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Latest stories Straight Sex Choice Matters (Part 2 of 2)

Two hours prior to “Now”.
“Yosemite Sam,” Lena said.
‘M’ right? Uh, Mickey Mouse,” Marko answered, leaning forward close to the wheel trying to see through the rain soaked windshield.
Sheets of water that the wiper blades had just swiped off returned instantly.
oh, Eeyore!” she snapped.
“Wasn’t he from a book?” “Then they turned it into a cartoon for Disney,” she replied, “It counts.
” “Whatever,” he muttered.
Come on, Marko.
‘E’,” she prodded.
“Hey, you know, trying to drive here, you know?” he said.
“Hard enough to concentrate on this road at ten kilometers an hour while trying to play ‘Cartoon Name Game’ at the same time.
” “Sorry!” Lena said with a playful grin.
It was good that she could actually feel this way after the day she’d had and with the monsoon around them.
She leaned back in the chair.
Kicking off her sandals she lifted her bare legs, crossing them as she rested them on the dashboard.
Okay, that didn’t help Marko’s concentration either, but damned if he was going to complain.
Besides he didn’t have time to ogle her legs at the moment.
They had been driving for over an hour but made less headway than driving for twenty minutes during a clear night.
They both were looking for ways to break the tension of the slow drive.
For the first hour, they just talked about themselves.
As it turned out, there was a reason why Marko put up with Kirk.
“Remedial Behaviour Training?” Lena asked.
Marko nodded.
“We were both attending the same dumb program when we were teens,” he said, “Kirk suffered from what you can say was a severe case of a need for attention.
” “I think that might still be a problem,” Lena remarked before she could think.
She turned to Marko and apologized, “Sorry.
That’s insensitive.
” He was quiet for a long time but then said, “Nope.
It’s true.
He’s an ass.
But honestly, it’s not as bad as it was.
You don’t want to know.
” Lena nodded in agreement.
There was another pregnant pause.
She wanted to ask something else.
He knew it and he also knew the question.
“As for me,” he breathed, “I was in there for overly aggressive behaviour.
” Lena looked puzzled.
She wasn’t sure what he meant.
“Anger management?” she asked.
“Sort of like not really being able to find healthy outlets for releasing pent up energy.
” “You broke your toys?” Lena said hoping that she was bringing some levity to the conversation.
He chuckled, “Yeah.
I guess you can say that.
” “You don’t seem that way at all now,” she said.
“Hope so.
Construction work helps.
pounding things to make something,” he replied.
Thinking for a moment, he continued, “You know.
I think I actually did learn a few things in the program.
Not just how to control myself but how to read other people.
To study them.
” Lena smiled thoughtfully.
She said, “You seem like a person who can focus.
” He looked at her briefly.
When he turned back to the road, he still had her face in his mind.
He replied, “I can be very focused.
It’s the best way to get what you want.
” They continued their easy conversation.
Eventually the topic of Lena’s schoolwork came up but she quickly decided that it was too boring a conversation and that’s what led them to the ‘Name Game’.
Now Marko was focused intently on the road.
They were going slower and slower.
Finally he hit the brakes; the van came to a complete stop.
“Uh oh,” he said peering out through the wet mess of the windshield.
Lena sat up and also squinted through the glass.
“What is it?” His hands on the wheel, he lifted a finger and pointed outside.
“How deep do you think that is?” They stared at a dark pool of water that covered a ten meter stretch of road.
Lena said, “Maybe it’s just a shallow dip.
” “Maybe.
” Marko rubbed his teeth against each other then leaned back and said, “Go through or go back? Your choice.
” That was the second time tonight he had said that.
Her first decision led them to driving in this storm when they probably shouldn’t have.
Still, she couldn’t bring herself to drive all the way back to that cottage.
She shook her leg rapidly as she thought then said, “I think we can go through.
” Marko revved the engine.
“Warp speed, Mr.
