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Latest stories Straight Sex A Night To Remember- Part 1

Chelsea sat alone at a booth in the far corner of the bar, her bellini sitting neglected before her.
A bellini was usually her drink of choice but tonight she didn’t feel like drinking.
An hour ago Chelsea had arrived home to find her fiancé Andy in bed with their next-door neighbor.
She felt hurt and rejected and could not for the life of her think of what she had done to send him running in the other direction.
Checking her phone she saw that she had six text messages and four missed calls, all from Andy.
Chelsea sighed and went through the motion of sipping her drink.
She surveyed the room.
She absentmindedly fiddled with the finger her engagement ring had been on; Chelsea had left the apartment in such a rush but not before she had removed the ring from her finger and put it on the counter.
After she had left Chelsea drove for a while until she found herself here; it was the bar that Andy had taken Chelsea to on their first date.
Nothing had changed.
The bar was an island in the center of the room and was home to an impressive liquor collection.
The bar tops were a dark marble with a dark oak trim which sat upon a half-wall of mirrors.
The tabletops in the booths, which lined the wall, were made of the same marble with oak trim.
Between the bar and the booths was a hardwood dance floor, which was now filling with people.
Viewing the bar she realized that while the furnishings were odd and somewhat random it worked for the place.
All of sudden Chelsea realized that she had sipped her drink dry.
She headed to the bar for a new drink, deciding on a tequila shot and an apple martini.
After she ordered she turned around and ran straight into a wall.
Quickly recovering she looked up and realized that it was in fact not a wall, but Andy’s good friend Dillon.
“Dillon, oh my gosh! How are you?” she asked.
“I am so sorry I ran into you, I have had a long day.
” “Chelsea? Wow you look great, don’t worry about it.
Is Andy here with you?” Dillon replied.
“No, I am here by myself.
Andy and I are actually no longer together, it’s recent.
” Chelsea was reluctant to inform Dillon of the whole story because he was a good friend of Andy’s but she was also dying to talk to someone about it.
“Oh my God Chelsea I am so sorry.
What happened?” That was all it took.
They made their way over to Chelsea’s booth and sat down.
The bartender brought over her drinks and Chelsea downed the tequila shot immediately.
She gasped as it burned down her throat and then she proceeded to tell him the whole story.
Dillon sat and listened without saying a thing until she finished talking.
“Wow, Dillon, I am so sorry I unloaded onto you.
I know you guys are friends and the last thing I want is to alter your opinion of him,” she said even though she was thinking inside, but he is a total fucking asshole.
“Chelsea to be honest with you I think that Andy has just made the biggest mistake of his life.
I think that you are a wonderful, incredible, beautiful, sexy woman and if he can’t see that, there is something seriously wrong with him,” Dillon said.
Chelsea chuckled in response.
Hearing what he said made her feel a little better.
When she looked up she found Dillon watching her intently.
She had always noticed his good looks; he was tall and strong with chocolate brown hair and eyes to match.
His skin was a shade or two darker then hers.
She suspected that he had a European background.
“Do you want to dance?” he asked.
“It will take your mind off everything.
” Chelsea reluctantly agreed and Dillon took her hand and led her onto the dance floor.
The dance floor was filled with people, providing a wonderful uplifting atmosphere.
Chelsea wrapped her arms around Dillon’s neck as he wrapped his around her waist.
She had on the perfect outfit for dancing; working as a waitress she was wearing a sexy form fitting black dress and a pair of small heels.
As they started to sway to the music Dillon pulled her in close so that they were body-to-body and whispered in her ear, “I always thought you were so beautiful.
” Before she had a chance to respond he spun her around so that they were both facing the same way.
As they danced he pulled her tighter and tighter against him.
Chelsea could feel a lump start to grow in his jeans, right against her ass.
Chelsea was trying her hardest to ignore the tingling in her pussy.
She had always felt that her and Dillon had always had undeniable chemistry but she knew that wanting him was wrong, especially now; she had just found out that Andy was cheating on her.
She knew that Dillon would never try anything without knowing that she was okay with it and she couldn’t help thinking to herself but if it is wrong why does it feel so good? In that moment Chelsea decided to give herself over to Dillon.
She slowly started to grind her ass onto his growing bulge to alert Dillon that she accepted his offering, which was now very stiff.
Online Now! Lush Cams AnikaSand One of his hands slid from her waist, up her left arm to her shoulder.
