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Jenna closed her trunk and held the last box in her hands.
She had finally gotten herself completely moved into her new apartment.
Her cute, cozy little apartment may have seemed small to some people, but it was all the space she needed.
She walked up the stairs to the front door of the building, struggling to get the door open because of the weight of the box.
“I got it,” a deep baritone voice spoke from behind her.
Before she could protest, the box was pulled out of her arms and up into the air.
“Oh… thanks.
You really don’t have to do that,” Jenna said as she craned her neck around to see this stranger who was helping her.
Holy shit! Thank god she had her sunglasses on because if she didn’t, he might have seen her eyes pop out of her head.
This man was drop dead gorgeous.
He had to be at least 6’2, all muscled and built.
His chocolate brown hair was all tousled and sexy.
“I don’t mind.
I just finished my run and saw you trying to perform some kind of miracle opening the door holding this box.
How the hell did you carry this thing? It must be sixty pounds!” He was right… the box was really heavy.
Although, he didn’t seem to be struggling at all.
His muscles were just glistening in the sun, with a layer of moisture on his skin from his run.
“Haha yeah.
Well this is the absolute last box I was carrying into this apartment so I basically shoved everything in it.
I’m Jenna by the way.
I’m assuming you live here?” “Yeah I do.
I’m PJ.
I live on the second floor.
And since 202 is the only vacant apartment in the building, looks like we are going to be neighbors.
I’m in 203.
I’ll help you carry this up.
” Jenna followed PJ up the stairs trying desperately not to stare at his ass.
It was incredibly distracting and she was having a hard time listening to what he was saying.
“…so I’ve been here for about two years now.
I really like it,” he finished as they stood in front of her door.
She unlocked it and motioned for him to go in.
“You can set the box right here,” Jenna said pointing to the counter in the kitchen.
It was mostly stuff from her bedroom and her nightstand, but she didn’t want him going into the tornado of her bedroom right now.
At least the kitchen was organized.
He looked around the apartment for a few seconds, then looked at her and smiled.
He set down the box and sat on the stool at the counter.
“Well thank you so much.
I had help moving most everything in here but I don’t know how I would have gotten this last box up the stairs,” Jenna said.
She sat down in the other stool and looked up at him.
PJ was just staring at her; his eyes roaming up and down her body.
When his eyes finally reached her again, she was blushing.
PJ looked so genuinely nice, but there was an edge to his look.
Jenna could feel her nipples harden and hoped he didn’t see them.
Unfortunately, PJ chose that moment to look down and looked up at her and smirked.
Embarrassed, Jenna said, “Well I know it’s just one box, but I really appreciate it.
Can I buy you a pizza and some beer tonight to say thank you?” “Well that’s totally unnecessary, but that sounds great.
I’ll bring the beer and come by around seven.
” He winked, and then walked out the door.
Jenna was instantly wet at the sight of that wink.
Holy hell! She was so fucking turned on and she hadn’t even touched him! She needed to calm herself down.
She was totally exhausted from moving things back and forth all day.
Jenna opened one of the boxes in her room and put her sheets on her bed.
Maybe if she took a nap she would be able to relax enough to make it through dinner that night.
She flopped down on her bed and passed out.
” Jenna felt her wetness pooling between her legs as she slowly woke up.
She stretched her arms out over her body and purred.
She rubbed her legs together and moaned.
Obviously her nap had done nothing to stomp her arousal.
In fact, based on the amount of wetness on her thighs, she must have been having some naughty dreams.
She would never be able to make it through dinner like this.
Thinking of seeing PJ just made her remember how beautiful he was.
Jenna brought both of her hands up and cupped her breasts as she thought of him.
She squeezed and rubbed.
She caught hold of her nipples and lightly pulled and twisted them just like she liked.
Her breathing started to quicken.
Jenna began to wonder what PJ’s body was like.
If his rippling forearms were any indication of what the rest of his body under his clothes looked like, it had to be hot.
He would probably have big broad shoulders.
Then she would move down past his hard pecs and his six pack abs and that small happy trail leading down to his package.
Any man that looked as good as he did had to have a fantastic cock.
At that thought, Jenna moved one hand from her breast to her soaking pussy.
She swirled around her clit and shuddered.
She was so worked up, she was going to come in no time.
Jenna continued to play with her clit and moved her other hand down her body and pushed two fingers into her wetness.
She began to fuck her fingers in and out of her pussy at a feverish pace.
She rolled her finger on the left side of her clit and pushed down.
It only took about ten seconds of stimulation and she exploded.
Jenna moved her fingers faster and faster to prolong her orgasm.
When the sensations finally stopped, she collapsed back on the bed and looked over at the clock.