Scott,” he said, with an apprehensive tilt of his head.
Time to see what “Starship: Love Machine” was made of.
*** An hour prior to “Now”.
“Get in! Get in!” Lena called to Marko as she pushed open the van’s driver door.
He was soaked; she was drenched, as well.
For the last half-hour the two of them struggled to push the van back from the sink hole which had stalled the engine.
When the van still wouldn’t start, Marko had gone out to check the engine.
“Well?” Lena asked, anxious.
“I don’t know,” Marko answered turning the ignition key.
“I cleared some of the twigs and branches but I’m sure the engine is flooded.
” He cranked the key.
“Sorry,” Lena spoke, dejected.
It had been her choice.
“Ah don’t worry about it,” Marko answered.
He turned to her and smiled, “I think we’ll survive the night.
” The fact that he was able to smile did wonders for her.
Her mood lightened.
They had managed to clear the van from the road, though they doubted anyone would be coming by anytime soon.
They checked their cell-phones but couldn’t get a signal.
There wasn’t much else to do.
Lena shivered.
Marko knew he would be joining her soon with the shakes.
They had to get dry.
“I think I have a towel,” he said.
He slipped between the chairs to the back of the van and dug out a beach towel from his bag.
He crouched behind the chairs and handed it to Lena.
“Don’t you need it?” she asked.
“I’ve got a change of clothes.
unlike somebody I know,” he quipped.
“Yes, yes, thanks for reminding me,” Lena replied.
She patted down her face; the towel smelled of him.
“We can burn your books for warmth,” he joked.
She snapped back, “Don’t you dare!” She coughed.
“You might want to take off your sweater,” he said.
She turned and looked at him peeking from between the chairs.
She cocked an eyebrow.
“Hey, not being a pervert!” he said rolling his eyes.
“Just being careful so you won’t catch cold.
You don’t have to take off your underwear.
Wrap the towel around you.
I won’t look.
I’m going to be busy changing my clothes back here.
” With that, he moved away from the chairs and went to his bag.
Lena listened to him fumble with his clothes.
She put the towel on her lap.
Then she reached for the bottom of her sweater.
She lifted it slightly, stopping at her belly and listened to him still moving around in the back.
Satisfied, she lifted it over her head.
Her yellow, strapless bra stayed on but she patted it down with the towel a bit before wrapping it around herself.
Lena lowered her sun-blind and found a mirror.
As she fixed her hair she caught the reflection of Marko removing his shirt in the dark rear area.
It immediately drew her attention.
He had a lean body with long, toned muscles, probably from construction work.
His skin was tanned from spending his days in the sun.
She couldn’t help but look but when she heard him snap open his fly, she pulled herself away from the show.
After a minute, he settled down and called from the back, “You want to join me back here? Might be more comfortable.
” She hesitated but then stood up and slipped between the chairs.
She sat across from him in the corner behind the passenger chair.
It was dark.
For some reason the floor was unexpectedly soft.
She squinted when a small, soft light appeared in front of her, behind Marko’s head.
He had found one of the battery operated dome lights Kirk had attached to the van’s walls.
“There’s another light behind your head,” he remarked.
Lena looked behind and pressed a round dome.
Even with the lights, it was still kind of dim but Lena could now see Marko better.
He had changed into a basketball shirt and some track pants.
Then she scanned the van.
“Oh, wow,” she whistled, “I think I’ve heard about these things but never thought I’d be in one.
” “Starship Love Machine” lived up to its name.
Shaggy red carpeting not only stretched across the floor, it went up the wall and onto the ceiling.
It was as if they were inside the guts of a teddy bear.
There must have been some thick foam padding underneath.
Jelly bean cushions and pillows were tossed around.
Some Christmas lights were strewn around the interior and posters of things like sunsets and beaches on the walls.
The final touch was the full-length body mirror Kirk had somehow managed to hang from the ceiling.
“You’ve got to be kidding me,” she chuckled staring at her reflection in the ceiling.
