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It was a beautiful spring day in San Francisco.
Warm but not hot and the fogs of summer hadn’t begun to roll in.
I work for myself, and this was a day to play hooky.
I had one errand that took me downtown, but then I was free.
I decided to drive out to the beach and look at the Pacific Ocean.
It is still a novelty for me.
I’ve been here ten years since coming from England, but still get a charge out of where I live.
I like being a tourist sometimes and I chose a route that took me along Haight Street.
As I approached the Ashbury intersection, I slowed to allow a car to pull out of a space.
I hadn’t planned on stopping, but the sheer rarity of a parking spot in the Haight was not to be passed up.
I pulled into it, almost for the pure pleasure of being able to.
There was another attraction: ice cream.
There is a Ben and Jerry’s right on the corner and I already knew what flavour I’d select.
Cherry Garcia, most definitely.
I stood outside with my little cup and plastic spoon and watched the bustling sidewalk.
Most of these people were tourists, I knew.
Anyone not carrying a sweater or coat hasn’t experienced how fast and far the temperature can drop once the sun begins to go down.
I had been behind a nice looking girl at the ice cream counter.
Well, a woman, but clearly younger than me, so my mind said ‘girl’.
When I left the shop, she was there.
Apparently doing the same thing as me.
Watching the people.
I watched her.
She was attractive.
I liked how earnestly she was taking it all in.
I guess my appraisal went on too long because she turned my way and caught me looking at her.
She gave me a wry smile.
I smiled sheepishly and looked away.
There was something about her.
More than just a pretty smile and generous bust.
I was sure she was a visitor.
She had no coat, and a map was sticking out of her little shoulder bag.
But she seemed more at home than most.
As though she belonged there.
It had taken me months to get that comfortable.
Perhaps she had moved here recently and was still in the exploring phase.
Anyhow, I was intrigued and found myself looking her way once more, as I mentally gave her a back-story to fit what I was seeing.
She caught me again.
I smiled again and this time said “Sorry.
” “You’re English.
” I heard a lilting Irish accent.
I’m sorry, I wasn’t staring at you.
I was, but you look like a visitor and yet you look at home here at the same time.
I was just.
” “Oh well, this is where I’m supposed to be.
This is my spiritual home.
” “Right here?” “Yes, Right here in this neighbourhood, maybe not rooted to this exact corner.
I really believe it.
Have since I was young.
” “And here you are.
” “Here I am.
” “First time?” “Yes.
” She beamed with delight.
Her whole face lit up.
Perhaps that was the moment I began to fall for her.
She had striking green eyes and her dark hair framed her face.
I’ve never felt I had a ‘type’, but the women I’ve been with have, more often than not, been bubbly brunettes.
Some had big boobs, one even had green eyes.
This girl was a triple threat without knowing it.
The accent didn’t hurt either, and I was charmed by how much she was digging being there.
“I’ve lived here a few years.
I love being here.
” “You’re so lucky!” “Yes, I know.
There’s nowhere I’d rather have ended up.
Have you seen much of the city?” “We did some touristy things.
My friends are off to Alcatraz today but this was somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit, so I left them to it.
And I like that I’m free to just wander around instead of being herded from pillar to post.
Today I can try to imagine what it would be like to live here.
” “I’m off today.
I’d love to show you around.
Show you some places that aren’t on tourist maps.
” “Really? You’re not some psycho, are you?” Those green eyes twinkled with the laughter in her voice.
Her impish smile was entrancing.
“You’ll never know unless you accept my offer,” I countered.
I took another spoonful of ice cream.
“That’s an odd colour for ice cream.
What flavour is it?” “Cherry Garcia.
” “I’m more of a strawberry girl.
” “You seem more adventurous.
Do you want to try it?” “I don’t know.
Is it nice?” “Well, a) it’s about the best flavour they do, b) you never know until you try and c) If you aren’t going to try Cherry Garcia a block from his old house then you’re missing out on all that karma.
” “Who’s old house?” “Jerry Garcia’s!” “Oh, Grateful Dead.
Of course! How dim do I look?” Again, the laughter in her voice disarmed me.
She didn’t look dim at all.
She was looking pretty damn lovely.
“So?” I persisted.
“Well, now you’ve made me want it more than anything.
” I scooped up a sample on my spoon, making sure to include pieces of cherry and dark chocolate.
She stood in front of me, closed her eyes and opened her mouth.
I didn’t know if she realized how much of a gesture of trust and submission it was.
I gently posted the sweet treat between her lips.
