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Latest stories Straight Sex The Lazy Sunday Afternoon Part One

You walk into your bedroom and see me lying in my t-shirt and shorts on my back on your bed.
You have just got back from the walk to the coffee shop, listening to my audio.
 It was clear you were feeling horny.
I could tell just by looking at you and I also heard you taking off your clothes on the way to the bedroom.
You look amazing – dressed in just a t-shirt and some small black panties with a lace front.
 I hold out my hand and you come over to me and lie with your back to me, between my legs.
Your head on on my chest.
I wrap my arms around you and kiss your shoulders and the back of your neck.
You smell so good.
I need to touch your skin so I push you up and slide my hands under your shirt and lift it over your head.
You lie back down and my hands come up to your breasts while I kiss you on your neck and shoulders.
 I squeeze both breasts gently at first and then a little harder.
I love it so much that your breasts are small.
They feel and look so good.
As I kiss you, the fingers on my right hand flick your right nipple, and then squeeze it.
Your eyes close and you remember what you were listening to in the coffee shop and on the walk to and from it.
 As my right hand pinches and rolls your nipples, my left hand continues to just stroke your left breast, touching the nipple ever so gently every now and then.
My mouth kisses your right shoulder and then your left.
As I touch your nipple and stroke your breast, you open your legs wide.
As you do, I can smell you.
I can tell you are so turned on after listening to me come in your headphones.
 With your legs open as wide as they can be, my right hand begins to travel down over your stomach, over your belly button to the top of your black panties.
It slips under them but then comes back up to your breast.
As my right hand comes up, my left goes down, slipping into the top of your panties, but not touching you.
It then comes back up to your left breasts and squeezes as I gently nibble on your right shoulder.
I can feel my cock hard in my shorts and it’s wet on the end – precum and all for you.
 You feel my right hand go down your stomach again, slowly, the lightest of touches.
You know that this time, I will touch you.
My hand goes over your panties and presses against your pussy.
God, you are soaked, absolutely soaked.
 I press against your pussy and then you feel my finger on your clit, ever so lightly, just making circles on it.
You can hardly feel the touch but you know its there.
I lick the fingers on my left hand and wet your left nipple.
All the while my fingers are making those light circles on your clit.
Round and round they go, just grazing you, while I keep kissing your neck.
 My touch is so light, so light on your clit.
Grazing round and round, lightly, incessantly.
Your panties are soaked.
Now my left hand travels down and as it does, you bring your hands up to your breasts, stroking them, pinching your nipples as you feel my hand go over your stomach.
 You are magnificent.
So beautiful.
Online Now! Lush Cams Maximus_Diesel My left hand goes down past my right and you feel me pull your panties aside and expose your pussy.
As it does so, my fingers graze your pussy lips.
 Now your panties are pulled aside, my fingers go back to your clit, making those same incessant light circles on your slippery clit.
As I touch you, your fingers pitch and roll your nipples.
Feel that touch on your clit, so light, so incessant.
 Your hips try to move closer but I resist and keep the light touch.
Oh god.
Now it’d be time for your panties to come off.
Lift your bottom so I can slide them off your right leg and leave them hanging on your left thigh.
 Keep touching your breasts.
I am now going to touch your wet pussy and make you come.
I have both hands on your pussy now.
Your feel the middle finger on my left hand dip between your pussy lips while my right hand rubs your clit just a little harder.
Not too hard but harder than before.
 You grip your breasts tightly as you feel my finger slip inside and the pace of the clit finger increase.
My left finger is in you up to the second knuckle and it curls up and presses inside you as my other finger works your sensitive clit round and round.
 Your juices are running out as you feel my touch on you, gently stroking you inside and gently rubbing your clit.
I know you are going to come soon.
I gently bite your left shoulder as my hands increase their tempo.
Your pussy grips my finger as you feel your orgasm start deep within you.
 Rather than speed up I slow down.
This is going to last.
Its going to be a long one.
Your hips are now moving against my fingers, trying to speed up your orgasm but I fight against it and make sure my touch is slow and gentle.
 Your pussy is getting tighter as you start to come.
 Oh god, this is going to be so good.
My touch is still slow and it makes your orgasm build inside you slowly.
You want to come so bad.
You will but my fingers maintain that slow steady rhythm on your clit and inside you.
Now the grip is so tight as you feel your orgasm just take you over completely.
Feel it rise up from deep within you and explode in your pussy and breasts.
 You are so beautiful when you come – so beautiful.
As you come you back against me, shaking with spasms as I keep touching your pussy.
Your hips lift as it hits.
You slump back down as the orgasm begins to fade, reacting to my touch which begins to slow down to a stop.
 I softly touch your pussy, your lips and your clit, before wrapping my arms around you and pulling you close to me.
 I kiss your neck and face as you’re begging to come down.
When you have recovered, I am going to kiss your pussy and make love to you……………………



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