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The venue was the Seventeenth Chess Olympiad in Saltsjöbaden, Stockholm.
The year was 1954.
Ruslan Stravinsky was on top form, at the top of his game you could say, and he only needed one more match under his belt to put him in the top five places.
He would be a sure bet for a placement to challenge the current world champion Alexander Kotov.
Only one more challenge remained but the lady in question was a formidable opponent and playing for the same playoff position as Ruslan himself.
She was not to be underestimated and he had seen many of his colleagues falter at her ruthlessness.
She was known as the ‘Ice Queen’, but Ruslan had studied her games over and over, and there was one thing missing from her repertoire, she relied on her opponent playing by the rules.
She expected them to follow the opening book to the letter.
She played slowly, considerately, taking her time to weigh up each move and all the variations.
Well, Ruslan was not going to do that.
Ruslan’s plan was simple, speed the game up, put her off balance and win! At two o’clock in the afternoon, Ruslan sat down at the table; joining fourteen other chess players distributed amongst the seven other tables.
Fifteen chess players sat in a hushed up room, in one of the nicest hotels in Saltsjöbaden.
Yes, fifteen chess players.
Alexandria Vasiliev was not sitting opposite Ruslan; in fact she was nowhere to be seen.
Her colleagues, closest friends and officials were racing around the hotel and the immediate vicinity of it, trying to find her.
She was nowhere to be seen.
In chess, the rules are simple.
You make a move, press your clock to start your opponent’s clock and think on both their time and yours.
You have to make forty moves in two hours before the clocks are put back for further moves to be played in the additional allotted time.
If you fail to make the moves within the timeframe – you lose.
The game was going to start with or without Alexandria.
Ruslan, as black, pressed his opponent’s clock to start the game at the time when the officials signified the start of the final day.
He waited, and waited, and waited; eventually getting up from his seat and wandering around the room watching the other games playing out.
Apart from the clicking of clocks, pieces being thrust onto their new squares and the occasional cough or the announcement of check, the whole room was quiet.
With her clock showing just thirty minutes left to play, there was still no sign of Alexandria.
She would have a hard job playing the whole of her forty moves in just thirty minutes, thought Ruslan.
Ruslan felt let down, betrayed even.
He wanted to win proudly and because he was the best player, not by default, not because his opponent didn’t turn up.
He huffed and puffed while watching her clock dwindle downwards to the final curtain; rocking in his chair with a pout on his face.
Five out of the eight tables had already finished when there was a commotion outside the main hall.
The doors banged open and in walked Alexandria Vasiliev; breathing heavily and angry at something or someone that she had left behind just the other side of the door.
She walked to the controller’s desk and immediately registered her name.
Ruslan could hear raised voices outside just before the doors slowly closed.
Alexandria Vasiliev then walked towards Ruslan.
His mouth dropped open as he watched her stride in her short pinstripe skirt and black glossy heels towards his table.
It wasn’t the sort of attire that he, or anyone else for that matter, had ever seen her wear.
It was topped with a white blouse; sporting a deep V-shaped neckline and open at the neck with the first button undone.
Ruslan couldn’t help but notice her red lipstick, red finger nails and hair as she sat opposite him.
Her hair looked ruffled and he noted a few beads of sweat grasping tightly to her forehead.
The whole room suddenly felt like it had heated up.
He looked at her but she never made eye contact.
She just looked at the board and then at the clock.
Alexandria sighed as she clenched the muscles of her bottom.
A shiver shook her shoulders.
“J’Adoube,” she uttered, meaning that she wanted to adjust her pieces.
Another rule of chess is that if you touch a piece you have to move it.
This word allowed pieces to be touched or placed properly within a square.
Chess players are notorious for being pedantic and Alexandria was just that.
She fiddled with every pawn on her side of the board, before she centred the Queen precisely in the middle of its square.
She sighed heavily then looked at him without lifting her head up from the board.
Finally, they stared at each other for a few moments, like she was waiting for something to happen.
Her clock ticked away.
Her arms were down by her side, with her hands resting in her lap.
Her blouse opened and closed as her breasts heaved with her heavy breathing.
Ruslan certainly noticed them heave, up and down like a pendulum trying to move vertically but without much success.
His eyes flicked down to where her cleavage was pushing the top of her blouse apart.
He forced his eyes back to her level but by then it was too late.
Alexandria was smiling.
She had gained his attention with her inappropriate behaviour.