Shit! PJ was going to be here any minute! She had just come all over herself and she had no time to shower.
Jenna ran to the bathroom and quickly tried to wash up and then threw on some yoga pants and a tank and hoodie.
No sooner had she ran a brush through her hair that she heard a knock at the door.
She quickly swiped her hair up with some bobby pins and ran to the door.
“Hey! Come on in.
I was just about to order the pizza,” Jenna said as she opened the door for him.
He walked in with a twelve pack and set it on the counter.
“OK, sounds good,” he said as he opened the container of beer.
Jenna walked away to go get her cell phone to call for pizza.
She dialed the number and waited for the pizza place to pick up.
PJ had gotten himself a beer and was staring at some of the pictures she had hung up.
Jenna had thought he looked good after his run, but his flannel shirt and jeans made him look so much fucking hotter.
He had obviously showered, but he hadn’t shaved.
The little scruff on his chin was so sexy.
She ordered the pizza and walked back over to him.
His eyes were eating her alive again as she stepped over to sit on her stool.
This was going to be a long night.
Four or five beers in, Jenna was feeling pretty good.
The pizza had come and she and PJ had just been chatting away about life.
He was 26, a firefighter/EMT and he was a personal trainer.
Wow! That explained the body.
Firefighter and personal trainer…so hot.
“Well thank you,” PJ said flexing his muscles overtly and grinning.
“Oh my god… did I just say that out loud?” Jenna winced.
How embarrassing.
“Haha yes you did.
But it’s okay.
I mean it’s not exactly a secret to me that I have a good body, Jenna.
I’ll just take it as a nice compliment.
” “So I guess I can add modest to your list of attributes too huh?” Jenna joked.
Although, if she had a body like that, she would be flaunting it too.
“Hey!” PJ said acting totally offended.
“Here I am helping out a new neighbor with her box of bricks and this is how I get treated.
What’s in here anyway?” PJ reached up to open the box before Jenna could stop him.
His jaw dropped open and he just stared at the contents of the box.
Jenna hadn’t really planned it this way when she packed the last of her things, but this box was like a treasure trove of sex.
In reality, these were just the last parts of her dresser and nightstand, but it looked pretty intentional.
Jenna’s vibrators, lube, condoms, romance novels, panties and bras were strewn about the box.
PJ finally swallowed and opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out.
Jenna covered her face with her hands.
This was exactly what she needed… for this incredibly hot man to think she was some kind of nympho.
” PJ pulled her hands away from her face and she realized that he had gotten up and walked over and now stood right in front of her.
“It’s really not a big deal.
Not exactly what I was expecting, but pretty god damn sexy.
” “Really?” Jenna was shocked.
She thought he would think she was some sort of sex addict.
” He inched closer to her and wrapped an arm around her waist.
“I’m actually kind of interested to see how you use some of these mystery box items.
” Jenna smiled seductively.
“Oh are you now? You mean, something like this?” Jenna pulled her favorite vibrator out of the box.
She loved it because the shaft had a setting where it gently spun while it was inside her.
She turned it on to show him.
“Fuck yes.
” He pulled her towards him and his lips met hers in a bruising kiss.
His arms quickly wrapped around her back and her neck as he devoured her mouth.
Devour was really the only word she could use to describe the feeling.
He lightly nipped her bottom lip as he coaxed her mouth open with his tongue.
Then his tongue was tangling with hers, massaging and licking every part of her mouth.
Jenna reached both arms up around his neck for leverage to pull herself closer.
She needed to be closer to him, to feel his hard body against her.
She reached one hand up into his hair and lightly pulled.
PJ growled.
He reached both hands under her legs and hoisted her up until he was carrying her and her back hit the wall.
“Are you wet enough to use that vibrator yet?” He reached his hand under the waistband of her yoga pants and panties to feel her between kisses.
She certainly was wet.
Jenna moaned.
His rough fingers felt so amazing.
He let his fingers linger over her folds before he pulled his hand out.
“So hot.
But let’s get you a little more warmed up first.
” PJ finally moved his mouth from hers and begin trailing suckling kisses down her neck.
Jenna’s neck had always been ultra-sensitive, and when he bit down on her soft spot, she gasped.
His face moved lower still until he was buried in the valley of her breasts.
PJ pulled her tank and bra down and took her nipple in his mouth.
She bit her lip to keep from screaming out.
It felt so amazing.
Online Now! Lush Cams AliskaNikson His tongue was doing this amazing swirling motion that was driving her crazy.
Then he sucked her nipple into his mouth, hard.
“Oh my god! Fuck, PJ!” Jenna screamed out.
She was in ecstasy, and the man hadn’t even made it past her chest yet.
