled my head into her.
How could I resist? I drove my tongue deep into her tight pussy.
Nicole was clamping down on my tongue.
I thought to myself, ‘How good is her grip going to be when I slide my cock into her?’ I opened my mouth and took her sex into my mouth.
I sucked the sticky sweet nectar from within; the taste was divine.
I slurped as I drank in her flavor.
I then sucked her inner labia into my mouth.
Humming on her lips, trying to give her the most wonderful experience I possibly could.
I wanted Nicole to ask me back for a second date of course! I separated her inner labia with my tongue and deftly traced my tongue up to her swollen love button.
I did not touch it; I just blew across it.
Nicole shuddered a little.
I then slowly sucked her clit into my mouth, humming vigorously vibrating my lips and as I sucked on her clit, I slowly slide two fingers into her dripping pussy.
I alternated between sucking and circling the tip of my tongue around her swollen little love bud.
Nicole’s love juice was dripping down my hand.
I finger fucked my hot policewoman fast, and played with her love button slowly.
The only time I actually took my fingers right out of her was to drink her sweet nectar.
Then I slid my fingers back in for more.
Nicole was massaging her beautiful breasts as I pleasured her pussy.
Her back arched right up, head tilted right back.
Screams of pleasure filled the air.
I could sense my younger lover approaching her climax.
I stopped.
Moved up her body, and held my cock just beside her mouth.
“Suck me Nicole, suck my cock,” I said.
Nicole looked at my cock; my pre-cum was dripping onto her chin.
Then she poked out her tongue and just touched the underside of my love muscle.
I moved my hips slowly forward as I did my cock slid into her warm wet mouth.
Nicole then closed her mouth down on my knob and sucked gently.
She pushed me back and looked up.
“That tastes yummy, babe,” she said before sucking me into her mouth, deeper this time.
Nicole sucked me perfectly.
It took about 6 strokes before she had my balls resting on her chin.
Never taking her eyes from mine the whole time.
After Nicole had sucked all of the pre-cum from my cock, she looked up at me and said, “Now fuck me, fuck my hungry pussy.
” I ignored my young lover’s direction and went down to eat her pussy again.
I slid my tongue into her, and sucked hard on her soft lower lips into my mouth.
Savoring her taste, then I started to get serious.
“Nicole do you want to cum baby?” I asked.
Like she was going to say no! I slid my fingers inside her again, searching for her most pleasurable g-spot.
I flicked a finger over it and Nicole jumped up off the bed.
“Yes!” she screamed, “Make me cum, make me cum now baby!” I rubbed her clit with my thumb, and her g-spot with my two fingers.
Her pussy was pulsing on my fingers.
Nicole was bucking and writhing on my fingers, her left hand gripping my wrist tightly and fucking herself on me.
Then her body started to shake and shudder.
I whispered, “Cum for me Nicole.
Cum on my hand.
Cover my hand in your sweet sticky cum.
” Nicole came hard, all over my hand.
Pussy juice ran everywhere.
I let her relax down onto the bed and drank in her sexual juices.
Slurping loudly on her pussy as I did.
I kissed my way up her body from her pussy toward her mouth.
Her chest was still heaving, trying to catch her breath again as I sucked on her breasts.
I slid my cock into her as I kissed her mouth.
Nicole’s breathing still had not yet returned to normal as I started ride her tight and still pulsing pussy.
I worked my cock slowly inside her pussy.
I wanted her to catch her breath again, before I took it away again.
We kissed and Nicole ran her hands over my back, dragging her nails down my spine again.
When Nicole regained her breath, we were in the missionary position.
Nicole’s legs were wrapped tightly around me, her tight little pussy seemed to suck on my cock.
I was kissing her neck, and she was sucking on my earlobe.
It was total bliss for me.
We rocked together for a few minutes.
I could fell my orgasm building, and selfishly started to pound into her.
Pumping her little pussy as hard as I could.
My breath was now ragged and raspy, to my delight so was Nicole’s.
“I’m cumming Nicole! I’m going to cum in your tight little pussy,” I said hoarsely through clenched teeth.
“Me, too, baby, I’m going to cum all over your hard cock! Fuck me deep, I love it!” came the response from my lover.
I thrust deep into her as I cum, that last hard deep thrust was what we both needed.
We came together I could fell my cock spasm deep inside Nicole’s tight wet pulsating pussy.
It was the ultimate pleasure.
To cum at the same time as my horny lover.
My sticky seed pumping into her, as her sticky sweet juices dribbled out beside my cock.
I could feel my balls were dripping her cum back down onto her bed sheets.
I stayed in Nicole until I went limp and fell out.
We held each other tightly the whole time.
Once we had both caught our breath it was on for round two.
I lay on my back beside Nicole.
I put Nicole’s hand onto my cock and started to stroke my cock with her hand, looking into her beautiful blue eyes.
“You want to again?” she questioned.
I said nothing, just reached over and grabbed her ass pulling her over onto me.
Nicole slid my cock into her soft tight pussy.
I let out a low moan and smiled.
Nicole smiled back at me as she started to rock on my cock and get herself into a nice rhythm.
I held her breasts in my hands softly squeezing them and sucking on her lovely erect nipples.
I could not hold off any longer, so I started to thrust into her tight pussy from underneath.
I was pumping hard and fast.
My balls were slapping against her; my breath was hard and fast.
Never letting go of her hard little nipple.
Nicole’s baby blues were piercing as she looked down at me.
I lost control and with my mouth full of nipple I started to say, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming baby.
” Nicole sweetly whispered to me, “Cum, baby, cum in me again.
” I did and my sticky seed was now dripping down my shaft over my balls.
Nicole raised herself off me and kissed her way down my chest to my stomach, and then took my semi flaccid cock in her mouth.
Nicole worked her magic sucking my cock clean, and I was hard again.
Thank goodness for no wine at dinner! After a few strokes to make sure I was hard enough, I found myself deep inside my young lover once more.
Her tight pussy was now well lubricated with a mixture of our juices.
Nicole looked down and said, “Hold still this time.
Let me ride your lovely cock.
It feels so good in my pussy.
” “Wonderful, Nicole.
It feels wonderful baby,” I replied.
Nicole’s firm C cups were bouncing around just in front of my face.
So I poked my tongue out to have her nipple rub across it as she rode me.
I was in heaven.
As Nicole built to her orgasm she rode me harder and harder.
Driving me into the bed.
Nicole’s breath was harsh ragged and fast.
I managed to last long enough for her to cum on my rigid cock.
The feeling of her pussy pulsing on my cock was divine, and in my memory as we lay there.
Nicole was lying on top of me, my arms wrapped around her.
We did not move as we both drifted off to sleep.
The lights were still on next morning we were awoken by someone in the flat… But that is another story.



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