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Latest stories Straight Sex The Farmer’s Daughter Ch 7

Sherry hooked her arm around my arm as we walked to the truck.
She looked so feminine and sophisticated in her flowery sun dress with her long hair neatly brushed falling to her shoulders, so different than the farm girl in jeans or Mary Jane.
The dress was short and low cut, revealing a little cleavage.
I was three or so inches taller and being with her felt so natural.
Though we had only known each other for a few days, I felt like we had known each other for a lifetime.
It’s hard to explain, but I remember there was an immediate attraction when she came home that first night.
Most of it was physical.
She was sexy and flirtatious, but I found out quickly there was a lot more to Sherry than a beautiful body.
I remembered her telling her parents she made the Dean’s List, won first prize for her philosophy essay on Aristotle and was on the wrestling team.
I remembered she went to the WTO protest in Montreal and how concerned and knowledgeable she was about poverty in Third World countries.
Both of us were quiet in the truck as we drove to the restaurant.
Sherry looked out the window and seemed deep in thought, while I thought about what was happening with us and remembered her statement in the cabin, No one can control me.
I want my body to be as free as my mind.
” I glanced over at her, wondering what she was thinking.
Though we were quiet, it didn’t feel awkward.
The quiet felt good after such an intense afternoon of role playing being Mary Jane and the towel fight and the wild sex we just experienced.
Sherry looked over at me and I glanced at her and smiled, then she turned back to look out the window.
It felt peaceful in the truck.
“Turn here,” she said, pointing, “The restaurant is up this road about a mile.
“I’m really hungry,” I said.
“I am too.
We really worked up an appetite, didn’t we?” She smiled at me then was quiet again, looking out the side window.
After a moment, she turned to me.
“I really like being with you.
” “Thanks.
I like being with you, too.
” We didn’t say a word after that and just let the words sink in as we drove quietly to the Bangkok.
When we parked and got out, she hooked her arm around mine again as we walked from the truck to the front door.
I opened it for her and she walked ahead of me.
I loved how her legs looked in the short sun dress, her cleavage slightly exposed and felt fortunate to be with such a lovely, sexy, vibrant woman.
I could not believe this was happening to me.
The hostess, a small Asian woman holding menus recognized Sherry and smiled as she greet us, “Hello, Sherry.
It’s good to see you.
How was school this year?” Sherry gave her a big hug.
“I couldn’t wait to have my first dinner here,” Sherry said.
“It’s good to be home.
” She introduced me, “This is my friend, Peter,” she said, “Pete this is Maia.
She’s the owner.
” Maia led us to our table seating us at a small table in the corner of the room and handed us our menus, “Enjoy your meal,” she said just as a the waitress greeted us and placed two tall glasses of water with a slice of lemon on the lip.
I opened the menu and turned the pages knowing I would have difficulty deciding what to order.
“Let me order for us,” Sherry said.
“You’ll love the food here and I have some favorites that we can share.
Do you mind?” “Not at all,” I said, enjoying letting her take charge.
When the waitress came back, she put a silver teapot and two small cups on the table.
Sherry looked away from the menu and up at the waitress.
“We’ll start off with an order of spring rolls and we’ll share a bowl of sweet and sour fish soup, then we want an order of the Pad Thai with shrimp and an order of curried chicken with brown rice and broccoli.
” The waitress took our menus and bowed slightly.
I poured the tea into Sherry’s cup and then into mine.
She leaned forward across the table to whisper, “I love how you touch me,” allowing me to get a good look at her tits.
She knew I was looking at her breasts and laughed, “Whatcha looking at, buddy?” she said, then leaned back in her chair.
I took a sip of my tea, “So, do you think your dad is going to fire me?” I asked.
“I’ll talk to him and so will Mom,” Sherry said.
“He’s really a great guy.
He’s such a good father, but he’s a control freak.
” She paused.
“It has gotten worse as I got older.
He’s trying to protect me.
