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I had been helping my father at his warehouse doing a stocktake.
It was late after we had finished, so dad suggested one of his employees drive me home as dad wanted to finish putting all the figures into the computer.
The guy’s name is Dan.
I have known him for a while since he began working for dad.
He is about twenty-one or two and very good looking.
He has always been nice to me and I have flirted with him a bit which he seemed to enjoy.
I feel because I am the boss’s daughter, he would not ask me out.
I am also a bit younger than him.
On the way home, we talked as I liked him and he was great to talk to.
He is funny and I am always very relaxed when I am with him.
I told him I liked the music he had on in his car radio.
It was a tune I knew and I began to sing along with the girl singing it.
He commented it was a bit sad and asked me why I liked it.
I told him it was because the girl singing it had a lovely voice and I could relate to it.
Her boyfriend had seduced her but then he left her, and she was lonely.
He then asked me if I had a boyfriend and I told him, not anymore.
Like the girl singing the song, I had one and he did the same thing to me.
Once he got what he wanted he went looking for another girl.
“Then you are not a virgin?” he asked casually as if it were a question you asked every girl.
“No,” I replied, somewhat shyly.
“Gee, how old are you? I thought you would be too young to be doing that.
” “I am seventeen nearly eighteen now, but I was silly sixteen then.
” “What a bastard,” Dan said.
“You won’t find it hard to find another guy.
You have it all, in my opinion.
” “Thank you.
I do go out with a few boys but none of them I like enough to be my boyfriend.
They all just want to fuck you.
I have learned my lesson.
” “I am so sorry,” he said.
We were right next to a park at the end of our street.
He stopped and put his arm around my shoulders.
“You will get over him,” he said.
“Never,” I told him but not the reason, which was that with my boyfriend, it had been my first time having sex.
Obviously, he felt I was still upset and wanted to console me.
 I looked at him and he was looking at me.
Our eyes met and we both kept looking into each other eyes and saying nothing.
 We both knew what we wanted to do, and slowly our heads came together.
We kissed.
I hadn’t realised I wanted to do that, but it really affected me.
 It felt so good I got this feeling in my tummy and my juices started to run down and wet my pants.
He really kissed me and he meant it, despite our age difference.
I could feel the tingling sensation going through my body.
It felt wonderful.
I put my arm around his neck and held him to me and I continued to kiss him.
He responded as passionately.
We both realised this far more than a casual kiss.
I had not felt like this for ages.
I was enjoying it more than I should have been, and it wasn’t even a date.
I realised Dan is a real spunk.
I needed to know more about him.
“Do you have a girl?” I asked.
“Like you, I am in between girlfriends.
” I lay back in the seat and he needed no further encouragement.
It was obvious I wanted him to kiss me again, and he wasn’t going to disappoint me.
As we kissed, I felt his hands begin to wander and the next thing I knew he was fondling my breasts.
He touched my nipple through my thin bra.
I jumped a bit as my nipples were hard and sensitive.
“Sorry,” he said.
“I’m not.
Don’t stop,” I whispered passionately.
We resumed kissing and I held his hand to my breast encouraging him to fondle it.
It felt amazing so I took the initiative.
I undid the buttons on my blouse and unclipped my bra as we kissed.
I was now totally exposed from the waist up, encouraging him to touch my bare breasts.
“Are you sure?” he asked softly.
“Yes,” I whispered back.
We resumed kissing and his fondling of my breasts.
I was loving it.
 As we kissed, I put my hand into his lap and could feel his hard cock in the leg of his trousers.
“I think something there wants some fresh air,” I said and giggled.
“Are you sure you want to go there?” he asked.
I didn’t reply.
I kissed him again and put my hand up to undo his belt, but he did it for me and unzipped his fly as we kissed.
He was reading my mind.
I put my hand down and released his cock from within his underpants.
It looked long and hard in the moonlight.
I immediately bent over and kissed it on the top and licked it clean.
It was oozing what I knew to be pre-cum.
“That is a lovely looking cock.
How many girls have enjoyed the pleasure of having that in them?” I asked.
“A couple.
” “How many exactly?” “Three.
” I hesitated.
“Would it like one more?” I asked.
