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The long awaited sequel to my story The Survivor is now available on our sister site, Stories Space.
Unfortunately, I was unable to bring you the story here due to aspects of the story that we’re deemed inappropriate for Lush.
However, those similar restrictions there forced me to remove the erotic portions.
So, for your entertainment, those portions are presented here.
I do apologize for the inconvenience but even moderators must follow the rules.
Myra put a piece of meat on a spit and set it over the flames.
The strong aroma of fresh meat sizzling over the fire made them both ravenous.
Neither of them had eaten anything but old canned goods for weeks and that night the roasted venison seemed to melt in their mouths.
They were sharing the usual small talk as they ate, planning the next day and how happy the clan members would be when they brought back so much fresh meat when Bo stopped and looked seriously at Myra.
“That night in the store room when we, when I found you.
Why didn’t you stop me?” Myra held his gaze for a long moment while she considered his question.
Bo had caught her at gunpoint while she slept that night and it had been fairly obvious to her as to what his intentions were at the time.
Myra remembered the shock and exhaustion she felt when he burst through the door, and rather than risk everything in an attempt to fight him off she had made the choice to give in to his desires.
It had seemed to be her best choice at the time, and since that night he had done nothing to make her regret making it.
She tilted her head and shrugged slightly as she finally responded.
“You had a blaster rifle, remember? What could I have done?” There was no animosity in her voice.
She spoke simply as if it were a matter of fact, as if she were merely discussing the snow falling silently outside.
Bo sighed inwardly, not quite accepting her apparent indifference.
“Yeah, I did.
But I think we both know by now that if you had wanted to.
well, that rifle wouldn’t have stopped you from defending yourself.
” He shook his head, feeling not a small amount of shame from his actions that night.
“Instead, the next day you saved my life.
I’ve never thanked you for that.
” Myra said nothing for several long moments, unsure exactly how to answer him.
He was right of course; she could have defended herself quite effectively even in her weakened condition.
“I guess it was because I never really believed you wanted to hurt me.
” Myra slid over to him and crawled up onto his lap, snuggling against him.
“I was alone and needed someone to care about me.
I decided to take the chance that you were the someone I was looking for.
” Bo lightly caressed her cheek.
“Your instincts were right again Myra.
I want you to know that.
I never did want to hurt you and I never will.
” Myra allowed herself to relax in his arms.
She had been with Bo for two months now, and though she had been sharing his bed she still felt unsure about him as a man.
The truth was, she had found it difficult to trust him completely with the memory of that night haunting her.
Things were beginning to change between them though.
Despite his bravado she had come to realize that Bo was a good man.
He was fearless in the field and fiercely loyal to his friends.
His boyish sense of humor could make Myra smile even when she didn’t want to and she believed she might have been attracted to him even if he wasn’t the last decent man on Earth.
That last thought made her smile.
Up until now they had just been lovers of convenience, two people caught up in the hell that life had become and they had turned to each other for the only comfort left available to them.
Now though, Myra realized things had changed between them.
Despite all odds she had managed to find more then just security.
She had found true happiness and it was a glorious feeling that she instinctively knew needed to be shared with the one man left in the world who was worthy of her love.
Myra kissed him gently on the cheek and then tucked her head into his strong shoulders.
“The old rules are gone Bo.
They died in the War with the rest of civilization.
What you did, what we did that night was what people have always done.
I think it’s time we both learn to accept that.
” Myra then rose to her feet, determined to show him a side of her he had not yet seen.
“Okay, get up; let’s get those clothes off of you…” Bo smiled broadly as he stood, very pleased with her sudden playfulness.
“Now you’re talkin’ girl.
Looks to me like you’re a bit overdressed too.
” “Yeah yeah, you first big guy.
” As he started to remove his shirt Myra laid her hand on his.
Giving him a quick kiss she whispered to him.
“Let me do it, okay?” Bo was suddenly taken aback by the unexpectedly soft tone of her voice.
He had never seen her act in a truly caring way toward him and he wasn’t sure how to take it or what to say, fearing that one wrong word might break the spell.
She unbuttoned his sleeveless flannel outer shirt and pushed it off of his shoulders.
“What is it with you and sleeveless shirts anyway?” she asked rhetorically.
The truth was she had never minded his penchant for cutting off the sleeves because his well-muscled arms were kind of a turn on for her.
It gave him a rugged look that made him all the more attractive in her eyes.
“They just make me feel all bound up, that’s all,” he said in his boyishly defensive way.
“Sure they do, I think you just like showing off those guns of yours!” “Oh you like em’ do you?” He curled his right up tightly, flexing the not unimpressive muscles on his bicep.