Marko grimaced and shook his head knowingly.
“Well, like I said, Kirk also needed to find new ways to express himself.
” “Does this stuff actually work for him?” He shrugged.
“I guess you’d be surprised.
” “Please,” Lena begged, closing her eyes and waving her hand, “Please spare me!” They laughed.
Then Marko got on his knees and turned towards the corner rear of the van.
He lifted up the carpet and the padding.
Lena craned her neck to see what he was doing.
“Ah, good old Kirk,” he said.
Then he turned around holding two cans of beer and half a bottle of whiskey.
Lena’s eyes widened.
“So who says they get to have all the fun?” Marko said, “Name your poison.
” She grinned but shook her head slowly.
“Come on, Lena,” he urged her, “It’ll warm you up a bit.
” She paused then sighed, “Alright, alright.
but just the beer.
” He popped a can open then handed it to her.
Lena clutched the towel closely to her body as she reached for it.
Marko opened a can for himself and then raised it to her.
“To good decisions,” he toasted, Lena winced.
“Okay already! I’m sorry that we’re stuck out here!” Marko looked confused and said, “I’m talking about the beer.
” “Ah.
” She understood.
He took a long sip as Lena watched and then breathed out a satisfying, “Ahh!” She raised her can to her lips, paused, and then took a couple of sips.
“Besides,” Marko said, “I don’t think your decisions were so bad.
Not many nights I get stuck in a van with such a lovely woman.
” Lena swallowed hard on her last sip.
She restrained a cough and looked up at Marko.
“Uh, what?” she eked.
“Just saying I’m having a nice time being with you Lena,” he pointed out.
She looked away uncertain if it made her feel good or uneasy to hear him say that.
She realized every time she had been with him that day, he had made her feel good.
not simply just “warm fuzzies”, but deep, deep down good.
Maybe it was the beer but her heart was beating a little faster now.
Suddenly she was aware of how quiet she had become.
She should probably say something.
She thought quickly, “Well, it’s nice being stuck in a van with you too.
” Again he raised his can in a toast and then polished it off with four big gulps.
She gazed at him and then the can of beer in her hands.
After she exhaled, she raised it to her lips and then knocked it back.
Marko watched her swallow.
It took her more than four gulps and soon it overflowed in her mouth.
It spilled out from the corner of her lips, trickled down her chin and neck.
Still, she didn’t lower the can until it was completely empty.
“Ack!” she gasped with a smile as she looked at the beer that had dribbled down her body.
She didn’t know why she had felt compelled to chug the beer.
The towel was wide open now.
Marko enjoyed a clear view of the tops of her bosom peeking out from her bra and her attractive belly.
Lena quickly realized that she was exposed as well, and immediately pulled the towel tight around herself, dropping the can.
Her face flushed red.
“Impressive,” Marko said.
Lena slowly looked up at him, an uncertain expression on her face.
“I’m still talking about the beer,” he added.
She couldn’t think of anything to say.
She concentrated on controlling her impulses because they seemed to be constantly getting her into deeper trouble.
Marko unscrewed the cap of the whiskey and took a swig.
He grimaced as the liquid surged down his throat.
He held the bottle out to her.
This time she shook her head with certain decisiveness.
The pungent smell of the alcohol lingered in the air.
They both were beginning to feel warm from the beers and whiskey.
Lena fidgeted, trying to shake out the butterflies beginning to flutter in her stomach.
They settled down in the van.
He tossed a couple of cushions to her and they each made a little nest on opposite sides of the floor.
Marko continued to sip the bottle as they sat in what seemed to Lena was an uncomfortable silence.
They listened to the rain thump heavily outside.
She looked up immediately when Marko suddenly asked, “So.
why didn’t you get your bag?” Lena dropped her head and remarked, “I don’t want to say.
” “Okay,” he said.
Then he just sat back.
He wasn’t going to ask anything else.
