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It doesn’t matter that I waited so long, or that I wanted it so bad, what Michael does for me is not enough.
Sure, I scream and I gasp, clinging to his back like I’d fall if I let go, but with every jerk of his body, I am taken back in time to James and his friends, to the individual manliness of them, to the way they used me like my body was the only thing that could make them feel good.
I didn’t have that with Mike.
He grunts and slams and pounds and bites me, but there is a resistance behind his movements.
There is a love that I find makes fucking a little too comfortable.
I don’t want to feel just good.
I want to be taken out of the world and thrown into a different universe.
I want to be destroyed again.
Mike and I have been going out for a couple of months — we hooked up the day after what happened at my friend Owen’s house.
I was deeply unhappy and lonely, and Mike was kind and funny.
What started out as a one-night-stand ended up being a full-blown relationship.
I wanted sex every day and he was desperate to satisfy my every whim, so we fucked endlessly and relentlessly, but I was never satisfied enough.
I’m still not satisfied.
I’m hungry.
And so I go back looking for more.
It takes a lot to walk up to the front door and let my hand hover over the doorbell.
My own voice inside my head tells me to stop being stupid and just go back home already.
To stop being a little slut and trying to get something from my best friend’s daddy, but I ignore them.
I press the doorbell and take a deep breath, promising myself to only breathe out once it opens.
And it does.
Just seconds later, James and I are face to face again, only this time we aren’t nose to nose.
There’s a distance and every inch of it makes my skin burn.
“You know he’s not here,” James says.
I take a moment to soak him in.
His grey hair is ruffled all over the place, stubble dotted all over his mouth and chin and down by his beautiful cheekbones.
His lips are red and chapped.
His chest covered in short grey curls and his smallish belly pouch poking through his white vest.
My eyes drop down to his denim cut-offs, the roughed-up edges, and seams, the noticeable bump across the front.
There it is.
He put that thing inside me once.
“Quinnie, look,” he begins, and I raise my head to look him in the eyes while his own flicker at my determined expression.
“Honey, I’m going to be honest with you.
What we did last time when we… it wasn’t supposed to be the beginning of something.
It was just a bit of fun with the lads.
I’m sorry if you’re finding it difficult to let go.
I’ll make it easy for you.
We don’t love you.
I don’t love you.
I just wanted to… you know… and it was fun while it lasted.
Real fun… I mean, Jesus, it was good.
” “So then do it again.
Take me inside right now and do it again,” I say.
So much for determined and strong-minded.
I sound like I’m begging.
Maybe it’s because I am.
I am desperate, desperately in need of what he can give me.
“Owen won’t need to know about this time.
” “I thought you kids still aren’t talking?” James asks, raising an eyebrow.
I notice a vein tense down the side of his neck and it makes me throb between my legs.
“We’re not.
He’s still angry.
” “He hasn’t called?” “No.
” “Wow.
He must really love you,” he says.
“I want you inside me, James,” I gasp as I say the last few words, and James runs his hand through his hair, causing a few strands to flop over his right eye.
He looks so good right now.
“Quinnie, fuck… why’d you have to come now, huh? God, if things were different…” he says, letting out a big breath.
“That morning after my friends and I fucked you, Owen and I had a long talk.
Man to man.
It was the first time we had a real conversation.
I told him… I told him I regretted ever touching you, and that even though I wasn’t his dad, I was proud of him like a father.
” “For what?” “For standing up to me.
For doing something to prove himself.
” “Well, he’s being a dick to me,” I say coldly.
That incident where we all… where my friends and I had you, was when I didn’t have a son.
Now I do.
And he might not show it, but he’s insane about you.
He has your picture as his phone background.
I’ve seen him masturbate and cum looking at that photo of you and then kiss the screen.
I think he might love you.
” I’m staggered.
I had no idea Owen did all of those things.
No wonder he took it so personally when he walked in on me with other men.