1 P-QB4 Alexandria moved and pressed the button on her clock.
This had two effects, it stopped hers from counting down and started Ruslan’s clock; thinking time would now be courtesy of Ruslan.
He looked at how much time she had left.
Ten fucking minutes, he thought.
There was no way she was going to win this and he felt a surge of adrenalin as he thought for a few seconds.
At least she was there, in front of him, even if he was going to win on time.
1 …           Kt-KB3 He replied and pressed his clock.
He was going to win, he knew that, and he was going to win fairly, he thought to himself.
Ruslan decided that if he played the opening quickly, then he would soon get into the middle game.
This middle game always required a lot of thought and the complexity would soon start to increase and her thinking time with it, either that or it would encourage her to make severe mistakes.
The psychological advantage he had over her was immense.
On the upside for him, if he wanted to, he could spend as much time as possible dreaming up complicated sequences that she would have to unravel at her expense.
The next few moves were rattled off at some speed.
2 Kt-QB3      P-K3 3 P-Q4         P-Q4 4 Kt-B3        B-K2 5 B-Kt5        QKt-Q2 6 P-K3         O-O By the end of the sequence, his clock only registered five minutes and Alexandria’s had eight minutes left.
A good start he thought.
The last move of castling put his king safe in the corner.
Every time she moved a piece, Ruslan found himself staring at her red nails or her breasts.
When she moved the bishop on move five, he was mesmerised.
He had never seen a woman stroke a bishop like she did, almost seductively, like it was a penis, before moving it and pushing her clock down with the same hand.
The bishop move had taken her the longest time.
She had to move it because it had been touched.
But where would she put it.
Alexandria’s lips quivered as she stroked the bishop.
She could almost feel the previous ten minutes repeat themselves.
She squeezed her legs together and tightened her muscles.
She could feel her hot pussy pulse and dance to her clenching thighs.
She glanced over her shoulder at the closed door.
Unfinished business, she thought, before glancing back at Ruslan.
Ruslan was getting hot under the collar.
He found himself concentrating on how she looked and what she did with her hands, body and face rather than the moves in front of him.
All he needed to do was concentrate on the game, but her whole demeanour was unsettling him.
The next few moves were rattled off to the rapid clicking of clocks.
A few interested parties had now gathered around them and were watching the two of them play their game, with interest.
7 Q-B2         P-B4 8 BPxP         KtxP 9 KtxKt         BxB 10 P-KR4              Ruslan could have done without the exchanges; they just simplified the game for her and he wanted to keep it complicated.
He needed to make her think hard.
Alexandria was thinking hard, very hard indeed.
She was thinking about the stain that may well present itself on the underside of her skirt when she rose from the seat; the stain that would have been created from her pussy fluids that would have leaked from her as she sat there rocking to and fro.
She was also thinking hard about reducing the size of her nipples.
She was glad that she had put on a tight and thick set bra that held them in, as much as a bra could.
But all Alexandria wanted was to let them loose.
She wanted hands to rip her bra off and strum her nipples until they were stiff and erect.
She wanted, so much, for lips to pull them in and suck on them.
At the end of the quick exchange Ruslan took some time to think about the forthcoming moves he would make.
He wanted to cause a stir and make her lose some time, he needed to unsettle her.
In the meantime, Alexandria had twisted her body around to look at some of the people in the crowd behind her.
By the time she twisted back to look at Ruslan another button on her blouse had popped open.
Ruslan was about to touch a piece and move but his eyes were drawn to Alexandria’s bulging breasts.
His eyes met them as they forced their way through the thin material of her blouse.
He could see that her white lacy bra was struggling to hold the silky white flesh in place.
His head rocked to and fro in tune to her breathing and motion of her succulent mounds of flesh.
Ruslan’s hand hovered over the piece like a silent owl.
Then it shifted sideways as he picked up the Queen.
This will make her think, he thought to himself as he announced check.
10 …            Q-R4 check Alexandria did indeed think.
She leaned forwards while clasping her hands together between her groin.
The sudden pressure on her clit nearly sent her into a self-induced orgasm.
Alexandria rocked her body in slow motions.
The movement only caused Ruslan to stare at her exposed flesh even more.
11 P-Kt4 She replied, biting her lip in the process.
Ruslan took a few seconds to think but thinking was not allowed, not now.
He needed her to think, on her time, not his.
11 …             PxP Ruslan’s move was almost forced in any case.
In a sense, he thought he had her, he thought he had worked out a space for his bishop to retreat and a counter attack that she would have to think very hard about.