“What are you asking?” I was slowly stroking it and looked straight at him.
“I would be happy to be number four.
” “Oh God,” and he kissed me passionately again.
We both stopped kissing, but our eyes remained locked on each other.
I was now really wet down there.
I retained my grip on his cock.
‘Are you sure?” “Positive,” I replied without hesitation.
It was Dan who hesitated.
I imagined he would have immediately wanted to get his cock into me.
Maybe he thought I might be a bit young for him.
He put one arm around me as he kissed me hard.
The other hand slid up under my skirt and along my thigh.
I continued to stroke his cock and spread my legs wider to allow him to find his target.
His finger found its way past the leg of my now soaking wet pants and slid into my sopping wet pussy.
“Oh… God,” I uttered as I felt it slip into me.
“Do you mind?” he asked.
I slipped down the seat a little and opened my legs wider and groaned softly in response.
Words were not necessary.
I was enjoying everything he was doing.
I didn’t want him to stop, not even to take my pants off.
His finger began to massage me internally and it felt wonderful.
I was so wet.
He had obviously done it before as he knew exactly what to do to make it feel awesome.
I knew if he kept going I would cum.
We kissed even more passionately as he fingered me.
 I was murmuring with delight as the passion overwhelmed me.
I was stroking his cock and he was finger fucking me.
We were both completely ensconced in our passion and I broke the kiss.
 I wanted him to fuck me.
I did not want to wait any longer.
“Can we get into the back?” I asked.
“Are you really sure?” he asked.
“What have I got to do to convince you?” I almost snapped back at him.
He got my message.
Without another word, we both got out of our side of the car.
It was dark besides the park with no streetlights.
I opened the door.
The light came on, illuminating me totally naked from the waist up.
His pants were around his ankles and his cock poking out his underpants.
I heard him say, “Shit,” as he sought the switch, and it was dark again.
We took off what clothes we had on, and threw them onto the front seat, Looking at him gave me goosebumps.
His naked body was amazing.
He was tall and his body firm, as was his cock.
He was obviously fit.
His cock was hard and about seven inches long and reasonably thick.
He was also circumcised.
He even looked older naked.
I realised I was going to be fucked by a man, not a boy.
I hoped I could satisfy him.
He opened the back door and I climbed in.
He followed.
This was the first time I had been totally naked with a man or a boy, for that matter.
We soon found ourselves kissing and fondling each other again.
Words were not necessary.
Our hands resumed where they had left off, only there were no restrictions now and he soon had one hand fingering my vagina and the other massaging my breasts and tweaking my nipples.
I was in heaven.
Our tongues were similarly engaged.
Doing what we were doing naked felt completely natural.
I had played with my first boyfriend’s cock a few times, but we were never nude, nor did I get him to cum.
I had read magazines and looked at a bit of porn.
I knew what happened in bedrooms, but I had not seen anybody fucking in cars.
I slid down and before he could say anything, I had my mouth over his cock.
I had no idea what to expect but the women in the porn shows had shown me enough to know what I had to do.
I could feel the silky-smooth skin of his cock and the firm head of it in my mouth.
My tongue was doing what I believed was natural and licked it all around like it was an ice cream cone.
It felt awesome.
“Holy shit, where did you learn to do that?” he asked.
“This is my first time.
Tell me if I am not getting it right.
” “It is mine as well.
I have never had a girl do this before.
” I laughed and called him a liar.
“I am being honest.
” “Next time I am called a cock sucker I will know what they mean,” I replied.
“You are amazing,” Was all he said as I was having a feast off his cock again.
I kept sucking and licking his cock for a while enjoying my virgin cock suck.
It was something I had never thought about but like everything else I was doing with Dan, it felt natural and wonderful.
The thought of him cumming in my mouth didn’t enter my mind.
“Can you stop? I want to fuck you before I cum.
I might not be able to get it up again before your dad comes home.
I wouldn’t want him to find us like this.
I assume you still want me to fuck you?” I stopped immediately and then said, “It would break my heart if you don’t.
I think I want to fuck you more than you realise.
How do we do it in the car?” “Let me show you.
I have only done it once like this and it’s a bit awkward.
” We then rearranged ourselves.
