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The Little Purple Dress .
Continued “When will you get tired of making love to me?” you asked.
With a big smile I answered, “Probably when you start wearing granny panties and a flannel nightgown to bed.
” You smiled back and said, “I’ll bet if you knew that I was naked underneath the flannel nightgown you wouldn’t care.
” “You may be right about that,” I answered.
“Now then … do you want to get into that big tub or shall we just start all over again right here? You know what that purple dress does to me.
” “Yes I do,” you said, “and I don’t know why I had it tucked away for so long.
Well … not that I really need to encourage you, but it does sort of bring out your inner animal.
” “Should I assume that remark means that you like my inner animal?” I asked.
You reached down and gently held my still hard cock and said, “There are some times that your inner animal drives me insane.
I think that you just got a look at my inner animal.
I was just a little insane.
Do you think that I was loud enough for the neighbors to hear?” I grabbed both cheeks of your ass and pulled you hard against me saying, “I sure as hell hope so.
And I hope that you wake them up at midnight tonight screaming out of pure pleasure.
” You laughed and said, “The chances of us being awake at midnight are pretty slim unless you plan to take a nap between now and then.
We both put in a full day of work and then came home to exercise our demons.
And if I know you … you aren’t finished with my body yet.
” “And you are through with mine?” I asked.
“Well,” you said as you rubbed your breasts against my chest, “I might be tempted.
That is, if you can promise me that I’ll cum again as good as I just did a few minutes ago.
” “You want me to promise? I can promise that as long as you are awake and not too sore to continue I will take you to one orgasm after another.
I’ll do it with my fingers, my tongue and my cock.
And if that last item wears out I think we have some toys that I can satisfy you with.
I will be ready to make love to you long after you are asleep.
” You put your arms around my neck and kissed me.
“I think you are a big talker,” you said, “but I’m willing to find out how much is boast and how much is fact.
Now go find us something to drink and I’ll fill the tub.
” You gave me another quick kiss and then walked off toward the bedroom door with me watching your ass in that little purple dress.
I found a chilled bottle of white wine in the fridge that I knew you would enjoy, pulled out two nice wine glasses and a cooler for the bottle.
Once the wine was opened I put it in the cooler and placed that and the glasses on a try.
When I walked into the bathroom you were bending over the large tub with your hands in water testing the temperature.
I set the tray down and walked up behind you.
“If you actually want to get into the tub, this is not a good position to take because it will just encourage me to take you from behind again,” I said.
You turned around and put your arms around my neck once again and said, “I was just sort of daydreaming while the water was running.
I was thinking about how lucky I am to have a man that desires me so much and is willing to grant my every wish.
” You kissed me very tenderly for a long moment before I began to feel the fire swelling inside you.
For several minutes we stood there with me naked and you still in the purple dress, with the kiss turning into a fury.
I pulled the top of the dress down to reveal your breasts and sucked one of your nipples into my mouth, ready to devour it before I moved to the other one.
Suddenly you pulled me back by my hair and said rather breathlessly, “Let’s get in the tub, baby.
Get our glasses.
” When I turned to get the wine glasses you quickly pulled the dress off and slid into the tub.
When I turned around you were already chin deep and smiling back at me.
I took the three steps to the tub and handed you a glass.
“That was quick.
” You accepted the glass, took a smile and smiled saying, “I was about to be eaten alive by a big hairy monster on a cold, hard tile floor and I thought if I was going to get eaten, it might as well be someplace wet and warm.
” “I know some place wet and warm that I would like to slip into,” I said as started to get into the large tub.
I set my glass down on the counter around the tub and turned so that I could ease down into the water.
(You always have the water so hot that I have to move into it slowly, which only seems to entertain you.
) When I turned you moved up onto your knees and took my semi-hard cock in your wet hand.
You looked up at me and said, “I love this little man.
I love it in my hand.
I love it in my mouth and I love it buried deep inside of me.
I love it in my pussy and I love it in my ass.
I want for you to understand that.
You thrill me in so many ways.
Now stand still a minute.
” As I stood there you splashed warm water over me and gently used your hands to wash off my cock.
Of course, the more you touched it the more ridged it became.
After you had decided that it was properly cleansed you said, “Oh look!” Again you looked up at me as you stroked your hand up and down my hardened shaft.
“I must have aroused him.
What should I do now?” Before I could say a word you took the head of my cock into your mouth and ran your tongue around it.
As I watched you slowly took almost all of it into your mouth and began to slide it in and out, with each stroke making a noise like you were feasting on the finest chocolate.