” “Why is he so protective of you and insists that you to stay away from apprentices?” “I’m his work of art.
He calls me his jewel.
” She took a sip of tea.
“I’ve been homeschooled my whole life except for a short time when I went to the local high school.
Dad and Mom taught me everything and introduced me to books and ideas I would have never had in school.
” Sherry took another sip of her tea and then the spring rolls came.
She put her napkin on her lap.
“You’ll love these,” she said, picking one up and dipping it in the mustard sauce.
I did the same.
Sherry continued her story.
“We had great discussions at dinner and I always helped with planting and taking care of the animals.
I was in charge of the chickens ever since I was six and I saw the calves born every spring and the lambs.
Dad made me my own art studio on the second floor next to my bedroom when I was ten and I learned to make jewelry.
I got really good at that and sold my jewelry at the Farmers Market every Saturday.
I even got orders for Christmas gifts.
When I was eleven, Dad bought me the horse and he was my best friend until I went to college.
I have some other friends, but Pegasus was special.
” “Wow!” was all I could say.
“So you learned everything at home and still got into Brown.
” “Right, Sherry nodded, “when I was sixteen I wanted to try the local high school just to be around other kids and to see what it was like.
” She picked up another spring roll and held it an inch from her mouth while she spoke.
“But that turned out to be a joke.
I couldn’t believe how easy and stupid it was.
None of the kids really cared about what they were learning.
And sitting there listening to the teachers talk while we answered the questions at the back of the chapter got boring real fast.
” The waitress brought us our soup and Sherry moved the plate of spring rolls aside.
I took another one and dipped into the mustard.
“So what happened at the high school?” I asked, thinking back on my own miserable experience.
“I remember the moment I finally had it with that school.
It was in geometry, something I had already learned from Dad.
He was a math major in college.
The teacher was going on and on going over stuff for the fifth time because most of the kids weren’t interested.
I couldn’t stand it any longer so right in the middle of class, I closed the book, went down to the counselor’s office, handed her all of my books and said, “I’m leaving and plopped the books on her desk.
You should have seen her face when I said that.
She said, ‘what do you mean you’re leaving?'” “You people don’t realize how valuable my time is to me and this is the biggest waste of time in the world,” I said and turned around, walked out and went back to home schooling and working on the farm.
I decided I would apply to college.
Dad was really against it because he didn’t want me to get messed up by the city and people who didn’t share his values.
He loved teaching me and so did Mom.
Like I said, I was his jewel.
At first I liked it when he said that, but then as I got older and wanted to go to college, I didn’t like being his jewel.
It was hard for me to tell him what I felt because I knew how much I meant to him.
” Sherry took a sip of her soup, “Mmmmmm.
great soup, isn’t it,” she said, then continued.
“I was reading a book by D.
Lawrence at the time called, Women in Love and that was an awakening for me.
” Sherry took another spoonful of soup.
“Reading that book made me realize how beautiful sex is and how important it is to be free and open to life.
” Sherry paused and we both took sips of soup.
It was spicy but delicious.
“This is the best soup in the world,” she exclaimed, then continued, “After I read that book and went away to college and had sex for the first time, I realized that sex is honest and beautiful.
How can anything that feels so good and gives such pleasure be bad?” We were just finishing the soup when the waitress brought us our platters and took the soup bowls away.
I was fascinated with Sherry’s story and how she thought about life.
I loved how she looked at me while she spoke.
She was so clear and talked with such intensity that I was gripped by her words.
Sherry looked down at the Pad Thai and put some on her plate.
I helped myself to the curried chicken.
Then she continued speaking.
“It hurt me to see Dad’s face when I told him I wasn’t his jewel anymore.
I told him I knew he loved me and has taught me so much, but I can’t belong to him or anyone like I’m a possession.
I told him I was applying to Brown and a few other places.
” Sherry took a sip of water.
“This Pad Thai is pretty spicy but that’s the way I like it,” she said.