Alexandria looked up at him without moving her head and then back down to the board.
She smiled.
She wondered whether Ruslan had seen the sequence of moves.
She waited for a while longer before making her next move.
It was deliberate on her part.
She wanted the time on her clock to diminish.
She wanted him to think that she was taking too long and that she had not noticed her time slip by.
Alexandria glanced at the clock, two minutes left; one hour and twenty minutes left on Ruslan’s clock.
Shame he won’t need it, she thought to herself.
She knew he was staring at her breasts and she wondered whether he knew how moist she was between her legs.
Alexandria closed her eyes.
A shallow sigh left her lips as she remembered… Ten minutes before she walked into the room she was being fucked by the barman that she took far too long to chat up, flirt with and convince that she was well worth the effort.
The barman had eventually taken her to his room at the top of the hotel; reserved for staff only.
Before she even got in the room she had hiked her skirt up and was soon crawling on the bed on all fours, still fully clothed.
She had managed to pull her knickers down around her ankles and kick them off, but they hung limply around one of her high heels as she positioned herself to be fucked.
The rustling of clothes from behind her signified that a cock was being released.
She hoped it was a big one.
Alexandria spread her knees, looked over her shoulder and told the barman to fuck her hard.
He entered her in one go.
His cock was as big as she had hoped and her screams were intense.
He fucked her to at least three orgasms.
As the last one ripped through her, she collapsed on the bed causing his manhood to slip out of her dripping pussy.
As she turned around she caught sight of the clock on the wall.
“Fuck!” She exclaimed.
It had nothing to do with the situation or the want and need for the barman to fuck her again.
This was panic.
Alexandria sprang to her feet, pushed the barman to one side and rushed out of the room.
She flattened her skirt as much as she could and pushed her blouse down inside it, as she rushed for the lift.
Her knickers were well and truly left on the barman’s floor; at the foot of his bed.
On her way to the lift, she tried to explain that she was late but the barman never really understood her mother tongue.
When the lift doors opened, she ran for the door to the chess room.
She turned to hear a commotion behind her that indicated that the barman had followed her and had been stopped by the bouncers half way to the door.
Alexandria looked behind her as she pushed the door to the room open.
She blew him a kiss.
She whispered that she would see him later, but again, he didn’t understand, or didn’t hear her at all.
Alexandria watched her clock slowly pass the one minute remaining mark.
12 QxP check      It was a forced sacrifice of her Queen.
Ruslan was taken aback by the sudden move.
The sudden and dramatic rush of her queen, all that distance, to capture a pawn next to his king and sacrifice itself in the process.
He had to take it.
It was forced.
12 …            KxQ Alexandria’s clock had forty seconds remaining.
13 PxB check She clicked her clock immediately.
Her breasts wobbled with the exertion but she had no time left to worry about what her breasts were doing.
She had to make her moves and there was only one left for her to make.
13 …            K-Kt3 Again, another forced move from Ruslan.
Fuck! He thought.
Only now could he see it coming.
One more move and it would all be over.
He leaned back in his chair and waited; looking Alexandria in the eyes as she swiftly gathered up her knight and dropped it onto the square.
14 Kt-K7 check mate She announced and clicked her clock for the last time.
Alexandria extended her hand and offered it to Ruslan.
He reluctantly accepted it, nodded to himself and acknowledged that he had been beaten, in under ten minutes, and in only fourteen moves, by an erotic vixen.
Alexandria signed her score sheet and passed it to Ruslan to do the same.
She rose from her seat and walked to the controller’s desk.
Fellow chess enthusiasts around her applauded her for the speed and ingenuity that she had shown in dismissing Ruslan so efficiently.
If only they knew the truth.
Alexandria dropped the score sheet with the controller and headed for the door.
She stopped part way to the entrance to draw her hand across the back of her skirt.
She hoped that there was nothing to be seen and that her juices would not drip and stain the wooden floor.
As she opened the door she saw that the barman was still there, held at arm’s length by the bouncer.
So sweet, she thought as he had waited for her all this time.
She managed to communicate enough for the bouncer to let him go.
She quickly shuffled him towards the lift.
“Come on, I need to get that cock back up me and make you cum,” she told him.
He still didn’t understood a word she said, but got the message when her hand rested on his cock just before the lift doors closed and her mouth closed in on his.
ooOoo Online Now! Lush Cams NezukoJapan The game of chess depicted here is real, but it was played in Buenos Aires in 1952 between two completely different people.
The chess players depicted here are fictional.



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