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Helen pressed a hand against her sex as she lifted herself off Jared’s softening member.
Her inflamed labia were open so wide that her entire palm nestled between them.
Cupping her sex as she stood, the hard-bodied older woman crossed the few feet to where Stacy lay sprawled.
The pale younger woman’s hand was jammed to the knuckles into her own cunt but seemed frozen there as Stacy stared at Helen.
Specifically, she stared at the other woman’s groin.
Despite her best efforts, goo was escaping from its warm hole and Helen half-waddled over to Stacy.
“You want this, right?” Helen asked.
Stacy eagerly answered, “Yes.
” As Helen stepped close, her free hand went to the hair at the back of Stacy’s head.
She forced it back and looked down into the slut’s deep brown eyes.
“First, tell me you’re a slut.
I want to hear it from your sweet little mouth.
” Stacy continued to stare, her mouth hanging open.
Her mouth was watering but she didn’t know how to respond to the other woman’s demand.
“I already know you’re a slut.
You are a woman with a hungry cunt and you love cock.
You married a man who is one of the longest-lasting studs I know.
When Jared told us about you, he told us that you regularly funk him until he just can’t get it up anymore.
” Helen tightened her grip on Stacy’s hair.
“But I want to hear you say it.
You?” The night had been a revelation for Stacy.
Until Helen had arrived, things had gone more or less as she had expected them to.
She enjoyed being eaten by Betty.
She had enjoyed Frank’s big cock and the ability to fuck two men, one after the other.
She had had great orgasms.
But then, she had watched as Helen went to work.
Helen had fucked both men repeatedly in rapid succession, had persuaded Stacy to push her hand into another woman’s vagina and had violently abused her own body for pleasure.
Helen had shown Stacy something of what lay beyond her usual boundaries.
Stacy didn’t know what the future would hold for her but the powerful sexuality of this small, hard woman had lit a fire in her this night.
“I’m a slut,” Stacy said in a surprisingly clear and calm voice.
Helen smiled down at her.
It was not a condescending smile or a sneer.
It seemed almost joyful.
“And what does that mean, slut?” “It means I want to cum.
I want to fuck cocks and eat their cream.
I want men to want me.
I want MEN.
I want women.
I’m a slut and what I want the most in the world is MORE,” Stacy said.
She didn’t know where the words came from and she knew they weren’t poetry but she also knew something else: they were truth.
Stacy didn’t walk around horny all day every day.
Hell, days could go by without sex crossing her mind.
She wasn’t a crazy woman.
But when she got in the mood, sex became her entire world.
She had always been a very focused person; someone who stuck with something until it was done.
She wasn’t easily distracted.
So, when her mind wasn’t on sex, it might as well not exist.
But when she was aroused, nothing else mattered.
Helen reacted to Stacy’s words with an uncontrolled moan.
Her mind was flashing through countless images of both she and this young harlot in countless situations involving countless men and women.
She tried to clear her mind for a moment and return to the here and now.
“You know what I’m holding here, don’t you, Slut?” she said, pushing her hips closer to the woman, presenting what her hand was covering.
Stacy’s head was still held far back but she looked down her nose at Helen’s groin and licked her lips.
“A cunt full of cum.
” Helen pressed Stacy’s nose into the back of her hand.
“This is a slut’s cunt.
It is designed to extract jizz from cocks.
It is designed to give me and those I am with pleasure.
Sometimes I think it is the most important thing in my life.
” Stacy had begun to lick Helen’s hand, collecting leaking juices and moaning softly.
She placed her hands on Helen’s hard ass and pressed herself closer.
“Right now,” Helen said, “it’s full of sperm.
My husband’s sperm and your husband’s sperm.
It is also full of my own cum.
All that juice is for you, Stacy.
All you have to do is ask for it.
” Stacy pulled back long enough to look into her eyes again.
“Please feed me the cum.
I want to drink your sex.
I want to eat your pussy and swallow our husbands’ loads.
I will drink it all and then be thirsty for more.
” Helen thrust Stacy’s head back into her groin.
She pulled her dripping hand away from her sex and let the pooled fluids flow onto the girl.
“Oh god, you filthy bitch, I think you’ll be drinking lots and lots from now on.
” The first flood of thick juice covered Stacy from nose to chin, some of it funneling into her open mouth, some of it running down her neck and chest.
She was forced to quickly swallow one mouthful that threatened to choke her but was able to savor the flavors as more trickled into her mouth.