He moved his mouth over to her other nipple and gave it the same treatment.
If her panties weren’t soaked before, they definitely were now.
Jenna needed to touch him.
She took one hand out of his hair and reached down to feel him.
His erection was straining in his jeans and all she wanted to do was touch him.
She reached down and started to undo his zipper so she could wrap her hand around him.
She could feel the length and girth of him even through his jeans.
“As amazing as that feels, if you keep doing that, this is going to be over too fast.
You first.
” He pulled her hand away.
“Time to get rid of these clothes.
” PJ put her down and stripped her hoodie off as he knelt in front of her.
He reached his hands under the hem of her tank and starting lifting it up, following his hands with his mouth.
He licked all the way up her body until he reached her breasts.
He unclasped the front of her bra and pulled both off in a tug.
“You are so sexy.
” He cupped her boobs and squeezed and pushed them together.
“I’m going to fuck these later.
” Jenna smiled and softly laughed.
 “Why do guys always want to do that?” she teased.
“Because we want our dick to touch all the softest parts of your body…your mouth, your breasts, your pussy, your ass, it’s all fantastic.
And I can’t wait to try them all.
” PJ leaned in to kiss her again.
Their mouths met and he thrust his tongue into hers.
His tongue felt so wicked, sucking on hers.
He licked the corner of her mouth and then lightly bit down on her bottom lip.
She ripped her mouth away and sucked in a breath.
She felt like she was sinking so fast into an oblivion of pleasure that she needed to stop and regroup.
This would be an excellent opportunity to make sure PJ was sinking just as far as she was.
She immediately went for that soft spot right below his ear.
He was so tall she had to reach up and use his neck for leverage to reach it.
His breathing started to accelerate and she made her way across his neck to his other ear.
Jenna took his earlobe in her mouth and lightly bit down.
PJ shuddered and let out a gruff moan.
She continued alternating biting and sucking on his earlobe and traced the shell of his ear with her tongue.
PJ had started softly thrusting his erection into her.
Nothing made Jenna hotter than bringing a man to a state of arousal where he was losing control.
He must have realized that too because he shook her off and pulled away.
He scoffed softly and looked down.
“You are so goddamn sexy.
I’m about to come in my jeans like a teenager.
” PJ started pulling her over towards the couch.
He sat down and plopped her right on his lap, with her legs straddling his.
He grabbed her hand and put it right on his dick.
“Feel what you do to me.
” Jenna started rubbing a slow path up and down his cock through his jeans.
He swallowed hard and looked at her.
She was definitely satisfied that he was as far gone as she was.
She took her other hand and started unbuttoning his flannel.
She had been pressing her body along this hard chest all night and she wanted to see it.
Jenna reached the bottom and pulled it open for his to shrug off.
“Well it doesn’t seem fair that I’m the only one topless here,” PJ joked.
She lifted her arms and he pulled her tank and bra off in one motion.
“Holy hell.
You look so sweet.
” He starting sucking her nipples again like a starving man.
She writhed in pleasure on his lap and tried to angle herself so she could rub her clit on his cock.
Jenna was definitely working towards getting herself off when he lifted her to a standing position again.
“Take your pants off.
” He grunted as he hurriedly pulled down his own jeans and boxer briefs.
He reached down to pull off his shoes and socks and stood up again.
Jenna literally just stood there dumbfounded.
Her mouth must have been gaping open because Mr.
Modest stared right back and her and smiled unabashedly.
“Like what you see?” Jenna just tried to close her mouth and nodded.
“Well let’s see if you can elicit a similar reaction.
” He reached for the band of her sweatpants and panties and pulled them down in one quick motion.
She was completely naked before him now.
He took his sweet time looking her up and down.
She felt singed.
His gaze was so hot, so penetrating.
He crooked his finger at her.
“Come over here.
” She took the few steps to the couch and stood in front of him.
He grabbed a hold of her hips and pulled her until her pussy was even with his mouth.
Oh hell! This was going to be good.
He didn’t waste any time.
He moved both of his hands to her ass and squeezed as he ran his tongue along her slit from bottom to top.
Jenna’s knees buckled and she almost went down.
PJ continued moving his tongue up and down her folds, lapping up her sweet juices.
She was so wet! He moved his tongue to circle her clit and twirled it in a circle.
“Oh… don’t stop!” Jenna started begging.
“Fuck, PJ, don’t stop.
” He didn’t intend on doing so until she came all over his face.
PJ grabbed her leg and moved it up onto the couch so she was more open to him.
He kept moving his tongue on her clit, pushing hard on the left side since she seemed to go crazy when he did.
He also brought his hand up and inserted to fingers into her sopping pussy.