” “Good?” She winked at me.
“That’s the nicest thing a man put in my mouth for ages.
” Okay, so maybe she DID know what her gesture meant.
I had no answer.
I’m not easy to shock, but she’d put me on the back foot.
I made a kind of simpering laugh of agreement.
I sounded like Rowan Atkinson in Four Weddings and a Funeral.
I felt my cheeks reddening and studiously concentrated on my ice.
My mind was racing, though.
I began to wonder how much of an adventure this woman might be after.
When I looked back at her, there was a twinkle in her eye again.
“Sorry, my sense of humour goes over the edge sometimes.
” “No, it was funny.
You’re funny.
I like that,” I managed.
It was true.
I love a woman with a sense of humour.
We smiled at each other.
Silently eating.
The momentary discomfort passed.
We finished up and disposed of our trash.
I figured I’d go on to Ocean Beach and this pleasant little interlude would end.
I was about to bid her farewell when she asked me, “Where would you take me?” “You want to?” “Yes, show me some things I wouldn’t see otherwise.
” This girl had bewitched me with five minutes of silly chatter.
I found myself desperately wanting to please her.
“I’d love to.
It will be my pleasure.
” Her response was a very arch, “Maybe it will.
” I had a growing impression that I might not have to try too hard.
“Come on, my car’s just here.
” “Oooh, a Convertible! Perfect!” “First things first: my name is Robert but call me Rob.
” “Call me Julie.
” “Is that your name?” “What do you care?” Boldness again.
A joke yet not a joke.
She was telling me that we were anonymous.
Anonymous people can be whomever they want; do whatever they want.
I wondered about all the things she might want.
Julie dutifully stood by the drivers-side door, because she did the same dumb thing I used to do: forgot that the steering wheel is on the left.
I asked her if she was driving.
She looked quizzically at me and then realized her mistake.
She giggled ruefully and came around to where I was holding the passenger door for her.
I climbed in and we began our little adventure.
She was interested in everything, so I figured carrying on out to Ocean Beach was as good a place as any.
I chose a route that took us out through the avenues and meandered over to Sea Cliff, to see the rich people’s homes.
Then through Lincoln Park.
I stopped at the 17th hole of the golf course there.
It’s a pretty little par-three along a cliff top, with the Golden Gate Bridge as a towering backdrop.
She loved it.
We got out and she took a selfie, then beckoned me over so that I could be in one with her.
I put my arm around her waist and leaned in, enjoying the touch of her curves.
My hand moved up a little bit.
I could have claimed it was an accident.
I just brushed the underside of her breast.
It was thrilling.
“Are you trying to feel me up?” “Um.
no?” “You can’t fool me.
I’ve been felt up by the best.
” “Sorry, I couldn’t resist.
You do have nice boobs.
” “They’re big and heavy and literally a pain in the neck.
But I can suck my own nipples! So.
swings and roundabouts.
” Seeing Julie sucking her own nipples suddenly appeared on my bucket list.
At the top.
I was staring at her chest, off in a world of my own.
It may have been seconds, it may have been minutes.
The fact that she had used ‘literally’ correctly added to my admiration.
Julie snapped me out of it.
“Where next?” We got back in the car and I concentrated on driving.
On the way, we shared brief biographies.
She was from a smallish town in the Irish Republic.
Married with three kids, but not feeling very loved these last few years.
She was with old friends on this trip.
I assumed that, for all her suggestive comments, we would spend a nice afternoon and then that would be that.
She was sexy in a curvy, mature way that made her very attractive, but married.
It didn’t matter, I was quite satisfied just to spend an afternoon in her charming company.
oOo We got to the beach and parked up.
Her knowing words and daring attitude were belied by the childlike delight she couldn’t hide.
She wanted to paddle in the Pacific Ocean.
I grabbed a beach towel from the trunk and led her down the steps onto the sand.
I was wearing sandals already and I carried her flats for her so she could scamper along ahead.
When she reached the wet sand, I sat myself down and watched.
I knew how cold the water is there and laughed at her reaction.
The last of a wave rolled up to her bare feet and she stepped forward, waiting for the next.
When it arrived, she bore it for about five seconds before screaming a highly inventive string of curses and turning tail.
“I thought I’d get used to it, but it started actually hurting!” She giggled as she skipped back towards me.
She sat down beside me and I used the towel to dry her feet.
Then I used my bare hands to massage some warmth back into her.
She squealed and wriggled when I touched the soles, but I kept on and her giggles turned to little groans.