She was holding herself upright with one hand on Helen’s ass and the other hand was spreading the leakage across her body.
The fluids started out warm.
hot, really.
but as she spread the goo across her breasts, it cooled.
She felt the chill on her hardened nipples and trembled.
It wasn’t the taste of cum that so enthralled her.
It was some kind of mental link, some kind of visceral association.
Watching another woman get fucked, watching a couple cum and then seeing the thick moisture leaking from a pussy had had a deep effect on her.
Suddenly it seemed that slurping at this nectar was a way of re-experiencing the surging sensation that had created it.
As the initial flood waned, Helen eased their bodies down onto the carpet.
As Stacy settled flat on her back, Helen straddled her head, sealing her cunt onto the other woman’s mouth.
Helen slid a hand behind her back and caressed Stacy’s soft mound.
Then she pinched a slippery nipple and tweaked it.
not hard but with a certain authority.
“I expect you to pay for your supper,” she said.
She looked down into Stacy’s eyes where they peered up at her past her erect clitoris.
“You’re going to need to learn how to eat pussy properly.
You might as well start now.
Make me cum, little slut.
” As Stacy’s pink tongue began digging deeply into Helen’s hole, the others watched on.
Frank had slipped back into his boxers and was sitting next to Betty on a couch.
He was most assuredly done for the night.
Betty was still naked but had found a towel to sit on as her nether regions were a bit of a mess.
Being a woman, she wasn’t completely out of action the way Frank was but her fires were at a definite ebb.
Her body was still technically capable of arousal and orgasm but the urge wasn’t there.
Not even the show the other women were putting on was able to do any more than to make her a little wistful.
This was her way at this point in her life.
nasty as hell while her urges lasted but not the sort to go all night long.
Jared was on the other couch, his cock soft and covered with drying cum.
As he watched his wife learn the art of cunt lapping, it began to dawn on him that their life was likely to change quite a bit.
Stacy had taken to this more quickly and with more aggression than he had expected.
He had known she liked to fuck and would probably be eager to serve her pussy up to as many cocks as wanted entry.
But he expected her to stick closely to “straight” sex.
Certainly, her apparent fascination with the loads she had been eagerly drinking down was a shock.
The subject of his thoughts had delved as deeply into the other woman’s pussy as she could, extracting all the treasure she could find.
Mindful of Helen’s instructions, she settled down to her task of bringing the insatiable surgeon off yet again.
She momentarily toyed with the rings piercing her long pussy lips, pulling them lightly a time or two as she pressed her face deep into the other woman’s bare groin.
Helen’s hands clung to her head tightly as the lean woman ground herself down on her newest slut friend.
There were a lot of tricks that Stacy had yet to learn but her absolute lack of hesitation and obvious enthusiasm was more than adequate to the task of extracting another orgasm from Helen’s voracious body.
Stacy buried three fingers in Helen’s snatch.
For a moment she was able to spread them wide, opening the well-used hole until it was a pink, gaping tunnel.
Then Helen bore down and closed herself around Stacy’s fingers tightly.
The amazing sight and the feel of Helen’s strong, well-controlled pussy made Stacy groan in appreciation.
Letting her fingers slide in and out and wriggle around in Helen’s hole, Stacy latched her mouth on her clit.
Stacy’s own little pearl was so small.
Helen’s seemed enormous.
It was nearly the size of the first joint of Stacy’s pinkie finger.
Her lips skinned back its hood and she sucked on it strongly.
Helen grunted and moaned.
She pushed away from Stacy slightly.
At first, Stacy thought she wanted to get away.
Then she realized that Helen was exerting pressure to try to stretch her clit.
Stacy clamped her lips as tightly as she could, trying not to use her teeth.
She sucked with all her might and Helen pulled away more strongly.
For long seconds, a tug of war ensued.
Of course, Helen could simply pull free any time she wanted to.
but she didn’t.
Her straining clit was sending shock-waves of lightning through her body.
There may have been some pain but in Helen’s mind, it was all ecstasy.
Finally, the clit popped free.
Helen cried out and dropped her groin back onto Stacy’s face.
She ground herself down on the brown-haired woman.
“Oh fuck.
I almost made it.
” Stacy locked on again.
She was beginning to suspect that Helen wouldn’t care if she used her teeth but Stacy couldn’t bring herself to do it.
Instead, she just set her lips as solidly and she could and tried to suck the woman’s eyes out through her clitoris.
Her fingers were jammed into the woman stiffly, pressing against her G-spot.