“Here, try some.
How’s the chicken?” she asked and took some and put it on her plate.
“Anyway, when I told him my plans, he said he didn’t want me to leave home and go away to college, that there was still so much he had to teach me and how much he wanted me to learn about life and the farm.
I told him I appreciated what he has taught me, but if he really loved me he would not keep me here like a bird in a cage.
He got angry when I said that and denied he was making me a prisoner and how corrupt it was in the world and how he didn’t want me to get hurt and tarnished–that was his jewelry metaphor.
He did not want his jewel to get ruined and that’s why he wants to keep me away from apprentices.
He thinks they only want to have sex with me but won’t care about what a beautiful person I am.
That’s what he says.
” “I understand,” I said.
“It’s too bad that he doesn’t really know me and lumps me in with all apprentices or just guys in general.
” “Right and Pete, when you said to me the other night you didn’t want to make me or anyone else be in your movie, that blew me away.
Most men don’t think like that.
They want their women to be possessions.
I really believe you and that line from your poem about the sun rising from your lyric heart–that meant so much to me.
I felt you were someone who was in charge of his life and would want me to be in charge of my life and not try to control me.
” “Thanks for saying that, Sherry, that’s true.
It’s not right, in fact it’s immoral to get in the way of someone else’s spirit.
” “That’s it.
I need to be free.
I want the freedom to think, to travel, to speak my mind.
” She paused with a big smile, “and fuck!” She laughed.
“I want to be free to have sex when I’m turned on by someone.
I love my body and I love how I feel when I’m fucking.
I feel alive.
I love using my body to give me and others pleasure.
What a gift our minds and bodies are.
What a goddamn fucking great gift it is to be so alive and to feel pleasure.
” Listening to her was turning me on.
I was getting aroused by her passionate words and the intensity of her eyes as she spoke.
“You’re amazing” I said.
“I want to make love to you.
Listening to you gets me so turned on.
” Sherry laughed.
“You’re pretty amazing too,” she said, leaning forward revealing her tits.
“I want to make love to you too, Pete.
” She looked me in the eyes.
“Let’s finish up and get back to the motel.
” “I wish I could fuck you, now,” I whispered, moving my face closer to hers.
She moved her face towards me.
“What do you want to do to me?” she whispered, moving within a few inches of my face.
“What do you want me to do to you?” I asked.
“I want you to suck my tits,” she said, smiling.
“Then what,” I asked, feeling my cock getting harder.
“Then I want you to eat me.
I want your tongue in my pussy and licking me like I was a bowl of milk.
” My cock was bulging in my pants.
“And after that, ” I asked, watching her take a bite of her chicken and chew slowly, licking her tongue over her lips.
“Your turn, you tell me what you want to do?” she asked.
“What do you think I want to do?” I asked, teasing her.
“No, you tell me what you want to do to me.
” “I want you to ride my cock,” I said.
“I want my cock so deep in you you’re like a wild woman, moving up and down on me, using my body for your pleasure.
I want you to use my body ’til you come all over me screaming and then I’m going to turn you over on your back and ram my cock in you until you can’t stand it any longer and beg me to stop.
” I was leaning across the table speaking so no one else could hear.
“Let’s get out of here,” she said.
“I’m too horny to sit here.
Let’s get back to the motel.
” I called the waitress over for the check.
She brought us some pineapple chunks with toothpicks, but I took the check and left the money on the table.
Sherry was already at the door.
When we got to the truck, she was leaning against it and pulled me against her.
We kissed in the parking lot.
It was pretty dark.
While we were kissing, she grabbed my balls and felt my bulging cock and said, “I want this in me.
I can’t wait for you to fuck me.
” I reached in back of her and opened the truck door.
When she stepped into the truck her short dress rose up and her round ass looked so tempting.
I closed her door and went to the driver’s side.
When I got in I noticed she was now leaning against her door, her dress up to above her crotch.