The silence bothered her, so did the sound of the unrelenting rain.
Finally she sighed and, looking at the floor, said, “Donna and her ex-boyfriend were in the room where my bag was.
I didn’t want to go get it.
” Marko sniffed and asked, “What were they doing?” Lena looked at him, frowning, and said, “What do you think they were doing?” He spoke matter-of-factly.
“I think they were screwing.
What I want to know is what exactly they were doing to set you off.
” She looked bothered.
“What do you mean?” “I mean,” he continued, “Yeah, seeing them screwing may have been a surprise but were they doing anything in particular that made you so upset?” She glared at him.
She had no idea what he was getting at.
Thinking about it for a long time, she shook her head then snapped, “The whole reason I came up here was to console her because Tobin –supposedly the biggest bastard in the world according to her– dumped her a week ago.
So I go to that hell hole of a cottage to be with her.
He comes up, I have to mediate between the two of them and she still wants to talk with him alone, anyway.
And then what do I find when I go to get her? I find Donna in the bedroom on her knees giving him a blow job!” “Ah!” Marko said.
Lena shrugged.
“What ‘ah’? What does that mean?” “So she was sucking on his dick.
That’s what you saw,” he replied.
Hearing the stark description, she leaned back and held her breath.
Her face was red, she knew it.
Then she lowered her voice and spoke, “What difference does it make what they were doing?” “It seems to make a difference to you,” Marko insisted, “You seem really bothered by it.
” The image was vivid in her mind: Donna topless, her head bobbing frantically back and forth, looking up eagerly at Tobin as he stroked her hair like a pet.
The bastard had a huge satisfied grin on his face as well.
Lena spoke softly, trying to make Marko understand, “She was on her knees.
And all he did was stand over her, zip open his pants and shove his.
shove his cock in her face.
This guy dumped her a week ago.
Now he was grinning like a master over a slave.
” Marko nodded in silence.
Lena sank down into her cushions.
She felt miserable.
“What is it with guys? Is that really what they want? Do they really get off on that? A girl kneeling down in front of them, sucking them off?” Marko had a long contemplative pause.
“Well yeah,” he finally said.
She looked at him.
Disappointment filled her heart.
“Most guys I know would say that they like that,” he said, measuring his words, “I’d say it feels good.
” She was surprised how much a kick to the gut it felt like, how much it aggravated her to hear him say that.
She squinted her eyes and sneered, “So you want a girl on her knees in front of you?” Marko shook his head.
“They don’t have to be on their knees.
” Lena clicked her tongue.
She looked away fuming.
“Lena,” he said, “What I meant was whatever the woman wants to do always feels good.
” Her eyes shifted.
She listened carefully.
“If she wants to suck his cock, great.
Hell yeah, it feels really great,” he continued, “But that’s what sex is supposed to do, isn’t it? Oral or otherwise.
” Lena’s frustration subsided somewhat.
There was nothing lurid or tawdry in his words.
He seemed to be speaking honestly.
She tried to speak just as calmly, “The point is, Donna should never have ended up that way.
She had just broken up with the guy, for God’s sake!” “The point is,” Marko retorted, “Donna’s a grown woman who made a choice.
Was she kicking and screaming?” Lena rolled her eyes towards the mirror on the ceiling.
No, Donna’s mouth was too full to mount much of a protest.
“Also, it goes both ways,” Marko added.
Now she looked at him again, puzzled.
“I imagine that women enjoy it, too.
” Lena expression was blank, her mind turning.
He spoke so freaking frankly.
She knew what he was presuming, damn him.
He probably thought she was a prude.
“I don’t think you’re a prude, by the way,” Marko said.
Lena blinked, startled.
Maybe he could read minds.
He shrugged.
“You’ve probably had a lot of experience.
” Sucking her upper lip into her mouth and rubbing it anxiously with her teeth, she looked away.
She couldn’t help herself.
She couldn’t look directly at Marko.
