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As night descended and smothered the stifling heat of the daylight hours, South Beach became a shameless hotbed of sex, drugs, and tequila.
The streets baked so hot under the merciless midday sun, that you could still feel the heat rising from the sidewalk concrete late into the night.
Beautiful women sauntered from one bar to the next wearing just enough clothing to keep them legal, but not so much as to discourage the attentions of lonely, wealthy men.
The dusk air was filled with the tantalising scents of fresh Caribbean cuisine.
The rich, sweet aromas of spicy pork, jerk chicken, and flame-grilled peppers drifted down the streets on a gentle breeze that blew in from the ocean.
Gaudy neon lights bathed the art deco buildings in splashes of eye-catching colour which bled from one shade to the next, whilst the beat of the drums and the throbbing strum of acoustic guitar strings breathed a new life onto the street once the sun set below the horizon.
The hypnotic sounds spilled enticingly from the open doorways of hotels and nightclubs, as bright and as colourful as the costumes of the Havana carnival.
The Latino rhythm was Miami’s melodic heartbeat.
Sereno was one of the newest and most luxurious bars in town.
Small, brightly painted wooden crates held piles of fresh citrus fruits, ripe strawberries, and tight bunches of crisp mint leaves.
Bottles of rare liqueurs lined the backlit bar, as stacks of sparkling chilled glasses sat waiting for an expertly crafted cocktail to be poured into them.
From the chestnut leather armchairs in the softly lit corners of the room drifted the smooth smoke of expensive cigars, and the rich roast of café cubano espressos.
It was, in a word, refined.
Kaylee rested her elbows on the bar as she blew bubbles into her sixth mojito.
She twirled the black plastic straw around her mouth with her tongue and tried to shape the crushed ice into a pyramid.
She’d been stood up.
After two hours of clock-watching, the last little spark of hope that her date had just been running late had fizzled out.
All she had left was an expensive bar tab and an empty apartment.
The alcohol had done little to cool her temper.
Time and money had been spent making a real effort to look fantastic.
Her already down-and-out credit card had taken yet another beating over a french manicure at Paul-Eric Sinclair, and an embarrassingly expensive thong from a boutique shop on Purdy Avenue.
She was showered, shaved, plucked, and polished, now looking every single cent of a million dollars.
“I’m pretty, aren’t I?” she’d asked the bartender earlier when nursing her fourth drink.
He’d just smiled in a polite manner and glided down to the other end of the bar to avoid further questioning.
Finally admitting defeat, Kaylee decided to call it a night.
She couldn’t afford to drink there anyway.
Her glass clinked into the last one as she haphazardly dropped it back onto the bar.
The rum was working its magic.
“He stand you up, hon?” “Hmm?” Kaylee hadn’t even noticed the attractive older woman sat next to her.
She was tall and slim, with long copper-coloured hair, and a soft friendly smile.
“Yeah… fucking dick.
” “Sorry about that.
You fancy another?” “I’ve already had six,” mumbled Kaylee holding up five fingers.
“Well, one more can’t hurt, right?” chuckled the woman.
“What’s your name?” “Kaylee.
You?” “Lauren,” she replied, and tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear.
Kaylee took a moment to admire the woman’s jewellery; her fingers twinkled with enough ice to buy a beach condo.
“Do you have any plans now?” Kaylee gave her last glass a gentle, drunken shove with her index finger and grinned.
I’m gonna go home and climb into bed.
” “Could be more fun to climb into someone else’s,” the woman purred.
Kaylee paused with her hand on the back of her bar stool.
As drunk as she was, she didn’t miss the come-on.
The woman just flashed her a playful smile and tapped her fingernails on the polished mahogany.
“Are you hitting on me?” No reply was forthcoming.
The woman simply lifted a chilled Martini glass to her lips and casually sipped her orange peel cocktail.
“Listen, I’m flattered and all, really, but I’m not gay.
” “Nor am I,” replied the woman.
Kaylee hesitated as Lauren moved closer, thinking she was leaning in for a kiss.
Instead, she whispered softly so that no one else could overhear.
“I’d like you to fuck my husband.
” “You’d like me… what?” “I like to watch pretty little things like you make him come.
” That was her cue to leave.
Kaylee stood up and wavered on unsteady legs as she tried to make her exit.
Before she could step away from the bar stool, a tight grip seized her wrist.
“Five thousand.
