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Latest stories Supernatural Three Pirates and a Mermaid

Today, Henry finally answered a great question that has preoccupied his mind ever since he took to the high seas as a young sailor-turn-pirate: exactly how do you have sex with a mermaid? Once he had captured her in an unbelievable stroke of luck, he excitedly turned his canoe towards the island, not the ship.
And away from the camp.
This was one booty he didn’t want to share with just anyone.
He unwrapped her from his net and watched in awe as she brushed her fiery orange hair from her lovely, pointy-chinned face.
He marveled at those bright green eyes.
She was lifting herself up from the sand, eyeing him with mischievousness and playfulness.
He backed away, afraid she might turn demon and bite him.
She was crawling towards him.
He inched away, wondering if he made a mistake.
“Come,” she said, in a gentle voice, reaching towards him.
He stopped and watched her feminine fingers gesturing towards him.
Water was dripping from her hair and her skin as she dragged her tail on the sand.
“O beauty,” he cried out, hurrying to her.
“O magnificent creature,” he said.
“Come,” she said again, opening her arms to him.
“Aye,” he said, wrapping his arms around her as she turned to lie on her back.
“Kiss,” she ordered him.
” He took off his hat and threw it aside.
This was an angel, a gift from God Himself.
Better than those expensive French harlots.
Better than those sun-kissed Caribbean slave girls.
He kissed her inviting lips, licked her open mouth, sucked her slithering tongue.
And those breasts.
“O beautiful, sumptuous fruits,” he exclaimed.
She touched his clothes, trying to find out how to remove them.
He kissed her wet forehead and quickly took his clothes off.
He lay on top of her, his legs straddling her tail, his skin rubbing against her scales.
He held her tight, feeling her wonderful body against his, his face in her hair.
He lowered himself to kiss her wondrous breasts and her smooth navel.
Then he saw it.
A small slit right where her human form becomes the body of a fish.
He kissed it.
She cooed.
He licked it and watched her wriggle and sing and close her eyes.
He stuck his tongue in as far as the small slit and his small tongue could manage.
He could feel her fins slap against him.
He moved up again, holding his cock, and looked at her.
She nodded to him.
He massaged his human-size cock against the small slit of her pussy.
“Poke,” she said, staring into his confused face with those sweet, hypnotic, playful eyes.
He nodded.
“Poke,” she insisted.
It took some maneuvering but straddling her while bending forward seemed to do the trick.
She adjusted her tail as well.
From there, he could stick his dick straight down into the beautiful pink slit.
She closed her eyes and sang a high-pitched note as he sunk his cock into her.
“Fuck,” she said, when she opened her eyes again.
“What?” She kissed him and pulled him into her.
” It was so tight, but he could still thrust his cock deeper inside her.
The way she was moaning and humming, he figured he was doing it right.
In and out of her tiny slit, he pushed his cock.
When she lifted her fins and lowered her torso, he could slide further into her.
He held on to her wonderful breasts.
Then he wrapped his arms around her and pressed his cheek against hers.
“My love,” he whispered as he struggled to hold his balance.
“Love?” she said.
“Yes!” he replied.
She moved her pelvis a little which made his cock hurt.
“I taught you a word.
Say it again, sweet Mary, Mother, say it again.
Love!” “Love,” she said with a beaming smile.
“Love me,” he said.
He kissed and kissed her mouth, her face, her gills, her ears.
“Cock,” she whispered.
He stopped kissing her to look at her goddess face.
“Cock,” she said firmly.
“Oh,” he said, and continued burying his cock in and out of her.
She began cooing and purring again, then groaning.
Her sweet cooing voice mutated into a demonic growl which scared him a little.
He tried to move back, but she held him in place.
The voice softened.
He continued making love to her.
He rolled with her, smothered her with kisses, wrapped his legs around her, rubbed his cock against her, and basked in the beauty of her fantastic body.
He entered her again, easily, confidently, and lovingly.
He loved how she whimpered as he entered.
He held her head in his arms, her face in his neck, and whispered how much he loved her in his ear while penetrating her deeper, listening to her cute little cries.
The cries got deeper.
She growled again.
She was shaking.
“My love?” he said, trying to see her face.
Fangs! He screamed.
But she wasn’t biting him.
He tried to relax.
Her eyes were rolled back, her mouth open, her arms weakly around his neck.
