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“Everything in the world is about sex except sex.
Sex is about power.
” ― Oscar Wilde Ted closed the door and breathed a sigh of relief as the chaos of the outside world was replaced by the engineered comfort of his luxury sedan.
‘Ah, peace and quiet,’ he thought as he settled into the buttery softness of the leather upholstery.
This was why he had spent such a ridiculous amount of money on a high-end import.
The need to shut out the hectic distractions of everyday life was a necessary part of his daily ritual.
Ted may have been a liberal thinker, but his inner conservative nature craved his life be as stable and unchanging as possible.
‘Friday,’ he thought as he rolled out onto the tree-lined lane that led from his home.
‘That’s five days so far.
Just get through today, Ted.
Tomorrow will take care of itself.
‘ He smiled to himself as he rounded the corner away from his home.
The reactions that Rebecca provoked in him were still very strong, but as a trained psychologist he understood the process of breaking addiction.
Usually, this could be accomplished in twenty-one days.
He simply had to force himself to stay in the moment.
‘You can do this, Ted.
‘ Rebecca had challenged everything he thought true about himself: his professional and personal ethics, his devotion to his wife, everything he used as a measure of himself as a man.
She penetrated his mind so deeply that he had masturbated in his office, not once, but twice.
He had engaged in phone sex with her and succumbed to his carnal desires in a way he would never have thought possible.
The worst part of all was that he absolutely loved it.
She told him to call her and promised to fulfill every sexual fantasy he had ever had, and oh God, how he wanted her.
He had held out.
Having sex with her would not have just been an affair.
She was a seventeen-year-old patient, and if word of his impropriety ever got out his entire life would be destroyed.
As badly as he wanted to revel in her sexuality, his fear of that helped drive him away.
That kind of gambling with his life was something he couldn’t do.
As Ted turned east onto the drive leading to the highway, reflected sunlight blazed off the polished blackness of the car’s hood.
Dropping the visor, his eyes darted from one side of the road to the other, searching for potential hazards that might be hiding in the glare.
It was then he saw the young woman who was waving down his car.
“Oh, damn, that’s Rebecca! What the hell is she doing here?” Warring urges of dread and excitement wrestled within him.
The fear in his mind panicked him and insisted that he keep driving, knowing well that nothing good would come from such a meeting.
For a full heartbeat he hesitated, his polished shoe hovering over the gas pedal, but another voice was whispering to him as well.
That voice, calmer and more rational, said that maybe this was just happenstance.
What if she was just stranded? Cars did break down, after all.
Could he leave her in distress at the side of the road? Deep down, Ted knew that was extremely unlikely, but a darker urge pressed against his will, giving him the slimmest of excuses to do something he knew was wrong.
Damning himself, he applied the brake and came to an abrupt stop not far from the smiling girl.
Ted was barely breathing as he watched her approach.
In all his fantasies, he hadn’t thought her legs would be so beautiful, but the short red tartan schoolgirl kilt she wore concealed little of her thighs.
White knee-high stockings embraced her calves like liquid silk and stood out starkly against her short, black heels.
He swallowed hard as his gaze rose up her body.
Becca’s perfectly tapered waist was hugged by a black tank with thin straps.
The dark cotton clung to her body like a second skin over the impressive rise of her breasts.
Her nipples, pert and very erect, poked through the fabric, clearly revealing their shape.
Red hair flowed in controlled confusion over her shoulders, beautifully framing her smiling face.
He couldn’t even begin to imagine her wearing a more provocative outfit.
‘Good God, there’s no way she is wearing that to school.
I’m so screwed!’ The passenger side window had barely retracted when her perfectly manicured hands came to rest on the door.
“Rebecca,” he stammered, forgetting for a moment her preferred name.
“Is everything okay? Where’s your car?” He felt like an idiot, but he couldn’t bring himself to address the only possible reason for her sudden appearance.
He knew that there was rarely such a thing as a coincidence like this.
His surprise turned to shock when she opened the door and slipped into the passenger seat.
“Sorry,” she said bashfully in response to his pale face.
“I would have drawn attention standing there with my ass in the air.
” she said with a giggle.
“I looked like a hooker talking to a john.
” Considering her outfit, Ted had to admit she had a point.
He nervously checked his mirrors as if he were terrified his wife would suddenly pull up behind him.
Satisfied that no one seemed to have noticed, he quickly pulled away and was soon moving down the relative safety of the highway.
