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Darla looked out at the stars as he stood behind her.
Shewas in his arms and he kissed her neck softly.
The unmistakable feeling of his lust pressing against the firm cheeks of her ass, she melted into his strong embrace scarcely believing she had just met this dark stranger a few hours ago at twilight.
He’d been sitting there at the bar whilst she’d been out with her friends.
Styled hair of a deep, rich brown sat above the darkest eyes, high cheekbones and cool, pale, almost glowing skin.
He was wearing a short, worn leather jacket that showed off the tight ass under his jeans.
A white shirt that seemed almost gothic in appearance was undone enough to show the top of a smooth, muscled torso.
The man looked mysterious and powerful as he sat there nursing a neat scotch.
As she sat amongst her friends she watched him turn away several girls.
Turning to answer someone’s question she then looked back at him to find him staring straight at her…with a smile.
At 22 Darla was still in the full flush of her youth, even though she always seemed to feel tired.
She had fiery hair with a bit of a natural curl, but tonight it had been straightened and flowed like water past her shoulders.
Her eyes were a gentle blue that always brightened when she smiled and she had to admit that she had a very cute face.
She had a very good body too, years of cheerleading had kept her toned and in shape, her friends had always complemented her on her 32D chest as well.
All in all Darla was a very attractive woman, something the mysterious stranger at the bar hadn’t missed.
Her heart fluttered for a moment as she watched him stand and steadily walk towards her, prowling through the crowd until he was stood there by her booth.
The chatter of her friends died down as the tall, dark stranger offered his hand and nodded towards the dance floor silently.
Frozen, she sat there until she felt herself being pushed towards him by her friend.
‘’Go on, look at him, he’s gorgeous.
’’ She whispered.
Darla placed her hand in his, it was cool, smooth and strong as he lifted her to her feet and led her towards the dance floor under the pulsing beat of the music.
They had danced together under the dim lights of the club.
He held her close, his body pressed against hers as they were grinding with the rhythm of the music and the rhythm of their bodies.
Her skin tingled at his touch and her body hummed with a deep desire for him.
She felt his arms wrap around her waist and his lips met hers.
A tingle spread from her lips down to her toes, moaning softly she melted into his arms.
His lips dropped down to her neck and she closed her eyes as she felt him gently kissing the exposed flesh.
Her body shivered as she felt the scrape of his teeth against her skin…two long pointed teeth.
She froze and shuddered wondering what he was.
As he leaned back his eyes were black like coal and his smile revealed two long fangs…he was a vampire.
’’ He said.
‘’I’m Edward…what’s your name?’’ Half an hour later she was standing in his apartment looking out of the window at the stars.
Turning in his embrace to face him she reached up and kissed him, slowly undoing the buttons of his shirt to reveal his muscled chest.
His body was toned like a swimmer’s; Darla ran her hand down his chest until she was cupping the bulge growing inside his jeans gently.
He nibbled at her neck before slowly pulling off her top and letting it fall to the floor, his hands ran over the exposed skin of her back and he pulled her body close to his.
Her bra soon followed her shirt and his cool lips teased her stiffening nipples before he licked and suckled them slowly.
Darla grabbed the window ledge behind her and leant back against the cool glass, moaning softly as he caressed her breasts and made her moan softly into the night.
With a gentle bite on each nipple he then pulled away and placed his hands on her hips, his thumbs tucked into her jeans.
Biting her lip she watched as he stared hungrily at her exposed torso.
He kissed her once on the lips before moving to kiss her neck, her chest, her stomach as he slowly sank down onto his knees.
With a rough tug her jeans were pulled down to her ankles leaving her in nothing over than her red, lace panties.
They locked eyes as he slid his tongue over the material and she cooed softly as she felt her sex tingle.
The look of that fanged smile and his tongue so close to her intimate area made her entire body flush and her thighs spread a little wider ready for him to plunge his tongue into her.
She watched closely as he took the waistband of her panties between his teeth and pulled on it with a look of lust in his eyes.
She could feel his warm breath washing across her making her quiver.
Letting the elastic snap back into place he ran his hand slowly up her smooth left thigh and pulled the material aside exposing her glistening pussy.
Darla watched closely as his lips moved closer and closer to her wet labia, as his tongue slowly slid along her, her back arched pressing her shoulders against the window as she moaned under his tongue.
His tongue and lips felt cool as they wrapped around her clitoris, her moans forcing themselves out as she bit her bottom lip and started to breathe deeper.
Her toes curled as he sucked gently on her swollen button, his tongue swirling around it slowly before he took it firmly between his lips and hummed deeply making her squeal with delight.
Soon she felt a rough finger pressing against her dripping entrance, her muscles tightened as the thick digit opened her and slid deep inside.
With the cold glass of the window against her bare back and her knees shaking slightly Darla purred as her vampiric lover slowly fucked her tight pussy with his thick, supple finger.
She could feel those fanged teeth grazing against her clit as he licked her roughly; she grasped his hair and pulled him firmly onto herself as she ground her hips against his finger.
A second finger was pressed into her quivering sex and she gasped.
Bracing herself on his shoulders, Darla dug her nails into him and her breathing deepened as she suddenly felt her orgasm growing.
‘’Yes! Right there…keep your fingers inside me.
’’ She moaned.
Her thighs started to shake and her nipples tingled as pleasure washed over her body, she grasped onto the back of his head and held him pressed close as she rode the waves of pleasure coursing through her.
‘’OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH YES!’’ Her eyes rolled back in her head and she groaned with her thighs closed around his head as she came hard on his fingers.
Breathing deeply to steady herself she felt him standing and lifting her into his arms and the feel of satin sheets appeared beneath her as she was laid out on the bed.
The glow of her orgasm still throbbing through the depths of her body, she sighed and smiled quietly to herself.
