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Latest stories Taboo Seducing My Step-Sister – Part 1

With the warm water filling the tub, I check out my tanned toned twenty year old body in the mirror.
I cup my 38DD-cup breasts and press them together, bringing them to my waiting lips.
I swirl my tongue around each stiff nub and suck on them, which of course makes my bald pussy moist.
As the tub continues to fill, I walk back to my room wearing nothing but my birthday suit.
I love walking around the house naked when I’m home alone.
That’s when I hear a buzzing sound coming from Natalie’s room, she is my eighteen year old step-sister.
I did not realize she was still home, she had told me yesterday that she and Emily were going early to the beach today.
I stop at the partly opened door to her room and peek in.
My eyes widen at the sight of Natalie kneeling on her bed with her back to the door.
She has a very large vibrator and is fucking herself with it.
But what surprises and shocks me is what she is saying.
“Oh God Eunice, fuck me harder!” My juices flow at the thought of fucking Natalie.
But I’m unsure how she would react, so I just watch with wide eyes as she brings herself to orgasm.
She slips the vibrator from her pussy and sucks it, making sure to get all her juice.
Natalie then inserts it back in her pussy, pulls it out and rubs the vibrator across her 36C-cup breasts.
Natalie raises her breasts to her mouth, sucks her nipples and licks up her juice.
I quietly hurry back to the bath and slip into the warm water.
I am very turned on at the thought of my step-sister wanting me.
I lay back, close my eyes and imagine the two of us in bed making love.
My hand slips under the water and finds my already excited pussy.
My index finger slips between the folds and into my pussy.
My other hand teases my already stiff nipples.
It does not take long to reach an orgasm.
“Oh God Natalie, suck my clit!” I came, arching my back which thrusts my tits up out of the water.
The cool air just made my erect nipples harder and I come once again as I keep fingering myself.
When I am finished bathing, I go to my room and rub some cherry blossom body lotion on.
I put on a pair of pink lace up v-string panties, a pink lace bra with a front clasp and my pink silk robe that Natalie gave me at Christmas which is very short.
I put on pink lipstick and put my long black hair in a ponytail.
Entering the kitchen, there is Natalie in a red silk robe, matching bra with a front clasp and thong.
Her full lips are red and her blonde hair is done up in a ponytail.
“Good morning Eunice, how did you sleep?” “Good morning Natalie, I slept fine and you?” “Fine, thank you.
” “You look deliciously hot, Natalie.
I bet all the guys and gals want to get in your pants.
” I give her a wink and a pat on her firm arse.
She looks at me, surprised as her face reddens from embarrassment.
She bumps me with her hip, giggling nervously.
We both get a bowl of fruit and go to the great room.
Curling up on the sofa, we eat our fruit and talk about what to do today.
Natalie keeps peeking at my tits when she thinks I won’t notice.
I then move my legs apart slightly so she can get a good look.
I take a strawberry and seductively move it across my lips.
Parting my lips, I suck on it and make slurping noises before taking a bite.
Natalie by now is mesmerized by what I am doing.
I thought, “Girl, your mine now.
” “Let’s watch a movie.
” I say, reaching for the remote.
Turning on the DVD player, Natalie and I continue eating our fruit in a more seductive manner.
When the movie starts, Natalie lets out a soft gasp.
I had put in a soft-core lesbian move last night.
I watch Natalie out of the corner of my eye as she takes in the scene unfolding in front of us.
It starts out with two girls hanging out by the pool and talking about their sexual escapades with their boyfriends.
“Oh my, Eunice you didn’t tell me that this is a porno!” “It’s not a porno in the true sense.
This is a soft-core flick.
” “Just watch, you will see what I mean, Natalie.
” With that, we continue watching the movie and Natalie continues taking quick glances at me.
She seems confident that I am not paying attention to her, but I am.
She snuggles up to me as the two girls in the movie move to a chaise lounge and lay next to each other.
Natalie is mesmerized as the one girl lets her hands roam over her friend’s body.
I take my fingers and lightly glide them down her thigh and back up.
I do this repeatedly until I get a response from Natalie.
” Natalie looks at me and says, “Do girls really look at me?” “Yes, I have seen them do so with lust in their eyes.
” She becomes quiet and we go back to watching the movie as Natalie presses up against me.
Her beautiful breasts against me, sends a spark through my body and ignites my pussy.
I become wet in an instant of her touch and notice a damp spot on her panty.
” The one girl in the movie is removing her friend’s bikini top and teasing the nipples with her fingers.
I feel Natalie squirm, and her hand rests on my thigh.
I continue to run my fingers along her thigh, going a bit further up each time.
The girl in the movie kisses her way down her friend’s body to the top of the bikini bottom.
She undoes the tie sides and pulls the front of the bottoms down.
Her friend then raises her leg just high enough to see only her head.
“Is she going to do what I think she is about to do?” “Yes Natalie, she is going down on her friend and giving her pleasure with her tongue.
” “Eunice, have you ever gone down on a girl?” Moving her fingers up to the edge of my lace v-string panties.
“No, Natalie I have not been with a girl, only my ex-boyfriend.
” Moving my hand from her thigh and resting it on her breast.
Natalie puts her hand palm down on my mound and whispers “I have not been with either a boy or girl.