Even as he navigated his way through the traffic, Ted couldn’t help but notice her next to him.
She lounged in the seat, and stretched her legs with the grace of a dancer.
She exuded a vivacity that was making an erection swell in his slacks.
Rebecca drew her legs up onto the seat and held them in her arms as she turned her eyes toward his.
“Can you pull over somewhere quiet? I’ve got a lot to say and we’ll be at school soon.
Besides, I don’t think you want me getting out of your car like this.
” Ted couldn’t help but smile.
“You’re right about that.
“ Rebecca waited patiently while Ted drove, seemingly oblivious to the sidelong glances he stole in her direction.
If it hadn’t been for the slight upturn in her full lips, Ted might have believed she hadn’t noticed.
It was there and he did notice.
Finally growing impatient, Ted broke the silence.
“Becca, you don’t have to do this.
You’ve proved your point.
We have more mandated appointments, but I will recommend that no action be taken against you.
” It was hard for him to say, but something that bothered him was that she might be throwing herself at him to get out of trouble.
As much as he wanted her, he could not accept that kind of trade-off.
Now that he had confirmed it, his view of the world was again in focus.
Rebecca turned from the window and clasped her hands in her lap, pressing her short skirt into her thighs.
“I know, and thank you, Ted.
I really appreciate that, but that report isn’t why I came here today.
I wanted to apologize.
” “Apologize for what? You made a point and you were right.
I was the one who was supposed to know better.
I acted shamefully.
” “Oh, no you didn’t, Ted.
You acted like a man, that’s all.
” Rebecca smiled and then quickly pointed to an empty parking lot that was shrouded in old growth trees.
“Please, pull over there.
That restaurant won’t open for hours.
We won’t be bothered while we talk and I want your complete attention.
” Silence filled the car again until Ted came to a stop under one of the trees in the back of the lot.
Once he switched off the motor, Rebecca’s voice sounded musically soft.
“You must think I’m a terrible slut, throwing myself at you like that.
I want to tell you why I did, and it had nothing to do with getting you to recommend no punishment.
” “Then why?” he asked.
Rebecca was curled up tightly on the seat with her arms locked around her breasts as if she were holding herself together.
Her normal self-possession was gone.
For the first time, she looked like an insecure teenage girl.
Her head was down and she avoided looking him in the eye as she began.
“I was a virgin until this last summer.
I was the typical good girl next door, but inside I was feeling my hormones take over.
Even then, I’d done my reading, and I understood the changes that were happening to me.
What I didn’t understand was the need to be guided by someone who would value me.
” Looking up, she finally dared to look at him.
“I went on a date with one of the guys in my class.
He was so handsome and it felt wonderful to be in his arms.
” She laughed bitterly, as if she could understand the unspoken irony.
“Do you know where we did it, Ted? In the back seat of his car, in his family’s garage.
I was wearing this skirt.
” Rebecca sounded wistful and distant as she fingered the material, as if she was suddenly back in that moment again.
“He didn’t even bother to to get me ready.
He just stuck his dick into me and held me down until he came.
” Rebecca saw the worried look in Ted’s face and touched his arm even as a tear began forming in her eyes.
“He didn’t force me, Ted.
I wasn’t resisting.
I knew what was happening and I didn’t tell him to stop.
I just thought he would appreciate the gift I was giving him.
” Rebecca brushed the tear from her eye before continuing.
“That’s what I can expect from guys my age.
That’s why they don’t interest me.
They have no concern for my needs and they don’t know how to please a woman.
That’s why I was seeing the older guy.
He was a kind and tender lover, but his wife was getting suspicious and now he says that he won’t see me any more.
” Her body seemed to relax as she spoke and she placed a tentative hand on his knee.
“That’s why I want you, Ted.
I knew right away that you were a decent man and that you would truly appreciate me.
I need you teach me how to do all of those things I described in your office.
I’ve never done any of it, but I want someone who can show me.
Someone I can trust not to hurt me.
” “If it isn’t you, then it will be someone else.
Please, Ted.
Call the office and cancel your appointments today.
I have a hotel room reserved a few miles from here.
No one will know what we’re doing, I promise.
” Rebecca’s hand had been gently stroking him through his pants while she spoke until it rested on the bulge of his erection.
She began pulling his zipper down while he struggled with her suggestion.
Ted was trapped between his raging arousal and swirling fear in the pit of his stomach.