” o0o Such a proposition would normally have seemed absurd to Kaylee, but five grand was a hell of a lot of money.
Paying off her credit card bills and getting up to date with the rent was a reality.
Miami swarmed with hookers once it got dark, and you’d be hard pushed to find one charging a tenth of what she’d been offered even for the most kinky pleasures.
It seemed sensible to figure that her appeal to the couple was fairly straightforward, it was just a game.
The wealthy like to buy things that aren’t for sale.
Lauren left the lights off as they stepped into the dark hotel room.
She latched the door closed behind them, cutting off the spill of warm light from the hallway.
As Kaylee’s eyes adjusted to the darkness, she could see a faint glow of multicoloured lights spilling in through the large panoramic windows on the far side of the room.
She placed her clutch bag down on a table next to a vase full of fresh flowers and took a few tentative steps forward.
“Hello?” she said nervously.
Kaylee froze when she heard a noise from a low leather armchair in front of the window.
She could just make out the silhouette of a man sat there, his hand hanging over the side as he gently placed a drink onto a glass topped table.
The ambient illumination from outside cast a stark contrast of his profile.
“Come closer.
” His voice was deep and rich like double cream.
Kaylee felt the gentle tingle of an adrenaline rush begin to flood her body.
She walked over slowly, stopping barely six feet in front of the man.
Without even thinking about it, she ran her hands down over her dress to smooth it out.
Nothing was said as she stood there in front of him, but the subtle shift of his dark form indicated that he was admiring her body.
“What is your name?” “Kaylee,” she replied quietly.
“You’re very beautiful, Kaylee.
” “Thank you.
” She couldn’t see the features of his face clearly, but Kaylee imagined him to be smiling.
“Don’t be shy.
Come,” he beckoned calmly and held out his hand.
The money had been the bait, but his voice was most definitely the hook.
It flowed from his lips and poured all over her body like thick honey.
Kaylee had spent the entire afternoon craving the hot sex that the night had promised, and now she had the opportunity to throw caution to the wind and satisfy her hunger.
Lust and greed were quickly winning over her trepidation.
She was desperately in need of some cash and a good hard fucking.
Kaylee’s inner-slut hitched up the bottom of her dress and slowly straddled the mystery man’s lap.
He let out a little hum of approval as she rested her hands on his chest.
He was wearing suit trousers which rubbed against her inner thighs, and a crisp white shirt unbuttoned to mid-chest.
Kaylee fingers traced a path along his clean-shaven cheek as she nibbled on her bottom lip.
He was handsome, just as she’d hoped he would be.
“Would you like to have some fun?” Kaylee nodded before leaning in tentatively to touch her lips to his.
Her tongue slipped into his mouth on a sigh as his hands reached around and clasped her firm bottom.
She could smell a gorgeous, rich cologne warmed by his body as their tongues stroked against each other.
The subtle hints of amber and Sicilian lemon made her want to tear his clothes off and devour him right there.
She ran her fingers through his hair and across his scalp as they kissed with enthusiasm.
A lingering residue of sweet rum and lime from her Cuban cocktails at the bar still coated her lips.
Kaylee took a deep breath as his fingertips stroked up her back and caressed her shoulders.
In one slow movement, he slipped off the thin straps and peeled her dress all the way down to her waist.
Her nipples were puckered and achingly firm.
She wanted so badly for him to take them into his warm mouth and suck on them.
Red, blue, and green lights splayed across her torso, hugging each curve and crevice of her bare body.
He groaned his approval before sitting up and embracing her with his strong arms.
The heat of his mouth burned as it closed over her right areola and latched onto her breast.
The sensation sent a shiver of excitement rippling down through Kaylee’s spine.
Determined hands held his head to her chest which swelled each time he sucked and nibbled on her sensitive flesh.
A quiet, intimate whimper emanated from the shadows in the far corner of the room.
Kaylee had forgotten all about the man’s wife being there.
“Don’t worry,” he whispered reassuringly, noting her sudden tension.
“My wife just likes to watch.
Don’t you, darling?” “Mmm hmm,” Lauren moaned.
His tongue seared a trail between the valley of her heaving breasts as it travelled ever upwards.
She trembled as he kissed her throat and stroked the nape of her neck with his large hands.
In the sultry heat of a midsummer Miami night, and embraced in the fever of his carnal hunger, Kaylee could feel her body slowly melting under his touch.
“Suck my cock, Kaylee.
