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This time she did not resist the weakness and trembling in her knees as she advanced.
She began her quest to once and for all have that throbbing cock between her lips.
She gracefully shimmied out of her panties as his face reddened with desire, and his hand continued spreading his gleaming nectar over his shaft, slippery, pulsing, expectant.
She stepped daintily from her silk and fell before him giving in to the weakness that had been plaguing her legs, and fell on her knees.
He slipped his cock from his shorts just as she descended upon him, and it sprang to attention, alert and fat.
His hand cupped his ball as his other reached for the back of her head.
Dual moans and groans filled the room.
She slurped and licked the entire length, running her tongue down to his sack, her fingers piggybacking his own, with her other hand at her ever wetter pussy, running it’s length, plunging her fingers in and out deftly, a wet slurping sound matching that of her mouth.
She returned to the tip, then with encouragement from his hand, she took his full length to the back of her throat.
He cried out with lust and desire, hunger.
She kept her tongue pressed firmly to the underside of his dick, massaging it skillfully, swirling, as it moved in rhythm in and out.
Her lips sucked hungrily with each passing, and she made sure to dip the tip of her tongue into his “eye” whenever she could manage it, for extra stimulation, holding the tip just barely at her mouth, her tongue dipping in for the taste of him.
She inhaled deeply breathing in his heavenly manly masculine musk.
He thought he’d died and gone to heaven, to see her perfect tits bouncing before his eyes, hanging full, firm, like two ripe mangos.
He could see how erect her nipples were too, youthful pink, pouty, pointed.
He couldn’t help but notice one of her hands busy with her blondish bush, wet, glistening, soaked like his shaft.
He could hear the slurping wet sounds of her fingers entering and exiting.
She moaned softly against his erect shaft, sending vibrations lingering along it.
Her free hand cupped his balls so lovingly, so tenderly, then to his delight copied what it had witnessed earlier, by his own administrations.
Her hand, in mimic of his earlier, found a path to his ass, toying with his anus, as he slightly raised his hips to accommodate the heavenly exploration.
The sensation was electric, and he could tell that his willingness to be so uninhibited and open was even more of a turn-on to her.
Her finger danced at his opening, tickling, prying, testing, circling, then retreating towards his filling balls.
He kept a hand connected to her own, on his shaft, enjoying the co-caress and giving her guidance as to his preferred pace.
He massaged the back of her head, tangling his fingers in her hair, likewise giving a timed guidance to her busy bobbing head.
He allowed a stray finger to occasionally find her outer ear and trace it softly, tenderly.
His cock was fully engorged now and the sensation of the tip hitting against the deep recesses of her throat, combined with the tip of her tongue darting out to nip at his tip, drove him wild.
“God you taste so divine” she stated at last, pulling his cock free from her wet full lips, to gaze up at his glazed eyes.
“You’re very talented at what you are doing, and I can tell you love to suck cock, love the taste of cum, yes?” “I want all of you, yes, it’s true… your taste, the feel of you against my lips, the smell of your musk, the rhythm of you, your essence, it’s true, I want you bad!” He grabbed her shoulders and gently raised her to a standing position.
“Turn around beauty, lean over the coffee table, I want to return the favor, I want to taste you as well, want to fuck that luscious wet cunt with my tongue… NOW.
” She willingly obliged.
He couldn’t believe that her ass was as perfect as the rest of her proved to be.
She was in such great shape, so sculpted, so fit, so tight in all the right places, yet so soft and silky as well.
She smelled so enchanting, so perfect for his senses, just as he imagined she would… a natural perfume emitting from her pores, that fueled his desire even more.
That view of her ass and her pussy, that wet beautiful wanton pussy, before his eyes, her legs trembling still, her panting and moaning so loud now.
He stood and positioned himself behind her and wasted little time sliding deep into her, filling her deeply, completely, to the hilt.
She was so ready, so easily entered, so slick as his balls crashed against her satin cheeks.
She could feel his fullness, his heat, his throbbing, deep within her womb.