“I can see the gears turning in your head, and I think you know that this is not going to end right if I touch you again.
If Owen walks in on us, he will never forgive me and he will sure as hell never forgive you.
” “Are you disappointed?” I ask.
James sighs.
“Of course I’m disappointed.
Look at me.
” He looks down at the bulge in his crotch straining against the creases of the denim, and he chuckles.
“I’m not going to lie and say this is easy for me to turn down.
Every time you come over, I…“ “Masturbate?” “God, yes.
All the time.
I don’t have any photos like Owen does, but I find myself thinking about bending you over that table and I cum.
A lot.
” “Do you think about me when you fuck other girls?” “Yes.
Sometimes when I’m putting it in another woman, I see your flushed face looking up at me, that creased forehead and those pained, innocent blue eyes… We shouldn’t talk about this.
It’s stupid, and it’s not happening so it’s better if we don’t get all riled up for nothing.
” “I like hearing you talk dirty about me.
” “Well, I like doing it, but like I said…” Before he can finish his sentence, I reach my hand forward and grab his crotch.
James stumbles back a step, looking down at my slim hand firmly over his stiff bulge before his eyes shoot up to meet mine.
“Quinnie, don’t do that,” he says, but his voice is weak and his body is weaker.
“Don’t do what?” I say, giving his bulge a hard squeeze.
“You can stop me at any time.
You’re stronger than I am.
” “I could.
” “Then stop me.
” I stare into his eyes, daring him.
But he doesn’t move.
I take a few steps into his home and he feebly shuffles back, and I kick the door shut behind me with my heel.
James gulps and watches me, his strong, veiny arms helplessly hanging by his sides.
And I notice there’s an arch to his back so his crotch is slightly pushed out towards me.
He can lie to me but he can’t lie to himself, he wants this.
His every cell wants this.
He won’t say no.
I step up to him so that I’m close enough for him to feel my warm breath on his lips, and I slowly stroke my long, skinny fingers along the length of his member.
He mumbles a few incoherent words all while still watching me, his eyes occasionally rolling into the back of his head.
“Don’t worry, James.
Quinnie’s going to take good care of you,” I say, pulling the zipper down on his jeans and shoving my fingers inside to grab his now-hairy cock.
Clearly, he’s let go of himself the last time I touched him.
It’s like he saw no point in even trying once he knew I belonged to someone else.
That turned me the fuck on.
“Quinnie… that’s nice…” he says quietly before I pull it out and wrap my whole hand around it and a beautiful groan escapes from deep in his throat.
“Fuhhh…” “Fuck?” I smirk, now sliding the soft, warm skin of my palm up and down his whole length.
“You like this, Daddy? Your cock is so big.
” “Mmmmm,” he moans, his hips quivering under my touch.
I part his lips with my tongue and press the softness of my young lips against the roughness of his, catching his moans in my mouth.
His pleasure sounds send a chill down my spine and my shoulders shake.
I gasp as his strong hands rise from his sides and clutch my pert ass, pulling me up against him.
“Bad,” I whisper against his lips before kissing him again.
He kisses me back, tilting his head and shoving his face into mine, like he can’t kiss me hard enough.
Like he could pierce right through me.
I let go of his hard-on and he pulls me closer, pushing his cock up against my flat stomach so that it’s trapped between our hot bodies.
He lets go of one ass cheek, slaps it real hard, and clutches it again, his nails digging into my skin.
I whimper and sink further into him, my hands flat on his chest.
He stops kissing me and pulls his face back to look at mine.
“You really want this, don’t you?” he asks, his voice hesitant.
“Shut up, James.
Shut up and fuck me.
” His mouth curls up at one corner and he grunts before pulling up my skirt and pushing down my panties.
“You’re a dirty girl, you know that? Dirty girls need to be told what’s what.
” “You’re still talking.
Why are you still talking?” I say through gritted teeth.
His hand shoots up to grab my jaw and he growls at me.
