The Adventures of Karen: Our First Time (Conclusion) Straight Sex Latest Sex stories

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Latest stories Straight Sex The Adventures of Karen: Our First Time (Conclusion)

I could feel thepressure if her thighs against my ears, and if that wasn’t proof enough, her ragged breathing and ecstatic moans told me of her orgasm.
Her hands both full of my hair, she pulled me up from her moist cleft.
She thrust her hips against my face, saying, “Fuck me Grey! Fuck me now!” With a smile on my face and her essence on my nose and chin, I replied, “Not until I drink my fill from your cunt!”, and returned to my task of taking her over the edge once again.
With my mouth covering her hooded clit, my tongue rasping against the sensitive nub and my fingers plunging noisily and relentlessly in and out of her wetness, she gave up trying to pry my face from her quivering womanhood.
“Oh fuck! Oh yes! Oh God, don’t stop! Oh yes, yes, yesssss!” her moans took on a demanding tone as she crept closer and closer to losing it again.
“Oh my fucking God! Make me cum! Make me cum!” I looked up just in time to see her face set in an orgasmic grimace.
I was once told that if your woman didn’t look like she was in the middle of an exorcism, you weren’t doing it right.
Well, here was the proof.
I was, indeed, doing it right! Her mouth hung open in a silent scream, her heaving breasts were flushed and her spasming cunt was rewarding me with a mouthful of her musky cream.
“Now, my lady, I am willing to submit to your every desire.
I am at your service!” I said as I extricated myself from the prison of her thighs.
Panting heavily, she replied, “On your back!.
I’m gonna ride you …….
’til your balls are empty!” I turned onto my back and watched intently as she straddled my hips, grabbing my cock and guiding it into her hungry hole.
With a sharp intake of breath, she sat, engulfing my stiffness with ease.
Leaning over, she offered me her dangling, wobbling breasts.
“Here! Play with these while I get what I deserve!” she said with a triumphant smile.
I placed a hand on each, hefting the proud orbs while my thumbs rubbed her areola’s and flicked over her excited nipples.
“Oh God, I needed this!” she moaned as she rocked back and forth, my cock slithering in and out, making crude music.
The air was thick with her scent as we both tried to get the other one to cum first.
I reached for her clit and got my hand slapped.
“No! You can’t have that!” she said, placing my hand back on her breast.
“It’s my turn to play with it.
” She rubbed her forefinger against my well lubricated shaft before rubbing circles around her fully awakened clit, moaning softly as her excitement grew.
Lifting her finger from her clit she sucked the digit into her mouth.
“Mmmm! I taste pretty good, don’t I Grey?” she said.
“Yes Karen.
You are delicious!” I replied as I thrust deep inside, feeling her cunt clasping my invading member.
“And didn’t your mother teach you to share?” she said, a devilish grin crossing her face.
“Well, of course she did.
” She leaned over, our lips meeting, her tongue snaking into my mouth in search of leftover cream from her last orgasm.
Online Now! Lush Cams Anahy My hands slid around her and grabbed the cheeks of her ass, kneading the fleshy orbs as she rose and fell on my rampant prick.
Breaking the kiss, she dangled her breasts in my face.
I answered her unspoken invitation by sucking her right nipple into my mouth, my tongue swirling around the erect nub.
“Somehow, I just knew you were a tit man, Grey.
Go ahead and feast!” you said grabbing my head with your free hand and crushing me to your chest.
“I want you to cum for me Grey! Deep inside! Fill my cunt with your warm slick cum.
” You cooed, grinding your pelvis into mine.
Unable to speak, I kneaded your ass cheeks in positive reply, reveling in the softness, the heat of your cunt as it caressed my cock with each velvet thrust.
I began to go faster as the sense of urgency grew in my balls.
She wanted me to cum inside her as much as I wanted to cum inside her.
My thrusts lifted her off the couch as I surrendered to my primal urges.
My moans, muffled by her breasts, grew louder and more urgent as I neared the point of no return.
“Cum for me Grey! I need it! I need it now!” she demanded, her cunt clutching on my cock, unwilling to let it go.
“Mffff! Mmmmmfff! Aannngghhhh!” I cried as my I felt the sperm coursing up my cock, spewing from the tip and plastering the soft warm, wetness of her cunt with my creamy essence.
Realizing that my fingers had dug into her ass cheeks, I mumbled an apology.
“Sorry”, I said, “I couldn’t help it!” “I’m not!’ she answered, before placing a wet kiss on my lips, while still trying to hold my shrinking manhood inside her.
In spite of her efforts, it slithered out, leaking the last of my load onto my stomach and into her neatly trimmed triangle of orange hair above her clit.
“Now, I want to share something with you.
” She said as she lifted off me and scooted up the couch.
With her oozing cunt and sperm matted bush inches from my face.
“I want you to know what we taste like.
That is, if you don’t mind.
” “Mind? I was afraid you wouldn’t let me!” I said, gazing up into the humid ridges and valleys of her well used, dripping pussy.
Grabbing her by the hips, I pulled her to me, licking and slurping the gobs of creamy goodness as they drooled from within.
A few minutes and a minor orgasm later, we lay in each other’s arms, kissing, licking, sucking tongues, until the evidence of our kinky behavior was all but gone.
“I suppose you need to get dressed and go home, do you not?” I said sadly as I played with her nipples.
“Hell no!” she said.
“I’m not planning on going anywhere!” “But what about what you told Victoria?” Smiling as she lay on my chest, licking one of my nipples, she said ”That was the backup plan, just in case this was a complete bust.
” Reaching down, she surrounded my reviving manhood with her fist.
“She’s not expecting me back until Tuesday!”



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