He pulled out of her, watching a small splash of liquid burst from her little slit and spill onto his cock.
She closed her eyes and collapsed.
He held her in his arms.
Then he embraced her again.
He made himself comfortable on the sand with her.
He decided he’d never leave this island, that he’d never go back to the ship.
But then, “Ahoy,” said a familiar voice.
He cursed.
He and his mermaid looked up to see the figure emerging from the trees.
It was Cooper, Henry’s mate and his relief.
“Cap’n wonders where ye are, Henry,” Cooper said.
Then he saw the mermaid and held his head in his hands.
“Is that? Is it? A siren.
In the flesh!” “As it were,” Henry muttered.
“Shiver my shit!” Cooper cried out.
Henry continued holding the sweet mermaid.
“Can I?” Cooper said.
“May I?” “No, get back to work, bucko,” Henry said.
But the mermaid was reaching out for Cooper.
Her fingers were wiggling towards him.
“Come,” she said to him.
” “Gods bless me!” Cooper said as he started to take his clothes off.
Henry grunted as he sat back on his elbows.
Cooper ran to the mermaid and threw himself on the ground next to her.
With amazing strength, she threw him down on his back and threw herself on top of him, arms wrapped around his neck, mouth pecking at him with kisses, tail between his legs, fins flapping in the air.
After the kissing, the mermaid threw herself back on the sand and landed with her head between Henry’s legs that were spread wide.
He watched while stroking his cock.
She writhed on the ground, her flapping getting quicker and antsier, her delicate fingers clenched in a fist.
Cooper knelt next to her running his hands over her lower body.
“Poke,” the mermaid was saying, impatiently.
“Poke? Poke how?” Cooper was asking.
“I don’t see it!” “Poke,” she said angrily.
“I can’t!” Cooper complained frantically while he searched.
“I can’t find it!” “Idiot,” Henry muttered.
“Henry, help me,” Cooper called out to him.
“Right there,” Henry said angrily.
“Right where your hand is.
Just a little lower.
” Online Now! Lush Cams Sonya_Sun “This?” Cooper said, finding the little slit.
“Oh, my God, there it is! What do I do?” “Poke, ye lobcock,” Henry said.
Cooper couldn’t see how, and Henry wasn’t helping, so he contented himself with licking her there and fingering her.
She enjoyed that, too, as her cooing got louder.
“It’s so small!” Cooper said, poking her with one hand, massaging her breasts with the other.
He began trying to get his cock into her tiny slit.
When he finally managed to awkwardly penetrate her, he cried out, “Oh, mercy!” “Suck,” the mermaid was saying to Henry.
Henry looked confused.
“Suck,” she said again.
Then he saw she was grabbing at his cock.
He hurriedly knelt next to her head and held his cock to her.
She brought her lovely mouth to it.
She played with it in her hands, staring at it lovingly, like a new toy.
She nuzzled it and kissed it.
She gave it a hesitant lick to taste it.
Then she stroked it happily.
“God in heaven,” Henry gasped as she took his cock into her mouth.
Henry has had girls suck him off before but never with the incredible power this mermaid had.
His cock never felt so hard.
He was afraid she’d bite it off the way she enveloped all of it into her mouth.
He flinched when he felt the fangs.
But she looked up at him and smiled.
He buried his fingers through her flaming hair and watched the gills on the side of her face move.
He loved how cute and relaxed she was his hard cock in her sweet little mouth.
Her hand was curled next to his thigh and he took it, interlocking his fingers with her.
She was writhing in pure delight.
Cooper had gotten comfortable pumping in and out of her.
Henry was able to reach down and pinch the great pink nipples.
She trembled suddenly and squeaked a high-pitch sound.
She did it two more times, louder.
Cooper gasped three times and then groaned as he plucked his cock out of her, watching the cum shoot and drip onto her fish body and slide off.
She rolled over to continue sucking Henry.
He pulled out slowly.
She rolled onto her back.
He let his cum splash onto her breasts.
“Ooh!” she said, touching and then spreading the cum over her breasts and navel.
She wrapped her arms around Henry and settled into him.
Cooper laid his head on her fins.
They stayed there as the sun set, recovering from the supernatural sex they had just had.
Henry kissed her forehead.
“I don’t even know your name, my love.
” After a moment, the mermaid was looking towards the sea again.
“Home,” she said to Henry.
Henry looked to the sea sadly but understood.
