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Latest stories Straight Sex Going to be Late for Dinner

She walks in and the usual pleasantries are exchanged with my family.
I’m not paying any attention to that.
All I notice is how she looks in her dress, the light, soft cotton loosely hugging her hips and ass.
My eyes have been fixed on her ever since she got out of her car and ran to me for that ‘its been so long’ hug.
Long distance relationships aren’t always easy, but usually the sex is amazing.
The whole time I can’t help but notice how easy it would be to lift up that dress and have my way with her.
It’s not like she would mind, she would be all for the idea, so that’s exactly what I intend to do.
My parents inform us of our dinner plans and the timing, and that Liz and I should just take a separate car since we’ll be going out after dinner.
This immediately gives me the time and room to satisfy both of our urges.
  Swiftly, after everyone leaves, I get right to it.
She must have been thinking the same thing as me because she gets right into it as well.
I take her in my arms and begin to kiss her, I feel her start to melt and I move my hands down her body and take two handfuls of ass.
With our mouths locked, I continue to feel her hips through the dress, almost as if nothing is there.
She can tell I’m already getting hard, so she turns around for me, a favorite foreplay position for us.
She presses her ass against my crotch and slowly rubs back and forth.
Taking advantage of the opportunity, I move her hair to one shoulder, and begin to kiss her neck from the bottom up.
She sinks further into me as my lips and warm breath meet her skin.
I reach around and cup her round, C cup breasts, with enough cleavage showing from the cut of the dress to get any man’s imagination going.
Continuing to assault her neck, I massage her tits, gently pulling the dress down over her bra.
Usually she informs me to try not to stretch her dress, but we both want to fuck so badly, it doesn’t matter this time.
We quickly migrate up to my room, and she climbs onto my bed on her knees.
After kissing deeply again, she sits lower down and begins to remove my shorts.
In no time she holds my cock in her hand, stroking the tip.
Already hard, it’s not long until she leans down and strokes a bit harder, waiting to see some precum glob on the tip.
At the first sign, she licks the bottom of my shaft, moving up to the head and licking up the little mess, before getting her lips around it.
Sucking the tip several times, she strokes my shaft before taking it a bit deeper in her mouth.
Unable to deep throat, she still manages to get a good portion of my cock in and does a fantastic job at it.
I push her down on the bed and spin her on her back.
I grab her tits as I tease her mouth with my cock.
She quickly pulls her tits out of her bra, exposing her hard nipples, as she reaches to put her lips back around my head.
Loving the feeling, I grab her tits and play with her nipples between my fingers, feeling her bob her head back and forth on me.
I pull out and give her a breather before sticking it back in her hot mouth.
I begin to move faster, going a bit deeper and starting to fuck her mouth.
Online Now! Lush Cams Emeli_Lakura She pushes her head onto my cock harder with each thrust, feeling me in her mouth.
I reach and play with her pussy, already wet with excitement, and run two fingers along it.
She sucks harder at the feeling of me massaging her pussy lips and clit.
I move my fingers quicker over her clit, feeling her moan on my cock as I do.
I alternate between playing with her clit and tits until her and I can’t take it anymore.
I spin her around until she’s on the edge of the bed, spreading her legs apart, one in each arm as I move closer.
She guides my cock into her tight pussy, letting off a loud moan, feeling my head spread between her lips.
I tease her, moving just the tip of my cock in and out enough for the ridge of my cock to get in and out.
Then I push in harder.
“Oh, fuck yes!” she says as I move all the way in.
Grabbing her hips, I begin to thrust into her, watching her bite her lip and tilt her head back, usually a tell tale sign to keep going.
I begin to fuck faster, feeling her pussy grab my cock.
Her tits bounce towards her face, then back down as I thrust into her.
She grabs her tits and plays with one of her nipples.
I feel her pussy tighten as she firms her grip on her tits.
I pull harder on her hips and push deeper.
Seeing her arch her back, knowing she’ll cum soon.
I begin to pound a bit harder, giving her what she wants.
She stays tense for a moment, until she releases with, “Oh shit, baby,” moving her hips from side to side as I slow down my pace.
I put my hands beneath her and slide her back against the pillows and kneel in front of her.
Knowing it’s my turn, I let her drop her legs to my sides, and position myself again.
I push into her pussy, still tight but wet from her orgasm, and begin to fuck hard.
I grab her tits with both hands and proceed to fucking her faster and faster.
I lean down over her and lick her tits, sliding my arms under the arch of her back.
I kiss up her cleavage and meet her open mouth.
Our tongues touch again, as I feel my cock start to throb.
We release from our kiss and I look her dead in the eye, a signal of the end.
She wraps her legs around me and I continue to thrust into her.
She tightens her pussy for me, squeezing right at my head.
“Ah yes, baby, I’m going to blow,” I say before going in for one last kiss.
As my tongue meets hers in her mouth, I feel the sensation, the first stream of cum running up my shaft.
I tighten my grip and pause in her a moment as the first shot releases inside her.
She rocks her hips back and forth as I start moving again, with successive spurts.
Our bodies immediately relax from the much anticipated sex, and I roll off to her side for the usual post-cuddle.
She lays with one leg and arm across my body, head against my shoulder and neck.
We lose track of time and close our eyes.



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