He knew he should stop her immediately, but even as the thought formed he lifted his hips to help her undo his fly rather than pushing her away.
When her hand found his rock hard shaft and drew it into the sunlight, he did not remove it.
His world became a whirlpool of the images and sensations that flashed through his mind.
He saw her eyes grow wide as his penis appeared and her tongue flicked sensually over her red lips, moistening them for what was surely coming next.
Ted felt paralyzed as she slid over his lap.
He didn’t even realize that he was holding his breath until the moist warmth of her mouth enveloped the turgid head of his cock.
Heat surged through him as he became lost in the spell she cast on him.
She looked up at him to watch his reaction as she licked and kissed his cockhead.
In a voice not much more than a whisper she said, “Teach me, Ted.
Show me how to please you.
Teach me how to do all of the things I talked about, the things you know you want to do with me.
I need a real man to guide me.
Please, Ted.
Let it be you.
” Ted struggled to answer as his cock responded to her mouth.
Becca’s hand found his and guided it to her dangling breast as she leaned over him.
Feeling a tremble pass over him, Ted cupped the perfectly cone shape through the thin fabric of her top.
It was then he realized that she was not wearing a bra.
It felt both soft and firm in his hand.
She pulled her top up and he couldn’t resist pinching her protruding nipple between his fingers.
“Mmm, keep doing that, Ted.
I love to feel you touching me while I suck you cock.
” Ted could only moan in agreement as he reclined deeper into the seat.
Becca turned slightly as she sucked him to give him better access to her body.
The dual sensations of her tit rubbing his palm and her lips moving on his shaft were simply overpowering.
Becca settled lower into his lap and began sucking him more urgently.
Her tongue flicked and swirled around his head and then lathered the underside of his shaft as he slid deeper into her mouth.
Red hair bounced in his lap as her head moved up and down over his engorged member and wet pressure pulled irresistibly on his glans.
When her hand slipped down to fondle his balls, he groaned in pained surrender.
He reached out to put one hand in her hair as he caressed her breasts with the other.
It was wrong to allow this to happen, but the growing tempest in his balls demanded he let her continue.
Ted fearfully scanned the lot around him, terrified that someone might approach and witness what they were doing.
‘Christ, what that hell am I doing!’ he thought, slightly panicked.
The cold realization of the danger he was in flooded into his mind and in that moment, his reason reasserted itself.
“Becca, stop! I’m sorry, but I can’t do this.
I’m your psychologist.
This isn’t right!” With a trembling hand, Ted gently lifted her off of his straining cock.
Becca looked shocked as she sat back into her seat.
Quickly, as if she were shamed by his actions, she lowered her top to cover her boobs and wiped the stray moisture from her lips.
Ted couldn’t bare to even look at her as he started the car.
“I’ll drop you near the school, okay? It’s on my way to my office.
Please compose yourself.
We will talk about this at your next appointment.
” The dissonance of his formal words and what he was feeling were not lost on Ted as he reached down to put his penis back in his trousers and zip up.
Becca was now in her seat, pouting a little but that brief look of shame was already gone.
He told her to buckle up as he guided the car from the lot.
As he made his way to the school, he could swear she was actually suppressing a smile.
Not another word was spoken until she got out of the car and thanked him for the lift.
She unrolled the waist of her kilt so that it reached a length more acceptable for the school’s dress code and pulled a big, loose sweater on to cover her tank top.
She was now the preppy student again.
She blithely waved goodbye as if nothing had happened.
He just looked at her, astonished at the metamorphosis he had just witnessed.
Ted was still about fifteen minutes from his office and could only hope that his arousal would abate by the time he got there.
Unfortunately, his cock had other ideas.
He adjusted it as he drove, giving it room so that he could at least sit comfortably.
Part of him felt he should have endured the pain as a reminder of the hold she had on him.
Even as he chastised himself, he couldn’t shake his excitement.
He had been so close to filling her mouth with come that now his body still demanded satisfaction.
“I am not going to jack-off again,” he said with a grimace.
“Not in the car and not in the office.
I can’t keep doing this.
What the hell was I thinking?” He was acting like an eighteen-year-old and he couldn’t believe how easily she had seduced him.
‘At least I finally stopped her.
That’s something, anyway.
I would have come in her mouth if I had let her go on much longer.
Oh God, imagine what that would feel like.
‘ He shuddered with that last thought.