He gently laid the mermaid on the ground as he began to get up and dress.
“Can we keep her?” Cooper asked.
“Impossible,” Henry replied, having already concluded how hard it’d be to hide her from the crew.
“Heave ho, Cooper.
” Cooper and Henry carried the mermaid down the beach towards the sea.
“What goes on here?” another voice boomed out.
The two pirates looked at each other and cursed.
It was Red, the Irish prick who bullied everyone, often challenged the captain, stole from fellow sailors, and had even been accused of murder.
“Home,” the mermaid said again.
“Avast, knaves,” Red said, menacing towards them.
Then he saw the fantastic creature and nearly fell.
“Blow me down! There be mermaids here?” “Step back, Red,” Henry said.
“No,” Red said, fascinated with the creature.
Then his face turned serious.
“Drop her, ye scurvy dogs.
” Cooper, afraid, lowered her tail to the sand.
Henry glared at him.
Then he saw the pistol and the cutlass in Red’s hands.
He lowered the mermaid.
She looked at them confused, then looked at Red and smiled.
“Water,” the mermaid said to them.
“How’s that?” Red asked.
“Water,” Henry said.
“She’s been out of the water too long.
” “What are ye, her mother?” “Her lover,” Henry said in all seriousness, to which Red laughed out loud.
Henry added: “I found her.
” “Well, ye’ll have to share this buxom love of yers with me and the crew, matey,” Red said.
“Water,” the mermaid said, her voice breaking.
Cooper tried to lift her up again, but Red shoved him aside.
He grabbed the suffering mermaid and rolled her onto her back.
His hand shot right to her slit, and he jammed his fingers into her.
She made a whimpering noise.
He pinched the small labia as her fins flapped desperately.
“Argh, but she’ll make a splendid dessert for the crew,” Red said.
“She needs the water now,” Henry said, fists clenched.
“Savvy?” Red pulled out his canteen and poured water onto the mermaid’s cringing face while staring at Henry.
He flung the canteen at him and laughed.
“Happy?” Red said.
“She needs the sea, Red,” Cooper said.
“That’s her problem,” Red replied, glaring into her eyes.
“But she can wet her pipe with me seed.
Just as salty as the sea, I guarantee.
” “Take her then, but now,” Henry said suddenly.
Both Red and Cooper looked at him confused.
Henry continued, “She won’t survive much longer.
Enjoy her now.
” Red looked at him, considered it and nodded.
He got up, dropped his weapons, and started taking off his trousers.
Cooper looked down at the mermaid who was gasping and starting to hold her parched throat.
He made a pained face and looked at Henry, who was staring at Red.
Just as Red had his trousers around his ankles, Henry pushed him to the ground and held him there.
“Take her, Cooper!” Cooper scooped the mermaid into his arms again and struggled to run down the beach to the water.
Red quickly overpowered Henry and tossed him aside.
He tried to run after Cooper but tripped over his trousers around his ankles and fell.
He kicked his trousers off and rose again.
With only his vest and his boots on, he ran down the beach after the two.
Henry caught up with him and tackled him to the ground.
Red wrestled with him, rolled him onto his belly and straddled him, burying his face into the wet sand.
“Want I should peg ye instead, laddie?” Red said, angry saliva dripping onto Henry’s neck.
Cooper was able to get the mermaid into the water, and she dove in.
With Henry trailing behind, Red ran towards the spot the mermaid had been dropped and looked around.
He couldn’t find her.
He turned back to the two sailors and glared at them.
“Aye, but we’ll find that fish-bitch, ye swabbers,” he said.
With an evil grin, he added: “But I need me harpoon! She’ll make a fine trophy—” Just then the mermaid reemerged from the water and grabbed the half-naked Red.
Red screamed as he fell backwards into the water.
The two struggled until she bit into his neck, squirting blood.
Henry and Cooper grabbed each other in fright.
They watched as Red’s body, his head, then his flailing hands thrashed and finally his last few bubbles disappeared into the water.
They looked at each other.
Henry shrugged.
“Some pirates just don’t know how to treat a lady.
” They laughed and shook hands.
They divided Red’s personal things between them before canoeing back to the ship to finish their chores and retell the tale.
As punishment for not helping Red, the two had to clean poop decks for weeks while the ship was docked there for repairs.
During that time, other men ventured out to find this notorious mermaid, but to Henry’s satisfaction, they never did.



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