“What about you?” she asked, still looking aside, “You’ve had a lot experience to know this, I suppose?” A crooked grin angled on Marko’s lips.
“Yeah, well as I said before about learning to control my behavior,” he said, “I needed outlets.
” Lena sniffed indignantly.
“Nah,” he continued, “I’ve had my share, sure.
But I’ve learned to appreciate it.
” “Appreciate what?” “Appreciate a beautiful woman,” he replied.
Forgetting herself, Lena turned and looked at him once more.
She saw Marko reclined comfortably against the side of the van, gazing at her.
It was too late when she realized that those magnetic, twinkling eyes of his had captured her.
She sensed that he wasn’t going to let go.
Marko’s smile deepened.
He went on, “Appreciate a beautiful woman’s talents when she’s aroused; appreciate her touch and efforts when she’s driven and passionate.
” Lena stared at him, her eyes seized by his gaze.
“Have you been fully appreciated, Lena?” She had to remind herself to breathe.
Again he shot from the hip and only said what he felt he needed to day.
So he leaned back and took another sip from the bottle.
He watched her as he did so.
Again it was all in her eyes, her beautiful, small dark eyes.
He listened to her clear her throat but she remained speechless.
Since she really had nothing to say he spoke, “That’s be unfortunate if you weren’t.
” Lena frowned as his words drifted into her ears like a warm whisper.
“You deserve to be appreciated Lena.
” She smirked.
“I’m not kidding,” Mark said.
He sat up a bit, leaning forward, “Do you know what I thought when I first saw you today?” “Uh-huh,” she snickered, “You thought what a beauty! What a goddess! She’s the most beautiful woman in the world! I’d love to just appreciate her all over!” He brushed aside her sarcasm and said, “I was wondering what you looked like when you smiled.
Because you seemed so upset.
And then –what do you know– you finally did.
” The snarky feeling inside her faded away.
“That’s when I thought you were beautiful,” he continued, embellishing his voice with a smoky rasp, “So sweet.
So attractive.
And I thought about how great it felt to make you laugh and to make you feel good.
” It didn’t escape Lena about how he had been the best part of her day, the best part of a long period of time now.
She wasn’t sure why.
They had just talked for a bit.
They were still practically strangers.
Still he had cajoled honest laughs and smiles from her the entire time and, amazingly, helped her forget how miserable she had been feeling.
His voice dropped even lower, silkier, “And all I could think about from that moment was just how much I wanted to make you feel good, really, really good.
” Lena knew where this was going.
She looked deep into his hazel eyes, into his thoughts, and she saw herself.
Marko’s jaw was set, his voice assured and resolved.
He had read the signals she had sent to him throughout the day and now he was going to see how far he could take them.
Lena was determined to stay in control.
It was still her choice.
“I…” she hesitated, measuring her words, “I’m not going to sleep with you.
” Marko’s expression darkened with intent and resolve.
“I wasn’t thinking of getting any sleep tonight,” he replied.
That was the boldest thing he had said during their entire conversation.
It quickened her pulse and widened her eyes.
There was no lightness in his tone.
He was serious and that unnerved her; shook her to her core.
She tried to recall what she was thinking when she had first saw him earlier that day as he stepped out of the van.
It couldn’t have been that she could possibly end up with him, alone, in an extremely compromising position.
She searched deeper and found she couldn’t think of anything except the here and now.
She was here with a man she had been quickly developing an attraction for and he knew it.
Now that man was going to test how strong that attraction actually was.
Lena and Marko sat across from each other for an apparent eternity.
The patter of water drops rained down on the van.
“I wish it would stop raining,” she whispered.
No she didn’t.
After a long, drawn out moment of silence, Marko decided to make a move.
He cocked his head and said, “So?” The storm outside raged, drumming the roof of the van with intense, relentless sheets of rain.
The storm inside the van had just begun… *** Now… “Can-can we turn off the lights?” Lena asked breathless.