Those conflicting thoughts filled his head for the rest of his drive and his hand slowly squeezed his erection the entire time.
Fortunately, the day passed uneventfully.
Ted had appointments booked throughout and was busy enough not to be focused on what had happened in the morning.
He was really grateful that Becca was not booked for her next session until Monday.
Work and the complicated issues of his patients proved to be a great distraction and he managed to get through the day without resorting to any inappropriate action to relieve his stress.
His mind did not return to the simmering sexual feelings that Becca engendered in him until he drove home a little ahead of his normal time.
Even then, he tried to put her out of his mind, even listening to an oldies station on the radio hoping that would make him remember another time in his life.
Ted was still feeling the stirring of his arousal when he pulled into his driveway and was hoping for nothing more than the few moments of solitude he would need to sate it when he saw his wife’s car already parked there.
Marcia must have heard him pull up and met him at the door.
“It seems that we are both home early,” she said as she put her arms around him to give him a perfunctory kiss.
It was then that she felt his hardening cock pressing against her.
“Apparently you think this is a nice surprise,” she added with a smirk.
‘Of course it is,” Ted replied as he gave her another, more searching kiss.
Ted loved his wife and they shared a good sex life, but as with many couples in long term relationships there was a sameness about it.
Sex was satisfying and comfortable, but lacked the passion they had felt when they were younger.
Marcia shyly bit her lip as her hand stroked his erection.
and her return of his kiss only coaxed his erection further.
“It’s not often we get to be spontaneous, sweetheart.
The kids are out for the evening and we have the place to ourselves.
Are you hungry for dinner or in the mood to be naughty?” Ted smiled and said, “I think that you can feel what kind of mood I am in, M.
You have no idea how much I need you right now.
” Marcia had removed her suit jacket but was still in the blouse, skirt and heels she had worn to the office.
He unbuttoned the waist button of her skirt and unzipped it, allowing it to fall to the floor.
She stepped out of it and her shoes at the same time.
She had not stopped touching him and his manhood was already tenting his trousers.
“I guess I have to return the favour,” she said as she unbuttoned his trousers and unzipped his fly.
They each worked on the buttons of the other’s shirt while embracing and kissing more.
It had been a while since they had been like this with each other.
She slipped her bra off as Ted reached for her panties and began to caress her breasts and her sex.
The moistness that coated his probing fingers gave proof of her readiness for him.
Marcia’s hands were busy pulling on his cock and massaging his balls as her tongue danced in his mouth.
She felt his arousal, and was quite surprised at how big and hard he was for her.
Marcia was not at all sure what had gotten into her husband, but whatever it was, she liked it.
On any other day, Ted would have been content to continue their playful petting while they gravitated to their bed but in that moment, he simply couldn’t wait.
The loving touch of his wife’s hand it lit the smoldering desire he had been keeping at bay and now he was free of restraint.
Images of the wild mass of Rebecca’s red hair bobbing in his lap flashed through his mind.
Online Now! Lush Cams LuciRaven The memory of her lips and tongue on his length returned with a hot rush, filling him with an overpowering need to feel it again.
Pure, masculine lust spread through him, ripping his judgment to shreds.
With a less than gentle push on her shoulder, Ted urged his wife to her knees in front of him.
Marcia was shocked at his brashness and might have been a bit annoyed but for the rush of satisfaction that came with knowing how much he wanted her.
His cock rose from his body in a gentle arc, proud and firm.
It was beautiful and sexy, but what made her sex truly begin to weep was the understanding that she had created this.
With a wry glance up at his face, she took him into her hand and let her tongue swirl over his already inflamed crown.
That light touch was enough to elicit a noticeable shiver from him and with an uptick to her lips, Marcia slid her mouth over much of his length.
His tangy flavor filled her senses and with a carefully measured pace, she began sucking him with the practiced ease of a woman who had done this for him countless times.
Her intent was to please and arouse, and by the way his thighs flexed under her hands, she had no doubt as to her success.
‘God, I needed this,’ Ted thought.
The pleasant sensations of Marcia’s efforts washed over his already charged system, causing him to roll back on his heels.
Warm wetness engulfed his length and he groaned softly as she took him deep.
He could feel the velvet of her lips and the smooth caress of her tongue lashing him.
“Ohhh, that’s good, Marcia.
I love how you do that.
” Marcia pulled off momentarily and sucked away the moisture that was gathering on her lips.