I knew she wasn’t wearing panties.
She had her finger in her pussy and was masturbating.
“I’m so horny, I can’t wait.
‘” she said and continued playing with herself.
Watching her got me so hot.
I leaned over and moved closer to her and took her hand away and put my face between her legs and started licking her wet pussy.
She put her hand on my head and pulled me into her, my tongue licking around her pussy lips then went deeper.
Her head was leaning against the window of the door then she started sliding down, spreading her legs so that my tongue could go deeper.
“Oh, fuck, that feels so good,” she gasped, breathing heavily.
“I love it.
I love it, keep doing that.
Oh yes, that’s so good.
Come on and eat me, eat me.
” We were in the parking lot right in front of the restaurant.
Anyone could see or hear what we were doing, but we didn’t care.
I spread her legs further apart and got my tongue as deep in her pussy as I could, then found her clit and started sucking on it causing her to shriek, “Ohhh,my god, do that! That’s it.
Do that!” She had her hand on my head pulling me deeper.
I licked her clit then moved my tongue from one end of her pussy to the other feeling her pushing harder against my mouth.
Suddenly, Sherry shoved my head away and looked at me, panting, “Stop! Let’s get back to the motel.
” I didn’t want to stop and gave her pussy a few more licks.
I wanted her to cum, but she pushed me away, “Come on.
Let’s get going.
I want to get back to the motel.
” “I’m so horny,” I said.
“I don’t know if I can drive.
” “I’m horny, too.
Let’s go! I’ll give you a blow job while you’re driving,” Sherry said.
I pulled out of the parking lot and started back towards the motel.
Sherry crawled across the seat, meowing like a cat.
“Meow, meow,”and started to unbutton my pants but I knew I couldn’t drive so I pulled her head up and somehow managed to say, “Let’s hold off until we get back to the room.
” Still, my fingers gripped the steering wheel.
I don’t know how I kept driving.
I wanted to stop the truck and grab her and fuck her.
We were both drunk with lust, desperate to get into the room and into each other’s bodies.
I parked the truck and we ran up to our door.
I fiddled with the key, “Hurry up and open the damn door, ” she said, pressing her tits against my arm.
When I finally opened the door, she slammed it shut, pushed me hard against it, trying to get my pants down.
I grabbed her dress by the hem, trying to pull it up but our desperate arms got in the way.
She them stepped back, pulled the dress over her head, tossing it on the floor while I got my pants off.
She looked into my eyes then at my cock, stepped forward, pushed me against the door then got down on her knees, grabbed my cock and went back to sucking it like a mad woman.
I grabbed her hair, twisting strands around my fingers pulling her harder, thrusting and fucking her mouth like a demon.
Her sucking mouth and tongue took me to the edge.
I was on the verge of exploding but wanted this to last so I pulled her up, backing her to the bed and roughly pushed her onto her back with her legs spread apart, her wet pussy open to me.
“Come on buddy, give me that big cock.
” I got on my knees between her legs, grabbed my throbbing cock and thrust it into her with all my strength, pounding her so hard she was bouncing on the mattress, the headboard banging against the wall, the bed squeaking.
Sherry’s legs were wrapped around my back, pulling me into her taking my hard thrusts.
Wanting to fuck her harder, I held her ass and lifted her body off the bed, her arms and legs clinging to me and I drove her back to the bed with all my strength causing her to scream.
I lifted her again driving my cock deeper, harder, “Take it! Take it! Fuck me!” I shouted while she screamed, “Harder! Give it to me harder!” I loved how she told me what she wanted and how loud she screamed.
It urged me on and made me want to fuck her even harder.
Suddenly, Sherry found the strength to push me onto my back, roll on top and turn around, straddling my body with her back to me.
She took hold of my hard cock, raised her body up over it and impaled herself on it with a scream that I thought would bring the police.
After bouncing up and down on me, I managed to sit up and lean back against the pillows at the headboard, grabbed both tits, pulling her against my chest while she straddled my thighs, my cock deep in her pussy.