Marko shook his head slowly.
His face was so close to hers.
then what about the radio?” Again he shook his head.
So close.
Her head had pushed up against the back of the seat.
She couldn’t move any further.
“Wh-what if somebody drives by?” she said.
She couldn’t even convince herself of that.
Marko smiled.
Perhaps she was attempting to delay things, but she was saying everything except “no”.
He had caressed his hand up along the length of her leg until it had slid under the leg of shorts.
Now his fingers were just on the verge of slipping underneath her panties.
“Go through or go back? Your choice,” he had said.
Now he was just waiting for her to decide.
Lena could hear her heart, feel it pounding in her throat like some drumming proclamation.
His eyes matched the movement of hers; she couldn’t escape his gaze.
It struck a spark deep within her.
As his large rough hand gently squeezed her upper thigh beneath her shorts, her lips parted slightly expelling a whispering gasp.
As they continued to watch each other in silence, Marko suddenly felt her hand wrap around his wrist, clutching it tightly.
He froze as she held onto it for a long moment.
Then he felt her slowly pull his hand from under her shorts and lift it off of her leg.
Marko squinted at her.
Her eyes still unmoving, she continued to hold onto his hand.
Her brows pinched inward, an unexpected look of resolve phasing upon her face.
She inhaled deeply.
With her free hand she reached down and undid the string of her shorts, loosening them at her waist, shifting nervously as she did.
A fine-line smile appeared on Marko’s face.
He let her take his hand and deftly place his palm against her belly and then, her hand on top of his, push it down and under the waistband of her shorts and beneath her panties.
A ticklish charge bristled through Lena at the first touch of his fingers.
She swallowed audibly, unsteadily, but didn’t take her eyes off of his for one second.
Marko’s fingers brushed the trimmed, kinky tuft of hair beneath her panties.
In the muted hush of the van, he eased through her hairs until he found the line of her slit.
He rubbed it gently with his finger-tips.
With his first strokes, Lena’s eyes rolled upward and her head tilted backward for a quick second.
She chewed provocatively on her upper lip.
When she lowered her chin again, Marko moved forward and kissed her.
He just pressed his lips against hers for a few seconds before moving back.
Her soft red lips were trembling but still slightly parted.
His fingers continued to stroke her below.
Lena felt her gut twitch.
A latent longing ached up her throat, escaping as soft groans.
They kissed again, soft pecks giving way to full-lips locking over one another.
Lena realized that his lips might be the only soft part of Marko she would experience tonight.
He probed his fingers deeper, gently parting the soft line of her snatch.
Online Now! Lush Cams scintillante His thumbed rolled tenderly, exposing her sensitive clit.
Lena moaned softly into his mouth.
She leaned forward as they continued to kiss, running her hands through his wet hair.
He continued to finger her lightly and she moaned louder.
As her mouth opened wider, her tongue slipped out.
Feeling her tongue on his lips, Marko stretched his out towards hers.
Their kisses grew more passionate, noisier, and hungrier; lips folded over each other, tongues entwined and lashed.
He continued to run the length of his middle finger along her slit, pressing further, pushing her moist petals apart.
Lena’s belly trembled, her breaths quick and shuddering.
One of her hands pulled away from his head and went downward.
It joined his under the waistband of her panties, stretching out the fine material, and she matched his steady movements.
She groaned again as he continued to stroke her, making love to her with his stiff fingers.
Pulling back from his kiss, she gazed at him, her eyes shifting, nervous.
Her lips were wet and slick from their saliva.
She gasped then said to him with a shuddering sigh, “Go through.
” She pressed his hand and fingers against her crotch.
As they continued to kiss, Marko angled his finger and slowly pushed it into her.
“Ah-ahn,” Lena’s voice cracked as she groaned, feeling his finger slide into her with a confident thrust.
Electricity surged through her spine even with his finger easing just an inch into her tight snatch.