She gave his arm a slight squeeze and smiled playfully.
“Actually I do.
I think you have sexy arms.
” Bo felt a rush of pride and made a quick mental note to never wear sleeves again.
Myra slowly lifted his under shirt up and helped him pull it over his head, making sure all the while that her hands kept in as much contact with his skin as possible.
Dropping the shirt, she kissed his chest lightly and caressed his flat abdomen with the palm of her hand.
She felt him shiver slightly as she touched him and when she unbuttoned his trousers his body jerked visibly.
She bent down and with deliberate slowness drew his pants down until he was able to step out of them.
As she rose she was careful to run her fingers lightly up his legs until she reached the elastic waistband of his shorts.
She just fingered the elastic for a moment, enjoying the look of excited wonderment on his face.
He was showing a side of himself that was as vulnerable as a boy and so much different than the man who taken her two months earlier.
It was the kind of innocence he usually hid and she found it very appealing.
Bo fidgeted at her touch and finally could take it no more.
“Well, you gonna take my shorts off too?” Myra took a step closer to him until barely an inch separated them.
“Let’s think about this for a second,” she said and quickly grasped his cock through the thin material of his shorts.
She gave him a firm squeeze and felt him begin to lengthen and become hard in her hand.
She bit her lower lip in an almost shy naughtiness as she began stroking his shaft through his cotton boxers until his length protruded through the fly.
“I think it’s safe to say the Boss-Man here is awake.
” She gave his cock another quick squeeze for emphasis.
“So yeah, he’s invited to the party.
” With that she peeled his shorts off and let them drop to the floor.
Once again taking his cock in her hand she held it in her palm and gazed down at it, enjoying its throbbing warmth.
When he reached out and tried to lift the bottom of her top she lightly slapped his hand away.
“Oh no you don’t.
This is my show this time.
Lay down on the sleeping bag.
” “What the hell woman,” he protested but Myra put a finger on his lips.
“Please Bo, just lay down okay?” The softness of her request disarmed his protests and he made a show of shrugging his shoulders.
“All right but ain’t you gonna take off your clothes too?” Bo sat down and then lay on his back, his hard cock still proudly rampant over his belly.
“Can you roll over onto your stomach for me?” “What the-” “C’mon Bo.
Please?” “Oh hell, okay.
But you sure are acting strangely woman.
” Bo flipped over onto his stomach and laid his head on his arm.
He heard the faint rustle of clothing and smiled a bit when her shirt landed about a foot away from his face.
“That’s more like it!” “Well then what do you think of this?” She answered and dropped her sports bra onto her already discarded shirt.
Bo smiled and looked back up at her but she quickly cupped her bare boobs in her palms, barely containing her pliant flesh.
Myra smiled back at him.
“Hey, no peeking!” “Okay, okay.
Have it your way.
” He said, no longer complaining.
At this point he could only see up to about her knees, so when her pants dropped and were quickly followed by her panties he was again tempted to look up, but decided to allow her the little game she was playing.
Myra straddled his hips and sat gently on his naked butt.
Running her hands over his shoulders she began massaging his muscles, working downwards slowly until she felt the tension begin to leave him.
“That’s it Bo, just try to relax and let me take care of you.
” “Okay Myra, I think I can get used to this!” “Haven’t you ever gotten a massage before?” “Well, yeah, sure I have, but not from a naked crazy woman!” “Crazy? If that’s how you always talk to women it’s a wonder you ever got laid.
” Reaching into her pack she removed a face cloth and wetted it with her canteen.
Once it was saturated, she spread it flat onto one of the rocks that surrounded the fire.
As she waited for it to warm, Myra laid her body over Bo’s and let her dark, distended nipples trail over his skin, tantalizing him with a gentle contact that promised so much more.
“Lucky for you I have low standards in men.
” Myra trailed kisses down his spine until she reached his ass.
She planted one deliberate wet kiss on each cheek and let her fingertips tickle his balls until she felt him squirm slightly under her.
“How does that feel Bo?” “It feels pretty damn good.
” “I’m glad you like it.
” Myra retrieved the now heated towel from the rock.
“You can roll over now Bo.
” Bo flipped over and she knelt on her haunches between his knees.
Myra then slowly rubbed her breasts with the towel until her skin glistened in the firelight.
When she reached between her thighs and over her pussy, his cock actually twitched in anticipation.
“Goddamn, Myra, you really know how to turn a guy on!” Myra laid the towel over his cock and balls, bathing them in its warm wetness.
