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He was watching her through her window.
His cock hardened at the sight of her limp, sleepy body tangled in the bed sheets.
She had thrown her nightshirt off in the night, and now she was laid on her stomach, her head turned to the side, her arms bent at either side of her head.
The bed sheets covered only her high, firm, bum.
Her long, milky legs were splayed out lazily below her.
Her window was on the latch, and he could hear her heart beating, pumping the succulent blood throughout her body.
He could smell sex, too.
Of course she’d need a release after how hot you made her, he said to himself, grinning and radiating arrogance.
He inhaled deeply, letting the smell engulf him.
He’d been enthralled with this human since she first came into this town.
At first, he’d only been looking for a feed.
But when he saw her face he was struck speechless.
She reminded him so much of his late love.
Her eyes were a little brighter, her hair a little darker.
They wouldn’t have been twins, but maybe perhaps sisters.
But the more he watched her, the more different she was compared to his love.
She was fiery, courageous, brave and headstrong.
There was sadness in her too; she had suffered a great loss.
And there was something else about her he couldn’t quite identify.
She was… different than other humans.
There was magic in her veins.
She had power, and she didn’t even realise it.
It had been a whole week since he had been with her at the bar and grill.
Of course, it was a whole week for her, he had returned here every night so far, watching her, trying to find the woman who he loved so many centuries ago.
He stared at her harder from his spot in the air by her window.
He didn’t care who could be watching, if someone looked out their window and saw a strange man levitating, he would just turn around and compel them to forget.
He smiled at his powers, he was happily surprised when he’d found out he could live for eternity and have amazing gifts at his leisure.
As he watched her, she tossed and turned in her sleep, trying to get comfortable.
She rolled over, now laying on her back, her arms still stretched above her head, and he heard himself gasp, desire manipulating his body.
Her breasts were the perfect size, full with pink areolas.
Her body was almost an alabaster colour in the dark of the night.
He was going to have her, even if it killed him.
He wanted so much to just be in that room with her.
You need an invitation he thought angrily.
Suddenly an idea came to him, and he grinned brightly at his sudden knowledge.
You can just Influence her to let you in! He focused on her mind, letting himself explore her head.
He closed his eyes.
She was having a nightmare.
He could see everything she could see in her dreams now, and he was quite worried.
Maybe she was more intuitive then he thought.
He was watching himself in her dream, his skin had turned pale, the whites of his eyes had turned red, and his body was set, about to hunt.
His mouth was open wide in a snarl, his fangs extending.
Wow, I’m a scary motherfucker when I get like that, he smiled to himself, trying not to laugh.
Her heart was beating furiously now.
He decided that he would stop her nightmare, relieve her of the horror.
He smiled, a tender smile this time, and worked his magic.
* I’m having a nightmare! she thought to herself panicking, and about to wake up.
But she abruptly fell deeper into sleep, suddenly completely relaxed, forgetting what she was so worried about.
She felt like she was floating on a bed of golden light.
It was simply celestial.
Images began to flood her mind.
She was walking, down a dimly lit hallway, flaming torches hung on the stone walls every so often, lighting her path.
She glanced at them subconsciously, and something caught her eye: a shadow.
She felt herself frown; looking for a source to the shadow.
She found nothing, but did notice something peculiar; the shadow-thing was flickering, the air around it shimmering, like heat waves.
It was morphing into a shape, a human form.
She watched slowly as it morphed into the shape of a woman’s body; the same height as her, maybe even the same size.
The shape was changing colour, it looked as though flesh morphed from nowhere, and the head of the shadow was sprouting golden-brown hair, which steadily grew longer and wavier.
As she watched, flesh crept over the shadow, replacing blackness with a creamy pale white, and features formed on the shape of it’s face.
Arianna was shocked beyond belief.
This shadow demon had fully changed and she could do nothing but stand there in frozen horror as she looked into the demons face; her face.
It was her.
Clear as anything, she might as well have been standing in front of a mirror, except the real Ariana was wearing clothes, and this demon was not.
As Ariana looked at herself, the demon sneered, and a horrid, raw evil laughed escaped its lip.
The demon’s mouth opened wide, to reveal inch-long, razor sharp canines.
Ariana was no longer frozen.
With a shuddering gasp, she sucked in all her breath and ran as she screamed a blood curdling, girl scream of pure horror.
Her heart was beating double time as she sprinted down the flame-lit hallway, not taking care of the burning in her legs or the sweat pouring down her chest.
When she thought she could take no more, shadows started to form all around her.