He got me into a position in the middle of the seat where I could spread my legs.
I had to slip down, so my bum was right on the edge of the seat and my pussy exposed.
“That’s perfect,” he said.
“You look beautiful, you have a lovely bush,” obviously referring to my copious amount of pubic hair that I had never shaved off.
It was the first time he had commented on my naked body.
He got ready and I really had to pull my legs back.
I must have looked a scream laying there in such a strange position.
There was not much room.
Getting his legs comfortable in the small space in the car was a bit awkward.
He manipulated himself around to be able to get his cock lined up with my pussy, we were ready.
I lay there holding my legs back as he slipped his cock into me without hesitation.
As it went in, it felt quite different from my first time.
It may have been my strange position, but it felt so much better.
I also knew what to expect this time.
Once he had his cock all the way in, he had to rearrange his position again.
He was still not comfortable.
His legs were cramped.
To me, it felt amazing as he wriggled around to get his position right.
He left his cock in me as he did so and that felt good too.
I moved my bum and then we were both ready and he began to fuck me.
It was awkward but it was fun getting things sorted out.
This was only the second time I had been fucked.
I had no inhibitions about being fucked or that I was totally nude with him.
I was enjoying the whole experience.
The first time was nothing like this.
This time we were alone, and I could concentrate on having his cock in me and feeling it doing what we were doing together.
The first-time, other people kept coming into the bedroom and telling us to hurry up.
It was anything but private.
We were fucking for the sake of fucking.
With Dan it was different, I wanted to.
Dan was older and more experienced than me.
It felt good, him being an older guy who knew what he was doing.
The first guy was having his first fuck too and it became a fumbling experience trying to fuck me.
I was just providing the cunt for him.
I really didn’t feel like it was real.
Dan made me feel like he wanted me to enjoy it as much as he was.
His cock was bigger than the first guy who fucked me and it felt much better.
I was wet and he just slipped back and forth easily.
The feeling was something I could never have imagined.
It was amazing.
I had a feeling Dan was enjoying it too.
He kept telling me I was fantastic as he slowly went about fucking me.
If he only realised, to me, being fucked by him was unlike anything I had done in my life.
I was loving it; he was older and that made me feel more grown-up as well.
I could tell he was getting as much pleasure from fucking me as I was from him.
Fucking as we were, seemed so natural.
We both fucked like it was something we did every day.
I wish.
If only he knew how much I was enjoying what he was doing with me and the feelings I was having.
I can’t remember enjoying anything like this ever before.
He was so much better than the first guy.
I could not believe that this could be so different and so satisfying.
As we fucked together, I wanted to make sure I was getting everything right and he was enjoying it as much as I was.
I was realising there is more to a fuck than just laying back and letting it happen.
I could really feel his cock inside me, but I was also enjoying being naked and feeling his naked body rubbing against mine as we fucked.
It felt great.
Being naked this time also made it more real than the first time when I just had my pants off and my dress pulled up.
This time, it really felt like we were fucking each other, not just him fucking me.
I was in a strange position and he was holding onto me.
Our nude bodies were pressing together as he thrust his cock deeply into me each time.
My whole body was feeling good.
The two of us had everything working together in synch.
This time it was something I wanted, and he was making it feel good.
This time I was really enjoying it.
Dan, being older and more experienced, was making me feel like we were made to fuck together.
I did not feel the age difference or that he was just using me for his own pleasure.
He was interested in what I was feeling and doing, he was ensuring I was enjoying it too.
I really felt this time, there were two of us fucking and I wasn’t just lying there while he fucked me, like the first time.
The first time I was fucked, all he wanted was to fuck me and cum.
I was just there for him to have his fun, and he couldn’t have cared less about me, so long as he came.
As Dan was fucking me, I realised I was getting sore from the position I was in.
I needed to adjust myself so I could enjoy it more.
There is not much room to move in the car.
 I told him to pull it out for a minute.
I quickly repositioned myself after he pulled out and once I was comfortable, I told him to go back in.
He wasted no time and began to fuck me again.
“That’s better, I can really feel you now.
It was awkward before.
How do you feel?” he asked.
Online Now! Lush Cams MatureVivian “Like I am having the time of my life.
This feels much better.