She was on her knees and would rise up and then come down hard on my cock, wiggle around, rubbing her clit with her hand as she leaned back while my cock moved against her g-spot “Play with my tits,” she screamed.
“I love it.
Do it!” She was going up and down, up and down on my cock, riding it faster and harder, her fingers on her clit while I kept thrusting, lifting my ass off the bed.
“Come on, baby Fuck me fuck me fuck me!” she yelled as she came down on my cock.
“Oh baby, I’m going to cum.
I’m there, Oh yes, yes,” she shouted.
Suddenly I lifted her up, flipped her roughly onto her back and plowed into her fucking her hard but felt her struggling to be on top again.
I gave in and she rolled on top of me, looking fiercely into my eyes, gritting her teeth, rocking back and forth faster and harder on my thrusting cock.
“I got you where I want you,” she hissed.
I grabbed and squeezed her ass with both hands, her tits crushed against my chest, loving how she was taking control, rocking back and forth, giving herself what she wanted, but I wanted more, I wanted to really take her and fuck her brains out and suddenly lifted my ass off of the bed and bucked, grabbing her arms and again flipped her onto her back, rolled on top, not realizing we were close to the edge of the bed and suddenly we fell off the bed and onto the floor.
We both laughed.
My cock slipped from her pussy, but I quickly grabbed her legs, lifted them to my shoulder then with all my strength thrust my cock into her, ramming her like a jackhammer, loving her loud screaming as she exploded in a huge orgasm, followed quickly by mine.
We lay on the floor next to the bed, holding each other in our arms, not wanting to move, still breathing deeply from the wild sex we just had.
I removed one arm so that I could run my fingers through her long hair.
Her eyes were closed and I looked at her face, admiring her high cheekbones, the shape of her mouth and thought how beautiful she was.
At that moment there was nowhere else I wanted to be but on the floor, next to this bed, in this motel, feeling the warm, soft body of this intense, amazing person.
I don’t believe this is happening to me, I said to myself as I looked at her, next to me, loving the way my fingers felt moving through in her soft hair.
Sherry opened her eyes and smiled at me.
“Hi,” she said, softly.
” I responded.
“That was pretty hot fucking.
” “It was more than fucking.
” “You’re right.
I love how we feel together.
I love it.
I love it.
” I do, too.
I feel so free with you.
I love how you tell me what you want.
I like that it sounds dirty but it isn’t dirty.
It’s fun.
It’s open and honest and wild.
” Online Now! Lush Cams CristalBlake “Yes, you understand what I mean about how amazing and wonderful it is to feel and give pleasure.
When both of us are giving our bodies and spirits so willingly, how can that be dirty.
Pure open, intense sex is so beautiful when you really care about the person you’re with.
” Sherry reached up and touched my face, looking into my eyes, smiling.
She caressed my cheek, ran her finger over my lips, the tip of my nose.
Finally, she said, “So do you want to sleep here on the floor or should we get back on the bed?” “It might be safer here,” I laughed, remembering how we fell onto the floor, “but maybe we should take a chance and get back on the bed” Sherry got up and went to her backpack and took out her cell phone to check the time, “Wow, it’s almost ten o’clock.
” I could tell she was thinking as she looked at me.
“We need a plan so Dad doesn’t suspect what’s going on.
” “Right, but what,” I asked, looking at her and could see her mind working.
“I have an idea,” she said, nodding, biting her lower lip and picked up her cell phone.
While holding her phone, Sherry picked up her long tee shirt with her other hand and slipped it on.
It came just below her crotch and ass, her strong toned legs and hips tantalizing me.
The shirt was tight across her chest and I could see the outline of her tits and nipples.
She climbed on the bed and sat “yoga” style with her ankles crossed, holding the phone in her lap.
I lay down with my legs stretched along side her and looked up at Sherry.
