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Latest stories Straight Sex Where’s My Article? Part III

It was like feeding time at the zoo.
A bunch of sex hungry animals roared, woofed and squeaked, as a female primate walked by.
This woman was sexy.
Her long, smooth legs were exposed by the short grey dress she had on, which really emphasized the size of her buttocks.
She had on a grey blazer over her white shirt, which had a few buttons undone to show a bit of cheeky cleavage.
Her strawberry blonde hair fell loosely by her shoulders, and to top off her amazing look she had on her signature red lipstick.
This woman was sex on legs, this woman was Siobhan.
She had never dolled herself up like this before.
The uniform at work hadn’t changed, she was simply dressed up for a special reason that only she knew.
*** Chairs swiveled and heads turned as the new and improved Siobhan made her way through to Daniel’s office.
With three knocks on the door, and before he had even said come in, Siobhan entered his office.
Daniel was sat behind his desk smoking a cigar.
His face light up when he saw her.
” “Good morning, Daniel,” she smiled.
Siobhan walked over to the arm chair in front of Daniel’s desk and sat down on it, making sure to keep her legs slightly open.
His eyes met the space in between her sexy legs and he smirked.
“So, Siobhan may I ask you why you’re here?”  “You asked me to help you prepare for the meeting this afternoon,” she replied.
Daniel said nothing, his eyes were now focusing on her partially exposed breasts.
Siobhan purposely leaned forward, giving him a better view.
“Daniel?”  “Uh, yes sorry.
That’s right I need you to help me prepare for the meeting.
” He cleared his throat.
  “Well too bad.
” “P-Pardon?”  “I don’t feel like helping you,” Siobhan said sternly.
She got up and walked to the door.
“Siobhan, where are you going?” Daniel stood up.
Siobhan gently placed her hand on the doorknob and locked it before turning around to face Daniel.
“What on earth is going on with you today?” He said.
Siobhan ignored Daniel and walked towards him.
She grabbed hold of his tie and brought him round to the armchair she was sat on, and slumped him down on it.
She perched herself up on his desk and stared at it.
“For the past two days Daniel, you’ve had your own way with me.
” She took off her blazer and began unbuttoning her shirt.
“And today.
well, it’s my turn.
” Daniel tilted his head backwards and laughed hysterically.
Siobhan hopped off of the desk and sat on him.
She looked him straight in the eye and smiled.
She ran her hands up and down his chest and kissed him.
As she kissed Daniel deeply, she slowly undid his tie.
Siobhan grabbed his hands and placed them behind the arm chair, before knotting his hands together.
“What do you think you’re-” Siobhan quietened him with her index finger.
Slowly, she slipped off of him and got down on her knees.
She gently rubbed the slight bulge in his trousers and grinned to herself whilst she unzipped his trousers, and pulled out his cock from inside of his boxers.
Siobhan rubbed her hands up and down his shaft, licking the tip of his cock every now and then.
She looked up and watched his facial expressions.
She could tell he was enjoying it, that’s when she decided to stop.
Siobhan stood up and took off her skirt and heels.
Just like earlier, she sat on top of Daniel.
Only this time she was kneeling on his thighs and had her back towards him.
Siobhan bent over a little and shuffled backwards as much as she could.
Finally she stuck her ass up so it was directly in his face.
“Take off my panties,” she said sternly.
“How can I possibly do that with my hands tied behind my back?” “With your teeth, Daniel.
” He hesitated for a while before sinking his teeth into her lacy white panties and slowly pulling them down her bottom.
He now had a beautiful view of her ass and pussy.
“Lick my pussy.
” This time without hesitation, Daniel did as Siobhan said and began to lick her out.
Online Now! Lush Cams Lillyboss His large, warm tongue made circular motions inside her pussy.
He would stop to deeply kiss her slit, or flick at her clit, causing her to become more and more wet.
Siobhan’s arms began to tremble, and her knees began to buckle as his licks and sucks drove her closer to an orgasm.
She gripped his knees tightly and pushed her pussy right into Daniel’s face as she orgasmed.
Her pussy juices flowed down her thighs as she quivered.
Slowly she stood up and stared at Daniel.
She quickly took off some of his clothes so that he was fully naked from the waist down.
His cock was rock hard and up right, with a bit of glistening pre cum dripping down.
Siobhan could see in his face that he wanted her so badly, and that’s what he would get, but he wouldn’t have her his way.
Siobhan completely stripped herself down so that she was naked, and sat on Daniel again.
This time she faced him.
She grabbed hold of his cock and teasingly rubbed it against her slit.
Daniel’s bottom lip slightly trembled, and his face was flushed red.
Siobhan slowly eased herself down onto his cock and moaned as his thick member entered her wet hole.
She grabbed onto his shoulders as she began to ride him.
As she continued to fuck him, she fondled with her breasts.
Nipping and tugging at her erect nipples as she did so.
She flopped herself onto Daniel’s chest and kissed him.
“Is this your idea of revenge?” He grunted.
  “I haven’t even got started yet.
” she moaned.
If the truth be told, Siobhan had no idea what to do with him.
What she really wanted deep down was to be able to take control for once.
Siobhan stopped and untied Daniel and pulled him out of the arm chair.
“Lay down on the desk.
” Daniel smirked at her and laid on the desk.
Siobhan climbed up on top of him and resumed fucking him.
She fucked him harder, and faster than ever before.
Their moans and growls echoed around the office.
Siobhan ran her hand down his legs behind her.
Without any warning she stuck a finger inside his asshole.
Daniel’s eyes widened as this weird sensation ran through his body.
Siobhan looked at him and laughed.
“You like this don’t you?” she asked.
“I’m going to play with your ass just liked you played with mine.
” Siobhan slowly pushed her finger in and out of his tight ass, twisting her finger around once in a while.
Daniel hissed through his nose and he held on firmly to the edge of the desk.
“You’re driving me crazy, Siobhan.
” he grunted.
She continued to pound her pussy on his cock, whilst fingering him.
She knew he was about to cum soon.
“I don’t want you to cum until I say so.
”  “But your pussy and fingers feel amazing.
” he said breathlessly.
  “Too bad, you’re not to cum until I say so,” she mocked.
Siobhan stuck her finger deeper into him, driving him on her verge of climax.
Daniel sat up sharply and embraced Siobhan tightly as he shot his warm cum inside her.
They both closed their eyes and groaned as they sat there holding each other.
Siobhan slowly pushed him back down on the desk and crawled up to his face so that her pussy was directly above his face.
“I told you not to cum yet, so now you’re going to clean up the mess you made.
” She sat on his face and Daniel stuck his tongue inside her for another time.
She grabbed onto his hair as he pleased her.
“Mm, that’s it.
I want all of your cum out of me,” she moaned.
Once Daniel was done, Siobhan quickly jumped off of him and got herself dressed.
“Where are you going? Are you done already?” He asked.
“I had my way with you Daniel, that’s all I wanted and it seems like I gained something else too.
” Daniel had a puzzled look on his face, whilst Siobhan made her way to the door.
Before opening it, she stopped and turned around.
“You want me, and I know you’ll do anything to have me.
So you can consider yourself my bitch.



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