“You are fucking perfect, you know that Quinnie? God, how did I stay away from you for so long?” he says.
“And where’d you learn how to get so filthy? You kiss your mother with that mouth?” “I’d do it if you watched,” I say.
He squeezes my jaw in his hand and jerks my face forward to plant a hard kiss on my lips.
I wince as he digs his thumb into my cheekbone and then suddenly lets go of my face.
“Sorry, was that too much?” “It wasn’t enough,” I say, rubbing my now-sore face.
“Why are you apologising? Where’s the alpha-male certainty you handled me with last time?” “Last time was different.
You were shy and quiet, and now you’re… well, grown up.
” “I’m the same age, James.
” “No shit, but you were submissive then, and now you’re… how do I put it? You’re kind of crazy.
” “You don’t like crazy girls, James?” I ask.
“Oh, don’t get me wrong, little girl,” he says, grabbing my hips and pulling me forward.
“I enjoy you like this, too.
” “Are you going to fuck me, Daddy?” I ask in the sweetest voice I can muster.
“You bet I am.
” “Are you going to fuck me hard with your enormous cock?” I look up at him, my eyes wide and innocent but full of mischief.
“I’m going to fuck you so hard, Quinn, you won’t remember your own name,” he says, putting his hand behind my head and wrapping my blonde hair tightly around his fist.
“Come this way.
” James leads me to the other side of the room by my hair.
I wince as a few strands tear out but ignore the pain.
I really don’t want to give him another reason to hesitate.
We get to the wall and I stand with my back to it, anticipating whatever comes next.
James gives me a delighted smirk before pushing my head down until I’m on my knees, facing his thick, throbbing cock.
“Is my girl hungry?” he asks, in a low, sexy voice.
“Yes, Daddy.
” James guides his the tip to my mouth with his hand and presses it against my lips so I part them.
Online Now! Lush Cams ChanelSantana Once my mouth is open, he slides it in, inch by inch, until he hits the back of my throat and I gasp and cough.
He pulls out quickly and looks down at me as I stare back up.
“Do you want more?” he asks.
“Yes, Daddy.
” He shoves it in harder this time and I gag, my saliva spluttering out and dripping down my chin.
James throws his head back and groans as he pushes his hips forward and back, forward and back, forward and back, pumping his thick cock in and out of my tight mouth.
He hits the back of my throat with every gentle thrust, and he moans when I gag.
So I turn up the volume and grab his ass with both hands, guiding him inside my mouth faster and deeper until his knees go weak.
“I’m getting close, Quinnie,” he whispers.
And that’s my cue to stop.
So I do.
James lets go of my hair and watches in awe as I get up from my knees and lean my slim body back against the wall.
He lets out a deep sigh and steps forward, burying his face into my neck and kissing under my ear gently as one hand gropes a breast and the other lifts up my skirt and slithers down my cute floral knickers.
I let out a sweet moan when he catches my clit between two fingers and gently rubs it in between them, before inserting them inside me and circling my clit with his thumb.
My knees go weak and I buckle, almost falling, but he quickly catches me with his leg in-between mine.
I gasp and shudder as James slowly and passionately works me with his lips and his hands, groping and grazing my skin, entering and loving the hidden parts of me, whispering dirty things in my ear about what he might do to me next.
I hold onto him for dear life and try not to scream, but he finger fucks me so well that my moans turn into whimpers, and my whimpers become squeals.
“You like that, honey? You like the way Daddy’s making you feel?” he whispers, as he bites my neck and rubs my clit faster while his other hand catches a nipple and twists it with his fingers.
“Fuck, Daddy, I’m going to cum,” I moan breathlessly in his ear.
“Daddy, don’t stop.
Please don’t fucking stop.
” James pinches my nipple harder and rubs my clit faster while his lips find mine and he kisses me, his tongue passionately dancing with mine.