Opening her eyes she saw him standing over her, his jeans laid forgotten on the floor and his toned, naked form seemed to almost glow in the moonlight.
Online Now! Lush Cams Drago_Pervert Her eyes drifted down to his large cock, it was the most beautiful one she had ever seen.
Smooth, thick, uncut and standing over eight inches, she could actually see it throbbing…and she wanted it! He climbed onto the bed and she wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him close.
They kissed again with passion; she ran her tongue around his fangs as she felt his engorged, pulsating flesh throbbing against her stomach.
Darla ran her hands down his strong, muscled back until she held his tight cheeks of his arse in her hands, she grasped them tightly and pulled his body closer increasing the pressure of his pulsing dick as it pressed against her.
She lifted her hips to grind against him and moaned into his ear.
‘’Please Edward…just stick that cock inside me.
I need to be fucked.
’’ With her legs spread around him Darla looked up and watched him place the swollen head of his cock against her dripping entrance, her back arched as he teased her hot clit with the tip of his swollen meat.
Suddenly her tight, wet pussy was stretched wide and his thick eight inches were slammed deep inside until their hips were smacking together.
‘’AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!’’ Her scream filled the room as he entered her.
She felt her hands being held above head as he pounded her hard.
He was like a wild beast thrusting into her, filling her and sinking in deep.
Her body shuddered with every thrust, her breasts bouncing freely with his hammering rhythm.
Gasping and moaning she clawed at the sheets and let the pleasure of being stretched wide open spread through every inch of her body.
His fangs scraped the skin of her neck and she whimpered and shook beneath him.
Releasing the grip around her wrists his hands slid down her body until he was holding her by the hips.
His cock was pulled from her tight pussy and she was lifted off of the bed as easily as if she was a doll.
He flipped her onto her stomach and pulled her up onto her knees before slamming himself back inside her again with a loud rumbling grunt.
His nails scraped down the cheeks of her firm ass as he pulled her onto his pulsating tool.
She arched her back and pushed down onto his throbbing cock, groaning as he sank deeper inside her than before.
She was biting her lip to keep from screaming as he stretched her wide and made her body twitch with delight.
His hips were slamming against her as he sank between her wet folds, he groaned as her hot, wet pussy gripped onto his hard meat.
She felt his hand caressing a cheek of her arse before it came crashing down to spank her firm flesh.
Darla let out a yelp as a mixture of pain and pleasure shot through her like a spark.
‘’Mmmmmmm yes!’’ She moaned ‘’Spank me harder…SPANK MY ARSE!!’’ His strong hand came down onto her firm buttocks with each thrust of this thick dick, waves of pleasure made her knees quake as her ass began to sting and glow red.
Her moans shook and wavered as he pounded her roughly, her arse pushed high as she pushed her head down into the sheets and basked in the feeling of him filling her dripping pussy.
Edward wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her up so that she was pressed against his muscled torso and he kept slamming into her with a steady rhythm.
Strong hands ran up across her naked body.
His hands squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples hard as he fucked her slowly and brutally.
She heard his moans in her ear as he leant over her neck.
Those fanged teeth scraped down her neck as she felt his hard cock throbbing deep inside her and her entire body suddenly shuddered and spasmed.
Groaning as an orgasm suddenly thundered through her, her muscles tightened and gripped onto his hard tool as she moaned out loudly filling the room with the sounds of her lust.
His groans deepened as she came all over his pulsating dick.
As she shuddered he held her tight to his body and rolled them both over holding himself deep inside her until they were laid with her slumped on top of him, breathing hard and quivering from head to foot.
After giving her a few minutes to recover Edward was still hard and deep inside her.
She felt herself being lifted and moved until she was squatting over him and bracing herself by holding onto his muscled legs.
With just the engorged head of his thick member inside her Darla rolled her hips as felt it rolling inside her and his strong hands grasped firmly to her hips, supporting and holding her steady.
Their guttural groans filled the night as he held her hips and thrust his meaty pole up inside her.
With speed almost inhuman she was pounded and fucked harder than any mortal man could have achieved.
Her moans rolled out from her mouth in a constant stream as her quaking pussy was attacked by his hard cock.
His back arched as his hips were lifted, forcing himself deeper and deeper inside her.
Darla started to shiver and shake from this fierce fucking and her second orgasm exploded between her thighs.
She screamed so hard she went hoarse.
‘’OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH…HOLY FUCK!!!’’ She clamped down around the hard cock buried inside her and fell into his grip as her legs slammed shut around him and began to quake wildly.
Her chest heaved and she felt her head spinning as the feelings from her shuddering pussy shot through the rest of her body like lightning.
In the background he heard him shout out a moan and he thickened inside her.
His cock was pulled from inside her still twitching pussy as she was left on the bed with her head hanging over the side.
Her eyes were shut as she writhed in her pleasure and she felt the head of his cock pressed to her lips.
She took the head of his swollen member between her lips and groaned as she tasted her own cum.
His cock shuddered and she looked up at him to see his dark eyes and those fangs glinting as he came inside her mouth.
His hot seed washed over her tongue and she swallowed ever drop willingly as he emptied himself inside her.
The taste of his cum gave her another shudder and she moaned with his cock still between her lips as she gently sucked the last drops from his slowly softening length.
Darla released his cock from her mouth and sprawled out on the bed catching her breath in the afterglow of the greatest orgasm that she had ever had.
She felt his strong hands and muscled body sliding down against her as he lay next to her on the bed.
Looking up into the dark, glinting eyes of her demonic lover she raised her lips to his.
The kissed slowly and she knew that this creature of the night could give her what no normal man ever could.
This wouldn’t be the last time she was left panting in this vampire’s bed that was for sure.



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