Cupping his balls in her off hand, she rolled them in her fingers while she stroking him with the other.
She studied his penis while she did this, and when she spoke, her voice was filled with a wistful hunger.
“You haven’t had me on my knees like this in years, Ted.
I don’t know what’s come over you, but I like the change.
” Then she leaned in and took his cockhead back into her mouth.
Soft, liquid pressure went up and down his length, pulling him ever closer to the orgasm he had denied Rebecca.
Part of him had desperately wanted to fill the teen’s mouth with his cum, but somehow he had managed to hold back.
Now, that same urge began to build and this time, Ted found no will to resist it.
He was on the descent toward his release.
The build-up of sexual energy he had been repressing was too much to contain and the loving and submissive kisses Marcia offered his manhood quickly took him beyond the point of no return.
He was there before he even realized it was coming and he barely had time to utter, “Oh God, Marcia, I’m going to come!” Ted may have been lost to the moment, but Marcia easily read his body’s signs.
The semi-sweet taste of his precum was leaking heavily into her mouth and the ragged staccato of his breath began long before he began to buck.
There were times she might have stopped to conserve his energy, but he was so worked up this time that she couldn’t deny him.
When she heard him say he would come, she smiled inwardly and squeezed his balls as he erupted into her mouth.
Hot cum mixed with her saliva, flowing over her tongue and coating it with its musky flavor.
Marcia sucked and swallowed with each pulse until it slowed to nothing more than a dribble.
Licking her lips, she sucked him clean, carefully caressing him as he slowly grew soft in her hand.
“Oh, that was so hot, baby.
I love sucking your cock,” she said, still kneeling among the scattered articles of their clothing.
Once he had calmed, Marcia gazed up at her husband.
He had been just forceful enough to seriously turn her on and she hoped he would continue to exert himself with her.
Being dominated wasn’t truly on her list of sexual fantasies, but still, there was something intensely satisfying in his confidence.
For Ted the sudden release of orgasm did little to quench the fire that burned in him.
Thoughts of having Becca in myriad ways had been racing through his mind the entire week.
Now, faced with his nude and willing wife on her knees before him, those urges found an outlet.
Ted took his Marcia’s hand in his and had barely helped her to her feet before he was leading her to their bedroom.
“I’ve been wanting to do this to you all day,” he said as he guided her onto her back.
It wasn’t exactly true.
He been dreaming of Rebecca’s body lying nude when those thoughts emerged, but what he intended to do to his wife was honest enough.
He then moved easily between her thighs and slid the tip of his tongue in between her swollen labia.
Caught up in his fevered haste, Marcia was torn between their shared desire and her worry over the trail of clothing they had left in the foyer.
“Ted, wait! We can’t leave.
” she tried to protest, but when she felt the feathery probing of his tongue on her inflamed sex any will to resist him evaporated with her growing wetness.
“Oh, my.
That’s it, Ted.
Lick me just like that.
” Feeling Marcia succumbing to his touch despite the evidence they had left behind filled him with pride.
With every kiss on her puffy lips or flick of his tongue over her clitoris, her protests weakened, making him feel powerful and masculine in a way he had forgotten was possible.
When her hands rose to her breasts and her head lolled back into the pillow, he smiled at his victory.
Pressing her thighs further apart, Ted opened her completely, driving his tongue as deeply into her as he could reach.
Marcia’s hips were soon rolling with his touch, straining against his grip while guiding his kisses to where she wanted them most.
He was lost in the act, focused solely on giving his wife the time she needed to crest when visions of what he thought Rebecca must look like in this a state appeared in his mind.
Marcia’s patch of wet and wispy blond fur seemed to turn reddish-auburn in his mind and her already slim hips narrowed to those of a woman who had not lost the shape of her teenage years.
Even Marcia’s loving moans took on the slightly higher pitch Rebecca had in her voice while having sex.
Those images and the thought of actually fucking that precocious little slut took over.
Ted felt his chest tighten and his body begin to burn while his penis immediately began swelling in the heated and forbidden anticipation of fucking Becca.
Marcia’s breath caught in a sudden gasp, and her body jerked and rolled in orgasm before him.
Knowing he was committing the most heinous of betrayals and casting away any sense of self worth he possessed, Ted moved over his wife and plunged his cock deeply into her.
He may have been with Marcia, but his eyes were closed and the image in front of him was Rebecca’s nude and supine form.