I never met a girl who didn’t enjoy having her feet rubbed.
Julie told me she was hungry.
I asked her what she was in the mood for and she said she wanted something typically San Franciscan.
There’s really no such thing.
The ‘clam chowder in a sourdough bowl’ thing is just for tourists down at Fisherman’s Wharf.
What San Francisco is better known for is that restaurants are just usually very good.
I suggested Japanese.
Julie told me her town didn’t have such exotic fare.
She had never eaten raw fish.
In fact, she told me, she was very conservative and reluctant to try any ‘weird’ foreign food.
I explained that Japanese food is not all raw fish and asked her to trust me.
I promised we would only eat the safe and sane things.
It was enough to persuade her to give it a try.
I took her to Ebisu.
A really excellent restaurant.
At dinner times it is often hard to get a seat right away, but we were early enough to sit at the sushi bar and watch our food being prepared.
We drank warm Saki and Julie let me do the ordering.
She watched the chefs with fascination, applauded each dish as it was presented to us and savoured every mouthful.
She was a perfect sushi bar diner.
By the time we were done, it was early evening.
“Do you need to get back?” I asked.
“Do you want me to leave?” “No, I’m enjoying your company.
” It was no lie.
She was fun and sexy and I felt good in her company.
As the day progressed, I had become very attracted to her and if she hadn’t been married I’d have been trying very hard to persuade her to stay out later.
The only lie was an omission.
I could have said I wanted her to stay because I wanted to sleep with her.
Her response was to take out her phone and start a message, making sure I could see.
She posted the selfie she had taken of us, winked at me, typed in ‘got lucky, don’t worry’ and hit ‘send.
‘ “Right,” she told me.
“I can stay until 10 now.
” “Oh that’s great, I have you for a few more hours.
” “Er.
in the morning.
” So there it was.
“I wasn’t expecting this, Julie.
” “I should bloody hope not!” I knew she was married, but I didn’t care.
She was fun and sexy and I wanted her.
And she was into it, obviously.
Yet, still, a pang of conscience had to be eliminated.
“Are you sure about this? I know you have a husband.
” “I used to be quite a randy girl, before I got married and had kids,” she told me.
 “I still like sex but I’m not getting much these days.
You’re a sexy man, and you seem to be attracted to me.
And I’m away from home.
And my friends will never tell.
And I’m horny as hell.
just stop being nice, take me to your place, and take me to bed!” I led her from the restaurant.
The evening chill had arrived.
Fog had rolled in on the Sunset district.
I put my coat around Julie’s shoulders and we walked to where my car was parked.
I held her hand as we walked, feeling like a teenager.
Excited and nervous.
She was excited too, chattering away, noticing everything about the neighbourhood.
Remarking on the unremarkable.
Her fresh eyes brought back to my mind how I felt when I first arrived.
It was nice to be reminded how great it is to have landed up here after my itinerant life.
I live two blocks from where we had eaten and, without telling Julie, had parked outside my building when we got back from the beach.
We reached my car and I said, “Here we are.
” Julie remembered which car door to stand by but I was three steps up my stoop before she noticed I had gone in another direction.
“You’re not having much luck with doors today, are you?” “Is this where you live?” “Yes.
” “Why didn’t you tell me when we parked?” “I didn’t want you to think I’d parked here deliberately to get you into my apartment.
I didn’t want to presume anything.
And I didn’t want to scare you off – I hadn’t eaten out with a good-looking woman for ages.
” “Get me inside and we can discuss eating out again!” I should have been shocked.
Instead, I was incredibly turned on.
The words, in her pretty Irish accent, were so unexpected.
I gulped, fumbled with my keys and managed to get my front door open.
We hurried upstairs.
I unlocked my apartment door and we tumbled inside.
  All the pent-up sexual tension exploded.
My hands were on her immediately, right there in my hallway.
My mouth found hers.
She pushed me against the wall and pushed a leg between mine.
Grinding herself against me.
Her lips were soft and sensual, but her actions were more visceral.
She pulled her mouth off mine.
“Show me your bedroom!” “It’s down there on the left.
” She sped ahead.
We were stripping off our clothes as we went.
There was no time to take in her figure, we were filled with urgency.
She was down to her bra and panties and I just was hopping along trying to take off my jeans while still walking.
It was impossible.
I ended up shuffling over and collapsing onto the edge of my bed.
Julie worked them off my ankles and then I felt her hands take the waistband of my underwear.
I lifted my hips.
She tugged.
My bum was bare.