Marko wiggled and hooked his finger as it nestled in further, touching her deep inside, eliciting another wanton tremble from Lena.
With his palm pressed up against her crotch, he indulged in her warmth and softness from the outside and within.
Lena breathed hard into his mouth before pulling away from his face.
She felt flushed, felt the glow in her cheeks and upon her neck.
It felt so good inside.
She embraced him tightly, hitching against his body, gasping her pleasure into his ears.
Marko swept back her silky lengths of black hair and covered her neck and face with moist kisses and licks.
His free hand slid around to her back.
It took him only a moment to undo the clasp of her bra with a gentle “snap”.
Lena felt it fall away from her breasts.
She didn’t flinch.
Marko leaned back to have a clear look at her bare breasts; small gentle slopes adorned with dark, perfectly-placed nipples.
He lowered his head down to have a taste.
As she felt his warm, wet lips wrap around her nipple, Lena lowered her cheek against the back of his head, rubbing it against his hair.
Her gasps quickened and sharpened, the sultry sensations of Marko’s fingers and lips working her body up to tingling perfection.
His finger curled in deeper and moved up and down, in and out a bit faster.
His thumb stroked her clit with vigor.
His tongue circled and flicked her stiffening nipple then he inhaled it, sucking it hard into his mouth, the pressure sending a rippling thrill through Lena, leaving it slick and shiny with his saliva when it escaped.
Lena’s moans mingled with the sounds of Marko’s licks and sucks; they filled the small area of the van.
She was acutely aware of them –stark and lustful– and, for a moment, she really wished that they had turned on the radio first.
Quickly however, Marko’s efforts exorcised that distracting thought from her head.
“Mmm,” he hummed as he sucked on her other breast.
His finger slid in and out of her faster and faster, emerging glistening and glossy.
“M-Marko,” Lena gasped.
Deep within, he smiled.
He enjoyed the sound of her yearning voice calling his name.
He was determined to make her feel good enough to say it many more times before they were through.
He pulled his finger out and withdrew his hand from under her panties, not without some resistance from Lena.
He raised her chin up with a light touch of his fingers.
Her face was eager for him, anticipating his next move.
He knew how she felt.
They shared a long and languid kiss.
Then he leaned back slightly and said, “Lie down.
” Lena slid down onto the soft carpet.
She watched as Marko reached for her shorts and panties.
As he slid her garments down her slender legs, she shifted her hips seductively.
She never could have believed that she would feel so sexy, so aroused inside an old van with a veritable stranger.
Yet she was alive with an almost euphoric thrill so intense it both scared her and filled her with a heady, burning desire.
Marko clutched her panties and shorts in a fist, as he paused to admire her sexy nude shape — seductive shadows along her smooth curves.
He too felt the burgeoning pangs within, his crotch tingling as his cock throbbed to life, striving for release.
As Lena lay naked on the carpet, she watched as Marko pulled his basketball shirt off.
With a better view now than she had when she watched him change in the mirror’s reflection, she didn’t hide her look of admiration.
She sexed his long-muscled, svelte body with her eyes glimpsing the large tattoo of a coyote on his left pectoral.
“My birth animal,” he declared with a proud tap of his chest.
Marko lay down beside her, his face at her crotch.
He slid up to her pretty snatch, her pubic hair attractively trimmed like an arrow head.
Lena looked down at him as he moved closer.
Instinctively, she angled her left leg up as his face moved between her thighs.
Her breaths quickened feeling his hot breath on her quim.
As his fingers moved in again, playing with her snatch, her hips swayed and squirmed at his touch.
“Uhh!” Lena gasped suddenly, inhaling sharply.
Her eyes rolled up and her head dropped down on her outstretched arm as she felt his slick tongue drag steadily up and down her slit.
Marko’s deft fingers spread her tender labia apart, clearing his way to nip and nibble on her clit, sucking on the soft hood with his lips.
Within moments, his finger burrowed deep into her,



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