Online Now! Lush Cams Naomi_Hill “I really haven’t done this before either, Bo” Myra said as she carefully cleaned the taunt skin of his glans.
“But you’re special to me and I want to make you feel like a man.
” Setting aside the towel, Myra slowly slid her palms up and over her flat stomach before cupping her breasts.
Over the last two months she had come from the point of starvation back to good health.
She had managed to put on maybe ten pounds and sometimes she thought most of it was in her boobs.
She was still very lean but the muscle tone she had long been proud of was returning to her.
She finally felt beautiful again and was eager to share the benefits of her health with her man.
She tweaked her nipples until they were tingling and standing proudly out from her chocolate colored aerola.
She smiled playfully while she rubbed them and then laid down on his chest.
“I want to thank you, Bo Roberts.
You saved my life too.
If you hadn’t taken me that night I probably wouldn’t have lasted much longer.
I want you to know how much I needed you then and how much I need you now.
” Bo was not the kind of man who was accustomed to sharing his feelings vocally, so he reacted in the only way he knew.
He kissed her hard and she returned it just as passionately.
She felt her emotions well up in her breast as his mouth feasted on hers and she knew that their feelings for each other had risen to a new level.
They were changing and becoming as one.
It was as exhilarating for her as it was unexpected and she surrendered to the moment without hesitation.
She felt his rough hands creep up and over her hips as he stole her breath with his kisses.
She could feel her own wetness become heated and when he squeezed her butt in his hands she ground her pelvis onto his penis.
“Mmm, I love how hard your cock feels against me Bo.
It’s so hot on my skin.
” Bo’s eyes flashed with sexual hunger and she could have sworn she felt him throb against her belly.
“It’s gonna feel even better when I get it inside you!” His voice was more a growl than speech, and he tried gently to roll her onto her back.
Myra resisted though.
She knew how much he loved to control their lovemaking but she wasn’t quite ready to let him have his way with her just yet.
“Mmm, not so fast,” she whispered.
“We have all night.
” Myra slipped off him and knelt at his side.
When Bo began fondling her tit she just smiled and sighed, enjoying the pleasant sensations.
Bo pinched and rolled her thick, dark nipples until she almost shivered at his touch.
She brought her boob close to his mouth and let him suck it while she stroked his cock.
When his hand slipped between her thighs and found her vagina Myra opened herself to his touch until his fingers slipped into her moist entrance.
She allowed herself the sweet luxury of his mouth on her breasts for several long moments while they masturbated each other.
By then his thumb had found her clit and the insistent circles he was making around it made her whole body begin to pulse in time with his movements.
Whether it was the look on her face or the way her body reacted to his touch Bo seemed to sense her need.
He dipped his finger deeply into her and massaged her passage.
Myra felt his touch vibrate through her body and when he drew her juices out and onto her clit she felt like she was going to explode.
Her pussy had become drenched by her arousal and his oiled fingers slid around her button with a devilish intent.
Myra had stopped stroking him and now just rhythmically squeezed his shaft as he fingered her.
“Oh fuck don’t stop! Right there Bo, ohh fuck, make me cum.
please make me cum!” Her skin blazed with excitement and she felt the pleasure spread from her thighs to her belly until the delicious sensations crested, causing her entire body to quake as the orgasm rolled through her.
“Oh wow, I don’t think I’ve ever cum that easily before!” Myra laid over him and kissed him playfully.
“I guess that means I actually like you!” “Well hell, I should hope so woman! Now stop playin’ games and show me how much you do!” Bo gave her a gentle shove on her shoulders as he spoke, urging her to slide down his body.
Myra felt his hot erection pulsing against her belly and, smiling wryly at him, gave in to his unspoken demand.
Myra hunched over on her knees and drew his cock into the valley of her breasts.
Then, using her hands to keep him nestled deeply in her cleavage she began stroking his length, fucking him with her boobs.
The heat of his erection felt wonderful against her skin and the view of his head poking up between her tits made her ache with desire.
“You have a really nice cock Bo.
Have I ever told you that?” Bo just grunted in response as he thrust his dick upwards in frustrated excitement.
She was teasing him unmercifully but she also knew how hard he was trying to control himself.
It wasn’t just about this night either.
She was well aware that he had been carefully keeping himself in check ever since that first night he had taken her.
Since that night, though, he had made no further attempt to force her into his bed despite his need.
They had been having sex, but it had been as much for her own satisfaction as it was for his, and by now Myra knew well how much he regretted his actions that night.
He had tried to respect her boundaries and in so doing he had allowed her to come to him on her own time.
It was just another thing she found amazing about him.