Once again you looked up at me and said, “I told you that I love it.
” I sat down in the water and took you in my arms.
As we leaned against the side of the tub I kissed you feverishly, moving down from time to time to take one of your wet breasts into my mouth.
I lightly pinched one of your nipples as I kissed and sucked the other then traded and reversed the action.
We kissed franticly, rubbing our water-bound bodies together.
After several minutes the water seemed even hotter than when we started.
I pulled away from you and said, “I want for you to sit on the edge of the tub … right here,” putting my hand on a flat area around the back of the tub.
Without question you rose up and sat where I had indicated.
Now kneeling I put my hands on your knees and began to spread them apart until they were wide open and I could see your beautiful, hairless pussy.
It was wet and pink and ready for my eager mouth.
I briefly looked up and said, “Now it’s my turn to taste.
” I ran my tongue lightly over you and was rewarded with huge intake of breath when my tongue found your clit.
Your hands flew into my hair and pulled me into you.
“Oh yes!” you moaned and then put your hands behind you so that you could lean back and let me massage you with my tongue.
I opened you up with my fingers and began to lick you like you were a lollipop and with each lick I was rewarded with another sound from you indicated pure joy and pleasure.
When I stopped I saw you look at me as if to ask “why,” but before you could speak I reached over and picked up your glass of wine.
While you watched I took a small sip.
Again you started to speak, but before you could say a word I had moved back between your legs and began to pour your wine slowly over your clit.
The coldness of the wine must have given you a slight jolt, but I could tell it was a pleasant one.
Before you could respond to the cold I covered your clit with my mouth, sucking it into my hot mouth to give you a different sensation.
I repeated the entire process again, getting another good reaction before I set your glass down.
I rose up out of the water and kissed you hard and passionately.
When I pulled away from your lips I whispered, “You don’t need any toppings.
You taste perfect the way you are,” and began kissing you once again.
But this time I slipped a finger into your hot pussy and began sliding it in and out as we kissed.
I moved my mouth to your ear and whispered, “Do you like what I’m doing?” “Yes baby, I do,” you said breathlessly.
“You like my fingers in your pussy, don’t you?” I whispered next.
“Oh yes baby.
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” I could tell that you wanted to respond to the thrusts of my finger, but really couldn’t the way you were seated and how I was holding you, so I said, “Then let’s combine the fingers and the tongue,” and dropped back on my knees and began licking your clit while my finger slid in and out of your wet pussy.
It took less than two minutes … I heard the growl come from inside you.
You brought your legs out of the water and wrapped them around my shoulders, holding me firmly in place.
I heard you take in a breath and not let it out for quite some time, but when you did you gripped me more tightly with our legs and said loudly, “I’m cuming.
” And a few seconds later, “Oh god, I’m cuming!” Your legs held me like a vice and you shouted at the ceiling, “Oh god!” as I felt the tremor run through your body.
I felt your pussy tighten around my finger and held perfectly still while you fully enjoyed your body bending orgasm.
Your entire body trembled and you shook once before lying perfectly still and I didn’t move, didn’t touch you with my tongue or move my finger until I felt your legs loosen their grip on my neck.
Then you let your legs slide off of my shoulders and back into the tub.
You lay perfectly still for a full minute without making a sound or moving.
Then finally you began to raise your head and I stood in the tub and gave you a hand into a sitting position.
Your eyes were swirling a bit and you had a sweet smile on your face.
I took your face in my hands and kissed you lightly.
As you began to come out of the trance you pulled me to you, kissing me harder before you pulled your lips from mine and said, “Wow.
That was incredible.
” Before you could say anything else I pulled you into the still very warm water and put your back against the part of the tub that is angled.
When you were flat on it I covered your body with mine letting you feel my hardness against your tummy and began kissing you with the fever that I felt inside.
You responded to my passion and kissed me hungrily, running your nails down the wet skin of my back and then digging them into the cheeks of my ass.
I began to slide my cock against your skin under the water.
We continued kissing as I worked my cock up and down on our tummy underwater.
When I would slide down you would put your nails into my cheeks and I would slide up again.
While I continued this motion you did something that surprised me.
As I was sliding up and down you moved a hand around my butt and began to slowly move a finger around my rosebud.
It ran a spark of electricity through my body, kicking my excitement level up about ten times.
You did it again and again, each time giving me the same electrical charge until I was panting and moaning out loud.
You rose up out of the water until your breasts were clear, put your hands on the sides of them and said, “Here, baby.
Put it here.
Make love to me right here.
” It took my boggled mind a few seconds to comprehend, but your meaning became clear.
