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When I was seventeen and starting college, my parents managed to get their dream job.
Running a busy pub restaurant was a dream they’d had for as long as I could remember; now they jumped at the chance.
This, though, caused problems with the twins, my much younger brother and sister ,as my mother would not be able to collect them from school and care for them in the evening.
The twins were seven at the time so my mother employed a Nanny.
At first, that made me feel as though she didn’t trust me in the house on my own.
The Nanny was to collect the twins from school then cook us all dinner and ensure they got off to bed having showered and done their homework.
The Nanny could leave if I arrived home early.
But, at the time, I had an evening job to help pay for my courses so this wasn’t very often.
Otherwise, she waited until my parents got home before she could leave, which was normally around ten.
Nanny was a lady in her thirties, married with two children and needed to earn some extra money.
Lynn, as I will call her, was a pretty lady and only a few years younger than my mother.
She was medium build, blonde, and only about five feet four tall.
I really resented her at first but gradually came to like her.
I also spent quite a few evenings with her chatting after the twins had gone to bed.
During this time I found out that her husband was not very attentive toward her and he spent most evenings drinking, arriving home drunk most nights.
Lynn dressed very conservative at first, big jumpers and jeans hiding her body.
She relaxed when we got to know one another better and became friends.
I was at the age where I was discovering women’s bodies, reading lots of men’s magazines and having a wank reading the readers’ letters pages.
You see I had a thing about beautiful busty blondes and it was only later that I found out that Lynn had great tits.
She’d dressed to hide them at first.
As the weeks went by, Lynn relaxed around me and started to wear less frumpy clothing.
She swapped her jeans for skirts  – and they gradually got shorter week by week.
She discarded her jumpers for shirts or vests — and they did little to hide her large breasts.
Being a typical teen, I stared at her breasts at every opportunity and tried not to get caught.
But I was never very subtle and got caught on a regular basis, blushing when I knew I had been rumbled.
I felt Lynn was teasing me most of the time ,getting herself in positions where she knew I would get a view of her cleavage and sometimes even a hint of nipple.
Lynn never actually said anything but just gave me a knowing grin.
She seemed to love the attention.
It was probably after about three months that I really got caught out by Lynn.
I’d retired to my room to do some reading, leaving Lynn watching television.
I lay on my bed in just my boxer shorts, reading one of my new magazines, and I also had my headphones on, listening to music.
One of the models in the magazine reminded me of Lynn.
This model was very pretty and very buxom, so I grabbed my erect cock and started to stroke it.
I then turned to the reader’s letters and was reading through them feeling really horny and still stroking my cock when my door opened and in walked Lynn.
I did not hear her at first due to my headphones and only became aware of her when she was within a few feet of me.
I thought my world had ended.
I was convinced I had locked the door and the thought of our Nanny catching me wanking was so embarrassing.
Lynn looked really nice this summer’s evening, dressed in a very short mini, flat sandals, and a tiny vest top which covered her large tits.
She walked over to my bed and sat beside me, pulled off my headphones and, looking down at my cock sticking out of my boxers, said, ”Is that because of me or your dirty mags?” I mumbled an inaudible response as Lynn moved my hand aside and, with no resistance from me, grasped my cock.
I was very inexperienced with girls let alone older women.
My usual girlfriends were much less forward and, in any case, only a few of them had even touched my cock.
I was so embarrassed – and excited – that, within a few seconds of Lynn stroking my cock, I shot my load.
The first spurt narrowly missed Lynn’s face and ended up on the carpet.
The ones that followed landed on her arm and hand.
Lynn, obviously realising how embarrassed I was, wiped her hands and arms clean of my cum, then left the room without another word.
I lay back, totally satisfied and feeling incredibly lucky at what had just happened.
I knew my mates would never believe me if I told them I had been wanked off by a lady old enough to be my mother.
But this was not something I was going to share.
I was all cleaned up by the time my parents arrived home.
Much to my relief, Lynn had also left when I went downstairs .
I didn’t see much of Lynn over the next couple of weeks.
When I did, she acted as if nothing had ever happened and chatted as normal.