” So simple a request, it would have been impolite to decline.
Online Now! Lush Cams Maddie_Luv Kaylee grasped his thighs and forced his legs apart as she slipped down between them.
Willing to let things progress further, her hands began to wander over his crotch.
He was already hard.
The throbbing she felt as she wrapped her fingers around his bulge made her grin.
The black leather belt clattered to the floor as she slowly unbuckled it, then slipped it free from his trousers.
The couch creaked as he relaxed back into it a little further.
He unbuttoned the rest of his shirt one pearlescent button at a time as Kaylee’s nimble fingers unzipped his trousers and reached inside.
She let out a playful hum of approval as she gripped his thick cock.
His flesh was hot and hard in her hand.
She pulled it free of its restraint along with his perfectly shaved balls.
She absolutely loved a smooth ball sack on a man.
Kaylee glanced up and could just make out a glint of light in his eyes as she lowered her mouth to his throbbing dick.
It seemed to swell even bigger as she wrapped her lips around his swollen head.
Her tongue agonisingly lapped all around the edge of his glans, teasing him, before she began to suck.
A deep, soft moan rumbled from his chest as her head started to bob up and down.
Fingers ran through her hair gently as she eagerly enveloped more of his erection with her warm mouth.
He didn’t push her head down, but she felt his hips start to rock a little as she built up a rhythm.
Just the indecent thought of sucking a stranger’s cock made her pussy twitch.
She loved giving head.
With a little ‘pop’ as her mouth released his length, it slapped against his stomach and lay there glistening coated with her saliva.
Kaylee ran the flat of her tongue down the underside of his throbbing dick and began to lick his balls.
She sucked one into her mouth and rolled it around, enjoying the sound of the man’s fingers grasping tightly on the arm of the chair.
The reality of the situation had faded under a haze of urgent lust.
Kaylee’s knees ached as she kelt on the floor, but all she could think about was the gorgeous cock that she was servicing for a man whose name she did not know.
A service she was providing for money.
“The bed,” he instructed breathlessly.
Kaylee rose up and teetered on shaky legs before kicking off her heels.
She shimmied her scrunched up dress down over her bottom and thighs until it pooled around her feet.
Their eyes never left each other as he also undressed and left each piece of clothing scattered across the floor.
His thick cock stood proud and swung from side to side as he climbed up onto the bed and lay back, resting his head on the soft pillows.
The luxuriously soft duvet ruffled as she climbed up onto the bed.
Kaylee threw her leg over his body and straddled his waist, casting a quick glance to the armchair which sat two feet away.
Lauren’s hand was nestled inside her panties, rubbing up and down slowly as she unashamedly pleasured herself.
The look on her face was one of lustful excitement.
Kaylee could feel the heat emanating from between her legs.
Her pussy was swollen and aching with anticipation.
It was that dull, throbbing ache that begs you to touch it, to tease it, to plunge something hot and hard inside it over and over until you come, gasping desperately for breath.
The sort of hot, tingling ache that tells you how much of a cum-soaked mess you are down there without you even having to take off your panties.
“I want to taste you,” came the smooth, deep words of a hungry man.
Without a moment’s hesitation, Kaylee stood up on the bed and looked down at him.
She hooked her thumbs into her expensive little thong and peeled it off, dropping the wet scrap of fabric onto the pillow next to his head.
Her hands rested on the headboard for support as she slowly squatted down, stopping just as her enflamed pussy spread just above his mouth.
She could hear him breathing in the scent of her arousal.
Her eyes drooped and slowly closed as he began to eagerly lap at her sex.
The fuzzy warmth of a sexual daydream had kept her on edge all day as she’d imagined a long night of debauchery with last-chance let-down.
Now a real man was feasting on her like he’d been starving for a week.
Little pants and whimpers escaped from her mouth with each impatient lick.
Her toes curled into the sheets as his tongue parted her swollen lips and delved inside her core.
She reached down and held his head, two fists of his dark hair clenching tighter and tighter as her breathing became heavier.
All that mattered now were the hot sensations radiating from her crotch as she ground her aching, slick cunt against his mouth.
A sigh of delight drew Kaylee’s eye back to the chair.
Lauren’s black dress was now hitched up around her waist, and her panties slipped down around her ankles.
Skilful fingers were eagerly rubbing and squeezing her swollen labia as she watched the two of them.
Any apprehension Kaylee might have had about the wife watching had faded the second she’d felt a mouth between her legs.