I never considered what it would be like to be fucked in a car before.
The first time I did it was in a bedroom at a party.
We were all taking turns at using the bedroom.
It was a bit of a fuck fest.
Everybody was wanting to fuck and there were two bedrooms and no privacy, people kept coming in and telling us to hurry up.
” As we were talking Dan was fucking me his cock came out a few times, but it went straight back in.
It felt great as he popped it in each time as he continued fucking me.
After a while, he asked me if I could put my legs around him and keep him from coming out.
I was learning that there is more to a fuck than I realised.
The longer we were fucking, the more I was liking it.
I did what he asked.
This was something I hadn’t done before.
I was learning the finer points of fucking on the back seat.
He had been in me for a while and it was so much better than the first time.
That guy came quickly, and I had hardly begun to feel it.
The whole thing was virtually over before it had started.
This time everything was perfect.
We had been fucking for about ten or fifteen minutes even with the rearrangement and he was going great guns and was not looking like he would cum any time soon.
We were both really relaxed and enjoying everything we were doing.
I was really getting a good fuck.
I never realised how good it could be.
I never realised that it could be like this, it was two people both enjoying a great fuck.
Neither of us looked like cumming.
We both were concentrating on fucking and not talking.
He was just fucking me, and I was concentrating on the feelings inside me those his cock was giving me.
Every now and again I gave a grunt as I could feel his cock inside me doing things to me.
This was better than I could have ever imagined.
I was having the best feelings lying there completely nude with our bodies touching and feeling his weight on top of me.
The feeling of his body over me was as good as the rest of the feelings I was enjoying.
This is what I imagined a good fuck would feel like.
He was good at it and lasting long enough for me to get the most out of it.
He was now really thumping his cock into me and my whole body was shaking and my tits bouncing.
We were really rocking the car.
It felt fantastic.
I could remember seeing a camper-van with the sign on the back.
‘If this van’s rockin’, don’t bother knockin.
’ That is exactly what our car was doing.
There would be no doubt about what was happening inside.
I was really enjoying everything, and he said, “Would you like to try another way?” “How?” I asked.
I didn’t think anything could be better than this.
“I have never done it like this but one of my mates has.
I would like to try it that way.
Climb into the front seat and lay facing over the back of it and I will fuck you from behind.
” I would have climbed over hot coals for him, so I did not hesitate.
He pulled his cock out and I felt empty.
I was loving the the feeling of having it inside me.
We both got out and he adjusted the front seat so it was as far back as it would go, and the back was down.
He looked funny with his half-hard cock bobbing about as he did what he had to.
Then he told me how to get into the position to fuck me.
It was a bit uncomfortable for me at first as I was on the front seat facing against the back of the seat on my knees.
My body was pressed against the back of the seat and my bum was poking up.
I had difficulty getting my legs open wide enough as the seat was not like the back seat, it was a bucket seat.
I had to leave enough room for him to get in and fuck me as well.
I thought this is going to be interesting.
Then he said, “Can you do something for me?” “What?” I asked.
“I am not quite hard enough to go in, can you suck it for me and get it hard again.
” I didn’t need to be asked twice.
It gave me an opportunity to get out of the car and then I knelt and sucked his cock for a minute or two.
It tasted different as it was covered in the stuff from inside me and it had dried and was a bit crusty.
It felt and tasted different but was still nice to have his floppy cock in my mouth.
After a minute or two, his cock had hardened again, “OK, let’s get back into it again,” he said.
I got back into the car and this time, I knew what position he wanted me in to fuck me.
I arranged myself so that I was more comfortable this time, and he could fuck me in a way I felt would be better.
He climbed in and I felt his body lie along my back.
He had his legs in the footwell and his knees between my legs and resting against the edge of the seat.
My bum was poking out over the edge of the seat.
I felt his cock pressing against the cheeks of my ass.
Then he pulled me back to guide his cock into me, spreading the cheeks of my ass.
I felt his cock slipping in between my cheeks and finding my slit.
I wriggled a bit and he got it in.
I realised if I pushed my bum back it would go in even further.
That was perfect.
He was inside me as far as he could go.
It felt great as he pressed himself against my ass.
It felt great having it back in me again.