My cock was hard and was pulled down by the waistband of my boxers, pointing away from me.
Julie reduced her pace and revealed my hard cock, slowly.
oh, so slowly.
Finally, the waistband cleared the end of my erection and it sprang back up and slapped against my stomach.
With her little tease over, Julie hurried to take my underwear off completely.
She was on her knees between my legs and looked up.
“Mmmm, lovely.
” Her hand reached out and she grasped me.
I lay back with my eyes closed and moaned with lust, but I wanted to kiss her and touch her and explore her.
I sat up on one elbow and with my other hand reached for her.
Taking her hand off my cock I urged her to come and lie with me.
As she stood, I was able to really appreciate her physique for the first time.
Time and three children had changed some of what she may once have been but what had been added made her beautiful.
Her fantastic breasts were spilling over her pretty, lacy, low-cut bra.
Generous hips were highlighted by matching panties.
She was soft and full and incredibly hot.
I scooted up the bed.
I wanted her to come to me, but she had other ideas.
She reached back, unsnapped her bra and let it fall.
Then cupped her breasts and asked if I liked them.
What a question.
They were magnificent.
Wide aureolae surrounded her prominent nipples.
Without being asked, she took each breast in turn and showed me how she was capable of sucking her own nipples.
It was only for a few moments, but created a lifetime of memories.
Then she bent and slipped her panties down.
Her breasts hung and swayed.
I was entranced.
She stood again, turned a quick three-sixty and stood there with her hands on her hips.
My eyes tracked down from her pretty face to her glorious boobs then down over her belly and to the neatly trimmed pubic hair.
Online Now! Lush Cams PrettyBumm It was a picture.
A treat for my eyes and mind.
Her childbearing had added curves, no doubt, but I saw a vibrant, authentic woman.
“Can I ask you a favour?” “Anything.
” “Can I take a shower?” “Oh, yes.
Yes sure.
Of course.
” “It’s just been a busy day and I want to be fresh.
You could join me.
” “Count on it.
I’ll give you a few minutes first.
” “Thanks.
I will call out for you when I’m done with the private stuff.
” I showed her to the bathroom, showed her the shower controls and even dug out a little hotel bathroom kit I had stashed in my cabinet.
Then I told her I’d go fetch a fresh towel and left her to her ablutions.
As frantic as we had been when we came through my apartment door, I was glad for the chance to clean up before we went further.
I took my toothbrush with me and brushed my teeth over the kitchen sink while I waited for Julie to summon me.
The call came and I eagerly entered the steamy bathroom, slid the shower door aside and stepped in.
Julie was smiling.
Her pretty face all scrubbed and moist was positively glowing.
We kept our eyes locked together but I have excellent peripheral vision and I enjoyed her pleasantly plump figure and lovely breasts.
She held a hand with ironic coyness over her crotch.
So playful and alluring.
I was bewitched by her style and sense of humour.
“Are you all clean now, Julie?” “Yes, but you can do my back for me, if you like.
” I liked very much.
As Julie stood under the full force of the shower I gently lathered up her back.
Running my hands over her shoulders, down her spine, feeling her curves, touching her sweet ass.
It was so sexy to be naked with this lovely girl.
Smooth slippery skin slid under my flattened palms.
My fingers kneading her slightly made her groan a little.
I slipped the flat of my hand between the cheeks of her bottom and rubbed her there.
It was very intimate but I knew it was OK when she bent over ever so slightly.
Taking my cues from her, I rubbed between her cheeks, and then curled my hand down and under.
Between her thighs.
My fingertips brushed against her pussy from behind.
She shivered a little at that.
I wanted to fuck her right there and then.
I wanted to feel myself slip into her.
But as theoretically erotic as having sex in a shower might be, prior experience told me reality never lived up to the expectations.
What I wanted was to make love to Julie.
In a bed.
I stood up.
My cock was hard and I tried to make sure I didn’t rub up against her.
I tried to defuse the situation a little.
“OK, then.
You’re squeaky clean.
Just give me a second under the spray so I can catch up.
” We did an ungainly shuffle and switched places.
My penis rubbed against her in the process.
I couldn’t help it.
We said nothing, just giggled.
Then I quickly washed myself while Julie waited.
When I shampooed my hair, I felt her hands on me.
The suds made for a frictionless touch.
On my back.
Down to my arse.
Between my cheeks.
The way I had just touched her.
I thought I might cum there and then.
Oh, my.
Then I felt her hands go around my waist and she pressed her whole body against my back.
I felt her rubbing her tits against me.