She loosened her hold on her breasts and let his cock bob forward toward her face.
She then kissed the head of his penis and licked the spongy crown, moistening his skin.
Bo gasped at the touch of her lips and when her mouth descended down over his length he physically shivered in excitement.
Myra swirled her tongue around and around until her mouth was filled with the tangy flavor of his cock.
She bobbed her head, sucking his dick as deeply as she could for a time until she was almost gagging on his hardness.
Then she drew her lips upwards and off so that she could flick her tongue against the underside of his shaft.
Myra had sucked him off many times over the last few months.
It had been almost a concession on her part because she had not wanted to get pregnant.
Now though, the idea of having his child seemed less the threat he had once made it, and if she did get knocked up, she knew at least that the child would have a real father.
In the hell the world had become that made all of the difference to her.
Myra kissed his thigh and felt the tension running through him.
He was like a lion and like any lion she knew he was meant to roar.
She sucked his cock once more then pulled up and slapped it against her lips.
“I’m ready to be yours Bo.
I want to be your woman.
” Bo’s eyes blazed as her words sank in.
Then he sat up quickly and grabbed her by the arms, holding her tightly with his strong hands.
“You’re sure, right? Don’t be playin’ games with me now!” “No more games Bo.
You don’t have to hold back anymore.
” With the strength and ferocity of an unchained animal, Bo rolled Myra over onto her back and pinned her arms over her head.
He kissed her hard and then slid his mouth down her neck, biting at her flesh in hot, passionate lust.
His hands found her breast and squeezed then together as he sucked hard on her nipples until Myra was clawing at his back.
She locked her calves behind his thighs and, reaching down between their slick bodies, guided his throbbing manhood toward her entrance.
She felt him tremble as she slid him down into her channel and when the head slipped in he pushed into her with all of his strength.
“Ohh fuck” she gasped as she felt his thickness thrust into her body.
She was wet and ready but still there was an initial sting as her passage struggled to conform to the shape of his rock hard cock.
Bo seemed to be inflamed at her visceral reaction to his thrust and he held her arms so tightly that her skin turned red under his grip.
His face became a snarl of masculine aggression and he fucked her hard and fast, making her firm tits bounce on her chest every time he drove his penis home.
By then the sting had passed and Myra felt the delicious sensations of being taken spread like a pulsing warmth through her.
She found herself timing her gasping breath with his movements, taking a new breath each time he pulled back only to have it driven out of her when he plunged his cock back in to its root.
Her thighs were taunt and her legs embraced his, holding her tightly to him as he rode her.
“That’s it Bo, fuck me! Fuck me hard! Oh shit yes, I love how your cock feels inside me!” Bo slid in deeply and pressed hard against her pelvis.
For a brief moment she thought he was cumming but his wicked smile showed he was still in control.
“You like that do you? How ’bout this?” He rotated his hips, swirling his dick inside her and Myra groaned as his body rubbed hard against her clit.
He then drew his cock back slowly until it slid out of her wetness.
He rested his shaft on her clit and sawed back and forth for a moment until Myra couldn’t stand it any longer.
“Don’t tease me Bo! Put it back inside me! I want your cock so badly!” “Roll over then, women! Get on your knees and I’ll give you all you want.
” Myra eagerly complied and when she felt his hand grasp her hips she reached between her quivering thighs and guided his penis back into her wet channel.
“Oh yes, that’s it Bo, fuck me good.
” Bo leaned forward and slammed his cock in, driving it into her with strong, powerful thrusts.
Soon the sound of his hips slapping against her ass filled the tent.
He was fucking her full force and Myra gripped the cloth of the sleeping bag tightly, as if she were holding on for dear life.
Incoherent murmurs escaped her lips and the beginnings of a cataclysmic orgasm coiled in her belly.
She pushed her body back on his cock, impaling her moist pussy on him as he continued to fuck her enflamed cunt.
She heard his ragged breathing and knew he was close.
Soon he would cum, filling her vaginal canal with his seed and Myra welcomed the thought eagerly, focusing on the erotic decadence and using it to spur on her own orgasm.
Just as she crested, Bo grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her back.
He grunted and growled and when the hot, sticky thick moisture of his cum began filling her, she screamed and came hard all over his spurting cock.
They collapsed together on the sleeping bag, both almost out of breath from their lovemaking.
Myra ran her finger through her pussy, feeling the thick wetness of their union.
Bo gathered her in his arms, holding her close and she sighed in contentment.
She hoped they would make love again later, but for now she was happy to just curl up and enjoy the radiant heat of his body.



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