I was enjoying this as I could never have imagined.
I was learning and getting the feeling about what to do and how to do it.
I had never been in this position before and then he put his hands around me and with one hand on each tit, squeezed each nipple and began to fuck me and pull me back onto him.
This was amazing.
I was loving it.
I think he was even further up me than before.
Within a minute or two I worked out I could push myself back as he pushed forward and between us, we were fucking like dogs.
It felt amazing.
My tits were swinging about a bit which added to the feeling.
He was so good at fucking and I was enjoying it like it was the best thing I had ever done.
I was having feelings in places that I had never had before, and it was so much better than masturbating.
He was a lot more experienced than I was, but I seemed to be making him happy.
It had made a huge difference him being older than me.
I did not feel like a seventeen-year-old kid, I felt much older.
It seems we were good together.
He felt me wriggle to get another feeling from having his cock in me.
“Are you enjoying it?” he asked.
“I never want this to stop.
I hope you can last forever.
” “I’m sorry, I can feel it coming on, it won’t be much longer.
Can I cum inside you or do you want me to pull it out?” “It’s OK, I am using the pill.
I am safe.
You can cum in me.
I am so looking forward to that.
This will be the first time I have had anybody cum inside me.
’ “Fantastic,” he said.
“Didn’t he cum in you the first time?” “No.
He had to pull it out as I was not on contraception and none of them would use a condom.
He didn’t like having to do it, but I insisted.
Once he pulled out, he wanked, and it spurted all over my tummy and hair.
I had cum all over me and there were others waiting for the bed, so I just left my pants off and pulled my dress down over it.
It was most uncomfortable for a while until I could get to the bathroom.
” I continued to explain, “I wasn’t the only one as there were another couple of girls in there washing cum off themselves.
It was funny as we were all telling each other about who had fucked us and if it was good or not.
I was not the only one to have him cum too fast.
One girl said he got it half out before he spurted, and she had a bit inside her.
She was a bit worried about getting pregnant.
” “Hell, it must have been an orgy with all the girls getting fucked,” Dan commented.
“It was the district football team and each girl was told they had to fuck to get invited, and nearly every girl in the school wanted an invite, including me.
It was like a status symbol to be asked.
There were fifteen of them.
Every guy fucked his own girl.
I heard a couple of girls had also let another boy fuck her as well.
It was pretty wild.
” I told him.
“I have never heard anything like it, he said.
“I was a bit ashamed myself particularly as it was my first time.
I wasn’t expecting it to be like that, but I wasn’t the only girl losing her virginity.
There were a few it seems.
” “I don’t think I would have enjoyed it with any girl like that.
” “I think there were a few girls that were like me, a bit disgusted with themselves for getting involved; afterwards.
“I hope you are enjoying this a bit better.
I can assure you that you are fantastic.
” “Thank you.
I have to admit I never expected I would be doing this and especially with you and on our first date if you can call it that,” I said.
“I hope it won’t be the last time either,” he replied.
“So, do I.
I wonder what dad would think about me going out with you?” “I think he would be happy.
I will have to be careful I don’t let anything drop about what we are doing, and I hope we do in future.
” “I am sure mum will realise, she has been watching me since that first night and asked me if anything happened.
” “I told her some girls had boyfriends and had done things, but I was not one of them.
 I lied.
I knew from her look she knew I had done it, ‘Samantha I hope you are not in trouble?’ she asked in a sarcastic way.
‘I can assure you… I am not pregnant,’ I snapped back.
She didn’t believe me and said, ‘But you could have been.
You were not on contraceptives then.
I have heard some stories about that night.
‘ She wasn’t happy.
‘Let’s say it was a party I wish I hadn’t gone to,’ I told her.
‘Pity, it should be one time every girl should remember,’ mum said almost sarcastically.
 Then she left me standing there with my mouth wide open and nothing coming out.
SHE KNEW it was my first time.
” “Mothers have ways.
Remember, they have been there too,” he said.
“I almost feel that I should tell her about tonight and how wonderful it has been already with you.
I don’t think she would be objecting to me doing it with you.
” “Oh shit, hang on,” and I felt him really grab my tits and push his cock hard right up into me.
