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Hi, I’m Sophie.
Currently, I’m 22, 5’4″, have 34 C breasts, and am attending my last year of medical school.
This is another one of my true stories, and it takes place 5 years ago, when I was 3 weeks away from being 18 years old.
I walked down the lonely corridor of high school, my hands and legs shaking uncontrollably.
I was going to the principal’s office.
Damn it, I thought, why did I raise my hand?!? So stupid.
stupid, stupid.
And now, there I was, walking all alone toward my doom.
I was never going to graduate from high school, not now.
As I reached the door, I put my hand on the doorknob, trying to get rid of the sense of dread filling me up.
You can do this, I told myself.
You’re brave.
And I opened the door.
The moment I stepped inside, I smelled the inviting fragrance of lavender, and saw the brightly colored walls of the office.
It was everything I’d expect the Pit (our name for the principal’s office) not to be.
I clutched my hall pass in my right hand, holding on so hard my knuckles turned white.
I tried to relax, but I couldn’t.
I didn’t want to be expelled, punished, or even suspended.
I knew I had made a stupid mistake, and I regretted it already.
“Sophie, over here.
I’ve been expecting you.
” came the principal’s, Mr.
Filimar’s, voice.
I walked, stiffly, toward his desk and the golden nameplate that read “Mr.
Filimar, Principal”.
Fili-” I began.
He cut me off, saying, “I know Sophie.
And I trust that you know the possible consequences, your class having been Mrs.
” I nodded grimly, then lowered my head.
“Well, I have another option for you.
” He informed me, out of the blue.
Eagerly, I looked up.
He smiled.
“I knew you would do that.
Well, here’s what you’ll do.
Grab that black bag in the secretary’s top desk drawer.
Then, after school, go to the boy’s bathroom, and bring a clean-tipped broom with you.
Or a clean-tipped mop.
Go now.
” I walked over to the secretary’s desk and pulled out a black garbage bag.
Its label read ‘For special occasions’.
I was sure that I was going to have to clean the bathrooms, but not wanting to displease the principal, I managed to convince the janitor to lend me his new mop.
Then, I proceeded to return to my class.
*****Three hours later***** I slowly made my way past the crowded hallways leading toward the boy’s bathroom.
I reached the door, and found it open.
Inch by inch, I forced myself to go into the bathroom, the one forbidden to girls.
The moment I opened my eyes to the sight I saw, I gasped.
Standing right next to the last urinal, was my principal, Mr.
Filimar- but he was stark naked and stroking a 10-inch dick that was standing straight up.
Filimar worked out often (he had large muscles to prove it), was around 32 years old, and also stood at 5’7″.
When he saw me, he walked to the door and locked it, smiling.
I dropped my mop, and made choking noises, to which he laughed.
“C’mon, Sophie.
You really think that I’d make the hottest 17-year-old girl in the school I run clean the bathrooms? Much less, the boysbathroom? And, if that weren’t enough proof, you were in Mrs.
Tane’s class, for crying out loud! You know she’s the strictest teacher on campus, and I know that you know that you made a stupid mistake– and that you won’t do it again.
” I stared at him, wondering if he was going crazy or something.
No, I won’t?” I replied, hoping it was the answer he wanted to hear.
He snickered, saying, “Really.
I doubt you’d actually say that.
But, nonetheless, you have to do this, otherwise it’s-” He made a hand gesture, pointing over his shoulder with a thumb, as if to say, You’re out! I nodded, understanding what he meant.
And then he kissed me.
Online Now! Lush Cams AnnaChanel I have to say, it was probably the most wonderful kiss I’ve ever had, even though it was the supposed-to-be-scary principal that I shared it with.
Filimar’s lips were soft, and they pressed softly against mine.
With a sudden desire to have this man, I pulled him closer, extending my tongue into his mouth.
His response was to do the same, exploring the insides of my own mouth.
He hugged me so that I was sandwiched between him and the door, his cock pushing on my belly button and oozing pre-cum.
His hands found their way to my thin blouse, which hid my hardening nipples.
Slowly, he began to unbutton them one by one.
I broke away.
Fil-” I began, but he cut me off with another kiss.
“Call me Justin.
” He told me, then proceeded to stick his tongue into my mouth.
At that point, I was extremely horny.
I reached down and began to stroke his penis, moaning as he took off my blouse.
My bra was now exposed, but very much not unclasped.
Justin reached behind me, and his finger got caught on the door’s lock.
He pulled away, unlocking the door.
“Damn,” he muttered.
“Lock it later.
” His hand found my bra clasp, and he undid it, letting my bra fall to the floor- and exposing my 34 C breasts.
He moaned, partly from my stroking his cock, partly his seeing my breasts.
Justin then knelt on one knee, and started to suck on my boobs.
I leaned back, enjoying it all.
His kisses began to move down, slowly getting closer to my belt line.
By the time he had reached my belly button, I had undone the zipper and button on my shorty-short jeans, and pulled down my thong.
“You want me to be rough or gentle?” Justin asked.
“Fuck, go as fast as you want.
” was my reply.
He grinned in satisfaction.
He picked me up, and lay me down on my back, on the floor.
He got down behind me and started licking my clit.
I gasped, his experienced tongue swiftly leading itself up and down, along my clit.
Abruptly, he stood up and walked over to the door.
He picked up the black bag I had brought at his request, and untied the knot.
He deftly turned it upside down, spilling the contents: A single, unused, condom.
Greedily, I lunged for it, and ripped open the cover with my teeth.
Justin sat on a urinal, and I slowly rolled the condom onto his cock.
yeah, baby, slide that plastic onto my manhood, so I can fuck your brains out.
” Justin said.
As soon as it was fully on, he grabbed me and spun me around.
Then he slammed his full length into my pussy, my juices acting as lube.
He growled viciously, and pounded recklessly.
I screamed, “Justin! JUSTIN! Oh, mmm, yeah, AHHHH!” Then I heard a ripping sound.
Apparently Justin did too, because we stopped.
Slowly and suspiciously, he pulled out- and there is was.
A ripped condom.
“Fuck, Sophie,” he bellowed, “we can’t do this anymore.
” I just looked at him slyly, and pulled off the useless condom.
Then I backed onto him grinding my ass against his balls and with his penis back into my pussy.
He sighed, a sarcastic sigh, and kept on going- this time, even harder and faster.
“Oh Justin, I’m going to cum!” I yelled.
He grunted and said in reply, “Yeah, me too!” We came at the same time, me arching my spine and him throwing his head back, both screaming as he shot his sperm into my womb.
And just as he pulled out, panting.
the door opened.
To Be Continued.



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