Her mound was grinding against my bum.
“Mmmm, that feels nice.
” She continued humping against me.
Her hands slid up over my pecs and then back down.
And down again.
She moved over my stomach and she grasped my dick.
“This feels nice, too,” She giggled.
Then she started to stroke me.
I was very hard.
My cock throbbed.
Her hand gripped and stroked.
She knew her way around a cock, that was clear.
It was handy for the ages.
It would have been great, except I wanted to go to bed with Julie, not get a soapy handjob.
If she didn’t stop what she was doing, the action would be over before we got started.
I turned around in the shower.
Her hand came away from my joint and she made a disappointed little mewing sound.
I pulled her towards me and we allowed the shower to rinse the last of the soap from our bodies.
My cock was poking against her.
My hand went to the back of her neck.
I caressed her nape as I bent down to kiss her.
And then the water started to run cold.
I quickly turned it off and reached out to the towels.
Handed one to Julie and stepped out onto the mat.
There’s no sexy way to dry off after a shower, so we briskly worked over our bodies alone.
Once we were dry, I wasn’t sure if I should wrap my towel around my waist.
I stood with it held against my crotch and Julie just handed hers to me.
Standing in front of me.
Clean and pink and glowing from the shower and from the desire that seemed to engulf her.
She took my hand and led me back to my bedroom.
Dropping towels along the way.
I watched how she moved as she walked in front of me.
“You’re lovely, Julie.
” She was suddenly shy.
“No, I’m not.
” “I think you are.
” “I’ve got a fat arse.
” “It’s sexy.
” Her bravado returned as quickly as it had departed.
“Well then.
” she gently pushed me back against the bed and I laid down on my back.
You can show your appreciation.
” Julie climbed up onto the bed.
Facing away from me, she straddled my face.
My hands reached up and caressed the plump cheeks of her sexy bum.
I lifted my head and kissed her all over each soft cheek.
Kneading the flesh and kissing her until my hands started gently teasing her ass cheeks apart and my tongue found its way between them.
I licked up and down her crack until the tip of my tongue found her little rosebud.
I heard Julie moan and felt her legs tremble.
I pressed.
Pressed my tongue against her anus.
Pressed until it began to enter her.
She moaned again and moved away from my mouth.
From my tongue.
I couldn’t see her.
All I could see was her bouncy bum just out of reach of my lips and tongue.
“That’s so nice, Rob, but maybe a little advanced for two people who just met.
” She leaned forward.
Her hips bent.
Her lovely ass loomed above me.
Her pussy came into view.
I felt her hand around my cock.
She was stroking my cock and hovering above my eager mouth.
I could see her pussy lips were engorged.
As she bent further, still hovering above me, I saw her clitoris.
It was poking out from between the folds of her vagina.
Large as any I had ever seen.
A treat for my lips.
if only they could reach.
She was stroking me all the while.
Tantalizingly slowly.
I felt her breath on the sensitive head of my cock.
Her mouth was only inches away from it.
I knew she was teasing me and herself, but I was losing patience.
I wanted to taste her.
Lick her.
I wanted to suck her.
I wanted her to suck me, too.
I wanted to feel her lips around my shaft.
Her tongue licking the head of my penis.
I reached up with each hand and grasped the tops of her thighs.
I pulled her onto me.
Her pussy came down onto my mouth.
My lips opened.
My tongue wasted no time.
I licked between the fleshy folds and tasted her.
Sweet, Julie.
Sweet nectar.
I licked up and down that lovely slit and found her hole.
Probed her with my tongue.
Teasing was over for her, now.
She lowered herself hard against my mouth.
Grinding her womanhood against my face.
Rocking her hips.
Soaking me from nose to chin with her juices.
I loved it.
Her tongue briefly licked the head of my cock and then I felt myself enveloped by her soft, wet lips as she began sucking me off.
Julie was controlling the action now.
She moved herself so that her clit was at my mouth.
She wanted me to suck her clit while she sucked my cock.
It felt hard.
Like I was sucking the tip of my pinkie.
My lips clamped around it making a tight seal, and I sucked.
Sucked as hard as I could.
Julie’s moans translated into a humming vibration on my sensitive dick.
I was afraid I might cum.
It would not have been the end of the world, but what I really wanted was to be inside her gorgeous pussy.
I pushed her off my mouth.
“Turn around, lovely girl.
” Her mouth came away from my cock.
It was wet from head to base.
I felt it cooling immediately.