Marcia of course believed his passion was for her.
She accepted the ferocity of his thrusts happily.
Ted fucked her with a fury and will she had not seen in years.
Her body quaked with excitement as his entire length filled her again and again.
Her thighs locked around his and she drew him into her until her body was covered with a shimmering coat of perspiration.
Closely watching his face, she sensed he was close to climax and felt delight in being taken by him.
She stroked his sides in encouragement and guided his rhythm into her.
When he came, Marcia felt him pulse inside her as the hot rush of his cum filled her body.
She cradled him in her arms and held him close as his release ebbed.
In that moment, she felt a connection to him that made her heart fill with love.
She had not felt this close to him for a long time.
When Ted collapsed over her body, she gently stroked his back, cooing softly as his breathing finally slowed back to normal.
***** Ted had worked through an uneventful morning with little thought of Becca intruding into the peace he had found.
His night with his wife had been a long series of loving moments and torrid sex.
This had done much to remind him of how fortunate he was.
Becca’s enticements still flickered in his thoughts, but for the first time in a week, he felt like himself again.
Working weekends was not uncommon for him.
Some of his patients were not able to see him during the week and others simply required that he see them more frequently at this point in their care.
Weekend appointments were not necessarily standard practice for his profession, but Ted didn’t mind.
He was helping people and for him that was all the motivation he ever needed.
His schedule for the day contained the usual list of patients with the typical range of problems: neuroses, addictions, marital problems, sexual problems, and some youngsters with ADHD.
The day had proceeded as did any other until he happened to glance at his phone’s call display and message indicator.
The name Rebecca Weiss struck him cold and he could have sworn his heart skipped a beat when he saw it.
He was strongly tempted to erase her message without even listening, but the same beguiling voice in his head that convinced him to pull over the previous morning whispered again.
He cursed out loud as he hit play.
A moment later, Becca’s breathy and sexy voice come through and coursed through him like an electric current.
“Hi Teddy.
Have you been thinking about me? I have been thinking about you a lot and about what happened when I saw you last.
Next time I don’t want you to stop me.
I want to do to you what got me into trouble, I want to suck your cock until you cum for me.
I want to feel your mouth and tongue eating me too.
And lots more, Ted.
I get so wet when I think about it and the anticipation is making me feel so very naughty.
I’m feeling my boobs right now and my fingers are dipping into my pussy for you.
I’m going to come all over them baby, and I’ll scream your name out when I do.
Are you getting aroused too? I bet you are.
Gotta go.
” Every effort he had made to push her out of his mind had been instantly undone.
A shudder of excited fear went through him and he felt his cock begin the stir.
“Not now,” he thought to himself.
“Jerking off won’t help.
Besides, it’s after one.
I have to get lunch and get back in time for my next appointment.
” Ted scowled at his own weakness as he adjusted himself and left for the deli adjacent to the office where he ate every day.
Once there, the hostess led him to his usual table.
Ted sighed with relief as he settled in the normality of his preferred spot.
This deli was was a local secret that featured good food and so was often frequented by other professionals in the building during lunchtime.
He never knew who would be there on any particular day, but he was on his own this time, probably because it was Saturday.
He sat and ordered a sandwich and coffee.
Ted idly scanned the restaurant as he waited for his food, hoping he might see one of his associates and that he might pass the time with them.
As his eyes moved across the space, he focused on the corner to the right of him.
What he saw made his blood run cold and a terrified surge of adrenaline shot through his body.
There, sitting at a table was Becca! ‘What the hell is she doing here?’ For a brief moment, Ted felt an urge to call out to her, and he might even have succumbed to it if not for her companion.
He was an older man, about the same age as Ted, dressed in casual but expensive clothes.
Transfixed in the same way one might be in seeing a horrid accident, Ted watched from behind his glasses.
He saw the flirty smiles Becca flashed this man and noted the almost predatory way he gazed back at her.
Anger began washing up in his mouth and he couldn’t help but wonder if he was the same man she was caught fellating in the school parking lot.
‘Fellating indeed,’ he thought bitterly.
‘The little slut was sucking his dick!’ His frown turned his lips into a scowl as he watched with the practiced eye of his profession.
Their body language indicated intimacy as they constantly leaned toward each other.
For several minutes, Ted watched them touching and laughing as they ate and talked.
Ted could not keep his eyes off her, so animated with someone else.
Several emotions



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