He gently lifted away her long blonde hair from her neck.
The feeling of his hot breath on the nape of her neck sent chills down her back despite the warm temperature in the room.
She felt him lower his face and plant a soft kiss where the neck meets the shoulder.
Chelsea groaned involuntarily.
The noise in the room prevented anyone else from hearing it but she could tell from the way that Dillon started rubbing his cock on her ass that he heard it.
Chelsea could feel a little moisture run down her leg.
Dancing with Dillon had made her so horny that she was ready to fuck him right here on the dance floor.
However, she wasn’t quite ready for that yet.
She knew that Dillon was getting desperate by the way he was grinding her and while she wanted him in her she also got lots of enjoyment from keeping her partner waiting until they were begging for it.
Chelsea and Dillon continued to dance, their bodies molded together as one.
Dillon lowered his mouth to her ear lobe and sucked gently, causing Chelsea to moan and lean her head back against his shoulder.
He then sneakily started to move his hands down her body, stopping briefly to massage her boobs.
When he reached the hem of her short dress he trailed his fingers against her skin, making her shiver.
Dillon then reached up the hem of her dress and hooked his thumbs around the waistband of her thong and began to pull them off.
“Wait what are you doing?” she asked, holding his arms to prevent him from proceeding.
“We are going to get caught! ” “It’s ok, there are too many people here for anyone to notice,” Dillon replied.
Chelsea looked around and figured he was right so she let go of his arms, allowing him to continue.
Dillon skillfully pulled down the thong and Chelsea daintily stopped out of it.
He grabbed it off the dance floor and stuffed it into his pocket.
Chelsea looked around to see if anyone had seen but as far as she could tell no one had.
Dillon pulled Chelsea back to him so they could continue dancing.
Chelsea felt him separate himself from her a little bit and undo his zipper.
Pulling her against himself, Dillon flipped up the hem of Chelsea’s dress and pulled his now bulging cock out of his briefs.
Chelsea separated her legs slightly and Dillon placed his member between her legs.
He slid it between her legs so that her puffy pussy could coat it in her wetness.
Chelsea gasped at how big it was.
Andy’s cock was only about half as large as Dillon’s.
Chelsea was so turned on by the thought of Dillon’s dick in her that she felt her pussy begin to quiver.
Dillon must have felt it too because he leaned in so he could put his mouth by her ear and said, “Ready?” Chelsea nodded.
“Fuck me now,” she whispered so that only he could hear her.
Dillon placed the head of his bulging cock at her entrance and slowly started to push inside of her.
Chelsea and Dillon moaned in unison; Chelsea because Dillon was huge and he was stretching her pussy; Dillon because Chelsea’s pussy was so tight and it made him want to cum.
Dillon continued to push inside until it could not go any further.
Chelsea was grateful that he had his arms wrapped around her because her knees were weak from the sensation of being completely full.
They continued to dance and as they did so Dillon’s cock moved in and out of her at a steady pace.
“You feel so good, you might make me cum soon,” Dillon whispered in her ear.
“Me too,” Chelsea whimpered back.
Her entire body was beginning to stiffen and she leaned into Dillon’s arms to support herself.
She started to grind her pussy harder onto him and she moaned; Chelsea could feel the orgasm start to grip her but because they were dancing to the rhythm of the music she couldn’t speed up the thrusting to make it hit her faster.
“Babe, I won’t last much longer, I need you to cum right now,” Dillon growled in her ear.
“Oh fuck.
” Hearing this was enough to send Chelsea over the edge.
Her entire body welcomed the orgasm as it hit her.
It was all she could do to not scream.
Instead she moaned into Dillon’s shoulder, nipping it a little bit.
“Oh fuck, here I cum,” groaned Dillon.
Chelsea felt him explode into her.
She could hear him quietly gasping behind her, trying to avoid bringing attention to them.
He left his still hard dick in her pussy while they both recovered.
Chelsea was able to feel his warm seed start to drip out of her and onto the floor.
She giggled and sighed and leaned back into Dillon’s strong arms.
They continued to dance like that until Dillon’s dick softened and he was able to comfortably zip his pants back up.
“What do you say we get out of here and go back to my place?” he asked.
“We can have some wine and watch a movie, maybe break out the scrabble.
” “That sounds perfect,” Chelsea replied.



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