She had almost given up hope when she ran headlong into a large arch-shaped oak door.
She grasped the handle and wrenched it open, jumping through the doorway and slamming it shut firm behind her.
She turned around and found herself in a large, brightly lit hall.
The floors were white marble, the high ceiling elaborately decorated and inset with glowing gems of every kind.
There was a weight on her body and she found that she was wearing a beautiful silk dress, which was the colour of night-time, a deep cerulean blue.
Her hair fell down to the middle of her back, and was loosely curled.
There was a knock at the door behind her, and she turned to open it.
On the other side of the doorway was a handsome man, of about twenty-five.
He had dark hair, almost black, and bright, ice-blue piercing eyes and pale skin.
It was the man from the bar.
“May I come in?” he asked, in a hot voice, as sexy as it was sinful.
“Yes,” she breathed, feeling euphoric that there was someone in this dream she knew and even more excited that it was the sexy guy from the bar.
He stepped through the doorway, looking around himself.
He was smiling slightly, a smile of challenge, of hope.
He turned to her, and bowed deeply.
Then he held out his hand, his eyes glittering, and his smile predatory.
Her body was empty of fear now, and she giggled.
Right now they were kindred souls, they understood each others desires.
She didn’t take his hand, but turned and walked away, moving into the middle of the large room.
She had no doubt in her mind that he would follow.
In this singular moment she felt free.
She had never felt more alive, being here in this grand place, looking and feeling beautiful.
She felt as if she could do anything.
She sent a teasing glance back at him, biting her lips and smiling, she turned to walk away again and he grabbed her hand and pulled her against his body.
He tangled his hands in her hair and looked fiercely in her eyes.
“Do you want me?” he murmured sweetly.
“Yes,” she exhaled.
* He climbed in through the window, although she had been unconscious when she invited him in, she’d done it none the less.
He smiled tenderly and registered the fact that she smelled simply mouth-watering.
He walked over to her bed, and brushed her hair away from her face, and gazed at the bed sheets that were hiding her forbidden treasure.
He knelt by the bed, and leaned nearer to her, smelling her skin.
He felt his fangs grow in his mouth, and he Influenced her deeper into sleep.
Online Now! Lush Cams Drago_Pervert He took her delicate wrist in his hands, and bit softly at the milky flesh.
He moaned in ecstasy when the hot coppery taste slithered onto his tongue and filled his mouth.
He took two long, slow mouthfuls, and then stopped.
He was going to go crazy.
To his horror, he felt her stir on the bed, she was waking up! He was so shocked that he couldn’t move and was frozen in place.
Her eyes opened a slit and she looked at him.
“Mmm,” she murmured.
“Where did you go?” “What?” he asked softly.
“We were dancing, or… flying? And then you were gone,” she said in a small voice.
“Well I’m here now princess,” he whispered.
She leaned over and grabbed his collar, pulling him on top of her weakly.
She was naked and glorious below him, and he could smell the heat of her pulsing wet flesh between her thighs.
She put both her hands on the back of his neck and pulled his head down until he was centimetres away from her neck.
He shuddered deliciously, using every ounce of his self control to not bite into her.
“Kiss me,” she hissed in his ear, wrapping one leg around his waist.
“Touch me.
” He kissed her neck first, soft, sweet tantalising kisses.
He relished in the fact that she was rubbing her breasts against his chest.
He grabbed her other thigh and hooked it around his waist, and she tightened her grip on him.
She hadn’t had an orgasm earlier, he was going to make her have one now.
He was going to tease her; he was going to make her beg for release.
Slowly, he moved away from her neck and moved towards her lips.
He looked her straight in the eye, before he pressed his lips softly against hers, as soft as a moth’s wing on skin.
It sent a flurry of sensation straight to her lower abdomen.
She was impatient.
She wanted release and he was taking his time.
She moved her arms down his back and pressed down so that she could get some friction.
She moaned when they finally touched.
He pulled his lips away from hers and grabbed her arms and pinned them above her head.
“Relax,” he whispered into her ear, his voice turning to a low, seductive pitch.
“Keep your hands and your legs by your side.
I won‘t touch you.
” He promised and let them go, and she obeyed, relaxing her arms and legs as he braced himself on his arms, his body inches away from hers now.
She felt empty without his touch.
He returned back to his soft kiss that was barely there, his lips wet and warm.
It was sweet, and persuasive, and so, so frustrating.
She wanted hot and wild from the beginning.
Her lips parted and she let out a breathy, needing moan.
But he still took his time, seducing her mouth with slow, sensuous kisses.