He grunted loudly and slowed his thrusting right down and every time he thrust, he grunted, and I could feel him ejaculating.
He was now shoving his cock in slowly but hard, one thrust at a time.
Dan was cumming and I was getting my cunt filled with his semen.
This really felt fantastic.
I could not believe that I was enjoying him cumming into me as much as I was.
For some reason, I felt really grown up and proud of myself.
I had often worried about what would happen if a guy came in me and got me pregnant had I not been using contraceptives.
Now it made me feel so good, unashamed and happy.
This was the best night of my life.
I felt like I was a real woman now.
I was safe so that took any worries I might have had away as he slowly pumped his cum into me.
Suddenly I realised I was cumming too.
It happened so suddenly and unexpectedly; I was completely surprised.
I had been rubbing my clit on his cock to get a good sensation and it just happened.
“Shit, fuck… shit, fuck,” I screamed as my clit sent sensational feelings right through my body.
Even my nipples became super sensitive.
Dan was also enjoying the feeling of his cock cumming in me, but he stopped fucking me for a moment.
I screamed.
“Don’t stop, don’t stop, oh God, don’t stop now.
” He kept his cock thrusting inside me.
My body was shaking with the effect of me cumming.
He still had his hands on my tits and my nipples hardened like rocks.
Then my legs began shaking as well.
I began to grunt each time he shoved his cock into me hard.
My nipples were touchy and even they made the effect of my orgasm even stronger.
I had never cum like this before, not even when I was masturbating.
I was almost crying.
I felt so emotional.
I could not believe what was happening to me.
I could feel his cock was still inside me, now thrusting ever so slowly as it filled my cunt with his seed.
I was in heaven.
“Oh Sam, I am so happy for you,” Dan gasped.
I relaxed and collapsed in a heap on the seat.
In doing so I pushed my bum back.
This jammed his bum hard against the dash panel.
He was still in me and could not get it out.
It was hilarious.
He put his arms around me and kissed the back of my neck.
We both laughed at our predicament.
I could not believe how I felt.
We were having more fun than I had ever enjoyed in my life.
After we had disconnected ourselves, we climbed out of the car as the door was still open.
We stood and held each other so tightly against each other that we could feel our hearts beating heavily.
The feelings were spontaneous.
I believed he really liked me and the way we had made love together.
I put my head in his shoulder and I cried softly.
I felt so proud of myself.
My whole body was tingling with the pleasure I had experienced.
I could feel the semen he had filed me with beginning to seep out.
This was the first time I had made love, not just been fucked.
The feelings I had for Dan were beyond comprehension, I loved him.
He and I had enjoyed the most intimate experience of my life.
“I love you,” “I love you too.
” We remained standing together beside the car, completely naked, holding and hugging and kissing each other for ages.
I stopped crying as the tensions diminished and I relaxed.
I had feelings for him I had never felt for a guy before.
What had started out as a ride home had ended in the most amazing experience of my life.
Obviously, the age difference did not bother Dan.
I certainly felt more like a woman his age.
I cleaned myself up with my pants and left them on the floor of his car as we both got dressed.
Then he drove me the rest of the way home.
I cuddled into him as best I could.
We hardly spoke as we both realised, we had achieved something together that was amazing and an experience we would never forget.
We had both made love together for the first of many times I hoped.
This was my first ‘real’ affair.
I had no regrets; I was so proud of myself.
I now know what love feels like and had the evidence inside me.
We kissed goodnight at the front gate.
It was the most emotional kiss I have ever had.
We had done something together that was beautiful.
It was hard to say anything as I was so overwhelmed by what we had done.
I would have done it all again right there and then.
I began to leak again, and it was running down my leg.
I was uncomfortable, I had to go.
“I love you.
” He smiled and replied, “I love you too.
” As I walked up the path to our front door, I remembered a tune and words of an old song – one mum and dad played occasionally, and I think I now know why.
I had achieved with Dan what my parents had achieved many many times together.
 I hoped their experiences together are as beautiful as I had experienced this evening.
I had my pants in my hand as I opened the door.
I made no effort to hide them.
If mum was still up when I went inside, I would leave her in no doubt what two happy people had been doing, and I would be proud to admit it.
I felt no shame.



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