“Dad thinks my car is at the garage and that I’m at Jenny’s, but then how did I get to Jenny’s unless she picked me up or you drove me there.
” “So we have to get your car to the garage except there’s nothing wrong with it.
Should we go get the car now and drive it to the garage then come back here?” “Maybe,” Sherry said, nodding, thinking.
“It would take about an hour ‘cause the car is just 10 minutes away and then it’s about half an hour to town.
We’d be back here by a little after eleven.
” “How are you going to get back to the farm if your car is at the garage?” “I’ll call Jenny and ask her to pick me up here in the morning and drive me home.
She’ll do it.
We’re best friends.
” Sherry held her cell phone and punched in a number.
She looked at me while waiting for Jenny to answer.
She puckered her lips and blew me a kiss, smiled then spoke into the phone.
Hi, Jen, It’s me.
I need a big favor, it’s important and I’ll explain everything later.
” She spoke to Jenny as if she had just talked to her yesterday when the fact is she hadn’t talked to her for quite awhile.
“Can you pick me up in the morning at the Riverside Motel, say around nine?” she asked then nodded as she listened to the response on the phone.
“I’ve got a lot to tell you,” she added.
“Thanks, Jen.
See you at nine.
You’re the best friend, ever.
I love you.
” Sherry hung up, “There.
That’s settled.
We’re like sisters and we’d do anything for each other.
” “Wow, it’s great that Jenny would say yes and come get you without a question.
” “I’d do the same for her,” Sherry said, getting off the bed and reaching into her backpack.
“I can’t wait to tell her about you,” Sherry continued, slipping on the short black skirt she wore when she played Mary Jane.
She tucked in the tee-shirt.
I put on my jeans and shirt.
“Let’s hurry and get my car to town so we can get back here and mess around,” she said.
Sherry walked in front of me to the truck.
I loved the way her ass looked in the short mini skirt and how her firm tits moved without a bra.
She knew I was looking at her and just smiled at me, but before she opened the door, she looked up at the sky, “Wow, look at all the stars,” she said, “And the full moon.
” I looked up at the starry sky, the bright moon glowing, casting shadows.
In spite of our dilemma, we both marveled at the beauty of the night before climbing into the truck.
When I got behind the wheel, she looked at me, biting her lower lip then smiled coyly at me, “So, Pete, how do you like being in this movie?” “It’s an adventure for sure, but I’m not sure how it’s going to turn out when I meet with your dad in the morning.
” I turned on the ignition and backed out of the parking spot and headed back in the direction to the farm.
Sherry’s smile disappeared and she reached over to touch my hand on the steering wheel.
“I’d feel horrible if he fired you for being with me.
” She shook her head as if to shake away the thought, “I can’t let that happen,” she said.
She then leaned forward in her seat, straining to see.
“I hope I can remember where I parked my car.
” “What can you do about your dad?” I asked.
“He’s fired other apprentices, why wouldn’t he fire me?” “This is different.
I’ve got to talk to Mom before you talk to Dad,” she said, looking out the window.
I kept my eyes on the road thinking about meeting John in the morning, dreading hearing the words “pack your bags and get lost.
” “Slow down, I think my car is down that road,” she said, pointing.
I had my high beams on, but it was still hard to see any openings.
Sherry pointed to a narrow road.
I turned left and entered a bumpy, dirt lane with lots of potholes.
“There it is,” she said.
“Go up past the car, that way you can turn around when I get my car going.
” When I stopped, she said, “Just follow me to the garage and we’ll be set.
” I watched her get out and run over to her car.
It was brown Saab.
I heard the engine start then stop and could tell she was having trouble getting it to turn-over.
I heard the engine grinding over and over, but not catching.
What if her car really is broken down.
I started to get out of the truck to go to Sherry’s car, when it finally kicked in and started with a little sputter.
Sherry took off and I backed into the small clearing and turned around.
We were on our way to the garage in town.