Without warning, two fingers burrowed into her split peach and began to curl upwards in a stroking motion.
When his fingertips rubbed against her g-spot, she sucked in a violent breath through clenched teeth and swallowed hard.
Kaylee quivered and throbbed as her already tingling nerve endings were subjected to a new torture.
The emptiness she felt when his fingers eventually slipped free from her pussy lasted as long as it took him to slowly ease them inside her ass.
The world spun violently.
Kaylee’s eyes rolled back into her head as her little pucker stretched to accommodate the penetration.
When his two fingers were buried deep inside her tight little bottom, he clamped his mouth on her tender clit and began to suck it hard.
Kaylee was desperate to come, so very desperate, but she had a fierce and urgent need to fuck.
Saliva pooled as she spat onto her palm and reached back to rub it onto his cock.
She shuffled back and lined up his shaft with her pouting cunt.
In one smooth motion, she lowered herself down and let his stiff cock plunge into her slick depths until she sat on his waist.
With his throbbing length of scorching hot flesh finally buried balls-deep inside her, she bit into her bottom lip and silently thanked God for being born a woman.
A slow rocking motion eventually became a bounce as she built up a rhythm.
Harder and harder she slapped down onto his groin as she rode him faster with a lust-filled frenzy.
It felt so fucking good! His ragged breathing and the urgent grasping of her hips told her he was starting to feel the pressure.
Hurriedly, he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled Kaylee forward to rest on her hands and knees.
He quickly shuffled behind her and held her waist tightly as he roughly thrust back inside.
Kaylee cried out in delight as his fat cock stretched her wide.
Her tangled hair was pulled back hard as he drove into her again and again relentlessly.
Kaylee liked it rough.
The bed rocked back and forth causing the ornate headboard to bang against the wall as she was fucked harder than she’d ever been.
In her current position, Kaylee had no option but to watch the man’s wife as she enjoyed the show.
Lauren’s fingers strummed across her clit with ever increasing speed as she stared intently.
Kaylee could feel the distant rumble of an approaching cataclysm.
Her stomach was starting to cramp and her legs were tightening up.
Each time his hips impacted with her ass cheeks, Kaylee’s painfully erect nipples rubbed against the bed sheets as her body rocked forward.
Just that friction on her delicate skin kept her reeling as her breathing became more and more broken.
She now gasped for each desperate breath.
With a low growl of animalistic intensity, the tight fist gripping her hair forced her back to arch as the hard cock buried deep inside her cunt began to pulsate.
Kaylee’s bruised pussy clamped tight as the searing heat of a violent orgasm swelled and surged through her shaking body.
An agonising cramping of her legs and back made her tremble before eventually dissipating into a torrid, tingling wave of euphoria.
She could feel the hard body pressed against her jerking as he pumped copious amounts of hot cum deep inside her body.
In the chair, Lauren’s legs shook quietly and her face rose to the heavens in silent prayer as her own orgasm took control.
Their sweat-covered bodies collapsed onto the bed utterly spent by the effort.
The prickling heat felt so hot that they might burst into flames at any second.
Several minutes passed where the only sound in the room was that of their ragged breathing.
When some strength returned to her limbs, Kaylee lifted her body from underneath the dead-weight and whispered in his ear softly as she rose.
“I needed that as much as you did.
” Quietly and in the dark, Kaylee collected her clothes from the floor and got dressed.
She plucked her seventy-five dollar thong from the pillow and slipped the damp fabric back on as a playful smile curled her lips.
She could feel his cum trickling into the expensive lace.
The wife stood up and wiggled her hips as she lowered the hem of her dress.
Quickly but quietly, she tiptoed over to the wardrobe and tapped a six-digit pin number into the wall safe inside.
Despite knowing she was due payment for services rendered, Kaylee’s eyes still went wide as she was handed a stack of crisp fifty dollar bills.
She’d never seen so much money.
Considering the state of her body and the sweaty palm she held the bills in, surprisingly they didn’t feel dirty.
She quickly stuffed the cash into her clutch bag and tiptoed to the hotel room door.
“That was, erm…” Lauren was still breathless.
Her flushed cheeks glowed in the light that flooded into the dark room from the open doorway.
She ran her fingers through her tousled hair and smiled shyly.
“Good night, Kaylee.
” “Good night,” Kaylee replied as the door slowly latched shut.



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