I was so hoping that she might do the same again — and night after night I lay on my bed naked in the hope she would come to see me.
Then, one night I arrived home early as Lynn was putting the twins to bed.
I showered, wrapped a towel around my waist, and retired to my room.
I’d noticed that Lynn was wearing a really nice short summer dress that buttoned up the front and her tits were almost falling out.
I lay on my bed, headphones on and reading my new men’s magazine, firstly checking out the stunning models before moving on to the readers’ letters.
I already had my free hand inside the towel and was stroking my cock when Lynn walked int.
She closed the door behind her as I removed my headphones and put them on my bedside table.
Lynn was already undoing the buttons on her dress as she neared me and, finally, dropped the dress onto the floor.
Lynn wore only a small pair of pants beneath her dress.
“You’ve wanted to see my tits for so long.
Are they what you expected?” I replied, “They’re beautiful.
” Her tits were not as firm without a bra tbut hey did not sag.
They were certainly bigger than any I had ever seen and had huge brown erect nipples.
Lynn joined me on the bed and ripped off my towel.
I was naked and proud, my cock really hard and long, and my embarrassment had gone.
Lynn sat astride my legs and grabbed my hands and placed them on her breasts, allowing me to caress them, and then she stroked my cock and cradled my balls.
Lynn said, “Have you ever had a blowjob?” “Yes a few.
” Lynn lowered her mouth over my cock, licked the head, then along the shaft — and that proved too much for me.
I shot my load straight into her face.
After the first steam hit her, she put my cock into her mouth and swallowed the remaining jets of hot cum.
I apologised for being so quick but I was just so excited and had never been with such a sexy lady before.
Lynn reassured me that it was perfectly normal and the next time would be much better.
Lynn removed her panties and lay on my bed.
She was much hairier than any woman I had seen in my magazines.
“While we’re waiting for your cock to recover, you can give me some pleasure,” she said.
“I trust you’ve licked a pussy before?” Online Now! Lush Cams NataliaVixen “Yes I have,” I said and went to work, licking and nibbling her pussy as she instructed me on the art of cunnilingus.
Lynn told me to slip a finger deep into her wet pussy as I licked her lips, bringing her to a very swift orgasm, something I hadn’t seen before.
My cock was now ready and so hard it was hurting, Lynn pushed me back onto the bed, lowered her pussy until my full length was inside her.
Lynn now made love to me at the pace she wanted and had another few massive orgasms before I shot my load deep into her as I caressed her swinging tits.
After she’d recovered from her last climax, Lynn collapsed on top of me and we lay in each other’s arms until my limp cock slipped from her soaking cum-filled pussy.
Lynn then realised the time.
She quickly washed and dressed before my parents arrived home and I did not see her again that night but I thought many more nights like that were to come.
The next day I received a text from Lynn telling me to be ready that night as she was bringing some toys with her and was going to teach me the art of lovemaking.
I messaged back asking if she was really sure about what we were doing as she was a married lady and I didn’t want to wreck her marriage.
She just responded, ‘That’s my problem not yours, so be ready for a great night of sex.
‘ I knew that it was my parents late night so I called off work and readied myself for Lynn.
When I got home from college I showered, shaved, and slipped on a pair of chino shorts and a polo shirt ready for Lynn to arrive.
When she arrived, I was quite disappointed as she wore a tatty pair of jeans and a sweat shirt.
I was expecting something special and sexy.
Lynn sorted the twin’s tea and readied them for bed.
They ate everything as usual then changed into their Pj’s and were off to bed and in no time at all they were in a deep sleep.
Lynn grabbed her bag and headed off to the bathroom.
Ten minutes later she emerged looking like one of the models I wank over.
Lynn was wearing all black — a black lacy negligee over a black push up bra that made her tits look massive;  black suspender belt holding up her black stockings with red seams; tiny black panties and black patent heels making her legs look so long and amazing.
My cock nearly exploded at the sight of her and she could sense that I was excited.
Lynn closed the door and pushed me back into my bed.
Dropping to her knees, she dragged my shorts down and took my cock in her mouth and sucked me off without a word between us.