Wow, that was a close call, I thought to myself, as I followed, noticing one of her back lights was not working.
We drove past the Bangkok and turned into a small dark gas station.
Sherry parked her car next to two other cars.
She got out and climbed in my truck.
“Okay, let’s get going.
Ken’s the mechanic here and knows my car only too well,” she said.
“He’s the one who sold it to me.
” “It must be nice living near a small town where everyone knows one another.
” “Most of the time it is, but there’s also a lot of gossip and that sucks,” she said.
We headed back to the motel when Sherry pointed to a seedy looking bar up ahead, “Pull in here,” she said.
I looked at the sign, “Charley’s Bar and Grill,” and turned in to the parking lot, noticing a lot of cars, several pick up trucks and at least six motorcycles.
“What’s this place?” I asked.
“It’s the local watering hole.
It’s kind of a dive.
” “So why are we stopping.
You’re not old enough to drink?” “You are and I have a fake ID,” Sherry said, smiling.
“Anyway, I got another movie I want you to be in with me.
” “Another movie,” I said, admiring her spontaneity.
“Yeah, I want you to pick me up like I’m some slut.
I’ve always wanted to do that.
” “Won’t people know you here?” I asked.
“I doubt it.
I’ve never been in there before.
” She smiled at me and then laughed, “Come on, let’s have some fun.
” “You’re wild,” I said “I told you I was a little devil and an angel,” she said, “Here’s the plot.
You go in and sit at the bar and I’ll come in and sit at one end and we’ll take it from there.
” I got out of my truck and entered the bar.
It was dark, smokey and loud with talking and rock and roll music.
No one looked up as I walked over to the bar and took a stool.
I looked around the room at people dancing, eating pizza, two waitresses carrying trays of food, several women in their forties were at the bar chattering away.
One of them, turned and smiled at me when I sat down, then turned back to her friends.
The bartender came over and said, “You got ID.
” He wiped the bar in front of me, while I got my wallet out to show him my license.
“What can I get you?” he asked, “Just a beer, how about Rolling Rock.
” I said, glancing around.
“We got it on tap,” he said.
That’s what I want.
” I turned to the door wondering what would happen when Sherry walked in.
The dance floor was pretty crowded with people shaking and grinding to the Rolling Stones singing, “I can’t get no satisfaction,” while a chorus of two women and two men sitting at a booth near the jukebox were singing loudly along with the music, “I can’t get no satisfaction.
” They were pretty drunk but were having a good time.
I looked over at the door and saw Sherry entering.
She glanced at me on her way to the far end of the bar and took a seat.
While she was walking I noticed two guys look at her, one elbowing his friend as if to say, “Check her out.
” Sherry looked pretty sexy walking to the bar, a single girl in a tight mini skirt and tee shirt straining against her tits.
I was hoping these guys wouldn’t turn our movie into an action thriller instead of the hot romantic movie Sherry was creating.
The bartender went over to her and I saw Sherry take out her wallet and show her ID to him.
He looked at it and back at her and nodded approval.
He wiped the bar in front of her.
She gave him an order and smiled over at me.
I noticed one of the guys who had looked at Sherry walk over to her and sit in the empty stool.
He was tall and wore a black polo shirt, cut off at the shoulders with a tattoo on his muscled arms.
He had a mustache and goatee.
Sherry looked at him and smiled.
She glanced over at me then spoke to the man, who nodded and shrugged his shoulders at whatever she said then walked away.
I wondered what she said.
I took a gulp of my beer and kept my eyes on Sherry who was looking back at me.
She now had a goblet in front of her that looked like a martini.
She lifted her glass, sipped and looked at me over the rim.
I took another gulp of my beer and kept my eyes on her.
We were flirting, our eyes fixed on each other.
Sherry then took the olive out of her glass and put into her mouth, puckering her lips as she sucked on it.
Her eyes were on me as she sucked then slowly licked her lips with her tongue, cocked her head to



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