My legs begin to shake as the familiar sensation begins to build up in between them, creeping it’s way in all directions, spreading through my body.
I cry out as a jawbreaking burst of pleasure ripples through my body like an earthquake, setting every nerve alight and contracting every muscle.
I arch my back and dig my nails into James’s back as he holds my stiff body close to him, feeling me squeeze harder and harder before I shudder and collapse against him, my staggered breaths painting his chest.
“That was incredible.
You came so hard, I thought your back was going to snap,” he says ecstatically.
I’m too out of my mind to respond just yet, so I wrap my arms around his neck and take deep calculated breaths until I feel like a calm ocean again.
“Thank you, Daddy,” I mumble in his ear before letting go of him and stumbling to my knees.
He quickly wraps his arm around my waist and pulls me forward before I hit the ground.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Easy, girl.
That really was something.
I guess you really needed that.
” “I needed it from you,” I whisper.
“I told you.
” “Jesus, Quinnie.
I’ve been with a lot of women in my lifetime, but you are the most beautiful girl I have ever met.
I’m just in awe.
” I lean my head forward on his shoulder and wrap my arms around his waist.
He gently rubs his hand up and down my back.
“You could be with anybody.
Yet you choose to be here, with me.
An old man.
” I laugh.
“You’re not old.
” “Compared to you, I’m an ancient artifact.
” I giggle.
James caresses the back of my head.
He catches my hair in his fist again, this time lightly, and raises my head so we’re face to face.
“I hope you’re not done, because I’m not,” he says, before brushing his rough lips against the wet softness of mine.
His tongue gently enters my mouth and barely grazes mine.
I moan against his lips and my knees turn to jelly again.
“You can do whatever you want to me,” I lean back and say.
He grunts and pulls my face back in, his other hand tracing my spine from my neck to the small of my back, before landing on my ass.
“Whoever marries you better fuck you right.
” “You’re a lot more talkative than you were the last time.
” James bursts into laughter.
“Is that your way of saying I should shut up.
” “As much as I like what you’re saying — yes.
Shut the fuck up and fuck me.
” “As you wish, my princess,” he says before growling and lifting me up to wrap my legs around his waist.
He holds me close to him and carries me upstairs.
I wrap my arms tight around his shoulders, although I don’t need to because he’s strong enough to carry me without an ounce of struggle.
“Things are going to get rough, just so you know.
” “Are you going to keep talking about it or are you going to shut the fuck up and do it?” “I’m just saying, it’s going to get intense.
Really intense.
You might want to tap out.
” “James,” I say sternly.
“Hmm?” “I’m not gonna tap out.
” He releases a deep, rumbling groan and enters his bedroom before throwing me onto the bed.
I bounce twice before settling, watching this beast of a man stare at me like I’m a piece of steak.
His chest rises and falls violently, and his eyes widen with an alertness similar to that of a cat that is ready to pounce.
I clutch my breasts in my hands and squeeze them together, whilst throwing my head back and moaning my sexiest moan.
“Jesus,” I hear him barely whisper under his breath.
He advances towards the bed, slowly but surely, clearly unable to take his eyes off my body.
He climbs onto the bed and crawls over me until he’s hovering above.
I lift my face up to meet his and catch his bottom lip between my teeth.
He quickly grabs me by the throat and lifts my back off the bed, kissing me before letting go.
I fall back onto the sheets.
He strokes my collarbone tenderly, watching my face as I anticipate his next move.
I grab his hips and pull him down, moaning as his hard on presses against me.
He grinds his body against mine and I lose my fucking mind.
My nails dig into his shoulders before trailing down his back.
“Please,” I whimper.
“Please what?” he asks as he grinds harder, making me wet.
“Please,” I whisper, unable to say anything else.
James parts my lips with his own and slowly slides his tongue into my mouth, kissing me gently like I wasn’t just begging.