I moved up out of the water and put my cock between your breasts.
Because we were both wet, my shaft slid easily between them.
Your soft, smooth skin cradled my cock just as it would in your mouth or in your pussy and I began to slide it up and down.
Again you encouraged me with your nails in the cheeks of my ass, driving me farther and faster.
As I held myself above you with my arms on the side of the tub, I could see the head of my cock as it broke through the soft skin of your breasts and then disappeared into the luscious softness again and again.
“Does that feel good?” you asked me.
“Yes, baby, it does,” I answered breathlessly.
“I want you to cum for me,” you said as you looked up into my eyes.
“I want you to cover me with your cum.
” I stroked a few more times and then growled, “I’m very close.
” “That’s it, baby,” you whispered, “You know what I want.
” You pressed your breasts tighter together and in a loud whisper said, “Cum for me baby!” And I did … I looked down to see hot, white cum shooting out between your soft, beautiful breasts.
It shot up and hit your chin and continued to gush as the head came out of your breast tunnel and pulse after pulse began to cover your neck.
“Oh god, yes,” you said to me, “Yes, baby.
Oooh yes.
I love it!” Before I had completely run dry you let go of your breasts and ran a finger through the cum on your neck and very coyly dipped the finger into your mouth.
With the other hand you spread the pool of hot cum all over your breasts and made a low moaning sound to show me how pleased and pleasured you were.
As I watched you said, “You are so sexy and you cum like a stallion,” then you took my cock in your hand and sucked it into your mouth, moaning once again as if to tell me it was nothing short of delicious.
But at that point my strength was gone and I dropped my hands from the side of tub and slid back into the water.
As I did I watched you make a pouting face as if I’d taken away your lollipop.
“Sorry baby,” I said, “But I just don’t have the strength to hold myself up any longer,” and I leaned back against the opposite wall of the tub.
You moved over to me, straddled me and took my face in your hands as you kissed me hard and passionately.
As you kissed me you slowly sat down and found my still hard cock between your legs and managed to slide it into your pussy.
As you kissed me you rocked back and forth and began to make the lollipop sound again.
“You’ll give me more of this once you’ve rested won’t you?” you asked.
“You know that once you get me started that I’m not going to quit until I’m exhausted.
And right now, mister, I want some more of what’s inside me, so you’d better find some quick energy, because before this night is over I want MORE.
” As we sat there I put my wet hands on your breasts and slid them around.
They were still covered in my cum and became very slippery.
I watched as my hands moved and saw your nipples grow erect and hard once again.
After a minute I looked up to see a dreamy smile on your face and said, “I don’t think you have to worry about me finding the energy to make love to you.
Most likely you’ll just have to worry that you’ll be able to sit tomorrow because you are going to be so sore.
” “Oh, listen to Mr.
Big Talk,” you said with a laugh then kissed me again, but this time slowly and softly.
“I do want more of you, baby.
And it’s true … when you get me started I just don’t know when to stop.
” “Sure you do,” I said with a laugh.
“It’s when your eyes close and you fall into a blissful sleep.
” Another soft kiss and you said very softly, “It’s blissful because I am so satisfied and feel so loved.
” You paused a minute and then said, “Now would you like for me to get off of you?” I slid my hands over your soft breasts and lightly squeezed your nipples and replied, “Does what’s between your legs feel like it’s disinterested in being there?” “No,” you answered as you rocked back and forth again, pushing it deeper inside you.
“But I want you in bed.
I want to feel your body on top of mine and I want to have my legs around you when you cum so that I can feel it all.
You are always wonderful when you cum, but when you are on top of me I can feel your entire body cum and it excites me and it maybe drives me a little insane.
And that’s what I want you to do later.
That’s what I want to feel.
OK?” “OK darlin’,” I said.
“Then maybe we should dry off and find something to eat.
” You kissed me and said, “How ‘bout I just eat you?” “Sure … but you might want to pour a little wine on me first.
” You laughed and said, “Oh yeah.
I liked that.
The hot, then cold and then hot again.
That was delicious.
” “You liked that, did you? Well then, maybe I can find something else you’ll enjoy,” I said.
“Are you planning something kinky?” you asked.
“And what if I am?” I said answering your question with another question.
You suddenly stood up, with your feet on each side of me as I sat.
Water was running off of your body and your hot, warm spot was about level with my mouth.
“If you are,” you said and then paused … “I can’t wait to find out what it is.
” I leaned forward and ran my tongue between your legs giving you a shiver.
I looked up and said, “I’m guessing you won’t be disappointed.



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