He bit her bottom lip slightly, and she moaned, chasing his lips with her own, to make the kiss deeper, but he pulled back.
She wanted to feel his hands on her, she wanted to wind her fingers through his hair, and take their embrace to the next level, but she behaved.
He stayed true to his word, and he didn’t touch or caress an inch of her body.
After an eternity, his tongue found hers, and she moaned out her relief, so desperate that she nearly grabbed him right there, but she wasn’t about to give in to him.
His lips slid over hers, damp and silky.
Then he suddenly injected more force into the kiss, influencing the motion of her head with his lips, prompting an intense, open mouthed, fiery kiss she would not stop, not after an eternity.
He was an amazing kisser, and he was driving her almost completely mad with the way he was slowly building up the anticipation.
He was going to use every sinful trick for his gain.
He kissed her over and over again, so hard and hot, and then so soft and intimate.
How long had they been kissing? Hours could have gone by, but the longer it went on the less she cared.
He was doing amazing things with his mouth, sensuous things, that made her soften and shudder with exhilaration.
She imagined his swift tongue journeying into other places, exploring, delving, licking up the sweet moisture between her tingling thighs She felt so hot, sweaty and feverish.
Her nerves were strung so tight, and she was ready to erupt, tempted to almost touch herself.
It seemed he was having trouble controlling himself too.
She wanted him to pleasure her.
She didn’t want to do it herself.
Oh Damn it!, she thought and hooked her fingers through the belt loops of his jeans, and she cried out in relish as she felt his thigh between her legs.
She clenched his thigh tightly, and arched her body into his by instinct.
She was so wet on his thigh, but she couldn’t conjure up the care for it.
She lost all inhibition.
He didn’t seem to care either… He was moaning, a moan that came from the pit of his stomach, it was so deep.
His mouth was feasting at hers, stirring a long, drug-like kiss.
She felt high.
She could feel his hard, impressive erection jerking against her hip, but he kept his promise, he didn’t move.
But she broke all the rules, rubbing against him as the pressure mounted, and she was relishing the friction of his denim jeans against her wet, silky, throbbing sex.
She couldn’t take this any longer.
“Please, please,” she cried into his mouth.
She trailed her hands down his back and grabbed his ass, rocking into him, imagining him fucking her, penetrating her, filling her and relieving her emptiness, filling her entire body.
Her orgasm hit her, hard in her centre, and she seemed to float upwards, moaning over and over again, she rose upwards and deliciously deserted her body.
She had never felt something so extreme.
His lips left hers, and he was gasping, breathing over her skin.
Now he had grabbed her thighs and hooked them back around his waist, and now he was the one rocking into her, moaning something untamed, his breath coming in shaky pants.
“Just another taste,” he moaned grabbing her chin.
She was going to come again, she held him tightly, only momentarily confused by what he had said before she was consumed by passion again.
He was rubbing hard and fast into her, and he brushed her hair away from her neck and pushed her chin upwards.
He was moaning loudly now, and he felt his fangs extend, and he knew he was about to come.
He wanted to bury himself inside her to the hilt.
He leaned down, nuzzling her neck and grinding his cock against her dewy flesh.
He opened his mouth wide, and sank his fangs deeply into the hot budding pulse at her neck, and came in his pants, satisfying all his needs.
She gasped as the pain hit her, and moaned as she came a second time.
He drank deeply, and began to slow down his moans, as she did.
He pulled his fangs out of her flesh unwillingly, not wanting to hurt her, or kill her.
And he lapped up the drops of blood that trickled out.
She grabbed his hand and forced it down between her thighs.
“Touch me,” she half begged and commanded.
He leaned down and kissed her deeply again, rubbing her swollen clit with his index and middle finger.
“Yes,” she moaned, pulling away from the kiss and arching her body back into the bed.
He inserted a long, thick finger inside her, her wet velvet gripping him tightly, and then two, curling his fingers inside her and pumping them desperately.
She was panting, bucking her hips up and down to meet his thrusts.
He moaned as her pussy contracted against his fingers, and he pumped faster, his fingers curving around her g spot, and his palm rubbing into her clit.
“Yes, yes” her moans were deep and husky now, and she gave a final cry of ecstasy , and her whole body convulsed as floods of cum shot out of her and onto his hand.
He removed his hand and licked off the moisture.
They lay panting for a while, until their hearts got back to a steady rhythm.
She looked at him; her familiar brown-green eyes ablaze with understanding.
“This isn’t a dream… is it?” she asked, already knowing.
He swallowed once.
“No, this isn’t a dream,” he replied.
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