I grab his hair and pull his face closer, kissing him harder and faster, but he shakes his head out of my grip and grabs my wrists, pinning them down over my head.
My pussy throbs as his hard cock digs into me through my soaked panties.
“Slow down,” he says in his stern Daddy voice.
“I can’t.
” He grips my wrists tighter above my head and starts grinding harder.
I wrap my legs around him and raise my hips to meet his each of his body’s waves.
Uncontrollable moans erupt from my throat and I want him to kiss me.
And I know that he knows I want him to kiss me.
That’s why he’s not doing it.
He’s driving me crazy.
“I think we should stop, Quinnie,” he whispers.
He stops grinding and looks down at me.
“We can’t.
” “Owen loves you,” he says.
He lets go of my wrists and we stare at each other for several seconds, neither of us saying a word.
“You can’t stop,” I say.
“I have to.
” “You can’t.
” “Quinnie, listen–” “I love you, James.
I love you.
” The words spill out of me and I fucking mean them.
“I don’t love him.
I love you.
And I need you.
Please, James.
Please don’t stop.
” He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.
” Before I know it, he’s already moved my panties aside and shoved himself inside me.
I gasp and arch my back.
He laces his fingers through mine and pins my hands on either side of my head as he fucks my pussy in a slow, steady rhythm.
“Harder, Daddy.
Fuck me harder,” I moan, and he starts pounding me into the mattress.
The room is filled with our moans and the sound of the headboard thumping the wall and the bed frame scratching against the wooden floor in a flawless rhythm.
“Quinnie,” James groans as he thrusts himself into me, over and over.
His movements are getting faster and his grunts are getting louder.
“Are you going to cum for me, Daddy?” “Oh Quinnie, fuck.
I’m so close.
” “Cum inside me, please,” I beg.
“I’m gonna cum, Quinnie.
I’m gonna cum.
” “Please! Please!” I cry out as he pounds me relentlessly, panting like an exhausted animal.
Suddenly, he shoves himself inside me one last time, hard, with the loudest grunt, before his back arches over me and his body stiffens.
His asscheeks clench in and I grab his ass, pulling him into me.
I watch his handsome face as he gasps and groans.
His legs begin to tremble before he finally collapses onto me, panting violently.
I put my arms around his neck and hold him as tight as I can until he recovers.
I can feel his heart violently pulsating through the warm, sweaty skin of his chest.
After a silent couple of minutes pass, he slides himself down my body until his face meets my pussy.
“James, you don’t have to– f-fuck.
Daddy…” I come undone the moment his tongue slides over my clit and gets to work.
I arch my back and grab my own hair, pulling it gently, as he pleasures me with nothing but his lips and tongue, licking me and kissing me with gentle, controlled strokes.
He eats me out like it’s art.
His hands, which were holding my legs, now land on my breasts, squeezing them before gently twisting my hard nipples.
I let out the longest moan and I can feel his lips curl into a smile between my thighs.
“Daddy…” I whisper, over and over, between moans and sighs and cute little gasps.
The pleasure begins to build up inside me and reach out to every nerve and fingertip.
I start to slowly grind my hips, working with him to bring me closer and closer to orgasm.
James moans against my pussy lips and licks me and caresses me, and before I know it, my mouth opens wide and delicious moans escape my lips as I ride the longest, deepest, and most intense orgasmic wave I’ve ever experienced.
I clutch his hair and push his head down as he continues to work on me, making the wave last longer, and before I know it, it hits me again and I open my mouth in complete pleasure and shock, unable to make a sound.
He continues to slowly massage my clit with his lips and lick me until he has every last bit of my cum.
Even after the orgasm subsides and he comes back up to meet me, I continue to grind my hips and sigh.
James strokes the side of my neck and kisses me, the taste of my cum painted on his lips.
I’m exhausted, flustered and unable to muster up any words.
James wraps his arms around me and holds my warm, naked body against his as I recover from what just happened to be the first time I ever made love.



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