She could feel his husky thighs, his hardened chiseled muscles brushing against her cheeks and the tops of her own thighs.
Online Now! Lush Cams betsxoxoxo His hands encircled her and each one cupped a breast, softly kneading, and circling.
He allowed his fingers to trace circles around each nipple, then traced down along her rib cage, eliciting goose bumps and a pleasing gasp and giggle from her.
He loved how easily her skin turned to goose bumps as he caressed and tickled her.
Her breast were so full and firm, and felt so divine in his strong hands.
He wanted to extend this experience and leave her hungry for more in the future.
He was going to make sure she would not forget this night, that she would know what a giver he was, that she would be left fully satisfied, but eager to see him soon.
He lunged hard into her again, deep, fully, crashing hard against her ass.
She sighed, cried, pushed back hard against his hardness and hips.
“Ohhhhhh yessssss… baby baby….
oh yes lover, like that, mmmmmm deep, hard!” She wanted this so bad, the heat of his cock buried so deep within her, his toying playful hands driving her insane with the teasing caressing of her most sensitive places.
She could feel his fullness growing and his pace quickening.
He drove deep and hard, then would pull nearly all the way out and hesitate a few cruel and endless seconds, making her nearly cry out to him to give her all of him again.
He would linger at times, grazing her full length, playing with her full lips and tracing a tract up to her ass.
He used the wetness of them both to lubricate her anus, and it tickled and drove her mad.
She had an idea that this might lead to something she had only fantasized about in the past, just as this meeting was proving to do thus far.
He wanted to fill her every hole before this night was through.
Her ass was perfect and looked like it needed attention.
He loved teasing her and toying with her, testing her boundaries, not sure how far he could go, how far she would allow him to go.
She offered no resistance as he toyed with her ass, and in fact would jut her hips back in an inviting manner each time he tickled her there.
This was indeed encouraging he thought.
He grabbed each of her hips firmly and ramped up his thrust and urgency.
He threw his head back, closed his eyes and fought for control at each driving stroke.
He was determined to resist a climax at this stage.
He had much to offer and much to give her, and it was early yet.
He began to get a sense that she was his in any way he might desire, as she offered him everything he hoped for up until now, and thus far there was no seeming reluctance or resistance to any of his advances.
She pulled free, twirled around and threw her arms around his neck, kissing him deeply, catching him by surprise.
ohhhhhhhh gawwdddd….
your so talented, very attentive and aware baby, so giving, so generous” she moaned into his mouth.
Her tongue invaded his, the taste of precum still present and powerful.
“Baby baby baby, how I want this night to never end, how I’m going to work you over GOOD! You are going to remember this night gorgeous, you’ll see.
We are just getting started lover.
” Funny, because he had just been thinking the same damn thing.
Was she reading his mind? Was he going to wake up any second now and discover this was all just some fucking dreamscape play he conjured up in his fevered imagination? She was, after all, his idea of a dream fuck, and this all did seem too good to be true.
“Let me tell you beauty, I’m all in with this, not holding back for anything doll.
I’m in no hurry and this night is meant to be, I just feel it with you.
I’ve never felt so natural, so relaxed, so enamored before, with anyone… EVER! I’m yours baby doll, name it… you’ll have anything you desire with me.
Don’t hold back, don’t be embarrassed, no inhibitions necessary with this heavy metal cowboy baby.
Let’s get it on like there’s no tomorrow.
You have the most luscious divine inviting garden I’ve ever had the pleasure to be in the company of, and I’m just the gardener you need to sew that fertile ground, gorgeous.
I want to plant this seed so deep within your furrows, that it will make you weep the harvest.
” He panted.
She held tight, sighed deep, whispered something insanely naughty in his ear, licked it, trailed her tongue down along his neck to his shoulder and chest, and ran her hand slowly, gently unhurried back along his length again, down along his balls to his perineum, stroked it gently for a few seconds, gauging his reaction, massaged it, then moved her hand to his cheeks, squeezed, before taking a well lubricated finger and driving it slowly but surely up his ass.



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