He started to slowly fuck her with his fingers.
Her body began to shake.
She grabbed his shoulders in a death grip and was squeezing so hard she left little indentations from her nails in his shoulders.
“Shit, shit, shit…” She moaned loudly.
He started to move his fingers faster as he felt her body start to tighten around him.
“PJ!” She came hard.
Her pussy was squeezing his fingers like a vice and he body was flailing about like she had no control over it.
She fell down onto him and continued to buck her body onto his fingers to prolong her orgasm.
Finally, her body went lax and she collapsed forward.
Jenna was breathing hard as she pushed her hands onto his chest to sit up.
“Holy shit.
PJ… that was amazing.
” “And it’s about to get better.
” He reached behind her to the coffee table and grabbed the vibrator.
He waved it in his hands and smiled.
“PJ, no! I just came so hard, there is no way I can come again that fast.
” She reached down and gripped his cock in her fist.
“How about I get to play a little first?” Before he could protest, she jumped off his lap and kneeled in between his legs.
She had both hands around his cock and the head was still peeking out about 3 inches.
This man was huge! She stared pumping her fists up and down slowly, feeling his cock get impossibly harder in her hands.
She bent her head down and lightly licked the head of his cock.
His hips thrust upward.
” He groaned.
She softly laughed and then took him in her mouth.
She moved her mouth up and down, licking and sucking, taking him deeper and deeper until she had all of him in her mouth.
Then she looked up and him and saw that he had his eyes closed and his mouth drawn tight.
Jenna moved her mouth down on him again and swallowed.
He jerked forward.
“Jenna, baby, your mouth is so hot.
” She reached back to fondle his balls and moved to take his tight sac in her mouth.
“Fuck!” She felt her body being hauled up his body until they were both lying on the couch, her face at his cock and her pussy at his face.
She started sucking his cock again, feeling his body thrusting upwards into her mouth.
She felt PJ’s fingers at her pussy, testing her folds and rubbing her clit.
Then she felt something else at her opening.
When she felt the vibrations start, she turned her head and moved her body to see PJ rubbing her vibrator up and down her folds.
“Ohhh!” She moaned.
PJ pushed the vibrator into her and starting fucking it in and out.
She could barely concentrate on what she was doing because the vibrations were so intense.
Then, she felt him click on the spin setting.
“Ahh PJ!” Jenna had to stop and take a few breaths.
It just felt so fucking good.
She had been having a pretty long dry spell before meeting PJ, and used this vibrator all the time.
But it had never felt this good before.
She felt the shaft spinning inside her, rubbing her g-spot.
“Yes, baby.
Come for me.
” She heard PJ croon.
He turned the setting up so it starting spinning faster and moved his other hand underneath her to rub her clit.
Two minutes of this and she exploded.
Gyrating her hips up and down on the vibrator, gripping his thighs for something to hold onto.
She had barely gotten her wits back about her when she felt her body flipped again, and PJ was over her.
“Now, it’s my turn.
” He reached over and grabbed a condom from his wallet.
He quickly sheathed himself and situated himself over Jenna.
“I’ve wanted to do this all fucking day.
” He guided his cock to her pussy until he felt the head push into her.
“I don’t want to hurt you, but I don’t think I can go slow.
” He sank in another inch.
Jenna squirmed.
“Don’t need slow.
Need you inside me.
Now!” She thrust her hips upward until her butt settled against his balls.
“Jenna!” She was so incredibly hot and tight.
It seemed impossible that she could take all of him.
He just stayed inside her for a minute to give her time to adjust to his size.
Jenna started moving her hips.
“Move now!” Well PJ couldn’t refuse an offer like that.
He began slamming into her for all he was worth.
Her grabbed her wrists and held them above her head and stared into her eyes.
PJ knew he was hitting her sweet spot because her eyes started to glaze over.
“Oh, God, PJ!” She wrapped her legs tightly around him and he felt her come undone.
Her pussy gripped him and squeezed him as another orgasm swept through her.
That was all it took for him.
“I’m gonna come, Jenna.
” He started furiously pumping into her.
Her pussy was still squeezing his dick so tightly his eyes started to cross.
He grabbed her hips and moved even faster.
PJ shoved deep one more time and lowered his head in a harsh growl as he came.
When she had wrung all the sensation out of him, he collapsed on top of her.
“Wow,” Jenna said as she stroked her hands up and down his back.
“I think that’s the best welcome to the building I’ve ever gotten!” “Well there’s definitely more where that came from!” PJ laughed.
He flipped them over so she was lying on top of him and hugged her close.
“You are welcome in my apartment anytime!” **This is my first story.
Comments would be appreciated 🙂



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