Online Now! Lush Cams Antuan_Deep Helen rose off her again, stretching her clit out.
Her hands were on her tits, squeezing their flesh tight.
She bounced her hips ever so slightly, yanking her clit in the young woman’s hoovering mouth.
Stacy’s fingers remained buried in Helen’s snatch and she rubbed them roughly back and forth across the smaller woman’s sensitive G-spot.
Finally, as Helen reached the edge of orgasm she yanked her tender pink nub from Stacy’s grasping lips.
The shock of release and rebound tipped her over the edge.
Helen fell forward onto her hands and shot into a mild but satisfying orgasm.
Stacy quickly brought the thumb of her questing hand into play against Helen’s clitoris, strumming it rapidly as the woman trembled and hissed through climax.
As her orgasm subsided, Helen took note of the long pink dildo that had already seen use that night.
It was just in reach and she stretched out to grab it.
Over two feet of flexible rubber wobbled about lewdly.
She spun around and settled herself across Stacy’s body, head to toe.
Or more precisely; head to pussy, pussy to head.
“Your turn, honey,” she said.
Without preamble, she plunged about eight inches of pink rubber into Stacy’s more-than-ready pussy.
“Ow, yes.
Fuck me.
Make me cum.
” Stacy’s hands locked onto Helen’s hips.
The older woman’s pink and tan pussy was still hovering above her head but Stacy was far too interested in what was being shoved up her own cunt to worry much about another woman’s.
Helen wasn’t going to waste time.
She still had plans for more orgasms of her own but she knew it was past time to bring the young slut off again.
Helen began rapidly stroking the pink dong in and out of Stacy’s welcoming snatch.
She quickly worked about half the tool into the other woman before she began hitting bottom.
Once there, she began vigorously fucking her, using quick strokes of three or four inches.
Her other hand was digging into the soft flesh around Stacy’s clit.
The young woman’s pearl was almost undetectable but Helen could feel it slide and bump around beneath its sheltering hood under her fingers.
The rather sudden and vigorous assault was making Stacy tremble.
Her eyes were closed and she bit and licked her lips, concentrating on the sensations.
A couple times she reached for one of her breasts but something in her wanted to focus entirely on the incredibly deep intrusion.
Helen’s direct approach was having a predictable effect.
Stacy’s hips began to bounce and jerk as her passion climbed.
This was so unlike making love to her husband.
so deep but also kind of impersonal.
It was almost a new sensation.
but the crescendo she was racing towards was familiar.
In all, it took Helen about two minutes to bring the young slut off.
Stacy bit her lips and groaned.
a long, deep sound welling up from her core.
Her legs kicked against the carpet and her hands dug into Helen’s hard buttocks.
It wasn’t a violent or intense orgasm but it was much needed.
Stacy’s body was still buzzing when Helen spun herself around once again, coming face to flushed-face.
The long pink dildo was still lodged deep in Stacy’s body.
“You know why this dildo has two heads, right?” Helen asked.
Stacy grinned.
“For when I wear one end down to a nub?” Helen kissed Stacy, pushing her tongue between the young lady’s lips and entwining it with its sister.
The kiss only lasted five seconds or so but it galvanized Stacy.
Whatever chance there had been that her body would be content to cool down vanished.
She wanted more stimulation, more sex.
She impulsively wiggled her hips, feeling the long toy stir in her depths.
When Helen broke the kiss, she grinned.
Looking down between their bodies, she had to slide down away from Stacy’s head a bit to grab onto the pink dildo and bend it upward toward her own groin.
She pressed the free head against her slit and began feeding it into her hungry cunt.
The movements this caused inside Stacy’s body were extremely stimulating.
It wasn’t just the bending and twisting of the toy, it was the knowledge that she was basically being coupled to another woman’s sex.
Stacy began massaging her breasts, reveling in her body’s hunger.
Helen fed inch after inch into her pink hole.
She had her legs outside Stacy’s hips, spread wide.
As more and more of the pink shaft disappeared between their bodies, she spread herself wider and pressed herself lower onto Stacy’s hips.
Stacy jumped when Helen’s hot, throbbing clit made contact with her groin.
All of Helen’s weight was on the pale woman, her tanned thighs spread wide and pressed into Stacy’s, one hand between her breasts.
Helen breathed deep and stirred her hips around, settling the last few fractions of an inch into her hot box.
Their face-to-face (or clit-to-clit) position actually prevented them from attaining maximum penetration.