After swallowing all my seed she stood and said, “Now we can start and you shouldn’t have any accidents.
” I simply replied, “Wow that was amazing.
” “Now I’m going to teach you how to seduce a real woman.
” With that she pulled off my shirt so I was naked.
My cock was already starting to recover just looking at her standing in my room looking amazing.
Lynn delved into her bag and withdrew a ladies razor, a set of trimmers, and shaving gel.
She removed her panties and instructed me to get a towel and lay it on my bed.
This I did  and Lynn handed me the trimmer and ,as she sat on the towel, told me I was to shave her pussy.
I knelt between her legs and could see her pussy juices glistening on her lips as I used the trimmer to remove the longer pubic hair.
When those hairs were gone, I spread some gel over her pubic area and carefully shaved her pussy until she was free from any hair and looking so hot.
 I wiped the rest of the gel from her pussy with a cloth before putting my head deep between her thighs, giving her a slight shock.
As I licked and nibbled her pussy, I ran my hands over her stocking clad legs, something I found incredibly erotic and sexy.
It brought my cock back to a full erection.
Lynn, by now, was lying back on my bed, moaning through a couple of quick orgasms.
She finally found it all too much and stopped me by squeezing my head between her legs.
I got to my feet and helped Lynn sit up.
As she did, I helped her out of her negligee and removed her bra, releasing those magnificent tits.
I returned to my knees and took each nipple in turn in my mouth, sucking gently and sensually.
While I sucked her tits she took my cock in her hand and stroked up and down my firm length.
Lynn then pulled me to my feet and slipped my cock between her breasts, giving me my first tit wank.
This was so amazing that I could not hold back and, for the second time in a matter of minutes,  I shot my load.
It went all over her neck and chin, dribbling down onto her massive tits.
Once I had finished, Lynn rubbed my juices into her tits then pulled my head back between them and told me to lick off all my seed which I did without question.
After cleaning up her tits, Lynn pushed me back onto the bed and told me she still needed to be fucked so I had better recover quickly.
Lynn straddled my face and forced me to lick her pussy again whilst she took my cock in her mouth hoping to bring him back to life.
Lynn had a further orgasm but could not get my cock to show any signs of life.
She climbed off me, reached into her bag and brought out a huge dildo.
Lynn applied some gel then slipped it deep into her pussy and turned on the vibrating head.
I watched in awe as Lynn had a massive orgasm sliding that enormous plastic cock in and out of her shaven pussy, building up the speed until she almost collapsed.
As she toyed herself, I sucked on her big tits making her stubby nipples stick out like bullets.
All this had the desired effect on my cock which was back at full mast and ready to go.
Lynn said, “Have you ever had anal sex.
” “No,” I replied.
With that, Lynn positioned herself on the edge of the bed on all fours,keeping the dildo buried deep in her pussy, and handed me some lube.
“Put some on your cock and smear some onto my ass.
”  I did as requested, “Now ease your cock slowly into my ass.
Be gentle and don’t shove too hard,” she said.
I butted my cock up against her ass then slowly and carefully entered her.
My knob end went past her ass muscle and she moaned either in pain of ecstasy.
now push all the way in, slowly and be gentle.
”  I went right up to my balls in a slow careful movement and stopped for a moment.
“Okay, now fuck me  gently,” she said Lynn turned her dildo back on and was fucking her own pussy as I fucked her ass.
She was so tight and that made my cock much more sensitive and I knew I would not last as long as I wanted.
Lynn could sense I was coming and demanded I cum in her ass.
Her dildo gave her a final orgasm and she collapsed face first on the bed, dragging me down on top of her with my cock still buried in her ass.
I continued to fuck and soon shot my third load of the night deep into her ass as instructed.
I waited until I was limp before I withdrew my cock and we just lay and cuddled for ages.
For the very first time our lips met and we kissed passionately.
The kissing went on for ages as did the cuddling until we realised that my parents were due home shortly.
We cleaned up and put all of her stuff away out of sight of my parents.
I’ve been fucking Lynn for months now and I have no interest in getting a girlfriend while I have this amazing hot lady ready to give me whatever I want, whenever I want it.



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