I’d expected it to be penetrating her wet puss right then, but Julie had a different idea of what ‘turn around’ meant.
She sat up, her ass briefly smothering me, then quickly switched around so that she was again straddling my face, just pointed in the other direction.
She grabbed the headboard and lowered herself back down.
Now she began fucking my mouth with her hard clit as I lay there.
Under her.
Between her legs.
Looking up at her.
Watching the smile in her eyes.
The ecstasy in her face.
Alternately licking and sucking her clit and then fucking her with my tongue.
She moaned.
She rocked.
She began to fondle her own tits.
Teased her nipples.
My hands were on her thighs, on her ass, reaching up her sides.
Caressing her belly.
Squeezing her breasts.
I kept on with my mouth and tongue.
Eating her pussy.
Loving her pussy.
Suddenly, Julie tensed.
Her thighs tightened.
I felt her trapping my head between them.
Holding me in exactly the position she needed.
I knew she was getting close to orgasm.
I continued with my lips and tongue.
Sucking her clit and grazing it with my tongue.
She reached down and she knotted her fingers in my hair.
Pulling my head up, into her crotch.
“Yes,” she moaned.
Like that,” She encouraged.
“Don’t stop.
Don’t stop.
” She pleaded.
I hadn’t planned on stopping.
I licked her.
Sucked her.
Sucked her clit.
Licked her beautiful pussy.
The sweet nectar of her sexual arousal was in my mouth and on my face.
Her breathing became quicker and the tone of moaning changed.
I sensed that she was very close.
I licked harder.
Sucked harder.
Her thighs clamped tighter.
It felt like her fingers in my hair were pulling some of it out of my scalp.
I didn’t care.
I wanted her to have the best orgasm I could give her.
Looking up at her, I saw her eyes were closed.
She cried out.
Grinding her crotch against my face.
Her pubic bone put pressure on my teeth.
I couldn’t keep up, but it didn’t matter now.
She was off on her own, taking her pleasure from me.
All I could think of to help now was hum.
I considered ‘Wild Colonial Boy’ or ‘Molly Malone’, but settled for a low, growling hum which imparted vibrations to her sensitive clit.
Julie shouted something unintelligible and I felt a flood of juices coming from her.
It splashed into my mouth and over my cheeks.
Cumming on me.
Then she was trembling.
She released my hair and steadied herself by gripping the headboard again.
I looked up and watched her lovely breasts swaying above me.
Her orgasm continued.
She kept on rocking her hips, but slower now.
Rubbing her cunt against my mouth.
My hands were on her bum, following the movement.
Caressing her.
Fondling her.
She slowed again.
It was subsiding.
She shuddered a couple of times and finally stopped.
I swallowed.
Swallowing the juices she had squirted into my mouth.
My hands gently moved over her ass and back.
She opened her eyes and smiled down at me.
Lifted herself from my face and came to lie at my side.
I rolled over and faced her.
I hadn’t cum, but I didn’t care.
This had been the most erotic sex I had ever had.
My hand curled and I touched her cheek with the backs of my fingers.
Looking into her eyes, I leaned in and gently kissed her.
We lay like that for a while.
Looking into each other’s eyes.
Julie had a mischievous grin on her lips.
I didn’t know if this was something she had done before.
shagging a virtual stranger.
I decided probably not.
She hadn’t been all over me from the very beginning, it had developed over the course of the whole day.
If she was a practised deceiver, she would have been quicker about it.
At least I hoped so.
I was very much attracted to her and wanted to think of myself as special in her eyes.
I didn’t ask.
Just lay there with her.
My hand gently moving over her naked skin.
We nuzzled and kissed in the afterglow and, as the evening progressed, the room cooled.
I pulled a sheet over us and lay on my back.
Julie rested in the crook of my arm with her head on my chest for a while and then rolled towards me.
I felt her hand go to my crotch.
“Are you ready for another go, Julie?” I asked her.
“Well, I think I owe you something.
” she gave me a squeeze.
I started to harden immediately.
As much as I had loved giving Julie oral pleasure, I was very interested in penetrating her now.
She began to climb up onto me again, planning to straddle me and lower herself onto my cock, but I resisted and rolled her onto her back.
She spread her legs for me.
I sat up on my haunches between her soft pale thighs as the sheet fell away.
Her hand went to her pussy and she fingered herself as I watched.
“Will you fuck me, now, Rob?” I thought it would be more like making love.
Without a word, I came down onto my arms.
Felt her reach between us and take a grip on my erect penis.
She guided me to her wonderful pussy.



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