At least three inches of the rubber toy showed between their pink holes.
Helen was looking into Stacy’s shining eyes.
“Open up your pussy and I’ll pull some of it out with mine.
” Stacy’s relaxed her muscles.
Helen felt the change in tension and pulled her hips away from Stacy’s, clamping down on the toy as she did so.
Without losing an inch herself, she drew a good eight inches out of the other woman’s body.
Helen laughed.
She pressed herself back against Stacy and then withdrew again, fucking the young woman four or five times before pressing herself against her groin again and staying there.
“Okay, grab hold.
This time I’ll let go.
” Helen felt the other woman tense up.
She released her own clenched muscles and rose once again off Stacy’s body.
Inch after inch of rubber slithered out of her body.
She halted at the toy’s head and then proceeded to fuck herself on the dildo a dozen times.
At the bottom of each plunge, her clit struck Stacy’s bush, eliciting sighs from both women.
When Helen stopped again, she ground herself against the other woman and wiggled her hips this way and that.
This kind of play was arousing but wasn’t going to be bringing either woman to climax any time soon.
Still, this wasn’t quite all about cumming.
Almost, but not quite.
“Okay, slut.
Let’s see how good your pussy is.
This time, we both grab hold.
” Stacy’s crooked, rueful smile indicated that she could guess what Helen was getting at.
“It’s like making a wish with a turkey bone.
Whoever gets the biggest piece wins.
” Stacy set herself, really trying to keep the dildo in her pussy.
Helen’s steel cunt clamped down on the rubber and she began to rise.
There was no contest.
Helen rose slowly but smoothly, pulling the rubber shaft from Stacy’s clasping hole.
Helen felt significant tension in the toy but her well-conditioned muscles let less than a quarter inch escape their hold.
With over a foot of bare pink rubber stretched between their bodies, the dong popped free of Stacy’s body.
Helen rocked back on her feet and stood above the girl.
The obscene toy hung down to her knees, moisture beginning to collect at its head.
Helen let the toy sway back and forth, mocking the woman on the floor.
Stacy didn’t feel any real shame or disappointment.
she actually kind of enjoyed having a woman try to intimidate her sexually.
Still, she didn’t meet Helen’s gaze.
Instead, she stared at the wagging fake cock with hunger.
Helen grabbed the toy and stroked it in and out of her pussy.
Stacy had had more of the toy in her body since it had started out buried as far into her body as it could go.
Helen withdrew the entire toy momentarily before feeding it back into her snatch.
She stooped awkwardly and she pushed more and more of the shaft into her slim body.
By the time she found the bottom of her pussy, only about ten inches remained outside her body.
When she straightened her body, about an inch slid back out.
Helen stroked the protruding fake flesh suggestively and then knelt between Stacy’s legs.
Pressing the toy’s free head home, she slid smoothly back into her body.
Leaning over her body as a man would, Helen reached out to grasp Stacy’s pale tits.
Squeezing gently, she began to fuck her with rapid and long strokes.
As both women began to respond, their pussies flexed and released at random.
From moment to moment, it couldn’t be known which snatch would keep hold of the toy and which would get a fucking thrust.
This unpredictability added to the stimulation.
Stacy twined her arms with Helen’s and mirrored her titty-hold.
Helen’s body pounded relentlessly into Stacy’s and the younger woman’s hips bounced and jerked against the carpet in return.
Then Stacy came hard.
She wrapped her arms tightly around the smaller woman, mashing their tits together as she shuddered and moaned.
Sweat from both women made the embrace hot and slick.
Stacy felt the hard points of Helen’s nipples press into her soft flesh.
Helen buried her face in Stacy’s neck and breathed in her musk.
As Stacy sighed and giggled in the aftermath of her orgasm, Helen’s pussy sent demanding pulses of need through her body.
Lifting her head, she cast her gaze towards Jared.
He saw her gaze and grinned at her.
His hands were resting on his thighs, slightly tense.
His cock was hard and straight, bobbing gently with each beat of his heart.
“Betty and Frank hit the shower,” he said.
She hadn’t noticed when they left.
Now that her head had begun to clear just a bit, she could hear running water and muffled conversation from somewhere else in the house.
Two feet of rubber still penetrated their bodies.
Helen shifted atop Stacy, twisting and heaving in sensual contentment, rubbing herself against the soft pale flesh of a woman who had been a stranger a couple hours earlier.
Unconsciously, Stacy’s hips ground up against her in response.



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