” Her face turns red.
Online Now! Lush Cams VanessaFlowerss We look into each other’s eyes as her hand rubs my mound and mine fondles her breast.
The moaning coming from the movie only adds to the excitement building between us.
“Natalie, do you wish for me to be your first.
” I say as I kiss her neck.
“Oh Eunice, yes.
Please make love to me.
” I stop kissing her neck and we share a very soft, gentle kiss while our hands roam over each other’s bodies.
The moaning and cries of ecstasy coming from the movie heightens our senses.
We tease one another’s nipples and my tongue slips between Natalie’s lips.
She responds by holding my face in her delicate hands, her tongue entwining with mine.
The passion in our kiss slowly increases as I move my hands to her shoulders.
I slip the robe from Natalie’s shoulders, down her arm to the bend of her elbows.
Kissing my way down her slender neck, my tongue trailing behind.
Nearing her breasts, I feel her shudder in anticipation.
There are no moans or cries of pleasure coming from the television as the movie ended.
The only moaning is coming from Natalie.
“Mmm, more please.
” Natalie puts her hands on my head, pulling me into her breast.
I kiss my way to her beautiful cleavage and slide my tongue down to the clasp.
With my fingers, I undo the clasp as I grasp her bra strap and use my teeth to pull it from her shoulders.
We look into each other’s eyes as I move to the other strap, using my teeth to pull it from her shoulder.
Natalie kisses my head as I remove her robe and bra from her arms, using my hands.
Her young firm breasts bounce slightly as they are freed from their confines.
My warm breath gently flows over her erect nipple as I flick her other nipple to stiffness with my finger.
” Natalie reaches down and opens the clasp on my bra.
Taking her fingers, she rolls my nipples between them until they are erect.
I put my mouth over her nipple and swirl my tongue all around as I purse my lips and suck on the nub.
“Oh God, I’m getting wet!” I reach down and find that her panty is soaking wet.
I rub her slit through the panty as I bite down on her nipple while flicking my tongue over it.
“Oh fuck Eunice, I’m cumming! Her back arches, thrusting her tits outward.
My mouth quickly moves to her other nipple and I bite down.
“Aaarrrggghhh! Natalie comes so much that my hand is wet with her juice.
I keep moving from one nipple to the other as my finger pushes into her slit, taking the fabric of her panty with.
Moving up along the length of her slit, I find her stiff clit and rub my finger in a circular motion.
Natalie is moving her hips as if she is being fucked, her breathing turns to gasps as she reaches another orgasm.
I move up and kiss her and she grabs the back of my head pulling me in tighter.
We kiss and Natalie moans into my mouth.
I can tell she is about to come and she breaks the kiss, tilting her head back.
“Oh no, I’m cumming again!” Natalie screams out as I suck her earlobe.
Before she can regain her composure, I push her back on the sofa.
Undoing the side ties to her panty she moans out, “Please, no more.
” Ignoring her, I kiss her toned inner thigh while teasing her nipples with my fingers.
Kissing my way over to her sweet honey pot, I take in her sweet aroma as I take a breath.
Reaching the top of her panty, I grasp the material with my teeth and pull it down.
In doing so, the tip of my nose slips between her puffy lips as I pull away the panty.
“Eunice, no more.
Give me a moment.
” Kneading her breasts, I continue and take her clit between my lips.
“Fuck, don’t stop now!” I push two fingers deep into her pussy.
I look into her eyes as I finger fuck her and her breathing becomes labored as another orgasm courses through her body.
Her body shudders in an even stronger orgasm than before.
Natalie’s honey pot holds my fingers firmly inside her wetness.
“No more! Really no more!” Not listening to her, I run my tongue along her swollen lips.
Slipping my tongue inside, I swirl my tongue around licking the fleshy walls of her pussy.
“Oh my God! Natalie grabs my head and pushes her pussy against me.
Her hips are thrusting up and down.
My tongue finds her G-spot, her juices cover my chin and her inner thighs.
I drink in as much of her sweet juice as I can.
I tongue fuck her as I roll her clit between my fingers.
“I’m cumming! Natalie squeezes my head between her thighs as her orgasm rocks her body.
I press my tongue on her throbbing clit until she recovers.
Then kissing my way up her body, I take her in my arms and we give each other quick, soft kisses.
“That, was amazing, Eunice! You are amazing! Natalie kisses me as she removes my robe and bra.
“Natalie, you are amazing too and you taste so good.
” I stand and Natalie removes my panty, exposing my bare pussy.
My juices trickling down my inner thighs.
She takes two fingers and scoops up some of the juice.
I watch as she licks her fingers clean.
“Mmm, what a delicious taste.
” She takes more and stands.
“Here, taste.
” I lick my juice from her fingers.
We then kiss.
Natalie takes my hand and we walk to the bathroom.
She turns on the tap and as the tub fills, she spreads my legs.
Getting on her knees, she looks up and says, “Your turn.
” I look in her eyes and smile, knowing that we will have many more days of love making.
    The above story is a work of fiction.
The names, characters, places and events are products of the author’s imagination and are used as fantasy.
Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.
  **   Copyright ©2014.
All Rights Reserved.
No part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of the author, Banes1.



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